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I 8767 ve been chatting to this guy for three months now, we 8767 ve met up only twice in that time he seemed very interested at first but there is a huge age gap and he is unsure of how he feels about it, he admitted this. A few weeks ago he joking said by text he thought a friend of mine was realy hot so I replied 8775 gone off me then 8776 he then replied 8775 why do I fine myself in an awkward possition 8776 to which I replied 8775 just friends then 8776 which he didn 8767 t reply to. We 8767 ve continued to chat since then and its been him mostly starting the conversation off. I need to know do I give him space or continue to chat ? How do I let him know I 8767 m still interested without coming across as needy and desperate ?

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Final thought it has only been through meditation practice and study that I finally see how much people don 8767 t truly *see* one another. I see how people (and myself) only have their intense, grasping projections of the other playing on their mental movie screen. People devote their entire lives to the practice of asking their 8775 me, mine, I 8776 to step aside and just be with another human just as they are. What you ask in this post is to try to drop 8775 you 8776 and really look at your man. This is one post I 8767 ve bookmarked for future reminders.

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Im really sorry Faizah, but you have waited 5 months to meet this man and his reason for not meeting at the moment is he is building a business (ok fair enough, he has to commit to his business for it to be a success) and his fitness!!! The man is married or already has a partner, and you are the person he chats to when she is in bed or out with the kids.
Sorry to be brutal, but you are being played for a fool

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Dear Eric,
I have been reading your articles and you keep saying, wear makeup and be feminine. I used to wear makeup but recently, there has been such a hype going around that men like women with no makeup at all. Apparently they think when you put makeup on, either you are hiding something or trying too hard, which comes off as a turn off. Do you agree? I used to love wearing makeup but now I hardly wear any, im scared that men will think im trying too hard. And I know how much is too much, I just like enhancing my best features. So my question to you is what makeup look do you think is sexy, playful, nice? Do you think women are trying too hard when they put makeup on? How much would be too much in your opinion?
Yes, I could go look at men 8767 s magazines, but I want to hear your opinion! 🙂
Thanks Eric, genuinely love reading your articles, and love your philosophy about life, I couldn 8767 t agree more.
Happy holidays!

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I loved the article and see a lot of truth and helpful advice in it however, I 8767 m slightly confused/concerned. What if you 8767 re not naturally bubbly and you 8767 re more mellow and not super outgoing? Does this mean you have to fake it in order to be considered high market value? And basically not be your true self? I wouldn 8767 t want to be acting in a way other than how I really am but then again, I can see how that bubbly flirtatious personality is desirable. So basically, what I 8767 m saying is: I refuse to fake it or change my personality. Does this make it impossible to be considered high-market value?

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As a fellow Asian dating a white guy, I relate to this on a spiritual level! I also have been through a phase where I thought I was 8775 better 8776 than the other Asian girls who (in my mind) 8775 couldn 8767 t get 8776 a white guy but that really started to change when I actually started dating white guys and realized I was being fetishized, if not by them then by their friends. I remember my old college boyfriend (who was also white), complained that someone said to him they thought he was dating me because he 8775 couldn 8767 t get a real woman 8776 which was horribly offensive on so many levels it really made me rethink dating people and not dating people because of their race. I hated that someone would consider me not a 8775 real woman 8776 (what does that even mean??) and I realized by going out of my way to not date Asian men I was doing the same to them.

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Or your man gets a vibe from other guys, even just going out in public and he leaves you for a moment to come back to find a guy chatting you up. That you are a catch?
It reminds your man, that he 8767 s lucky to have you, without you doing anything at all to encourage it. Like when I work on my car at my bf 8767 s place, and his friends comment that she 8767 s a keeper.. or a cool chick. Can I borrow her? She knows more about cars then me, send her to my place next???

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I have a question, I dated this guy once and he said he really enjoyed it and would like to do it again. And he texted me straight after we met and said thanks for the night and hopefully can do it again. but when i texted him a day after, he just didn 8767 t seem that interested in meeting up as he usually reply straight away but now it takes him a lot longer to reply, but he still said sounds good and what i would like to do.. what have I done wrong? Is he really attracted to me?

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Ok, theres this guy at mu church, he 8767 s been going the for about 8 months now but i know that he 8767 s christian. i REALLY LIKE him, he 8767 s on my homeschool football team that i cheer lead for and goes to my youth. and after youth all of us kida were playin lazor tag and hima nd another boy were team captains. Id never played lazor tag before and he knew i sucked at it. but he picked my first on his team anyway. and then right after i died he looked at me and was liek 8775 ..oh..well i died to its ok 8776 . i really wanna know if he likes me or not, i just cant tell. he does alot of the stuff mentioned but i still dont he talks to me all the time on FB when 8767 s he 8767 s bored adn stuff, even thought theres tons of other ppl he could talk to!! helpp meee

Being the prize doesn 8767 t necessarily mean having a group of guys waiting around incase the man your interested in isn 8767 t pursuing you. It 8767 s more like having the mind set that you are not going to settle for any man that 8767 s putting in minimal effort. When you have this mind set you are pretty much showing your man that you do not need him, but you do want him if he is putting in the effort. By having this mind set you have a more positive vibe to yourself and you appear more desirable to your man and other men. So you really don 8767 t need to have a group of guys waiting around to show your man that your desirable! Yet, if your man isn 8767 t measuring up, it wouldn 8767 t hurt to have a line of other options (Don 8767 t put all your eggs in one basket unless, you know your man has also.)

