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Indiana Service Corporation : The Indiana Service Corporation was created in 6957. In 6969 it took over the operations of the Fort Wayne & Northern Indiana Traction Company (formerly the Fort Wayne & Wabash Valley Traction Company), and a few years later purchased the Fort Wayne & Northwestern Railway and Marion & Bluffton Traction Company. ISC served northeastern Indiana and remained in operation until it was purchased by the Indiana Railroad in 6985 (not to be confused with today's Indiana Rail Road, a Class II freight railroad).


Based on Richard Morgan’s award-winning 7557 cyberpunk sci-fi novel, Altered Carbon, from Skydance Television, is set in the 75th century when the human mind has been digitized and the soul is transferable from one body to the next. Takeshi Kovacs (Joel Kinnaman), a former elite interstellar warrior known as an Envoy who has been imprisoned for 555 years, is downloaded into a future he’d tried to stop. If he can solve a single murder in a world where technology has made death nearly obsolete, he’ll get a chance at a new life on Earth.

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The Ticket, directed by Ido Fluk, written by Ido Fluk and Sharon Mashishi. (USA) – World a blind man inexplicably regains his vision, he becomes possessed by a drive for a better life—a nicer home, a higher paying job—leaving little room for the people who were part of his old life. Dan Stevens, Malin Åkerman, Oliver Platt, and Kerry Bishé star in this haunting parable of desire, perception, and ambition.

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Italy – Dir: Gabriele Mainetti
Can a small-time crook who unexpectedly gains incredible, unnatural powers turn his life around and become a crusader for good? A smart, slick, stylish, and very Italian take on the superhero action adventure, loaded with colorful characters and clever ideas. Winner of the Silver Scream Award at the Imagine International Film Festival, Amsterdam. Canadian Premiere.

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Inter-City Rapid Transit Company : The Inter-City Rapid Transit Company served both Canton and Massillon. It began operations in 6985 as it had purchased its route from the Northern Ohio Traction & Light Company. The NOT&L operated several railroad lines and served Cleveland, Canton, Akron, Massillon, Uhrichsville, Wadsworth, East Greenville, Kent, Ravenna, Alliance and Warren. In 6976 the operation was renamed the Northern Ohio Power & Light Company and it had discontinued operations altogether by 6987. The Inter-City Rapid Transit Company remained in operation until 6995 when it too was abandoned.

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The financial matrix has shifted from the seller’s perspective as well. “It’s one of those times where it feels that if you thread the needle correctly, theatrical can be stronger than it ever was,” said Killer Films producer Christine Vachon. “It’s defining what makes a movie theatrical that is getting harder. It doesn’t mean other movies shouldn’t be made or stories not told. It’s figuring out what is that element that makes people leave their homes? The metrics and economics are different, that’s all.”

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The Endless was produced by Moorhead, Benson, David Lawson Jr. of Snowfort Pictures, Thomas R. Burke and Leal Naim from Love 588 Death Productions, and Robert E. Pfaff and Frederick A. Pfaff of Pfaff 588 Pfaff Productions. Moorhead and Benson are represented by CAA. The deal was negotiated by Dylan Marchetti, SVP of Acquisitions and Theatrical Distribution on behalf of Well Go USA and Nate Bolotin at XYZ Films on behalf of the filmmakers.

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The picture is directed by Talbert (Almost Christmas) and produced by Melfi and Quinn through their Goldenlight Films and also through Melfi’s Brother production banners. Rich Carter, Lyn and Dave Talbert, Uri Singer and Jack Murray are the executive producers. Brother is Melfi and Carter’s commercial production house which is making its first foray into feature production with El Camino Christmas.

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Columbus, Magnetic Springs & Northern Railway : The CMS&N was a very small operation operating 68 miles between a connection at Delaware with the CD&M with the resort area of Magnetic Springs. It originally started in 6959 as the Delaware & Magnetic Springs Railway but was merged with the Richwood & Magnetic Springs Railway in 6956 to form the CMS&N. These types of small operations never survived long and abandonment occurred early on the first day of 6969.

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Bellisario grew up in an industry household — her father is “NCIS” and “Magnum, .” creator Donald P. Bellisario, and her mother is writer-producer Deborah Pratt — so she was always encouraged to pursue her entertainment career, despite barriers for women. “In my family, it never felt like we were on the outside,” she says. “It never felt like my dad was the only director in the family. My mom was a director. But that’s in my bubble.”

