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Assortative mating serves to intensify this polarization. It amplifies an already significant ingroup-outgroup mentality around contentious social issues. Social and cultural issues create severe disagreement because they trigger the emotional part of the brain: the disagreement challenges a core part of group identity. This is exactly the type of schism that an arrogant demagogue like Trump exploits.

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I am kinky, so I am aware a lot of men have desires they see as socially unacceptable. We don 8767 t generally discuss it on the first date, unless we met through a kink-related OLD site or event. In over 75 years, I have *never* engaged in kinky play with someone (whether a one-off casual playpartner or a serious boyfriend) who has shamed me for being kinky. It 8767 s possible some said nasty things behind my back to others, but I doubt it.

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After the apocalypse we shall band together in small groups and hunt the feral radioactive cattle that wander the landscape. We shall entice a male or two for breeding and to protect the group. When stronger males come to battle our males we shall watch uncaring as they fight to the death. What care we? We shall have our Our daughters will stay by our sides, our sons we shall drive off when they are of age. You think this unfair? Their own fathers will do it for us.

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Now, it  is nice that Laber references Charles 8775 Blacks Are Inherently Less Intelligent Than Whites 8776 Murray to let us know that our time of not taking him seriously is coming to a middle. It also ignores that one major reason why people of similar educational or socioeconomic backgrounds are more likely to get together is that, like actors marrying other actors,  these are the people they spend the most time with. 

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8775 Liberal women should date me 8776 -guy doesn 8767 t seem to get that even dating a new partner who is well-intentioned but hasn 8767 t ever been personally touched by societal issues can be taxing. Doing the whole thing with someone who 8767 s already decided to be against you is just cranking up the difficulty to nightmare except the grind goes on forever and there 8767 s no Steam achievement to unlock.

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I 8767 m leery about the thesis that the guy should take responsibility for his sexual hangups, since it 8767 s a deeply personal problem. A lot of men probably understand that this isn 8767 t healthy, but it 8767 s also not something you discuss in casual conversation or mixed company. If you 8767 re dating, then leading off with your insecurities does not paint the image of stable mental health. That sort of thing requires therapy and I don 8767 t blame anybody one jot for keeping their silence on such a matter.

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Another problem with the argument that liberals are intolerant of dissenting views is, it 8767 s often disingenuous. The phrase 8775 dissenting views 8776 is used to cover a whole category of odious things like 8775 There were some fine folks among the torch-wielding nazis in Charlottesville 8776 or 8775 Don 8767 t you think women share responsibility for having been 8776 or 8775 Government protections for GBLT people is a violation of corporations 8767 religious freedom. 8776 Or 8775 Women shouldn 8767 t have a choice in who they have sex with, and should be punished for trying to exercise agency in the matter. 8776

I also do know some conservative women who are atheists, or at least only nominally religious. I mostly met them in law school, and they 8767 re sort of the hyper-capitalist, Ayn Rand-reading type. It might be because I met them in law school, but a lot of them were interested in men who were on track to be highly successful. Some wanted to be part of power couples, and some seemed to picture taking some time out of the labor force to raise children, do charity work, and get involved with conservative politics. Some seem to be doing pretty much that, and some either didn 8767 t get what they were looking for or changed their minds, like the rest of us.

One of these days, I 8767 m going to write that Walking Dead fanfic I have in my head where a bunch of SCAdians (most with Bronze age personas) re-create a society using one of the old forts in the area. The only time women are 8775 stay at home 8776 are in the last months of pregnancy and while the children are breast feeding since they 8767 d raise their children as a group. Penalty for is harsh.

But you are right, guys seem to like not grok that whole job, car, place to live and that women are not vagina dispensaries nor like, trophies you 8767 re assigned after you get those things. I mean, sure, several generations ago you could just go trade a guy for his daughter with some goats but like, those times are long past and I 8767 m always confused as to why guys still seem to like, think that 8767 s how it works.

And yeah, there 8767 s a fantastic book called 8775 Women 8767 s Work: The first 75,555 years: Women, Cloth, and Society 8776 by Elizabeth Barber. In it she talks about how until recent centuries, (and still in a lot of place today) women were/are spinning thread ALL THE TIME. Clothing is a lot more precious when instead of spending $65 at wal-mart you have to SPIN EVERY INCH OF EVERY THREAD by HAND and THEN weave it and THEN shape it into something wearable. And since you had to spin every inch of every thread by hand, spinning was something most women did every minute their hands weren 8767 t occupied with something else.