Historically, East Asians have been far more progressive on this front than whites. Neither China, Korea or Japan has had bans on interracial marriage up until the late 6965s (See Loving v. Virginia). Also, acts such as the Chinese Exclusion Act allowed white males to bring over Chinese brides, but not for Chinese males to marry white brides (Chae Chan Ping v. United States is still considered good law and highly influential to . immigration law, and there was also a version of this act in Canada).

Well they 8767 re not naturally mutually exclusive. An Asian woman, or any woman, can find men of her own ethnicity/skin color attractive just as much as she finds men of other ethnicities/skin colors attractive. Simply because she likes a man that happens to be white doesn 8767 t mean she can 8767 t like a man that happens to be Asian. This is more subjective than we make it and sometimes we just need to stop projecting our views onto others. IF she genuinely cannot see color or doesn 8767 t care about it then fine, IF she is personally rationalizing her feelings or is trying to seek validation then she knows that in her heart and will have to deal with that burden on her own for the rest of her life. That 8767 s on her and it 8767 s not your issue to have to deal with. There are bigger things to care about life, especially in your own life. Don 8767 t worry about whether other people are being true to their own morals and ethics. If they live lies, then they will have to deal with the consequences. One important thing to note is that she is fully aware that many non-Asian men out there simply want to use her for her body.

I liked your article a lot. Its nice to hear it straight. Unfortunately before i read this ive experienced the opposite to the earning point you made. Im 77, thin and somehow chased relentlesslessly by men. Ive had it rough and i hated when something woukd fqll apartvor break i always had to call men for hrlp. So the past 7 years ive collectively added every skill i would need except weldingvand electrical. My knowledge is vast and so is my experience along with my sexuality.

I 8767 ve said that different men are attracted to different types of women appearance-wise, so instead of aspiring toward trying to attain some particular appearance in order to be more attractive, a better pursuit would be to look your best for you, your body type, your face shape, etc. There is nothing insulting about that really, in a world where TV, movies, general media and ads are spreading the opposite message, I imagine what I 8767 ve said would come as a relief.

THANK YOU for saying this this really clarified what I was particularly confused about. I couldn 8767 t imagine that men want to live in fear of losing their woman all the time. To me that 8767 s a miserable existence, whether or not it gives the man an opportunity to 8775 win 8776 or not. I guess in a way that doesn 8767 t work either because it 8767 s like he 8767 s fighting a losing battle, if he 8767 s constantly in fear of losing you because you deliberately make it as if you would leave at any time. This really straightened me out the mindset that you 8767 re not going to settle for any man who is putting in minimal effort, and an increased sense of your own self which I 8767 ve always strived for and admired in other people (my own mom is like this and is married 78 years with my dad). The idea of not needing but wanting to be with the man is the key there I 8767 m sure. Thanks again for putting it in these words.

help me! there is this boy i like in my english class. he is a big flirt. i sit infront of him at lunch. he likes to just take something on my tray that i didn t eat, put his hand on my hand. and if i sit beside him he pokes or tickles me. and if i c him in the hallway he likes to give me a hugg, now i know it sounds like he does like me ut he also flirts with other girls but mostly talks to me. so does he like me.

Hi Eric! I recently purchased your book on why men aren 8767 t that complicated and it changed my life forever! And I continue to read more and more advice you 8767 ve written about and it baffles me on how spot on you are. I started using your advice on being happy and whole in my own life and putting my own needs first (as selfish as that sounds it works). I met a man fourteen years that can 8767 t get enough of me. He treats me like a goddess! I simply just portray a woman that will walk and that doesn 8767 t need him to be happy but that also rewards him and let 8767 s him know that he 8767 s winning the prize (me). I can 8767 t thank you enough for all the insight you 8767 ve given me! He told me this morning for the first time that he loves me and I am in awe at how your advice has changed my life forever! Thank you again! Thanks to Sabrina too!

Instead of hearing talk the whole night about himself, asking him questions and waiting for him to show any interest in you, YOU have to take the lead and start talking about yourself without waiting for him to ask you first. I mean, let him know that you have something to say and that you actually believe that you are an interesting person with something to say. And that way he will show far more interest and pay more attention than if you were just asking about him and his life.

Theirs more to life than flirting.
When confronted with a situation the mind reacts
, so when you say that a guy will stand up straight or shuffle
His feet when confronted, it 8767 s no intention of his
Only his subconscious kicking in, because when
Confronted by a beautiful woman a guys last thoughts
Are self-conscious, he 8767 s only reverting to his pay attention
And stare mode which comes naturally to men.
Even when you think were not listening we are.
Because all men really want is to know how
That beautiful, thoughtful, and dangerous deep thinking creature
called female maintains perfection.

Get pillaged, you basic asian whore. If you believe love is colorblind, then why are there so many of you? If you just want 8775 cuter 8776 half asian babies, why arent any other race of females just as crazy for some? Because people like you are shameless white ass-kissing toys with fake 8775 pride 8776 . What pride anyway? Pride in getting pillaged by white guy after white guy in hopes you become white yourself? Jesus. No wonder you make such pathetic families and miserable children. Thats why every successful half asian you can name, are the ones with asian fathers. Asian females growing up in the US or those that majorly consume western media are largely affected by this complex, and a lot of you are not even aware of having it. If deep down you really think an aryan man is your prince charming, then I advise you to wake the fuck up and take your head out of your own ass.

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