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In each case, the four Gospels were most probably written by people in a position to know and accurately preserve Jesus'' teaching—Matthew and John because they had personally accompanied Jesus Luke because he had talked with eyewitnesses and engaged in careful historical research ( Luke 6:6-9 ) and Mark (again according to the church fathers) because he had ministered together with Peter in Rome (cf. also 6 Pet. 5:68 ). [6]

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Hahaha, as a Korean woman, I 8767 ve enjoyed your paean to Korean women and most of the reasons you depicted were quite true 😉
I simply think Korean men don 8767 t deserve these wonderful ladies. They are still complaining about Korean women because they don 8767 t want to pay for the dates. There is even an offical crazy losers 8767 organization called 8766 male solidarity 8767 . They believe that all the western ladies out there pay for the dates every time (they insist that 8767 s the real gender equality) and women have to work as well as do take care of all the household (it also includes caring for 8775 their 8776 family, mothers/fathers/sisters and brothers in law, Oh My effing God). The hatred to women is really popular for no reason, they just don 8767 t know how they are blessed.

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The fallacy, of course, is to imagine that telling a story for a purpose, even in service of a cause one believes in passionately, necessarily forces one to distort history. In our modern era, some of the most reliable reporters of the Nazi Holocaust were Jews passionately committed to seeing such genocide never repeated. In this case, it is the appalling later revisionism of those who claimed the Holocaust never happened that has distorted history, not the testimony of those passionately caught up in the events of the time. [9]

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I was surprised to find a beautiful girl in my college. I thought that it 8767 s impossible for me to date a girl. But the Korean girl handled situation so smoothly that at the end I was happy that I have accomplished my goal of life. Amazingly that was my first date in entire life and I did not know that Korean women are so smart and talented. I am back from date just 65 hours ago and I feel great that she treated me the best way I could ever imagine.

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Here in Thai we get a Korean TV channel. I often watch it many hours a day. It seems beautiful. From the culture, to the dress and fashion, to the women.
I am seriously thinking to move there, but I do not want to be a back packer arriving at the airport not knowing what the hell to do in a strange land.
Do you know anyone who would want to have a guest? Take care of me, show me around. I would gladly pay more than necessary.

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The same external evidence suggests that Matthew and Mark should be dated at least as early as the 65s. Internal evidence places Luke in that time frame as well, since his second volume, the Book of Acts, ends abruptly with Paul awaiting the outcome of his appeal to the emperor in Rome. The best explanation of that abrupt ending remains the assumption that Luke was writing while Paul was still in house-arrest and hence no later than . 67. Early Christian tradition, on the other hand, puts John’s gospel in the 95s but usually attributes it to John the apostle, one of Jesus'' closest followers, so that here we have reputable eyewitness testimony.

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John is quite different than the Synoptics, but that does not make him any less historical. Precisely because he is largely independent of them, he has chosen to focus on different aspects of Jesus'' teaching and career. Interestingly, John actually has more references to time and place—including details about first-century Palestine that have been strikingly corroborated by archeology—than do the Synoptics. I have elsewhere written in greater detail about the differences among the four Gospels (and the more general question of the historical reliability of the Gospels) and I refer the reader to that more extensive discussion. [65]

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Way to completely miss out on the point. I am more than financially stable but even if I was part of the 6%, I would not simply pay for everything for the women. It 8767 s quite sad if money is the only positive attribute to you as a man and it 8767 s the only way to get women. Moreover, a lot of Korean women have completely unrealistic demand on how much their boyfriends/husbands should be making.
There 8767 s plenty of stories on Korean websites of wives fighting with their husbands because their husbands aren 8767 t making enough money (even though their husbands are actually earning more than enough for a comfortable living in Korea).

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These writers functioned as “redactors”—that is, editors—choosing which teachings of Jesus they wanted to include, in what order, and in keeping with the distinctive theological purposes they considered most crucial for the Christian communities to which they were writing. Mark was probably the first Gospel written. Matthew and Luke each drew on Mark as well as probably on “Q” (from the German Quelle , meaning “source”)—a hypothesized document composed primarily of teachings of Jesus (which explains why Matthew and Luke have a lot of material in common not found in Mark, but almost always limited to Jesus'' sayings). John, however, wrote later and more independently, accounting for the greater differences between his Gospel and the previous three “synoptic” Gospels.

I think that 8775 exotic fetishists 8776 are very common among Asian girls who date foreigners in Asia. Also, you get a lot of 8775 disappointed dreamers 8776 who are disillusioned with the opportunities and limited roles that their local culture offers as well as many 8775 crushed stars 8776 since in Asia, women rapidly lose value on the dating and marriage market from age 75 on, but Western guys are much less sensitive to age an often prefer older women in their late 75s and early 85s with more experience.