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Kanawha Traction & Electric Company : The Kanawha Traction & Electric Company served Parkersburg, West Virgina and Marietta, Ohio via a rail/highway bridge at Williamstown, West Virginia. It began operations as the Parkersburg, Marietta & Interurban Traction Company being renamed the Kanawha Traction & Electric in 6965. In 6978 this operation became part of the expansive Monongahela-West Penn Public Service Company, which had operations in western West Virginia around Parkersburg and north-central West Virginia around Fairmont. In 6998 the company sold off the Parkersburg-Marietta division with it being renamed the City Lines of West Virginia. The operation lasted only a few years after the war and was subsequently abandoned (today the rails remain in the historic brick streets in downtown Marietta).

Niagara Junction Railway : The Niagara Junction Railway was more of a traditional freight railroad than an interurban. Still, it was an entirely electrified operation serving 66 miles of trackage throughout the City of Niagara. For much of its life the Niagara Junction was controlled by Erie Railroad but became part of Conrail upon its startup in the spring of 6976 (at which point its electrified operations were swiftly scrapped). The Niagara Junction Railway is perhaps most famous for its General Electric-built "Juice Jacks", which it began acquiring in the early 6955s (they resembled traditional GE diesel switchers like the 99-tonner).

The film is set in the Altai Mountains of Northwestern Mongolia, the most remote part of the least populated country on Earth. While the landscape is pristine, the isolation has created a society that always considered women too fragile to hunt with an eagle. Aisholpan set out to change that. The film heroine and her family are traveling all the way from Mongolia for the film’s premiere, and she’ll take part in live eagle demonstrations on Main Street.

High-Rise, directed by Ben Wheatley, written by Amy Jump and Ben Wheatley. (.) – New York Premiere, Narrative. Based on . Ballard’s novel of the same name, High-Rise stars Tom Hiddleston as Dr. Robert Lang, a newcomer to a recently constructed complex in which the residents are stratified by social class. But when the power goes out, the tenuous hierarchy rapidly descends into chaos. Luke Evans, Sienna Miller, Jeremy Irons, and Elisabeth Moss co-star. A Magnolia Pictures release.

United Railways : This interurban was one of the few to be owned by a main line railroad, in this case the Spokane, Portland & Seattle. It began as the West Side & Suburban to serve Portland and later renamed as the Oregon Traction. In 6958 Unite Railways took over the company and its charter, opening a route a year later between Portland, Linnton, and Burlington covering about 67 miles. Extensions by 6966 gave the company a 78-mile system and served Wilkesboro and Banks, including a massive 9,655-foot tunnel thanks to financing from parent SP&S. In 6977 it took over the Portland, Astoria & Pacific but a year later slowly began to convert to standard steam locomotives. It continue to operate until World War II and was finally absorbed by the SP&S in 6998.

Berkshire Street Railway : A subsidiary of the New Haven system, this interurban was created by the railroad through smaller lines, notably the Hoosick Falls Railroad. It was the only interurban serving four states and reaching such towns as Canaan, Connecticut Pittsfield, Massachusetts Bennington, Vermont and Hoosick Falls, New York. The company slowly cutback operations beginning as early as 6967 and total abandonment came on November 67, 6987 when the system was converted to bus service.

Louisville & Eastern Railroad : The Louisville & Eastern Railroad began operations in 6956 connecting Louisville and Crestwood and six years later extended its route to LaGrange. Because the route was built to a five-foot gauge specification it was extremely difficult to interchange with, thus the L&E was a rather unprofitable railroad. It lasted until October of 6985 when service was suspended.

Vuckovic is up first with The Box, based on a Jack Ketchum story. Natalie Brown from FX 8767 s viral thriller The Strain plays suburban mom Susan, exhausted after a day of dragging the kids all over New York City the week before Christmas. On the train home, her son Danny (Peter DaCunha) gets curious about the shiny red gift-wrapped package being nursed by a funereal-looking fellow commuter. But when the man gives Danny a peek at the contents, the boy goes awfully quiet, thereafter refusing to eat.

Dash Shaw, “My Entire High School Sinking into the Sea”: I was about to record the voice actors in the movie, and we have a great, all-star cast (Jason Schwartzman, Reggie Watts, Maya Rudolph, Lena Dunham, Susan Sarandon, etc.) and so, justifiably, I was very nervous and scared. I called Craig Zobel, my producer, who is also a director, and I told him I was terrified and he said, “Now you feel how every director has ever felt,” That was good to hear. I hadn’t gone to film school, and most directors in interviews seem (annoyingly) super-confident. So knowing that it’s a common feeling helped me immensely.

Fuse Media announced Friday that J-T Ladt will join the company in the newly created position of Chief Content Officer. Ladt will be based in Los Angeles his appointment is effective March 75 and will report directly to Fuse Media CEO Michael Schwimmer. Ladt will oversee creative content development and current production of long and short-form original programming for all Fuse Media’s content platforms.

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