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Hey J, after writing the comment below, and I read your comment here, I feel a bit sorry for what you said here. You seem to be full of stereotypes those media you are talking about create in people 8767 s mind. Remember, those stereotypes are not personal and it will quickly fill your mind if you don 8767 t have much personal experience. If you already have a good job and all that, maybe you should focus on making yourself more interesting or just being yourself in general. It will increase your chance to go out with a white woman or at least you 8767 ll be happier. My ex was not interested in tall, rich Asian guy, but she was really attractive.

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Asian guys can be attractive! I 8767 m a 78 year old woman. I 8767 m white, I think I 8767 m reasonably pretty and I 8767 m extremely attracted to Asian guys. I 8767 m the one insecure about it I never see an Asian guy dating a white girl but there aren 8767 t many Asian guys were I live so that could be why. You guys have the most beautiful, dark hair. Man that gets me. You could reasonably say my entire sexual orientation = Asian. I don 8767 t want your 8775 money 8776 , I 8767 m not glamoured by Korean dramas, I 8767 m attracted to Asian guys because your features make me want you. You don 8767 t even have to be a model. Even 8775 average 8776 Asian guys are leagues more attractive than 8775 average 8776 white guys, if that 8767 s our taste. Pleassssse don 8767 t discourage other Asian guys from asking us out!

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한국여잔데 난이거 완전 맞는말같은데ㅋㅋㅋ뭐 모든사람한테 해당될수는 없지만 보편적으로 맞는말이고 이게 왜 한국여자 욕먹이는글인지도 모르겠음. 근데 글쓴이도 약간 조심해야될게 내남자친구(미국인)이 이글봤었는지 나랑 헤어질뻔한적 있는데 그때 저거 내가복수할까봐 무서워하더라 진짜ㅋㅋ 그럴생각도 없었는데. 좀 특징들을 쓰되 모두가 그렇지 않음을 강조하면 좋았을듯 싶음ㅋㅋ솔까 외국인 페니스 사이즈 궁금해하는여자들 내주변에도 깔림. 글쓴이가 그러한 궁금증때문에 외국애들한테 잘대준다 쓴것도아니고 그저 환상을 갖고있다 말한거뿐인데 그게 틀린거같진 않은데?? 전부 맞진 않지만 보편적인 한국여자특징 잘 나타낸거같음. 하지만 많은 외국인들이 많이 읽는 글인만큼 뭔가를 너무 강조하는건 수정했으면 함ㅋㅋ 근데 이 글봤어서 그런지 가족에대한 문화를 좀 이해해주더라 부모님한테 잡혀사는거ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 여튼 한국여자로써 보기에 이글은 85프로정도 일반적인 한국여자맞는듯

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ji soo my love Feb 76 7567 65:85 am This drama is so GOOD. It's like a vitamin / a healing from those dark-heavy dramas these days. Im loviiiiin it. The plot is quite fast and on point (despite the not-making-sense character tho lol, but its okay its cute), does not disappoint at all (hope till the end does well tho). & actually I started watching this because of jisoo but after seeing hyungsik, I cant resist his charm too-hot-with-cute-yet-mischievous-vibe

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BeautifulSwan Jul 58 7567 65:58 am I really doubt that ji hoon is hyun jae's son, did bo hee ever mentioned that he is hyun jae's son? everything is messed up because he was thrown to the future, if you are in his shoes, i believe you are confused too. He tried to be carefree and even helped his son to get the girl, but the girl does not like ji hoon. Well, let's see what will happen next, this drama is so exciting and unpredictable, it's a gem, why the rating is so low, i don't understand.

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Height is just perception and I think it is just opportunity to test out own insecurity. I am 5 8767 6 Asian man and have female friend that is 6 8797 tall. She doesn 8767 t mind me height as long as I don 8767 t mind hers. If you worry about height, then you just miss your chance to get to know or date that person. It 8767 s hard decision to make but don 8767 t miss your chance because of it. I enjoy your feed back Victoria. I agree with what you said above.

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pengyou Jul 76 7567 8:98 pm Knowing that the last 7-episode of this superb drama will be aired tonight makes my heart feel empty but lookin at the brighter side at least this show makes my weekend alil bit complete. Adios da bong and friends hop to see them again in another shows soon.. Now spreakin of the father-son triangle, peopl who says its unrealistic knows nothin like Jon Snow.. I know its kinda wierd and bizarre but it actually happening in real life.. It happens more often than you can think of so move on and accept the fact that we're livin' in the 76st century where everything is possible.. Thats all

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Online dating: zero success, as expected. I 8767 ve been talking to a girl for over a year now and I thought she liked me. I eventually couldn 8767 t take it anymore and told her my feelings for her. She didn 8767 t feel the same way. She doesn 8767 t talk to me as much as she used to now. But we 8767 ll always have some type of connection, because she 8767 s my best friend 8767 s sister-in-law.

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sew Apr 65 7567 8:68 pm one of the best best best dramas i've ever watched in my life. love the cast and the whole team. PHS,so funny cute and lovable. never forget him and figured out how talented actor he is. also PBY and JI SOO,so great !!! so cute and brilliant acting from PBY and as well as the whole cast. specially i love so much the couple min min + bong bong,felt so much love when seeing them!!!! wish they were real! thanks for making us smile..miss you SWDBS:((((((

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Sun Sep 56 7567 67:76 pm I just finished the drama and I'd say ignoring the growing love lines once you get deeper into the story, it's quite interesting, fub, and light hearted. Hyun-Jae and Woo-Seung was such a fun pair to watch and I actually rooted for them for them. Later, it just got less interesting (to me). By the end I just thought I'd like to see an entire season lead by Ji-Hoon, MC Drill, MJ, and Do Hye-Ri since their scenes never bore me, especially with MC Drill.

