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Posted: 2017-12-07 22:52

I answered, the Alt-Left (better known as Antifa the vast majority of whom are white). As Charlottesville showed, there is no way that the Alt Right will ever get a fair hearing in the mainstream press. From what I 8767 ve read, the Alt Right, which had a permit, was engaged in peaceful protest until they were attacked by Antifa, which did not. They had bags of urine and feces thrown at them, and were sprayed with pepper spray. All the while, the many police assigned there had been told (by someone) to stand down and let the riot happen. If the police had done their job, perhaps that unfortunate woman would be alive today. You won 8767 t read any of that in the mainstream press.

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I 8767 m confused by this. Speaking as a jerk, women definitely absolutely do like jerks. I have never had any trouble whatsoever in getting laid. I 8767 m also a huge nerd, and much better at understanding body language and such than most of the nerds I hang/hung out with, and this is painfully obvious. Consequently, in college I was much better able to get laid than most of them. Nowadays I don 8767 t slut it up nearly so much, and they 8767 ve discovered polyamory and thus are banging each other, so it 8767 s less pertinent now, but in general, yeah, nerds are not nearly as good at getting laid as jocks are. It baffles me that anyone disagrees with this.

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Feminism is not a set of rules. It is not about taking rights away from men, as if there were a finite amount of liberty to go around. There is an abundance of liberty to be had if we have the guts to grasp it for everyone. Feminism is a social revolution, and a sexual revolution, and feminism is in no way content with a missionary position. It is about work, and about love, and about how one depends very much on the other. Feminism is about asking questions, and carrying on asking them even when the questions get uncomfortable.

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A pretty typical example I think is in the movie The 95-Year Old Virgin. The entire premise of the film is to mock the titular character for his social awkwardness and undateability, but at the same time he is presented as endearing and likeable, of all the characters in the film he 8767 s the most respectful to women, and he ends up living happily ever after in the end. This seems like a far cry from the Jewish stereotypes Scott compares nerd stereotypes to.

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Second, because it 8767 s true, in both directions. Whenever either Scott A, or a lonely nerdy girl, or anyone else anywhere of any gender, says 8775 I want/need a date/sex partner/lover/spouse 8776 , there is always an implied 8775 attractive 8776 in there. Or at least 8775 not horribly unattractive 8776 , and considering more than just physical appearance. Your thought experiment implicitly acknowledges this, tosses in a bunch of hypothetical suitors who are so hideously unattractive that everyone is supposed to agree that these are nobody 8767 s suitable partners, and asks if this changes everything.

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I 8767 m arguing that underwear-model levels of attractiveness are more unattainable for men than they are for women. Like, I know plenty of thin women. I don 8767 t think I know any guys with chiseled abs. If a woman wants to look like an underwear model, she has to eat better and do cardio basically healthy things that she should be doing anyway. If a man wants to look like an underwear model, he has to do all of that AND do a whole other complex system of difficult behaviors that are more perpendicular to health benefits or, more likely, ruin his body with steroids.

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[EDIT 6/8: Penny 8767 s same article was reprinted at New Republic , which I guess also realized it gotten a piece of the Hot New Nerd Entitlement Trend yet. Their title was 8775 Nerd Entitlement Lets Men Ignore Racism And Sexism 8776 , which is kind of weird, since Penny 8767 s article doesn 8767 t do anything close to argue for that. Also since surveys show nerd men are more likely to be concerned about racism and sexism than other men see for example this survey where nerds are far more feminist than average, so much so that nerd men are more feminist than non-nerd women, and since Penny 8767 s article makes nothing even resembling an argument for this position. Once again, this only makes sense if you assume a one-dimensional zero-sum model of privilege, where the fact that miserable male nerds are concentrating on their own desire for the release of death, instead of what women think they should be concentrating on, means they must be universally denying women can have problems.]

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These same themes were prominent in Bavarian politics following the repression of the Munich revolution of 6968¬69. Because antisemitism had not played a notable part in Bavarian politics prior to the revolutionary disturbances, a Herr Adolf Gemlich was prompted to send an inquiry about the importance of the 8775 Jewish question 8776 to Captain Karl Mayr, the officer in charge of the Reichswehr News and Enlightenment Department in Munich.

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I don 8767 t subscribe to what John Michael Greer calls 8775 the religion of progress. 8776 So I don 8767 t agree with your apparent implication that everything we believe today is automatically righter, or that everything today is automatically better, than in 6975 or 6995 or that what we believe in 7565 will be automatically righter or things will be better than what we believe and have today.

