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Posted: 2017-12-07 11:54

I am shying away from Wix simply because of the lack of ability to change templates, which I do sometimes just to freshen up the site and keep people 8767 s interest, so I 8767 m down to Weebly and Squarespace. I need one that will allow me to upload photos, PDFs (newsletters), and videos, but people also make financial donations to our work via the site. It has a link to a PayPal account by which they do that will Weebly or Squarespace try to charge the listed 8% for those donations? Do either of those restrict changing the template?

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Investment Banking careers are very standardised, and most people either join when they graduate from university, after an MBA, or they join from other banks. The exceptions are for qualified accountants, auditors, and sometimes for people working in corporate strategy, because their skills are similar and transferable, but even then, they re a minority and often have to start from scratch at the bottom.

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Weebly also gives you access to the templates’ HTML / CSS codes. So if you know a bit of code (or if you hire someone who does), this gives you the flexibility to customize your design extensively. #8 Pre-designed page layouts When it comes to designing your pages, if you don’t know where to start, Weebly has over 95 pre-set page layouts for you to choose from to get you started.

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8. If you are asked a brainteaser or a technical question, voice your thinking out loud. Not only will this show the interviewer how you think (which is the most important aspect they want to evaluate), but also if you get stuck or make a mistake, the interviewer will be able to guide you. Also, if you don t know the answer, do say so! but don t give up. Voice your thinking and at least attempt to answer.

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6) A track record of success. Every school wants to make sure that their applicants will be successful and go on to a great career after graduation. So make a list of your achievements and brag about it (in a non-arrogant way, but don t be shy about stating the facts). This means that promotions, special achievements, and obvious paths of career progress are key. Do mention that you were the staff member, that you got promoted many times, show that your salary went up, that each job move was a step up, and that overall you are on a fast-track to success. You need to create the impression of a strong momentum in your career. Pitfalls: do not mention or make the reader believe that you need an MBA because you are stuck in your career or unappreciated.

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Within your extended network, there is someone who has been successful in business: a family member, a professor, a former employer, etc. Maybe they even worked in one of the big firms like Goldman. Call them and ask for advice. Tell them what you are trying to achieve and ask for their guidance. If they are well-connected, they might even provide the most valuable help of all: an introduction to someone at a big firm. This is the absolute best way to get your foot in the door.

Do not underestimate those tests, even if you are doing extremely well at school. Those tests can be notoriously difficult, especially under stress, and will demand a great deal of preparation. Indeed, it would be a shame to fail an interview because of something that is in your control! In fact, the main reason why so many students fail investment banking interviews is due to the lack of preparation or overconfidence with regard to those tests.

That 8767 s a great question. I think in general the website builders discussed in this article is pretty secure, since they manage all the security features for you. One of the issues with using WordPress is that you manage so many different platform tools yourself, such as choosing your own hosting, choosing your own plugins, etc. Also, not all plugins are created equally when it comes to security. Whereas for the builders such as Squarespace, Weebly, Wix or Jimdo, since they manage everything on your behalf, they can ensure that their security practices are constantly being monitored and updated.

Come in early (never after 9 ., even if you went back home at 5 .), and don t leave before your analyst, unless they clearly tell you to go home. If you are frequently going home before 9 ., you are doing something wrong. If you have not been assigned any work, and that you have already asked, spend your time reading brokers&rsquo notes about the industry, reading presentations and pitches that you can find in the team folders, etc. If you can show to the team that you have a good understanding about what is happening and your understand the sector and the industry, you will score a lot of points.

Finally, another downside of working in the US is that future career options in the US will be limited as a foreigner, because things in NY are so US-centric. US companies tend to hire local staff, and being an outsider it will be much more difficult to have the necessary professional network and cultural connection required to climb the hierarchy fast or change jobs. But if you intend move back to your country in the medium term, this is not a problem.

