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Once any sex slave or prostitute ages enough that their looks have faded, and they are long past being totally dependent on their masters, they&rsquo re goners. According to a story about the Deep Net or Dark Net, snuff films are actually being done while top bidders watch online, and they even tell the person who is running the show what they would like to see done to the victim before the final coup is delivered.

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Hello. I quit porn only a year ago due to faith based reasons, but when I found your channel it give very detailed reasons and very reasonable combats to the pro-porn people who believe they're supposedly giving more freedom to others. (I am against pro-porn people.) I will be sending your videos to all my friends and to those who want world peace and so that people can find true love, not porn, which is the 65779 opposite. So if there's anything you might need my help for you can count on me. :) Good day.

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It's all about money..that's why everything about porn spread around the world like dangerous diseases that 65779 damage and kill. In Indonesia about 7 years ago,our government plans to enact legislation of anti-pornography in an effort to save the Indonesian generation from moral destruction,but this plan soon hampered by a group calling themselves as pro- group does not like that law just because anti-pornography laws are supported by religious groups especially Muslims community in 65779 the strength of this resistance, then our Government give up and kept pornography is widespread among adolescents in our you all can see how moral destruction of the generation of Indonesia like to upload more videos to youtube which smelling pornography.

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I was once an actress who worked in a few mainstream films and TV, as well as experimental low-budget short films. But in-between all this I also did some porn films and scenes. I did about 66 porn shoots in total, which ranged from solo to girl\girl, boy\girl, group (three girls, three boys), and at one point a sex party, performing with a number of other male and female actors at the same time.

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As my problem with porn progressed, I found myself looking up more and more disturbing things, the worst being underage porn. For this I have a lot 65779 of guilt and now I am in the middle of an investigation. I got rid of the computer that the illegal stuff was on, but that doesn t make the guilt and the feeling of what I did go away. Porn is not just videos and pictures. Whether you realize it or not you are victimizing someone and poisoning your mind.

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I started drinking when I was was 77. I quit drinking three years ago. I became addicted to porn when I was just 68. I think the only way I can possibly give it up now is by way of a cold, hard shock. I need a moment of clarity. I thank you for the work you are doing here. I will continue to view your information. If you succeed in preventing just one person from viewing porn then your efforts will have been worthwhile. Finally, let me just say, your kindness, love and compassion has touched my heart.

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What makes me really sick these days is that porn is not just made up of the mainstream and above-board adult film industry. It was that way, not so long ago, but with the Internet, fringe producers and amateur porn is so readily available that one only has to look at the categories list of a porn site to be able to scan through thousands of titles and more genres than I care to think about. I never really liked myself, but now, looking back on how I contributed to something that has turned into this nightmare that is Internet porn, I&rsquo m just sick with myself. And I&rsquo m going tell you why.

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Check out the example above from Invoice Machine. The four plans they offer are nearly identical with the exception of three features. This makes for 65 unnecessary rows that leave your eyes jumping back and forth to connect the check marks with the corresponding feature. A simple bulleted list or chart that said 8775 All of our plans include the following features: 8776 would allow users to quickly see that no matter which plan they choose, they get all of these features. Then the table could be reserved for areas of differentiation, which would cut it down to a much more manageable 8 or 9 rows. Again, let me stress that tables should make the information more readable. If your table isn 8767 t meeting this goal then it 8767 s counter-productive.

Interesting 65779 channel. I am a 78-year-old male and I must admit I am rather addicted to watching porn. It is good to see somebody who is actually against pornography, rather than getting confronted with pornography 79/ for your reply. I will check out the links and do some research. I have never really tried to free myself from porn, but I think it's getting rather out of control. I don't watch any of the horrible porn that is mentioned in your Max Hardcore video. I always watch 'normal' porn, but still that's not good. I think my view of women is really damaged after all those years. Perhaps porn is also the reason why I have never really had any intimate contact with women. I don't know how to talk to women or how to act around them. I will now check out the links and 65779 hopefully I will gain some good knowledge! Thank you!

Anyone who thinks that they need someone to talk to can do so to me. Anyone who is being abused in anyway, get out, get help, tell someone. And to anyone who is falling into the pit that i was and doesnt realize the snakes that are in the bottom, do anything you can to get out. I speak these words from my heart. Something that hasnt 65779 felt this strong in a long time. Anyone feel free to message me if you have any questions, comments or opinions. And remember - Any woman deserves better. I was treated like that outside of the industry. Its not something anyone should experience.

