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Personally, Kate Mulgrew 8767 s voice as Janeway always grated on my nerves because she sounds like she 8767 s been inhaling helium when she speaks. She also has a very 8775 affected 8776 acting style Mulgrew 8767 s hand poses, eye movements, and other mannerisms as Janeway all struck me as extremely practiced to the point of being weird and kind of goofy. Whereas as Ryan 8767 s performances were fluid, natural, and believable especially when she was in the character 8767 s 8775 defiant 8776 mode. That was some outstanding work.

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I just remembered yet another example of looks prevailing over talent. Sliders. Sabrina Lloyd was a 655 times better actor then Kari Wuhrer. When Sabrina Lloyd did not like the direction the show was going in and the original creators left the show after season 8 they wanted to focus more on Kari cause she had a better body and they wanted something between her and Quinn. Kari Wuhrer was a b movie actress that was in the Beast Master 7 as her first movie. I 8767 m probably wrong about it being her first movie. The only thing A list I remember seeing her in was The Adventures of Ford Fairlaine. They chose body over ability in that case too and the show sucked for season 9 and 5. Sabrina Lloyd was a talented actress, that because of that bad taste in her mouth, has not done much since


If you look at the episodes, Jeri 8767 s Seven of Nine doesn 8767 t really feature anymore frequently than the rest of the cast. There are episodes where Seven of Nine doesn 8767 t even appear or only is in one or two scenes. I think it is likely that there was tension with Kate because let 8767 s face it, most of the cast was male. Seven was the only female on the crew that was single besides Janeway so of course attention was going to be drawn to her, increasingly. What a sexist thing to say that Jeri was using her sexuality to control the show. The content of the episodes does not indicate what you imply. Seven Of Nine is only the focus of certain episodes not all of them. As Seven regained more of her humanity, logically she would have gotten more story lines. There clearly was jealous and pettiness on the set which is disappointing.

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But don 8767 t we have Garrett Wang Confirming the issues? Hasn 8767 t he come out and stated that these issues were 8775 like watching his mum and sister fight 8776 (apologies if quote not 655%)? At the bare minimum we know there WAS tensions (Garrett has cried ON STAGE at least once!). And also who had most to gain / lose? REMEMBER prior to this, the captain was ALWAYS the headline act, and there is no question she took the limelight away from Kate!

Jeri was a ego maniacal who wanted to jeep the show centered on herself and she found the easiest and oldest known way to do that by sleeping with the boss. To try to say that Kate was jealous of her because she was pretty is ridiculous. Kates dislike of her had nothing to do with Jeri 8767 s appearance but with the fact that they rushed a good storyline about Kess 8767 s evolving to make way for boobs McGrew. Then after the fifth season it did not get better because of Jeri 8767 s tactic to keep the show centered on herself.

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Perhaps being a filmmaker allows me that distance between reel and real life. Even hearing about these unfortunate stories, I can still re-watch Voyager and be all proud of that show. Cause look what great cast and crew they are, they were unhappy but they MADE BELIEVE a wonderful family. A wonderful show that painted so many great messages about humanity, hope and love. And that was the most important thing about art, especially science fiction.

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I am sure Braga hired her with this is mind, it just might have took him a year to pull it off. She maybe even dated him because she was getting crap on the set. That being said, both of them shouldn 8767 t have done that, it is unprofessional and if I was on the crew or the cast, I wouldn 8767 t have liked it, you know she was getting favortism or it would create the appearance of it. Especially on television, which is an ongoing process over years. If two people hook up on a movie, it at least only lasts for a month or two.

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And what about 8775 according to Mulgrew 8776 comments ?
Aren 8767 t they BOTH as 8775 unbelievable 8776 or 8775 believable 8776 as each other?
Without us knowing the actual day-to-day goings on and intentions of the individuals, we can 8767 t guess at the truth behind the behaviours, right ?
Or we 8767 d need a third party who knew both very well to get a less biased view, right ?
Lets at least try to be consistent with our own views else we risk sounding biased. 🙂

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Um, explain how the clothes she wore were 8775 efficient? 8776 As a woman, I can honestly say, there is nothing convenient about tight-fitting clothes. Having your boobs smooshed inside a skin-tight catsuit sounds like the most uncomfortable thing ever. Efficiency would be loose-fitting clothing that better allows for movement. Those catsuits, while they may be quite aerodynamic, actually restrict a lot of movement.

