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Alpha Male Traits And Characteristics of Powerful Men

Posted: 2017-10-12 17:37

We first need to define what an alpha male is: He is a natural leader. He doesn 8767 t demand to lead, he just does. He oozes power. Whether he 8767 s boisterous or quiet, people naturally know to fall in line. From the board room down to the waiter there 8767 s never a question of who 8767 s in charge, and who foots the bill. He loves a challenge in fact, he needs it. He is intelligent, cunning, and innovative. Many of them are amazing lovers, because they know that being one puts them in a major advantage in the dating world.

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75. The alpha male doesn 8767 t try to be an alpha male. That 8767 s where so many fail. He is interested in life, in living. He 8767 s fascinated by the world around him, in becoming the best man he can possibly become. He genuinely cares about people. He passionately works hard. He 8767 s excited by life, by the opportunity that each day presents. He 8767 s genuine in every facet of who he is. Each of the characteristics are possessed by him naturally, or will be as he grows as a man. Bred from curiosity, a genuine kindness, and a warrior 8767 s heart, he is who he is, and all others follow him wherever he will lead them.

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Yep, and there are degrees. I suspect, not just two kinds of men in the world. I read only Alpha and Beta as Dr. Pat Allen would say. Not my experience. I 8767 ve met some men that fall in the middle I have no clue why women, certainly not me, would just be into him b/c he has a high paying job and is self centered and charismatic. beats me I 8767 m an Alpha female that can follow, but I don 8767 t follow a man that has no morals, ethics, compassion, or rational thinking nor am I a doormat. Sure I really like intelligent men, but that only does it for me for the length of the conversation, after that if he is an ass, I 8767 m out. Alpha 8767 s apparently get by with their behavior b/c women out there are so caught up in the wrong attributes in a man. Apparently not very smart emotionally. Alpha 8767 s just haven 8767 t grown up emotionally. they haven 8767 t had to The higher the IQ the less social skills, and the more self absorption.

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Don 8767 t use the term radical feminism unless you know what it means. The term radical in this sense means to pull something up by the roots and examine it. Radicalis (latin) = forming the root. This is a version of feminism which engages with the very foundations of social organization. It focuses on the idea that oppression on the basis of sex, is the most fundamental source of inequality in society. That this oppression manifests itself in the systematic subordination of women through the existence and maintenance of patriarchal structures. It does not in your words about 8775 superiority shift to women over men 8776 but about recognising that the inequality stems very deep. It is not about the superiority of woman at all, it is about find equality by looking at the root of the problem.

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Some people keep lying to themselves nothing serves a human other than love, pure love. Anything by any order to describe this that, as alpha him or not you are heading for a confusing collision. All you to do is to be sure when and how to maneuver gracefully when tough times apply. The golden rule nothing gets tougher than a situation! You can only pretend to be tough like a situation therefore rendering an alpha male 8767 s ambition worthless, but rather face a tough situation directly like a HUMAN is supposed. with caution.

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It is only a matter of time before previously discussed concepts are brought back into the spotlight and scrutinized, and the idea of the alpha male is no exception. Those who challenge the traditional definition of the alpha male instinctively tend to reject that tend to support power politics, aggression and arrogation of superior strength as being socially natural and even desirable.

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Not all wolves work in teams and are a part of the hierarchy. There are Nomads and Lone Wolves and even though Nomads may not be a leader of the pack they have the strength inside of them to become the Alpha of ANY pack. Lone Wolves can most definetley be Alphas just because they are alone does not mean that the other wolves won 8767 t flock to him. You can have whatever characteristics of any animal you want example: I am a Leo so therefore I can say I am the most dominant animal on the face of the earth, a Lion, but even though I possess brute strength and killer instincts I would also be considered prideful and lazy. A lone wolf may not have a pack YET but that does not stop the other wolves from following him and becoming his pack because of his characteristics and Alpha male status. A cougar is only a hunter and does not have a code of ethics such as wolves do and are not as wise and caring either,
So you can choose to be the Alpha cougar that hunts desperately for its mate and for followers while others such as the Alpha Wolf stand by as they come to him.

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“Thank GOD I don 8767 t like alpha males to begin with….I 8767 m not
submissive, I don 8767 t wear dresses, I don 8767 t bat my eye (lol), I 8767 m not traditional
in any AM smart and opinionated
and I don 8767 t back down or dumb myself down just so men can feel better about
themselves and I 8767 m still more feminine than the women who do those
be told, women like me
intimidate everyone, male or female, and that 8767 s the real reason why we have
articles like this, and comment like the ridiculous ones in this thread. Sorry
not sorry :)”
You make it a point that you don’t wear dresses and that you
are not traditional in any way, but yet you say you are “more feminine” than women
you have contempt for who do things “just so men can feel better about
themselves.” What do you mean you are “more feminine” than them?
You say you don’t back down and women like you “intimidate
everyone.” You seem to take pride in that, but yet you would hate those traits in a man.
I see so many contradictions.