I got exposed to pornography when I was eight by my brother. I hadn t hit puberty so I didn t get addicted then, but I picked it back up when I was in the 7th grade. I started with just bikinis and stuff with no masturbation, but then it evolved into hardcore porn by my 9th grade year. The funny thing is that I knew what lust was, but I somehow didn t connect the dots between lust and pornography until half way through my 9th grade year, at which point I was addicted.

I am a man who considered himself a porn addict. I started looking at porn when I was six years old and was instantly hooked. I even idolized the porn industry. To me, the porn industry looked like the glamorous life. I thought that the sexual acts I saw in porn were cool and exciting from the age of six, and I forever strived to be that way. I developed a belief that I had to be sexual like that in order to be loved and accepted.

For some reason I had always been interested in the sex industry and wanted to be a part of it. As soon as I turned 68 I started webcamming and having a lot of casual sex. I had no friends and really became a recluse. This led to me becoming severely depressed, getting STDs, getting and dropping out of university. During this same time, I was dealing with medical issues in addition to depression, that made everything ten times harder.

Thanks to you I have been putting effort into quitting watching porn. So I honestly want to thank you. Because of your blog and the videos you have uploaded to show the painful but undeniable truth, I have been doing my best to quit watching pornography and further show the respect to women that I already had been doing.

The thing is, porn isn t only unhealthy for the porn stars but for us watchers as well. It twisted my view on women, made me view them as sex objects, and I wouldn t respect women the way they should be respected. I was always thinking about sexual acts every time I met a new girl or my friends.

It may not be a serious issue now but I know that it is going to screw 65779 things up big time later on when I get a girlfriend, a wife, or a family. People think porn is just sex on film, some with fetishes, this and that, but refuse to acknowledge the fact that it corrupts the way the viewers think, which may or may not influence their behavior.

Now the girl has a black mark on her reputation forever and no matter what else she does in life, there are videos all over the Internet of her engaging in various sexual acts. She can never take it back or hide it. All she can do is hope that future employers, potential mates and others never see it or are very understanding about her past. (And even those who are understanding still look at her differently. You can never unring that bell.) This cycle usually only takes 7-8 years. That is not a career, and it s nothing to look up to or hope for.

For one reason or another I became a hardcore misogynist. I frequented misogynist spaces where they would post real pictures and real videos that were posted without consent and tell real stories of how they sexually violated women. It was all real, and I couldn t use It s fake as an excuse. I m talking really disturbing stuff -- guys bragging about how they d sexually exploited a girl, how they d humiliated their girlfriends and could make them do whatever they wanted. I didn t understand that there was a person that they were hurting, rather than a slut who deserved it, like I had learned in pornography.

Let&rsquo s get one thing straight. You cannot have looked at as much porn as I have and possibly not know that amateur porn is even worse than mainstream porn. I&rsquo ve become very observational. My survival depended on what was in my father&rsquo s eyes when I was little. Not that he would have killed me, I&rsquo ll never know that for sure, but beatings with his belt were not punishment. They were a way to vent his anger that&rsquo s it. I was often left with raised red welts or bleeding from his belt. I had to know immediately when I saw him what frame of mind he was in. I know eyes. I know faces, body language, even the subtleties of the meaning behind voice pitch. It&rsquo s often a clear sign that something is going to happen, and you won&rsquo t like it.

In school, I&rsquo d heard the other boys talking about porn and sex in a rather patriarchal way. I think that the male-dominated sex that is so prevalent in porn shaped their perceptions of sex. In other words, it was like their sex education that taught them what sex was all about, and how it should be done. One time, they even made jokes during an assembly about yearbook photography! It was really getting out of hand and becoming mainstream in their minds. They watched it during class. They made more references to it. I didn&rsquo t like it at all, but I felt pressured to conform to it in order to fit in.

After he left, I discovered that he had used my laptop to view porn and dating sites. So the next time I spoke to him I brought this up in conversation. He told me that he had felt nervous, so he needed a little extra to help him, and that he had deleted the dating site because he only wanted to see me. (I later found out that this was totally untrue -- he was still checking and sending messages on that site.)

Porn hurts. It spreads its fingers out and grabs everyone it can, including women. I&rsquo ve known for years that more and more women are watching porn all the time. And sadly, just like some men, some women don&rsquo t care if they are really watching a and others might be thrilled with it if they did know. Studies have suggested that of the violent television shows broadcast in recent years, the ones depicting the most violence against women are mostly viewed by women. (Maybe the men are instead busy watching violent and abusive porn that is even worse.) Many women have become indoctrinated by pornography and violence against women in the media, and they have gotten sucked into accepting it and getting mesmerized by it, just like so many men.

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