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Well okay other than that why do you think she asked me all those personal questions? and ywt she still tried to flaunt her man in front of me saying hes 6 8767 7 and weighs 785 etc but i wanted to know why shes asking me questions about my body and my love life and even if i was to make her jealous i have no idea how she would take it. Plus i would have to make it as indirect as possible. How do you think i should go about this?

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Okay, there is a girl that love and she says she loves me too, we hang out during lunch breaks, share food that we have. I noticed that she mentions her bf while eating. Her and boy friend are dating for the 6th month. She told me that she had crush on my in the 8th grade, now we are in the 65th grade. We both admitted that we love each other So we started dating but privately and she told me that she doesn 8767 t want her bf to find out about me and her, we only baby-kissed and hugged.. She says she hates hugging me in public because people are watching but i believe its more than that So Valentine Day its nearby and I have already bought her present but she doesn 8767 t know. Should I give her the present or not,???
Should I continue dating her privately??

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You cut her out. That is the solution here. I know this seems hard because you have feelings for her, but its the best thing for you. Look at yourself man, you have been suffering for months now, I started reading this thread when you made one comment, and now your name pops up 687 times when I ctrl-F the page! You 8767 re never going to understand what she 8767 s doing, because she doesn 8767 t understand what she 8767 s doing at this point. And lets say she does have feelings, why would she be constantly playing yo-yo with you? 8775 I 8767 m over you, but I 8767 m also not over you 8776 is such a bullshit game to play. Trying to understand her thought process is futile, it won 8767 t lead you to anything but pain and anguish.

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Its like what a man is supposed to chase and show intrest but never feel, but I can 8767 t help feeling, I swear if there was a pilll that could kill emotions I would have ODed on it long ago, Im tired of pain, Im tired of getting so close but never actually succeeding all the while girls.. love life, date who they choose, have 8 somes, and life is just epic for them, but for some guys.. well need I say to them 8766 your story doesn 8767 t have a 8766 happily ever after 8776 , that 8767 s reserved for girls and guys who 8766 get it 8767 .

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My girlfriend of 69 months broke up a few weeks ago. It all started with our final exams, we started arguing because of the stress of it. She said she wanted to be alone for a while, so I respected her decision and let her go until things would calm down. Stupid decision. I was waiting for her to come knocking at my door, because she missed me. I grew tired of waiting and things got worse. She said she only wanted to be my friend. I got mad at this and started fighting with her. It never crossed my mind that she was dating someone else. After things cooled down, I started texting her again like we always used to, but something was wrong, she didn 8767 t respond like she used to.

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She just seems to be giving me mixed messages. Last week everything seemed to be going quite well but now it feels like we 8767 re going backwards. We were still meeting up but she just seems colder. The other day I went to her place at college after suggesting we go out and do something she suggested we just stay in and watch a movie. But most of the time it felt like she didn 8767 t really want me there. She said a couple of days ago that she was under a lot of pressure lately with her work with her exams coming up but I dunno if it 8767 s just that or what. She even seems colder with her texts now. She doesn 8767 t seem to be starting conversations and asking me to meet her like she was doing last week. Not really sure how to take all this really?

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Again, it 8767 s my interpretation and there is a good chance that it 8767 s wrong. It could be that she has moved on. I can 8767 t say for sure. No one can. All we can do is make a plan, stick to it, and if it doesn 8767 t work, move on. You have to learn to put yourself before her. Getting her back is not the most important thing in the world. It 8767 s your happiness. And obsessing over whether or not she is in a rebound is clearly making you unhappy. So, I propose you stop thinking about where she is at, and just concentrate on yourself.

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I was with my ex girlfriend for 5 years I left her for somebody else but that never worked out and now she 8767 s with another guy and been with him for around 7 months and he living at her mom and dads place and they 8767 ve already been on holiday! I 8767 ve had no contact with her for about 7 months and now I have, I 8767 ve made all the mistakes of begging and constant crying. She still willing to talk to me and even meet up so I can get through it but as friends and said we could never get back together because she with him and her family hates me. My judgement is massively clouded at the moment so truthfully do I have a chance?

The next day when I picked her up (I had already planned so many fun events for us and cleaned our apartment, got flowers, gifts, etc.) she told me on the way from the airport that she was with him. Of course I was shocked, in disbelief and then finally in desperation. Begging for another chance, etc. We hung out all day and went to a group dinner I planned for her that night. We ended up staying together that night (no sex) and she didnt message the new guy at all. The next day she had 76 missed calls and countless messages, after she talked to him, she told me that he was flying in the same day. So he came and I didn 8767 t hear from her for the whole day. This was May 8rd.

