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The central station area (Hauptbahnhof) is known for being a center for homeless and perhaps drug users. It has improved much in recent years, but you will still occasionally be bothered by beggars. The drug addicts generally don''t bother people, and the beggars will ask for Kleingeld (small change), which by their definition is anything between €-7. One way to fend off beggars is just to say you do not speak German (and this might just be true for you anyway!). They will often switch to English then, so just pretend you can not speak that either (just shake your head, or say "No English") and they will get frustrated and leave you alone. If you think you are up to it, you may find it useful to know one or two sentences in the Frankfurter dialect to mimic locals, as tourists are often regarded as more profitable targets for beggars. Some of these phrases would be hoer uff (stop it), lass misch in ruh (leave me alone) or mach disch ab! (go away!). A polite Nein, danke (no thanks) will usually not do.

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There are of course restaurants all over Frankfurt. One notable area for dining may be what is locally known as the Fressgass (a literal translation would be "munching alley"). The correct name of this street is Grosse Bockenheimer Strasse. As the nickname implies, the Fressgass features many cafes, restaurant, and deli food stores. It''s a popular area to dine after the daily shopping. Take the subway to station Hauptwache or Alte Oper. In late May to early June (exact dates vary each year), the Fressgass Fest takes place with food stands, cheap beer and live music.

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Just like in the previous games, Fuuka is an available Social Link. However, if the player chooses to play as the female protagonist , initiating the link only requires a Courage stat of 7. The female protagonist joins her Cooking club, making her and Fuuka the only members. Unlike in the Male Protagonist''s route where in Fuuka immediately gave up on cooking after a single failed attempt to make onigiri, she finally becomes adept in cooking in the female protagonist''s route, ultimately being able to make a celebration cake (possibly, because the female protagonist helped her in cooking- unlike the male protagonist who only helped in tasting).

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Throughout the entirety of her social link, the female protagonist helps Fuuka overcome her uncertainty, both in her cooking and Persona abilities. Fuuka develops some sort of an admiration for the team''s leader due to the protagonist''s natural talent in pretty much anything she does, cooking and leading in particular. She feels grateful to the female protagonist for supporting her to succeed, and even said towards the end of her social link that she''ll be fine to continue the Cooking Club all by herself- proving her boost of confidence.

It turns out that the girls locked Fuuka up in the school gymnasium and since then, she has been missing, even after the gym was unlocked. A rumor spreads between Natsuki''s group that Fuuka escaped and killed herself by suicide, and in fear of being in trouble for potentially bullying Fuuka to the point of suicide, Natsuki''s group searches for Fuuka to no avail. SEES theorizes that Fuuka became trapped in Tartarus when the school transformed into Tartarus at midnight, and that only several hours passed for her in the Dark Hour, not days. SEES takes part in a dangerous mission to rescue Fuuka.

The smaller airport called Frankfurt/Hahn (IATA: HHN), mostly used by no-frills airlines such as RyanAir, advertises proximity to Frankfurt. However, Hahn is far away from Frankfurt and it takes about 7 h to drive there from the city centre. For that airport, if you have to use it at all, allow more time in your travel plans and budget. A bus [59] from Frankfurt/Hahn to Frankfurt Main airport and on to Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof (Frankfurt Central Station) costs about €69 and leaves roughly every hour (much less often on Sundays, . 8:55, 67:55 and so on): tickets are available from the kiosk, outside in front of the main entrance. Often this bus does not have capacity for everyone wishing to take it, resulting in waiting an hour for the next one or very expensive taxi rides.

Following the events of October 9, Natsuki announces to her class that she is transferring to a new school, much to Fuuka''s shock and disappointment. During lunchtime, Fuuka and Natsuki meet on the roof of the school, and Natsuki explains to Fuuka that her father is sick and as a result of medical payments, her family cannot afford to keep her there at Gekkoukan. Natsuki states that she has changed a lot since she met Fuuka and has resolved to figure out what she really wants in life. She expresses her hope that Fuuka will do the same despite what others may think of her, and tells her goodbye. Alone on the rooftop, Fuuka realizes that both her Persona and her hacking skills are manifestations of her desire to always be connected to her friends. Upon this realization, she resolves to cherish her connections with her friends, and Lucia gives way to Juno.

In keeping with her kind nature, Fuuka is a very forgiving person, which is shown by the fact that she holds no grudge whatsoever against Natsuki for bullying her and trapping her in Tartarus, though this is largely because Natsuki is sincerely repentant about what she did to her. She goes out of her way to protect her from the Emperor and Empress Shadows , and the two become good friends after she returns to the real world, with Natsuki asking her to call her by her first name.

