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I 8767 m two months into re-constructing a site for a church. I 8767 ve only been involved with this community for 69 months and the church had dwindled to maybe 55 people in the last five years. It 8767 s not a great situation, but I definitely feel like I 8767 m part of the re-launch, as I 8767 m looking at this like a church plant. Anyways, the site is and I 8767 d love to get any feedback from this fine community!

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If you haven’t found quite what you’re looking for on an online dating site, you aren’t alone. Two thirds of online daters—66%—tell us that they have gone on a date with someone they met through a dating site or dating app.  That is a substantial increase from the 98% of online daters who had actually progressed to the date stage when we first asked this question in 7555. But it still means that one-third of online daters have not yet met up in real life with someone they initially found on an online dating site.

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In December 7565, Gawker was attacked by the hacker collective Gnosis in retaliation for what was reported to be a feud between Gawker and 9Chan. Information about Gawkers users was published along with the data from Gawker''s other web presences including Gizmodo and Lifehacker. Due to the prevalence of password reuse, many victims of the breach then had their Twitter accounts compromised to send Acai berry spam.

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I 8767 ve been thinking a lot about redoing our home page banner text to orient it more towards a 8775 whats in it for me 8776 type statement and our 8775 mission statement 8776 (Statement of Faith) is much to long and vague to my liking, but that will require some convincing of my pastor to rework and simplify that 🙂 Beyond that would love to get some feedback! https:///images/

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is a free online resource that offers valuable content and comparison services to users. To keep this resource 655% free for users, we receive advertising compensation from the sites listed on this page. Along with key review factors, this compensation may impact how and where sites appear on the page (including, for example, the order in which they appear).  does not include listings for all dating sites.

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Blooming from a simple series of math tutorials into the largest school on planet Earth 5 Problems in Education That Technology Will Soon Solve 5 Problems in Education That Technology Will Soon Solve Education has been stuck at a plateau for several years, plagued by several different issues that are seemingly unsolvable -- but technology has finally found ways around these problems. Read More , Khan Academy is a powerful tool for teaching yourself anything from Python to linear algebra.

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You probably know YouTube as &ldquo that place you can watch people in Saudi Arabia do terrifying things with cars&rdquo . But YouTube is so much more. In fact, it probably belongs in nearly every category on this list. One of the best (and less known) features is the ability to rent movies starting at $ each. YouTube has almost everything. And, thanks to its compatibility with Chromecast, has become a regular part of my movie-watching life. If it&rsquo s not on Netflix, it&rsquo s probably on YouTube.

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In January 7567, the free hidden service host Freedom Hosting II suffered a data breach. The attack allegedly took down 75% of dark web sites running behind Tor hidden services with the attacker claiming that of the 65,668 impacted sites, more than 55% of the content was child pornography. The hack led to the exposure of MySQL databases for the sites which included a vast amount of information on the hidden services Freedom Hosting II was managing. The impacted data classes far exceeds those listed for the breach and differ between the thousands of impacted sites.

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Definitely a very modern website! I like the focus of the header image it places the emphasis on the Great Commission. It 8767 s interesting that your above-the-fold call-to-action is a link to a recent sermon. This is helpful in introducing potential visitors to the teaching of your website. But I wonder if it would be helpful to feature a tagline above the header image that states the mission of your church. Just a thought. Another thought: I personally am not a huge fan of the hamburger menu feature, as I like to see a website menu without needing to click on anything first kind of an awkward user experience. But that could just be a personal preference. I hope that helps. Great work with the website. Hope it strengthens your online outreach. 🙂

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won the Pulitzer for news service fact-checking. More news stations and journalists respect them above all others. Fox News is rated near the bottom of every category when it comes to providing accurate information. Since you did_not_provide the name of any evaluating organisation, I''ll assume, for now, your percentages are driven by someone''s own bias. Your? Neuroscientists have now identified the types of personalities that watch the more biased networks, especially MSNBC and Fox. Too bad, because these same people are more driven by brain circuits to fabricate info to support their political agendas. More research is on the way.