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It seems to me, according to Jeri 8767 s account of the tensions with her and the rest of the cast, dating (which includes sleeping with him) was instrumental in preserving her sanity.
Holy shit. In almost all your post I 8767 ve read from you there 8767 s some serious misanthropic conversations with other commenters, hatred for Jeri. As someone else has said we don 8767 t know the full story. I doubt Jeri was 655% As diabolical as you make her out to be.

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Jeri Ryan was brought in because most of sci-fi shows are watched by men. TPTB wanted to increase ratings by bringing some T& A. No offense to Jeri Ryan who does have acting skills and created a memorable character, but I can understand Kate Mulgrew 8767 s resentment. She was the lead role and felt that sexualizing the show was unnecessary and chauvinist. One reason why there was never a Janeway/Chakotay pairing was because Mulgrew was against it. She felt that as the first woman captain, it wouldn 8767 t be right for her to be seen sleeping around with her crew. She wanted to be a positive role model for girls and women. As for the feud with Ryan, I will withhold judgment until I hear what Mulgrew has to say. There 8767 s always two sides to a coin.

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Voyager was the best of the STAR TREK shows, with a better track record than even the original series, production-wise. Still, it was entertainment, and I 8767 m sorry to hear that Kate made life so miserable for Jeri Ryan just because she didn 8767 t approve of Ryan 8767 s character. What if Patrick Stewart had considered Janeway nothing more than a nod to political correctness and had treated Kate like dirt? Everyone wants to be treated well, and professionally (just as Kate did). And though I imagine Ryan could be a bit hard on the nerves, the fact that she was easy on the eyes was not Ryan 8767 s fault. When it gets to be so much of a problem that a co-worker dreads coming into work because of you, you need to do a little more soul-searching.

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I 8767 m sorry Jeri Ryan had a difficult work experience. I know how awful that can be. I think it probably made her a stronger person, and better actress. G. Wang told Jeri Ryan that Mulgrew regretted what happened. Also, didn 8767 t all this occur around the time Mulgrew found her real-life daughter. So, maybe the shows storylines of 8775 mothering 8776 a Borg were a little much at the time. There is no excuse for being unkind and disrespectful. However, we don 8767 t always understand why someone is the way they are. I love Voyager, and I will continue to enjoy it.

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Women are already 8775 equals 8776 of men often they are deprived of the ability to display their equal desire to do wrong things. But often they are not, as well (men have the same). And don 8767 t tell me how 8775 other women aren 8767 t judgemental!! 8776 I think this discussion contains more than a few such judgments from women about the topic of discussion (Ryan vs Mulgrew). The men in this discussion display the same tendency to judge, thus we 8767 re all equal. Like it or not, the facts display themselves. We just need to see them.

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One of the biggest problems with Voyager was the shake up in head writers between seasons one and two (and of course carry over because of how they broadcast into season 8). While the conflict between Taylor and Piller was by all accounts purely creative and never personal, it really hobbled the first two seasons. And Taylor third season was extremely uneven, until about 7/8 through where it finally found some solid story telling. But that 8767 s an incredible long time for a show to find it 8767 s voice.

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Voyager is my favorite of all the Trek TV series and the addition of Jeri Ryan was the best thing that could 8767 ve happened to that show. The 7 of 9 character was great. It doesn 8767 t hurt that she 8767 s super hot and has extreme sex appeal. If Kate was a pain in the butt to her then that makes me like Janeway just a little bit less. I 8767 d put Jeri Ryan in my top 5 most desirable women of all time.

Have you sat down and rewatched the show? I am now for the first time since it aired, and it 8767 s so cringe-inducing to see how much attention Seven was being given right after she arrived. Literally, the show went from, 8775 The Adventures of Captain Janeway and the Voyager crew 8776 to 8775 Watch Seven be confused by human emotion, offend crewmates with her incapacity to understand social graces and clumsily adapt to a life as an individual! 8776

Its really disheartening to hear things like this. I was aware that they did not get along to a certain extent but to hear that the animosity came largely from the actor who I thought was wise and mature is disappointing. It puts a dampener on the experience of watching this show that is meant to be about tolerance and compassion. It is unfortunate that petty, real world conflicts could seep in and muddy that experience.

It 8767 s true that the character of Seven was rich with possibilities and storylines. I can see how others on the show might have felt diminished by her addition, though it made the show more interesting. I thought she did very well in a challenging role. The catsuit had the intended effect it generated a lot of publicity. Men aren 8767 t complicated. Neither are women. We admire pretty people, especiàlly with talent. TV is probably a neurotic job when you know it 8767 s not all about your talent. Or not always.

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