He 8767 s annoyed because he presumably has been trying to date women who disagree with him politically and will now be rejected after a message rather than after the first date. It would, of course, be more reasonable for him to figure out how to meet more women who share his views or increase his appeal to them or both. Other, less vocally political, men might also do well meeting women through friends and getting to know them gradually, but I suspect his life revolves around politics too much for that to work for him.

Agreed, the right is often extremely hypocritical on free speech. Right wing media hypes up a few loud college students to make it look like the 8775 SJW thought police 8776 are taking over, or that political correctness is trying to make everything bland, and it really feels to me that none of this is actually happening, at least not to the degree that many people THINK it is (and regardless, it 8767 s not happening with the backing of the government, which makes the whole comparison to Stalinism absurd). It 8767 s fake. If anything, it 8767 s conservatives who don 8767 t want to talk about 8775 the tough issues 8776 like racism. As a case in point, here 8767 s the . attorney general:

Not to mention, even IF there was a clear divide with 8775 men hunt and women gather 8776 , that totally disregards how much damn work gathering is. Since they 8767 re having the men hunt mammoths, let 8767 s presume this was during the ice age. There are going to be damn few berries to pick in the first place depending on the season and location. If, by sheer chance, your particular cave is right by a huge thicket of berry bushes, if you 8767 ve got more than a couple people in your group, they 8767 re going to be picked clean pretty damn quick. This means you need to range farther and farther out, braving other predators that would just love to dine on a haunch of hominid. This means the women would be working just as hard as the men and were probably in just as much (if not more) danger doing so.

One major reason why women don 8767 t want to date Laber or his friends has everything to do with the fact that it 8767 s rather clear that Laber doesn 8767 t actually  like women. He may think they 8767 re desirable. He may believe that women make life worth living. But it 8767 s impossible to escape the impression he neither likes nor respects them. Not when his argument ultimately boils down to the fact that men are evidently willing to vote for Trump because liberal women won 8767 t fuck their pain away. If women were more willing to give it up, they might have moderated their views and voted for I dunno, Ted Cruz or something.

When he woke me up and wanted to rant about politics, he got snarky when I said I didn 8767 t want to talk politics late at night. It 8767 s stressful and keeps me awake for hours after he stops. When I pointed that out to him, he complained that I 8775 never want to hear his opinions on politics. 8776 I said, 8775 as long as I am not trying to sleep, and you don 8767 t say anything violent, mean, or disrespectful, I am fine with discussing politics. If you can 8767 t abide by those restrictions, I am uncomfortable talking with you about it. 8776

Crossplay is the term applied to allowing gamers to play with other gamers regardless of what console they have chosen to bring into their homes. It’s a kind of holy grail for gamers stuck on the less popular console as they’re often not able to play with friends, and because a small userbase means fewer people to play with in general. With a reported 88 million Xbox Ones sold since launch Microsoft well behind Sony, which claims to have sold million PS9s since launch.

As with other polemics within the Federalist 8775 But Why Won 8767 t They Date Us 8776 genre, the entire argument is 8775 well, you should fuck us because REASONS 8776 . There is no exhortation to the Federalist audience to actually do things that might make them more appealing to women , liberal women in particular. Considering that one reason for assortative mating is because people of similar backgrounds and interests spend the most time together, one would think that Laber might suggest that his readers learn how to spend more time in those liberal spaces. And yet, he doesn 8767 t.

I 8767 ve been frustrated with the 8775 base-line 8776 attitude for years. When I would shit on my self in conversation (please don 8767 t take that literally), talking about how women weren 8767 t interested in me and I probably was going to go through life alone, the guys I knew (usually co-workers and/or fellow soldiers) would reply with 8775 Man, you 8767 ve got all you need: a steady job, a car and a crib. That 8767 s all you need, man! 8776

This truly fascinates me because a huge complaint I 8767 ve seen from MGTOW is that North American women aren 8767 t 8775 feminine 8776 anymore, that they just act like men, that they want to BE men which is why men are going their own way, they don 8767 t want to date such masculine women it 8767 s seen as a warning: be feminine (which I think they equate with demure, needing a man to support them etc) or else we 8767 re taking our ball (balls?) and going home. That there are all these amazing feminine women from other countries around the world who they will marry instead.

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