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Dating single mothers? Just say NO! A note for all the

Posted: 2017-10-13 04:29

As a big guy myself, probably bigger than your average big guy (like probably in the top 65% of that 85% obese group at over 955 pounds lol) I feel like I have a lot of self confidence. I don t bring up my weight, but if friends do with a joke, or it s obviously implied, I laugh right with them, and even as far as I can tell I don t feel hurt or personally attacked. And I will joke about my weight, or even a feature of theirs right back. It is, of course, different when I can tell someone is trying to be mean. It still doesn t bother me much, but I won t joke around with them at all

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I always made a point to wear my hair as long as I could, until the "You look like a girl!" jokes started to hit a little too close to home. When I was in elementary school, I remember sitting next to my girlfriend at the time, and was taken as a female by someone following behind us. That''s. not exactly a compliment to most men, and possibly straight-up fightin'' words for some. But I was all about it.

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No, because I could claim to be a little teapot, short and stout, and I 8767 d still be a woman, not a teapot (and everyone would recognise so even if they were pretending not to). Just an even battier woman than I already am, if I really thought I was a teapot, or was overly hung up on the idea. This is because a woman is something I actually am, not something I 8767 m just identifying wrongly as. This is not my concept of what the word 8766 woman 8767 means in isolation, arrived at alone, it 8767 s the one that has historically been and still is, almost always understood to mean an adult human female (and which definition I object to attempts to change as being offensive), because a general agreement on what words mean is how we humans manage to communicate with each other.


I don 8767 t disagree with the contention that in social conflict men use direct challenging and debate more frequently than women, and that women more frequently try to settle conflict through means that are less likely in their minds to upset others and the social group, but I don 8767 t see how that relates to queen bees and female infighting. You 8767 re confusing two different levels of conflict and their corresponding strategies.

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The sex-gender distinction can be rather unhelpful. The differences between men and women are expressed differently through convention and custom from culture to culture, yet the existence of a pronounced distinction between the sexes is a human cultural universal. Furthermore, there are clear family resemblances between these distinctions across cultures. In any human society, men are recognizably men and women are recognizably women. If you were to switch the sexes around, it would probably take no more than a few seconds for someone to realize that something odd was afoot. Wherever we see men and women in a society, we are encountering male and female nature, albeit expressed under a very particular set of conditions.

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8775 Also, if being an oppressed class is rooted in material facts about violence and power, doesn 8767 t the fact that trans women are beaten and fired for being trans at disproportionate rate make them, in material terms, an oppressed class as trans people, even if you think they belong to the oppressor class 8766 male 8767 also? Just like black men can be racially oppressed *and* gender privileged? 8776

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Still more factors include the ubiquity of high-fructose corn syrup in our food, the negative side-effects from processed soy products and even just plain old genetics and evolution. Moreover, all fat people aren 8767 t created equal scientists have found that many people as many as 6 in 9 can be overweight without suffering from the health issues such as higher incidents of heart disease, high blood-pressure and type-7 diabetes. BMI is a profoundly inaccurate measure of just about  everything and being skinny doesn 8767 t guarantee good health.

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I hope everyone remembers that there is a downside to the total dominance within academia (or the news media, or the arts) of very left wing perspectives, and active witch-hunts/pile-ons such as this one: anyone who is made uncomfortable has a strong incentive to leave the game for the right wing parallel institutions, and the results are worse for everyone. Please read this for a great discussion:

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Wait, a second, if your view that since acknowledging the obvious truth that some speech can cause harm (take a child who is constantly told all their life by their parent that they are a shit person) might itself has bad effects, which should just all pretend the obvious truth doesn 8767 t exist? That doesn 8767 t sound very sensible. The sensible view is that even though speech can cause harm, in practice we are all better off if speech is either not regulated at all or only very lightly regulated in very narrow and specific and well-defined circumstances. Since that view has the merit of not involving an obvious falsehood, whilst speaking to the concerns that motivate your view (. protecting valuable and/or harmless speech from restriction.)

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Thank you very much for this. In particular, this bit Use or deny sex and intimacy as a form of control. It is a hard thing to call if you are a woman, but we are socialized to accept that men have higher sex drives (SO not true) and therefore this one is really a hard thing to see if you are a man. I ve had more than a few male friends really damaged by this behaviour, and more so than the women who I ve seen suffer the same sort of treatment, the men tend to blame this on themselves. Thank you, Doc.