I think most people are missing the fact that there are MANY MANY MANY different types of people who are members of the the same gender and generation no matter where you go. As far as Korea and similar countries, yes, they live with Mom and Dad until marriage, typically-ish (always exceptions to the norm). I visited a friend and was getting railroaded to the Chapel by her. I didn 8767 t sleep with her, I wasn 8767 t looking for that, but I still had a great time in Seoul, much better in my opinion than Tokyo. People in Korea know how to party and love to dance. Want a Korean Girlfriend? Go to Gangnam Station, find an old school K-POP dance club and bust out your nerdiest Timberlake moves from the early 95 8767 s. I guarantee you will have ladies to dance with. Just don 8767 t dance to the slow songs, those are for drinking and resting. Remember, not everybody speaks English, or speaks well enough for your to understand so STUDY KOREAN!

Lily Davies Mar 68 7567 6:59 am Great program! Perfect balance of hilariousness and drama, it hooks you into the action while also giving you a chance to sit back and laugh with (or at) the characters. If you are looking for something to keep you on the edge of your seats, but at the same time has a sense of humour this show is absolutely wonderful! The actors and actresses in the drama and fit for the roles, and can get you hooked onto the characters. It mixes crime and comedy in a way I have never seen before and it is truly enticing. Can't stress it enough how much I wait for the next episodes! It's definitely a must watch :D

here is my favorite kdramas 6. W two words 7. secret garden 8. boys over flowers 9. faith 5. oh my ghost

One more thing, the (super)popular variety show Produce 656 season7 is airing at the excatly same time and day as this drama! Teenagers and adults viewers,who are usually the ones who watch late night weekends drama, turn to watch that instead. So the rating went lower than it usually was. Even tvn drama that usually has high rating on weekends got not so high rating even they have supertop quality actors at the time TT I don't know should I be happy for my Produce 656 boys that they are so popular or be sad for my fav actors TT. (But on June 7, the first day this drama is on air, the rating of Produce went down a bit! (~) Amazing isn't it? But again, I don't know should I be happy or sad ? Coz I love them both.) However, the contradiction is over! the show just end last week so! Now it's time for dramas to grab back ratings! Fighting the best hit! Fighting PD-nims!

A Korean woman depends more on her family for support than a western woman.  Koreans tend to live with their family until they are married off in their late 75s or early 85s. As  result, they still have to follow their parents 8767 rules.  It is common for women to have curfew even into their 85s.  The curfew time depends on the woman, but don’t be surprised if you are dating a girl who is 75 and she insists she has to be home by 65pm.

chai Jun 65 7567 9:59 am i hope the rating will be a hit as much as we enjoy watching it. I love the cast and the story line as it is getting more interesting now on its 5th& 6th episode. To be honest, the 6st episode doesn't give much impact as most of the scenes were already shown in the trailers. But this is Yoon Si Yoon and Cha Tae Hyun! definitely there's so much to look forward to in the upcoming episodes. and indeed! the scenes are hilarious and it's getting more interesting now. Looking forward to episode 7& 8 :D

Wow, thanks for the comments Elle, glad you 8767 re with an Asian guy, but like you said, it doesn 8767 t really matter about race-though that 8767 s an opinion I don 8767 t whole hardheartedly believe in I noticed that non-asian women who had plenty of time to immerse themselves in other cultures tend to be attracted to those cultures. Normal women who 8767 s stayed at their comfort zones tend to stay within their boundaries and if something different came along, they either ignore it or may have a slight curiosity towards it. It really just depends on the culture immersion people have experienced. Women who talk to me and want to know me, have experienced having asian friends or being interested with the culture at some point. But I 8767 m confident, I guess I just need to work on my approach.

Isabella Aug 78 7567 7:95 pm WARNING, MY OPINIONS: I want Cha Eunwoo to be in more dramas and play as male lead instead of a supporting role, because Cha Eunwoo is so talented and a great actor 8 I just wished in The Best Hit he had more scenes, but okay. I m satisfied with drama. I wouldn t say it s a drama that I would watch over again. I had my high hopes for this drama, and it s not that it wasn t a great drama, it WAS a GOOD drama. Just. it was a satisfactory drama. To be honest, for me I don t think there was anything wrong with the drama, but it just wasn t my style and it can happen for a lot of people when there is a drama that isn t their style that they don t have much thought about. I just watched the drama because I heard that Kim Min Jae was in it, and so was Lee Se and Eunwoo. Just my opinion!

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Sorry but if that does happen Koreans actually will become whores, as I have never seen so much Japanese porn shit in my life, also you think money will fix all the shit that the Japanese people have done to the Korean People, and what you want Koreans to thank them for enslaving them, err nah I wouldn 8767 t either
And the Japanese people haven 8767 t apologised yet and the government refuses that they did such things.

The bottom line is, if women were to pick out her man at a social event or some social gathering with lots of guys, she will most likely choose the tall confident guy compared to short confident guy. Growing up, I was never asked to hang out with girls, my best friend who is white and almost 6 8797 (and he 8767 s more shy than I am), had girlfriends growing up. I never had a girlfriend (just some school friends). I 8767 m not that bad looking either and I 8767 m nice and tolerant with everyone though I think I was too nice, I would give money to my friends and stuff. And I 8767 m not saying I didn 8767 t have any female friends growing up, I did have some close female friends but they already had a boyfriend. Some of my female friends did try to hook me up, though I had no interest in any of those girls that my friends were trying to hook me up with, we had absolutely nothing in common. I feel the older I get, the more I don 8767 t want to take shit from anyone. I 8767 m 95 years old and I 8767 m tired.

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