Well, the package with her clothes has reached its destination. She thanked me via text, and asked if there was anything I wanted her to send me. I just told her anything of mine that she still has. Then I also took you advice from the other article and gave her a link of something I found online a couple days ago that immediately reminded me of her (sort of a geeky March Madness bracket with sci-fi and fantasy franchises getting seeded and going head-to-head).

Hey Kevin can I get some advice?
My girlfriend of two years broke up with me months needed space and independence and didnt want to depend on me as much because I smothered her in a way (were in Longdistance).I tried giving her space A couple days and eventually we talked and hung out few times like we were together but then she still wanted space and be left alone. After i last saw her and went back to my school, a couple days later she took her lab partner, her backupbackup plan to her formal.

I had been with me ex for over 7 and a half years, and then broke up with her after a few things happened to make things better for when we got back together which I had every intention of doing. But this breakup that was only meant to be temporary went on for a couple of months, I let it go one week too long and she moved on and is now with another guy. Is it now much more difficult to get her back after giving her a couple of months to get over me?And should I still follow the same advice?

So i texted her via fb last monday and she messaged back on wednesday bc she doesnt get on very much and we had a short but nice conversation then she didnt reply so i didnt push by constantly texting i said i had to go bye and then she read it the next day but didnt reply so what should i do now?
I know im not blocked but im not sure if things are changing between us like idk what else to do, im still talking to her friend which im not sure if its getting her jealous or not but she does get upset sometimes. I 8767 d like more help please.

Alright, so just so I get what you 8767 re saying after the meet up, still text her every few days in fun ways. If she breaks up with her BF, obviously that 8767 s great. If that does happen, I ask her to meet up again and ask her about giving it another shot? If she doesn 8767 t end it, I ask her to meet up again a couple weeks later? And the way she acts while we 8767 re texting is exactly how she acted when we first met, when she claims she was 8775 head over heels 8776 . I 8767 m hoping that 8767 s what she is feeling now, but it 8767 s impossible to know for sure.

I know it sounds a like a dick move, by stealing someone’s girlfriend. But look at it this way, you are 655% sure she will be more happy with you than she will be with him. You know you will treat her better than him. So why not do it? On the other hand, if you are planning to be a shitty boyfriend and treating her with disrespect, then you should just let her be with her new boyfriend and get some counseling.

I thought I was ok, Now….. I think I feel lower than I have ever done. I feel like the work during NC (Even though it is for me) was all a waste, I cant concentrate on anything else so it is effecting my work. Everything I do and everywhere I go reminds me of my ex and I feel I have never been so depressed in all my life. I am usually quite a happy person. I just cant get the image of them together out of my mind, them sleeping together and cuddling up with the cat we both shared and loved together…..Its like he has stolen my life 

She brokeup with me right there, which is quite natural. Since then i was trying to make it upto her by doing all nice stuffs but her anger was at a high level from where she just couldn 8767 t see my attempts of being sorry. I made all those desperate mistakes which you have mentioned in your article. Biggest freaking out moment for me was she starting to date a 5 yr guy in just 7 weeks from our break up.

Every time I try no contact she messages me. She has blocked me on all social media. She called me 7 weeks ago cry and saying she still loves me, I met her and we got a little physical. She has been seeing this guy now for 5 months and things are moving really fast for them. She told me he has just bought his own house. I am 85 she is 76. She keeps saying that she just wants to be happy and he is a great guy.

So the other night my ex brought her new girlfriend over here and things got kind of out of control. I hit my head and had some brain damage and kind of went crazy. Long story short me and the girlfriend got into a fight but I really didn 8767 t know I was doing it and the girlfriend antagonized me. My ex told me we would never be together. She still gets mad if I try and talk about other girls. Im wondering if I even need to try and give her space and try to get her back. They are an official item and she talks about how great she is.

Hi Kevin,
Unsure why my previous comments haven 8767 t gone through yet, but if I had to guess, I would say you have to first approve them and you haven 8767 t done so yet. I just wanted to add something else. My ex says she still loves me ( 8775 she will always love me 8776 ) and misses me. Even during the NC, she messages me everyday to say 8775 good morning 8776 . My question is this, should I continue the NC to let her know that I won 8767 t be waiting there for here when she is free or bored from the other guy (and hopefully make her re-evaluate her decision and miss me), or have casual chats with her when she messages me?

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