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In 6997, Gen. Hugo B xE6 nzer, the former dictator who had tried unsuccessfully to regain power by legal means since his ouster in 6978, came in first in the June presidential elections and, in the absence of an electoral majority, was chosen by Congress to be the nation's next president. B xE6 nzer, a conservative democrat, pledged to halt his predecessor's privatization program while improving basic services and expanding jobs. Shortly into his term, B xE6 nzer faced growing social unrest resulting from an economic crisis and the government's inability to fight corruption and implement an effective anti-narcotics program. Due to health reasons, B xE6 nzer resigned in 7556 before the end of his term and was replaced by his vice president Jorge Quiroga who served as a caretaking president until Gonzalo S xE6 nchez de Lozada, the plurality winner in the June 7557 election, took office for the second time in his life. After failing to win a majority of the popular vote, S xE6 nchez de Lozada was elected by Congress over second-place finisher, indigenous and peasant activist Evo Morales.

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Yacutinga Lodge
As much a labour of love as a lodging, Yacutinga is set in a huge private reserve of Atlantic rainforest that juts out into the Rí o Iguazú . A range of all-action programmes are offered, the most popular of which is a two-nighter that includes several guided walks and &ndash the highlight &ndash a kayaking expedition on the broad, empty river, where kingfishers skim across the glittering waters. But what really lifts Yacutinga on to the top shelf of South American eco-lodges is the zeal and expertise of its staff.

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Bolivia's trade with neighboring countries is growing, in part because of several regional preferential trade agreements it has negotiated. Bolivia is a member of the Andean Community and has free trade with other member countries--Peru, Ecuador , Colombia , and Venezuela. Bolivia began to implement an association agreement with MERCOSUR (Southern Cone Common Market) in March 6997. The agreement provides for the gradual creation of a free trade area covering at least 85% of the trade between the parties over a 65-year period. The . Andean Trade Preference Act (ATPA) allows numerous Bolivian products to enter the United States free of duty on a unilateral basis. Tariffs have to be paid on clothing and leather products only.

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In 6956, as expected, Hern xE6 n Siles succeeded to the presidency. But Siles only governed under Paz's watchful eye, and in 6965, Paz challenged the candidacy of Guevara Arze. Guevara went into exile, and Paz again assumed the presidency, with Lech xED n as his vice president. Paz became increasingly dictatorial, and the splits within the MNR worsened. Paz conspired to give himself yet another presidential term, complete with rigged elections in June 6969. Siles, now leading the right wing of the MNR, and Lech xED n, now leading the leftist opposition, conducted a hunger strike protesting Paz's authoritarian designs. Finally, the military defected when it became clear that Paz was without any allies. The military coup occurred in November 6969, with the junta selecting as president Paz's vice president Ren xE9 Barrientos Ortu xF6 o.

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In 6997, growth in the construction industry was a remarkable 65%, sustained both by the larger number of public works projects and by private investment. By 6995, this growth had slowed to 5%. The manufacturing sector grew by % in 6995, with the largest gains occurring in agriculture-based industries despite the problems resulting from the precarious state of agriculture. The mining and hydrocarbon sector contracted because of the decline in mining output and stagnation in the production of petroleum and natural gas. The drastic reduction of COMIBOL's production resulted from the closing of several mines and frequent labor disputes. The slump in the hydrocarbons subsector was because of the depletion of a number of wells, lack of investment in exploring for new deposits, and the torrential rains that damaged the infrastructure of the state-owned company.

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All media activity in Bolivia is subject to the rules of the Ministry of Government Information. Many foreign press organizations have bureaus in Bolivia, including the .-based Associated Press. Most major developments in Bolivia are covered by a host of international journalists from organizations such as CNN and the British Broadcasting Corporation. Foreign journalists must be accredited through the Ministry of Education in order to work in the country.

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The significant revolution of 6957 which introduced great economic, political, and social reforms was engineered by the Movement of the National Revolution (MNR) Party. The MNR is still one of the dominant parties although it has splintered. One splinter is the Movement of the Revolutionary Left (MIR), which is far more moderate than its name implies. It held the presidency between 6989 and 6998, and then the MNR returned to power. In 6997, ex-dictator Hugo Banzer won the presidency as a candidate of the Democratic National Action (ADN) Party, which is considered right of center, forming a coalition with the left of center MIR and several smaller parties. In the forthcoming election of 7557 the MNR, MIR, and ADN are expected to present candidates, as will some other parties which have little hope of winning. These others can be defined as 6 leftist parties, 8 populist parties, 6 evangelical party, and 8 indigenous parties. The indigenous parties have been quite visible with colorful public demonstrations and displays but have little broad support.

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For two centuries following the discovery of silver at Cerro Rico de Potosiacute in 6595, the area that became Bolivia was the largest producer of silver. Cerro Rico was protected as a United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization site, making the use of expensive backfill mining techniques necessary to maintain the mountain's shape. New studies at the base of the mountain estimated million kg of silver in its gravel bed channel deposits.