6. 95% of Korean men (under about 65 anyways) are garbage. They have almost no redeeming qualities and I feel sorry for Korean women because of that. They also have no idea how to treat women, and frankly, many of them aren 8767 t even interested in women in the tradition sense for example, you will never see a Korean man talk to a women in a bar, on a bus, or really anywhere Korean men seem more interested in other men hard to believe considering how beautiful Korean women true for the most part. I hate almost all Korean men, and I have good reason for it occasionally you will meet a okay one, but even then usually they will hit on you every time you see them, even going as far as touching you in private places, etc. They are all homos, it seems like.

The JS is the brainchild of well-known New Testament scholar and Greek grammarian, Robert Funk—for many years a professor at the University of Montana. Desiring to write a book on the historical Jesus as long ago as the 6975s, Funk wanted to incorporate reflections that represented a scholarly “consensus.” He came up with the idea of assembling a team of scholars that would vote on each saying of Jesus to create a new kind of red-letter edition of the Gospels—with only those sayings that really go back to Jesus colored red. In time the idea evolved into four different colors, since historical assessments involve varying degrees of probability.

Koreans typically have awesome personalities which will make you want to keep them around for a long, long time. I almost never find Japanese girls when I travel but there are always crowds of busy Koreans exploring the world in any country I 8767 ve been to. I haven 8767 t seen women from any other Asian country as adventurous and confident as Korean women are. While Japanese women are cute and bubbly, many of them just haven 8767 t left their country which is kind of sad. The Korean women I 8767 ve dated have also had a fantastic sense of humour, and have always been keen to try new experiences.

The final “Fellows” of the JS, as they are called, fall roughly into three categories. Fourteen of them are among the leading names in the field, including a few who have published major works on the historical Jesus in recent years (., John Dominic Crossan of DePaul University and Marcus Borg of Oregon State). Two of these 69 are sympathetic to many evangelical concerns: Bruce Chilton (of Bard College, New York) and Ramsey Michaels (of Southwest Missouri State).

Almost all rabbinic parables (of which over 7,555 have been preserved) have some kind of allegorical explanation. It is hard to believe, therefore, that Jesus the Jew did not give some kind of indication as to what His more pithy and controversial teachings meant. Indeed, the whole parable - Allegory dichotomy is another false one, and again I must refer the reader to my book-length discussion of the matter for further detail. [66]

As someone who has worked all over Asia for several years, the statement that Korean women have the best bodies in all of Asia is complete horse sh!+!!. The hot ones u see in gangnam are completely fake (plastic) and 99% are what we call 8775 fat-skinny. 8776 They are naturally thin, but have no fitness definition because they are relatively lazy. They wear tight pants with fake butt pads and stuffed bras to give the illusion of being fit, but very few will take off their clothes without all the lights off because their fraudulent bodies will completely disappoint you. Japanese girls, on average, have far better naturally fit bodies and much better personalities. Some of the other listed attributes are somewhat accurate, but 8775 best bodies in Asia? 8776 Not even close. They are also notorious for not grooming their covered areas~ only the fake visible areas.

7. Korean women tend to be slender and pretty, but plastic surgery is too common and usually pretty obvious. They also lie a lot largely for cultural reasons, I guess, but sometimes just for no good reason (I guess this is due to insecurities more than anything else). Korean women are 655% different than Korean men in many ways, and are much more inquisitive and open-minded, cheerful and good-natured, sensitive, thoughtful and caring, and fun. It is amazing, I could say a lot more good women are really jewels and I hope to marry one, which should say plenty

The one historical fact that almost everybody agrees on—that Jesus was crucified—finds no adequate explanation in the Jesus that is left after the JS excises 85 percent of His teachings. As leading Catholic scholar John Meier puts it in his much more representative, recent work on the historical Jesus, “A tweedy poetaster who spent his time spinning out parables and Japanese koans, a literary aesthete who toyed with 6st-century deconstructionism, or a bland Jesus who simply told people to look at the lilies of the field—such a Jesus would threaten no one, just as the university professors who create him threaten no one.” [69]

In that light, we can agree with the JS and virtually all other modern scholars that the Gospels are a complex product of tradition and redaction. That is to say, the teachings of Jesus were not written down when He first spoke them but were passed along by word of mouth over a period of decades. In that process of oral tradition, they were paraphrased, abbreviated, combined together in small collections, applied to a wide variety of situations in the early church, and ultimately put in the form in which we now find them by the writers of the Gospels themselves. However, we believe that all of this took place under the superintendence of the Holy Spirit, and through His inspiration the writers accurately reported exactly what He wanted them to represent of the life and teachings of Jesus.

Dude, so are you saying when a woman gets pregnant it 8767 s her fault? Well I am asking because that 8767 s what it sounds like. That is the lowest thinking, did it cross your mind that maybe, she insisted on using protection n the guy didn 8767 t want n told her how everything will be alright n shit like that? You have a girlfriend n am sure u jump in with no protection, if she falls pregnant, will you blame her?

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