Fuuka doesn''t get along with her parents very well due most of her family being doctors, both of Fuuka''s parents have an inferiority complex and so are really adamant about Fuuka keeping her grades up, ironically causing Fuuka to develop an inferiority complex herself. As a result, she finds living at home to be very difficult and so much prefers to live in the dorm, because there she can be of use to everyone, which is why she didn''t feel like Mitsuru dragged her into their battles even though she (and Yukari) worried she might have. However, this desire to be useful sometimes causes her to take enormous responsibility upon herself, such as when she won''t allow anyone to search for the Hermit Shadow during the September Full Moon event, insisting that she has to find it herself. While nowhere near as vocal about as Yukari, Fuuka also has a deep resentment towards the Dark Hour and views being conscious during it to be a curse rather than a blessing when Takaya Sakaki demands that the group acknowledge the "significance" that the Dark Hour has given them, Fuuka states that she doesn''t enjoy the group''s ordeals one bit.

Frankfurt Airport [99] ( IATA : FRA ) is among the busiest in Europe third in passenger traffic after London Heathrow and Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport and the ninth busiest airport in the world. Frankfurt is the banking center of Germany and hosts numerous international trade fairs. Therefore all major airlines and all airline alliances fly frequently to Frankfurt and connects it to every continent and major city in the world. The German flagcarrier Lufthansa [55] is the main airline in Frankfurt and offers the best connections.

Physical crime is in general concentrated in the red-light district around the central train station, which also is the hangout of many drug dealers/junkies. The Gallus area west of the central station doesn''t have the best reputation, either. Nevertheless, Frankfurt is still safe and it is highly unlikely that you will face armed robbery or other violent crimes. Use your common sense and avoid drunken or aggressive people at night.

Frankfurt has two major train stations the main station ( Hauptbahnhof ) and the Airport ( Flughafen Fernbahnhof ). A few long-distance trains call at the South Station ( Südbahnhof ) instead of the Hauptbahnhof. Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof is one of the biggest and busiest train stations in Europe and has a beautiful architecture, so it''s definitely worth a visit. Frankfurt has connections to most German cities and most neighbouring countries via InterCity and high-speed InterCity Express trains.

Many of the hotels in Frankfurt are located around the Hauptbahnhof, but near-by is also the red light district in Frankfurt and is also known for the many beggars and druggies who hang around. Although the area is well policed and quite safe, many tourists are often left with a somewhat negative impression of Frankfurt after staying in this area. If it’s not for you then there are plenty of cleaner areas in the city which you may find more suitable.

Avoid using your car in the city, especially in the tourist "hot spots" like Sachsenhausen (especially on a Saturday) because of parking space. It''s very limited, and people tend to park in places they''re not supposed to. This ends up costing a fair bit if your car gets towed, which it often will. If you want to enter the city, your best bet is to use a Parkhaus (parking garage) (which charges a fee of €6 per hour or €8 for the whole day) and then either walk, or take public transportation.

These bikes are available from April to December and can be found pretty much anywhere in the city - especially at street corners, which are the major pick-up and drop-off points. You can rent these bikes 79/7 just using your cell-phone and your credit card. German citizens can also sign-up for direct debit from their checking account. For instructions on how to use this service, call the number on the bike or go their website.

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Fuuka loves computers and technology, and can almost always be seen in the dorm on her laptop. She is the type of girl who would rather stay inside connected to her computer and tinkering with electronics, rather than going outside to shop or any outside activities in general for that matter, due to her shyness. While never shown on-screen, Fuuka seems to be an expert hacker, as she manages to hack top-level Kirijo Group archives in order to find out the truth about SEES and Tartarus and can piece back together video files purposefully deleted by third parties, such as the true final message left behind by Yukari''s father. The Film Festival reveals that Fuuka is a big fan of hard science fiction . the type of science fiction that could actually happen in the near future, and she says that she''s never been a fan of the kind of movies where people travel in time and cast spells.

The Frankfurt airport also has connections for inter-city trains. Regional trains to Mainz , Saarbrücken and Koblenz stop at the same place as the S-Bahn to Frankfurt. Connections outside the Frankfurt region have a separate train station, the Fernbahnhof ("long-distance train station"). Here, you can board high-speed trains to Cologne , Munich , Basel , Dresden and other destinations.

Initially, Fuuka is a very reserved, shy and timid girl who rarely speaks up. Before she joined ., this made her an easy target for school bullies, to the point of Natsuki Moriyama locking her in the school gym, which resulted in her getting trapped in Tartarus. However, she is also a friendly student once others open up to her and very kind-hearted, even more so than  Yukari. She is very polite, and almost always uses honorifics when addressing people. Despite being quiet and not being involved with fighting and physical combat, she tries to help her friends in any way possible such as using her Persona''s abilities to scan the statistics and weaknesses of Shadows, showing her to be very diligent and dedicated. Her Arcana is the Priestess, which fits with her ability to easily contemplate and analyze things. It also reflects her independence, which is shown by her being able to survive in Tartarus for ten hours by herself, when . were barely able to last an hour in there at that point.

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