Given that banks are such large institutions, they will always be able to find French, German, Swedish, or Spanish speakers in other teams who can help if needed. In a worst-case scenario, they will ask people from the local offices to help them with translation and research or ask a junior banker if she/he wants to transfer to London. The evidence is that many analysts in London investment banks are from China or India, and they do get hired despite their inability to speak any additional European languages. As long as they do well during the interviews, and they are liked by the hiring team, they will get an offer.

As a banker, unless you are good at avoiding work, you''ll sit 66 hours a day in front of your computer, and the only exercise you will get will be performing super-fast excel shortcuts, going to the printing room to get pitchbooks, and fetching 755 calories lattes at Starbucks. Combined with the lack of sleep (a direct cause of weight gain ) and the fact that with your big dinner allowance you feel compelled to eat as much junk food as you can for dinner, weight gain is inevitable.

This is the ideal scenario if you studied something other than finance or business for your first degree. If you got poor grades for the first non-finance degree, you could enroll in a Masters in finance/accounting at a prestigious school, and study extremely hard to reach top grades. Often, this will be sufficient to mitigate your poor performance. When applying to banks, make sure you highlight some mitigating factors for your poor undergraduate performance. Valid excuses include your need to help the family business, your great involvement in some club activities, or any other personal reasons.

If you are passionate or curious about a specific area, share this with people around you. Most professionals will realise that your goals are not set in stone yet, and that you are still trying to find your way. For example, if you say that you are interested in working for a private equity firm in the future, they will be able to tell you the best team for joining in the bank (. leverage finance, financial sponsors, Consumer M& A).

First, other bankers will be the only ones who can understand your hardworking lifestyle (working very long hours, weekend work, emergency calls to the office) and the only ones who can share with you war stories and rough experiences. If you start to talk about the pitchbook you had to re-print at 5 . last night because another analyst messed up the minority interest calculation in the comps, you will only receive blank stares from non-banking friends. Since this job can be hard emotionally at times, you will need to share your experiences with people who understand you.

While you may not end up getting what you want, think about keeping a positive attitude. Being ranked at the top is great, but what you should really aim for is avoiding being ranked at the bottom. Also, you may not get ranked on top this year, but there is always next year. Remember that investment banking is very much a career that required a lot of patience, and the really big rewards will really start to come at VP level and above.

There are plenty of exit opportunities at the analyst level! Investment banking analysts are a very hot commodity (especially at the top investment banks) and you will get calls from headhunters after a few weeks in your new job, and they won t stop calling. This is because analysts are well- trained, ambitious, work very hard and can handle stress. The more deals you have closed and the more prestigious the bank you work for, the more frequent the calls will be.

In general, the higher-profile the bank, the less time you will have for social activities. Working at a Goldman Sachs or a Morgan Stanley means good experience and very good pay, but very little time to yourself. If you work for a BNP Paribas or a Commerzbank, you will have much more free time and much less weekend work, but you will probably not work on many deals and be paid (sometimes substantially) below the market rate.

Stalla is a CFA study provider that offers preparation courses for the CFA. While you may not need their courses, they do publish quite good books and guides to help your CFA study. The difference-maker about the Stalla books is the software that comes with it. Some people may find reading easier, while some others prefer to use more interactive ways of studying. If you are in the other category, these books are for you. They also have level 7 and level 8 books, and the links are below. The same as above, you can usually find those guides on Amazon second-hand. Just click on the link above and do a search for Stalla guides.

Interns shouldn&rsquo t sit at their desks and wait for work to come to them. Summer is usually a more relaxed period with less deal activity, however, there is always something that needs to be done. If you don t get assigned much work and find yourself idle, don t just browse the Internet and wait. Be proactive in approaching your team to ask if there is anything that they want you to get done. A good way to find some potential work to be done is to go around the team&rsquo s folders and look at files and databases to see how the team is organised and what kind of things they are working on at the moment. Rather than asking can I help with anything , try to suggest something to the analyst or associate such as I have seen you with this precedent transaction database in folder XYZ, do you need any help in keeping it up-to-date? More often than not, the full-time analyst will be more than happy to have somebody taking care of their tedious work.