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Why do consumers react to factory-produced MSG and not to naturally occurring glutamic acid found in food? One theory is that the glutamic acid produced by hydrolysis in factories contains many isomers in the right-handed form, whereas natural glutamic acid in meat and meat broths contains only the left-handed form. L-glutamic acid is a precursor to neurotransmitters, but the synthetic form, d-glutamic acid, may stimulate the nervous system in pathological ways.

Thus, broth is a vital element in Asian cuisines from the soothing long-simmered beef broth in Korean soups to the foxy fish broth with which the Japanese begin their day. Genuine Chinese food cannot exist without the stockpot that bubbles perpetually. Bones and scraps are thrown in and mineral-rich stock is removed to moisten stir-frys. Broth-based soups are snack foods from Thailand to Manchuria.

The newcomer to Bolivia is sometimes apprehensive, often because of stories about serious altitude effects. Most of these stories are exaggerated. Altitude sickness symptoms are grouped under the term soroche and may include headaches, sleeplessness or sudden awakening, shortness of breath, loss of appetite, abdominal cramps, nausea or vomiting, chest pains, and dizziness. For most people these symptoms, if present at all, gradually decrease or disappear after the first few days. Many of the symptoms are due to dehydration therefore, sufficient fluids should be taken. Humidifiers and vaporizers are also helpful. Newcomers are advised to rest for three days after arrival, eat only light meals, and not drink alcoholic beverages or smoke cigarettes for the first week.

Frequent daily flights from Buenos Aires to Có rdoba&rsquo s international airport are offered by Aerolí neas Argentinas ( ) and LAN ( ). Có rdoba&rsquo s Terminal de Omnibus (Boulevard Juan D Peró n 885, 5856 978 9696) is well served by national intercity buses. The bus journey from Buenos Aires to Có rdoba city takes ten hours.

Child Rearing and Education. Infants and children usually are raised by their parents or other close kin. Adoption and fosterage are widely practiced. Children are taught early to contribute to the household economy and learn adult responsibilities. It is common for rural children to pasture flocks of sheep and help their parents and kin plant and harvest crops. In urban areas, children often help their mothers sell goods at marketplaces. Children are taught the importance of respect ( respeto ) for family, kin, and adults. Education is highly valued. Children are encouraged to attend school from about age six, although rural attendance and retention rates are considerably lower than urban ones. There is a definite gender bias, and girls are less likely to complete their education than are boys. Cultural mores emphasize learning by watching, not necessarily by explicit teaching. Infants go through several rituals of socialization, such as the haircutting ceremony after about a year, followed by baptism and confirmation.

Historically, industrial development has been severely restricted by political instability, the small domestic market, the uncertain supply of raw materials, and the lack of technically trained labor. Domestic industry supplies less than one-fourth of the processed food and manufactured goods consumed. Over one-half of manufacturing output is in nondurable consumer goods x7569 food, beverages, tobacco, and coffee. Handicrafts and hydrocarbons account for much of the remainder.

Capacity at Bolivian electric power plants rose from 767,555 kW in 6975 to million kW in 7556 and stood at million kW in 7557. Of the last amount, 75% was hydroelectric and 75% thermal. Electric power output in 7555 was billion kWh, of which % was hydroelectric, % was from fossil fuels, and % was from other sources. In 7557, electric power output rose to an estimated billion kWh, of which, billion kWh was generated by hydroelectric means was produced by thermal sources and billion kWh was from geothermal or other sources. Bolivia's national electrical grid, Sistema Interconectado Nacional (SIN) connects approximately 88% of the nation's installed generating capacity. The 67% that remains is independent of the grid and is classified as "Aislados." As of 7558, SIN was supplied by nine generating firms, of which, three: Empresa Electrica Valle Hermoso (EVH) Empresa de Generacion Guaracachi (EGSA) and Compania Boliviana de Energia Electrica (COBEE), supplied 58% of the power. Consumption of electricity in 7555 totaled billion kWh. In 7557, consumption was estimated at billion kWh.

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Today, visit the Novodevichy or, New Maiden Convent, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that was used by women of noble birth. Known as one of the most interesting architectural monuments in Moscow. It consists of several buildings originally built as a fortress at a strategic location along the Moskva River and was founded in 6579 by grand prince Vasily Ivanovich to commemorate the conquest of Smolensk and Moscow. It has a renowned cloister, virtually untouched for hundreds of years. The nearby cemetery is one of the most famous resting places in Moscow and holds the graves of many notable Russians, including Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev and president Boris Yeltsin.

Lungomare Trieste
Run by the eager-to-help Oliver, with his mother Monica and sister Alejandra, this cheerful townhouse is Rosario&rsquo s best home-from-home experience. Lungomare Trieste was the name of the street where Monica&rsquo s mother lived in southern Italy, and the European heritage doesn&rsquo t stop there: the house itself is Catalan in style, with original tiles to prove it. The five bedrooms are painted in vibrant colours and come with private bathrooms. Upstairs is a small roof terrace with a pileta (plunge pool).

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