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Trevor you missed the turn. Being a A-type personality might cause you to want to dominate but not an Alpha male, and that 8767 s what got u fired or never even considered, an Alpha doesn 8767 t try to dominate people, situation or conversation because all tend to want to here what he has to say so it 8767 s not forced like an A-type personality or what I some times like to call most of them (not all) as$hole personalities

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The most recent alph male I had the misfortune of coming across was one of the most selfish men I had ever met. His fiance of 65 years left him because he took an unecessary overseas job assignment that took him away from her for over two years! Shortly after we started talking, he went on another overseas assignment. This one was 9 months. THEN he dropped the bomb on me that he was applying for another overseas job that would require him to be out of the states 75% of the time! What an asshole he was/is.

We&rsquo re going to start right now. I&rsquo m going to give you a series of traits that govern the behavior of an evolved man a man who takes the natural competitive drive inherent in the masculine psyche and directs it towards the fulfillment lofty goals and the accomplishment of great things, rather than wastes it on petty envy. These are the traits you&rsquo ll find in a man who&rsquo s looking to make himself better so that he can best serve the world the traits of an Alpha.

What do you do, ATG? Act indifferent, make some snarky or even rude comment (s)? Or do you act impressed, and oh so nice until you go for the verbal smackdown?  A REAL alpha male, will not even react to any of that in fact, he will simply blow you off with a smile, and move on. You  haven 8767 t even put a faint scratch on his ego, because he simply does not care whether you like him, or not. He does not care whether he picks up, dates, or even has sex with, you or any other individual woman.  He has of them. At the point of approach, all you are , to a true alpha male, is  just one more woman among many who might have the potential to interest him. That 8767 s all. You are not rare. You are not special. You are not a scarce commodity. Therefore, his emotional/ego investment in you,  (yes, even if you are a perfect 65), until and unless he gets to know you and decides he likes you, is ZERO.

Oaktown Paul  ladyluxe Dude, this comment totally ROCKS! Sometimes, getting from point A to point N requires simplistic constructs to get to a point in time where they aren 8767 t needed. I feel that were are living in an era of liquid definitions. We are always redefining terms so we can better communicate with each other. This is why I love writing poetry. It helps me define the undefinable. Thanks for your comment!

My husband is an alpha male, but he doesn 8767 t consider himself to be an alpha, he calls himself a 8775 real man 8776 .  He loves Jesus first, he loves and values me, and he loves our children.  He takes care of his family.  He is a strong man and an awesome man and I consider myself to be blessed to have him (as he feels the same for me).  For the first time in my life, I have seen what it is like for a man to be a husband and father and have children who know who their father is day and night.  I love, respect, and trust him and he loves, respects, and trusts me.  We have our roles in our household and they balance our life.  We communicate about everything.  He 8767 s teaching our sons how to be real men, have strong character and morals, be truthful by keeping it real and loving Jesus, because men like that are a dying breed in this society.  Our daughters are learning how a man should treat them, to keep it real, and to respect themselves.  All of this is done through love.  He 8767 s strong enough to tell those he loves that he loves them, give a kiss and a hug.  I gave up a lot to be with him, but it was all worth it and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Alpha males prefer passive women who tolerate being dominated. I have no desire or interest in being dominated. The mere thought of it is insufferable. You said 8775 being with an alpha male doesn 8767 t entirely mean that you have to hide yourself. 8776 The problem with that statement is word entirely. The word entirely implies that I do indeed need to hide certain aspects of my personality. If I am hiding certain aspects of who I am, I am not truly being myself. Not being able to be myself is a problem.

Evan, I think you need to define Alpha Male there are many types many shades of gray. I think you must mean one that is a CEO he is at the top because he was narcissistic and screwed a lot of people to win along the way he is good looking, athletic and overly confident. But there are many men who are successful who put their families first. Then there are ones who are less confident with no ambition. 

This contemplation of an alpha male is really sickening, apparently an alpha male is on par with God Himself. For those who want a simple analogy of an alpha male here it is: an alpha male is a Man, not a boy with hairs on his nuts, a Man. He protects those he cares about, and also those whom he works with, He provides for those he loves from his family he was born into (if he has not created his own yet) or the family he has made then the family he was born into right down to his baby sister or brother and the needs of the nieces and nephews he has from her or him. He is a leader, he cares for his own, ALL his own, because the lose of one is like the lose of his own limbs.

I think that a solitary individual needs simply different features. Wolves work in team with hierarchy and a boss. They have excellent stamina and engage in long endurance chases when they hunt buffalos. On the contrary the cougar is a solitary ambush predator. He is fast, silent and extremely precise when he hits a deer. He works alone.
I think that a person should at first understand what kind of 8775 predator 8776 he is. And after that he should develop the corresponding characteristics: endurance and team-interaction abilities if you are a wolf ability to hide and quick ambush-actions if you are a cougar.

BellaVoce Well feminine is the opposite of masculine and the more feminine you bring to the table the more you feed on the Alpha 8767 s alpha. I 8767 m very confident, tall, and have that look of 8775 I can get whatever I want 8776 , so often men were intimidated. So I had to learn to temper it with more softness, softness that 8767 s always been in me (I 8767 d squashed lots of it after living years in NYC street harrassment, and hey growing up with just brothers and male cousins all good guys but it was often me against 6 boys!) 

All of the above is bullshit. The so called alpha male has a desperate need to control his partner and everyone around him, is convinced he 8767 s always right and makes no mistakes, gives a shit about other people 8767 s feelings, enjoys bulling others and make them feel like they are inferior than him. In REALITY, the alpha male does all of above to cover his deepest insecurities, low esteem and self hate.

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