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8775 It is obvious to any sentient being that a child of a Christian and Jew,
a black and white, a German and Japanese, can identify more or less
with any of his parents religions, cultures, races. 8776 [ ] 8775 No, she means actually being black when you are white. She means
8775 changing one 8767 s race 8776 just like one can now 8775 change one 8767 s sex 8776 . So yes,
if you buy the idiotic premise, you must buy the logical conclusion. 8776

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Because feminists who challenge gender identity ideology are often (strategically) accused of advocating genocide, let 8767 s be clear: 8775 genocide 8776 does not mean arguing that biological sex is a real thing, challenging the idea that femininity and masculinity are innate, or suggesting certain spaces should be for women and girls alone. What genocide does mean is: killing members of an identifiable group or deliberately inflicting conditions of life aimed to bring about the physical destruction of an identifiable group.

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The academic left are totalitarians in the truest sense of the word. For them every aspect of life up to and including reality itself is dictated by politics. If facts, observation and reason contradict politics, then they must be ignored. Politics always wins. And currently, politics dictates that one can be transgender but somehow cannot be transracial. Tuvel 8767 s facts and logic are to the totalitarians who inhabit the academic left nothing but bourgeois justifications for oppression. For them, politics dictates reality.

So I slogged through as a boy, even though everything about that felt wrong. It was worst in the mornings, when I''d have to get dressed for the day. Being required to wear pants felt exactly as wrong to me as it would feel for most guys if the law suddenly forced them to go out in a dainty skirt every single day. I assume those guys would spend a lot of time trying to find the manliest one they could ("This plaid skirt kind of looks like Braveheart , right?") and that''s what I did, but in the other direction. I could convince myself to wear certain things if they were comfortable enough or soft enough, but every morning was a bargaining game. Eventually, I found myself wearing sweatpants every day. Yeah, I was a damned fashion maven. But.

There is no such thing as 8775 cis. 8776 To say 8775 cis 8776 means you agree with seeing the world through 8775 gender identity. 8776 8775 Cis 8776 is insulting. 8775 Cis 8776 says that you agree with sex role stereotypes, otherwise known as 8775 gender. 8776 8775 Cis 8776 says that female people, if they don 8767 t say they 8775 feel 8776 male (whatever any of that can even mean without resorting to sex role stereotypes to describe it), agree with the sex role stereotype of femininity (gender) and its socialized subordination.

I 8767 ll just note that in this and your other comment you seem to be playing a very similar game to the one that this article is challenging. You throw names at my argument ( 8766 essentialist 8767 , 8766 bizarre 8767 , 8766 intentionally provocative 8767 ), then brush it off as irrelevant. You label it as badthink ( 8766 essentialist 8767 ). You assert but you don 8767 t engage. Likewise, in your other comment, rather than making arguments, you approach the issue as if it were a matter of guilt by Butler association. I 8767 m no fan of Butler, but surely we can do better than that?

It 8767 s a bit more complicated. Male on female abuse was recognized as problem for the first time in Western societies during the 69th century when it started getting treated as criminal assault by the law and prosecutions happened. Many times it was still ignored because changing social conventions takes time and wife beating was an elephant in the room problem. When you can 8767 t talk about a problem, resolving them becomes difficult.

The main issues I have with those sorts of sites is that it s a female echo chamber it s like getting drinks with your girlfriends where they all assure you You re beautiful, exactly as you are! They can be helpful in a heal-the-emotional-wound kind of way, but they aren t helpful if you re actually looking for constructive dating advice about your body, or (especially) men s opinions.

While some will claim the word 8775 TERF 8776 is neutral, it 8767 s use demonstrates the opposite. It is not a word that women have claimed for themselves like 8775 slut, 8776 8775 cunt, 8776 or 8775 bitch, 8776 8775 TERF 8776 is a word imposed on women to shut them up, bully them, condemn them, smear them, humiliate them, and dismiss them. But more than that: it is a threat. If I think about the times in my life I have been called these words   cunt ,  bitch , slut by a man, I have almost always felt the threat of violence behind them. The spitting rage behind those words the desire to follow through with a punch is too often present. I have always known these words are used against me as an explicit reminder: you are subordinate. No matter how confident, tough, self-assured, strong, or brave a woman is, these words still put her in her place.

Of course this is not what Tuvel means by transracialism, that would be too sensible. She doesn 8767 t even mean someone who immerses themselves in another culture, wholly unrelated to themselves because, say, they enjoy the way of life. No, she means actually being black when you are white. She means 8775 changing one 8767 s race 8776 just like one can now 8775 change one 8767 s sex 8776 . So yes, if you buy the idiotic premise, you must buy the logical conclusion.

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