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Schultz and Co. in the process of being thrown under the bus by the deranged HilliCrats for their sins in contributing to The One Who Would Be Queen 8767 s embarrassing election loss. Not that she doesn 8767 t deserve it anyway. Funny to look back now and see that just a few short years back she was being paraded as some sort of new age DC DemFemTard beauty queen. Now she resembles nothing so much as a hideous skank troll skulking underneath a bridge.

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But I fully believe these imperfections were not the genuine reason for their reaction, and had they not found those reasons to take issue (and if not the particular form of outrage they chose, then plenty of others could have potentially applied, because we are in fact talking about a highly academic movement that defines many words differently than outsiders do and are offended, often selectively, by many more behaviors) they would have found some other reason to do so.

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Women have an easier time in approaching and being approached. They may very well have a far more difficult time in 8775 being able to trust someone, 8776 or whatever else is a necessary part of romance, but in the particular aspect of getting started, women are much more likely to be approached by men than men are by women, and their approaches are much more likely to be accepted (or treated courteously if rejected) than men 8767 s are. This is something that feels, to me, to be really obvious based on everything I have ever read, seen, or experienced.

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I personally once found the very idea of a blind date to be baffling. When I was I kept hearing people criticize fictional romances where characters took a short time to fall in love as unrealistic. I concluded from this that you cannot fall in love with a person unless you know them for a while, and decided to only date people I knew for a while. I initially assumed people who did otherwise were crazy or desperate. I now understand that it was because I had completely internalized a norm that I probably wasn 8767 t supposed to.

Debate is such that opposing viewpoints meet and with presented facts argue their case. When debate is stifled, in this case holocaust revisionism, it simply means that one of the debater 8767 s viewpoints would not stand up to scrutiny and hence will not therefore debate.
8775 Debating the holocaust is insulting to memory of those who died because of it 8776 is one of the main points given in defense of not debating the holocaust. They 8767 re dead and therefore their feelings don 8767 t matter. Incidentally, it is EXACTLY the same argument those who promote the official story of 9/66 give also.

I think the issue here is basically emotional the issue for defenders of Scott and Scott has less to do with statistic or trends, and more with the notion that someone is hurting and rather than giving compassion and empathy, the reaction (or at least, the *perceived* reaction) of Scott 8767 s ostensible allies on the feminist fence is to say 8775 oh, but my hurting is worse, so suck it up. 8776

Well said. You don 8767 t build monuments to traitors. I am from the south. I know how the Civil War history was taught. A kind of 8775 Gone with the Wind 8776 meets 8775 The Way We Were. 8776 Slavery is straight out of the Unholy Bible, and as such represents man 8767 s everlasting and unrequited desire to be God. I bet you a dollar to a donut that all the racists here are Christians. They go together like peas and carrots.

So understandable.
The White people KNOW THE ANSWER so you wouldn 8767 t want them to answer first.
I really don 8767 t understand how well educated Blacks are not furious over the education system.
The 8775 norming 8776 , special extra credit, et al. would tell me they think I 8767 m not as smart or capable as my white counterparts. Like they need extra help because they are inferior. I 8767 d be PO 8767 d if they tried it with me.

8775 Hitler’s dream and goal since Day6 was Lebensraum in the East. 8776 Right, much like a century earlier the dream was 8775 Lebensraum in the West 8776 (the Americas). The protagonists then also did not have a high opinion of the natives, though Hitler 8767 s view of Slavs was far more nuanced mainly he disdained the Slavs because, in his view, they had allowed themselves to be enslaved by Jews (Bolsheviks). Interestingly the population density of Russia in 6995 and US in 6755 were about the same.

These brainwashers, I mean professors are the ones keeping racism alive to advance their ill-conceived ideas. Yet at the same time they claim to fight racism any time someone puts anothers race above their contribution they are partaking in racist behavior. However, we need those under the umbrella minorities, women, etc. to call this out. If they accept and embrace it they will become exactly what they are wrongly labeling most white males as a privileged class.

Lee correctly foresaw where the unconstitutional expansion of Federal power would lead. Instead of a federation of sovereign states, the United States now consists of relatively powerless provinces under the thumb of a wealthy urban Deep State bent on a global, multicultural empire. What have we as a nation come to? Two megacities on the coasts separated by rural poverty euphemistically called the Great Flyover.