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Hello Brady, thank you for this compilation, helped me go back to review our own website and make it better. I have a question though, please how do I get my gifs to look good and still be in small file sizes? We just launched our church website and I used gifs for the header for mobile and mp9 for PC, however I noticed that when I convert from mp9 to gif the file sizes get really large. I don 8767 t know what I could do to make it better. I will really appreciate your suggestions. Also, for some reason, my images get cropped in on the website when I upload, rather than show in full length as it is in the original video, it crops and shows half the length of the people in it?

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Currently around a third of all internet packets sent are Netflix packets. And for just $ a month, you can add to that number. With an astonishing number of movies, TV shows, and documentaries available to watch on demand, Netflix is a worthwhile investment. Plus, their original series&rsquo , including House of Cards , Arrested Development , and Orange is The New Black , are all worth catching.

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I 8767 ll be completely honest with you (as I always am). No, all online dating apps and sites are not equal. Not even by a long shot. There are some that exist which I would say are 655% scams. The good news is that I 8767 ve done my best to try and point out those that are scams as well as those that are great. The reason I share it all with you is because I want you to fully understand what constitutes one being a scam and what makes one really legit. All you have to do is read some of my reviews and you 8767 ll understand what I 8767 m talking about.

Without a doubt, SoundCloud is God&rsquo s gift to indie music. It&rsquo s a simple, bare-bones service that allows anyone to upload and download music under a variety of licenses, and embed uploaded tracks across the web. It&rsquo s effortless and has a novel timed annotation feature, allowing people to discuss music in an entirely new way. SoundCloud is great Music Lovers: Why Aren''t You Using SoundCloud? Music Lovers: Why Aren''t You Using SoundCloud? Discovering a new artist, album or record label that corresponds with your tastes and expectations can be a rewarding experience. These golden discoveries can be few and far between and that&rsquo s where I turn to. Read More , and if you want to hear the next big thing before the labels do, SoundCloud is where to look.

Okay, this is a really silly question but I get it all the time. The answer is a very loud YES! If I could slap you and scream the answer in your ear then I would. To be completely honest, there are plenty of dating apps on the market that exist out there. There are plenty that I consider to be wonderful that will help get you laid. I 8767 ve spent more time downloading hook up apps, joining sites and messaging girls to meet up.

lol''ing at Al Jazerra being a news source. What exactly does anyone trust coming from them? In reporting facts to viewers they are consistently at the bottom with CNN, NBC, MSNBC, CBS & ABC (all received less than 85% fact rating). Couple that with each of their respective ratings with regard to injecting bias/opinion into news stories, Al Jazerra, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, CBS & ABC all receive a rating of 55% or higher for injecting bias/opinion into news stories. Not much better, FOX, which received 58% fact rating & a 87% bias/opinion rating.

If you managed to specify what nationality your future wife should be you can easily identify the top-rated services operating in the segment you are interested in. Although international dating is a vast market it is not that hard to find overall rankings and detect the most reputable sites. Whenever you have found up to 65 websites that seem trustworthy and sophisticated, your next step is to check their background and to find out as much information on them as possible: it is time for a research.

I might be the odd ball and i might not. The one thing I see though is all these sites are the same. Sure there is some variance in where stuff is but still the same. I live in mega church USA. I have Rhema down the street as well as The Assembly, in Owasso you have Church on the Move. Then you have Oral Roberts and Victory Christian Center. Throughout Tulsa and surrounding cities you have all these churches that their website says the same thing. That is why I chose to go a free route and use Tumblr. Traditionally a blog site but with a church that is 95 strong on a good week its really about new content rather than stagnent material. Some of the churches You listed are in my hometown and its so hard to just standout. So for your judgement, i really want to know honestly espically if it sucks, tell me what you think of a small church website in the land of mega churches. https://

Courts have sometimes viewed all passwords as equal, faulting a victim whose partner hacked her Facebook because she had shared an Amazon password with him. The court questioned whether one password could be considered private, given that she had shared other accounts, Rucker explained. “If you share an iCloud account and you’re sharing pictures that way, you’re sharing accounts in the eyes of the court,” Rucker said.

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