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I need help too! So, I 8767 m a single mom and just moved to a new apartment in May and my neighbor is a carpenter and making shelves for my daughter 8767 s room. (He is also single & has kids). Whenever we talk, he seems to be flirty and into conversation with me and I 8767 ve been interested so I recently asked him to hang out sometime. At first he said that he wasn 8767 t sure & things in his life have just been crazy and indefinitely not getting better and anyone trying to get their life together should probably stay away from him, etc (his ex gives him a hard time about everything). So after responding with that I said that if it was me he could just say no, there would be no hard feelings in which he then said, you know what why not, yes. What does this mean?? Is he into it or not?

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so there is a guy I liked and he use to like me then said he liked me as a friend. and before he told me things he would use to rub my lower back and touch my thigh and hold it. Now he is giving me mixed feeling and mixed looks. and he still looks at me still. and then when he saw me he told one of his friends that he as a girlfriend
can u tell me
6)If he actually liked me when he said so.
7) still likes me
8) is he trying to make me jealous.
confused girl

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I started dating my soldier Kyle when I was 67 & he was 69. Joining
the army was something he occasionally thought of. We were together 7
6/7 years when one day he said he was seriously thinking about it. I
instantly started crying. That night we went to dinner to further
discuss it & I cried in the restaurant the whole time! We talked about
waiting a year after he joined to get married. He took a practice test
the next day & was swore in the next month. It happened fast!!

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I think you have got the same situation your in except he has been friends with me since 5th grade and now i am in 7th grade i dont know how but i think i am in love with him already and his name i braden he has blue eyes that sparkle that you would be lucky if he looked at you and you get this amazing feeling and you get goosebumps i love him so much i just dont know how to say it i think he likes me to because he always stares at me please ill answer if you answer me please i think he likes me i just dont want to ask him out because i dont know if he really likes me!

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We knew we were going to get married for many years before- however I do not want this past incident to affect our marriage in terms of comparing myself against this woman. I don 8767 t feel like making love will be as beautiful and pure for us mutually. I would greatly appreciate any advice you have on learning to forgive my partner, love him for who he is now, and continue to uphold my values of waiting until marriage.

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is the christian carter guy for real or a fake, i mean is his book catch him and keep him for real or just something to get money,is it true what he says in his book, cos over the net some are saying his good and others say his a con artist and fraud and playing on the women and their insecurities and some say its just a marketing stuff to make money and say that that they get charge repeatedly for the same thing that they purchase with their credit card

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My guy is sweet, funny and showers me with compliments. I love him, just not as much as he loves me. I want us just to be friends. But i don 8767 t know how to explain it to him. He 8767 s sensitive and has been through a lot. I 8767 m willing to support him and will always be there, just as a friend though, nothing more. Help me!! D:
-Girl who 8767 s going to break an extremely sweet guys heart

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The day he left was hard but it still hadn 8767 t hit me, but a few weeks
later I became really depressed. I missed him, a lot. Things became
easier as I received many letters over the course of the 66 weeks of btc
and ait, until we found out he would be stationed in Germany.
Initially I freaked out. I didn 8767 t know what to do, how to feel, and I
didn 8767 t know what to say. I wanted to be supportive but at the same time,
I was still in high school, it was a really rough piece of news to

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I have same dilemma too, but I have broader situation am Virgin and My partner is not. Im facing a problem of 8776 Its like, I got intimidated of her past , I know who get her virginity and worst Im ashame of catching her again from the guy who left her 8776 . Im thinking what if her past says 8775 I got her first and you just got a secondhand gum that I chew and spitted 8776 .. I feel it gross to me. Not being selfish, but is it bad if I choose my self than accepting her.? (I really love her, and I get doubts for now if she loves me too more than the past now and wonder if she wont have feelings to her past anymore.). Im not judging her to be a whore and a not decent girl. 8775 and it always bother me about my expectations to her, like if shes decent why she gave it to her past.? and without assurance if the guy wont leave her. maybe Im thinking too much, and for now I cant forgive her. (btw, I ask it to her if shes not or a virgin. and I ask her why you let m get in this situation if she loves me. and sad Im the one who ask it instead she will tell me at first.)

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I need help please, I 8767 ve known this guys for 7 years he knows everything about me and I know everything about him. But here this past few months he 8767 s been acting different. He 8767 s getting more touchy, he 8767 s tickling me more than normal, always finds a reason to touch me or much hands, I 8767 ve caught him staring at my face and I 8767 ve also caught him staring at my body. And now he 8767 s starting to holler more at me to get my attention when I walk by. He even start closer to me, so there isn 8767 t literally no space between us. I don 8767 t know what to do or if he 8767 s flirting and trying to tell me and I 8767 m just not realizing it Can you please help me??

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Hi, I 8767 m 66 and there is this guy I kinda like. He is really funny and weird but I really like that about him 🙂 Were not really friends though, he doesn 8767 t be mean to me or anything but today we kinda had contact I suppose?? I am like overweight anyways so nobody would like me. But idk maybe he is different?? But nobody likes people like me. Should I just leave it? I have just recently asked to be his friend on this social networking site. I like him, but he wont like me ever!!

We’re all guilty of constantly being attached to our phones. We may not put them away even when we’re hanging out with our best friends, but we do when we’re hanging out with someone we like. When a girl likes you, not even the most interesting Buzzfeed quizzes or juiciest Snap stories will keep her eyes off you. In fact, if you catch her eyes lingering on you over her plate of mystery meat, even while her friend is telling a hilarious story about a date gone wrong, chances are she likes you.

I have been with my bf for a year and I am his first girlfriend, he has dated girls but never boyfriend and girlfriend. When he is around his friends he talks to me so different like/d min just his friend. he calls everyday, but what bugs me the most is that I only see him once a week and he sees his friends everyday. And when I go over for my day with him he just wants to be with his friends. Like really, he baby just be with me. Then everytime we have a lil argument he breaks up with me. Also, he gets so jealous of my past. Always bringing it up and asking how many guys I have been with. Another thing when I make him mad he tells me the meanest things to hurt me on purpose, why? He says he loves me and I know he does but, why hurt me on purpose and why break up with me so much?

There is this guy I really like in my grade and somehow he found out that I like him. We were good friends before, but now he is just totally ignoring me and has blocked me online. I didn 8767 t confront him and now I don 8767 t know what to do. I am fine with it if he doesn 8767 t feel the same way about me, it 8767 s fine if we are just friends. However, I can 8767 t even tell him this, because I can never find him! Two of our friends have decided to help me, and they said that they would talk to him but I don 8767 t know what to do at all Please help!

i hav the same bf treats me like a friend around other people and tells me tht i need to be more of a pissed me off but i deal with it cuz i love him so much..he also goes thru my phone to see who ive been txtin and what i said and all tht bull he gets really jealous when i hug another guy but he never hugs me infront of his friends..and we never hold hands was only once..i cry almost every night over his ass..and im always telling myself tht no guy is worth my tears and if he makes me cry then he shuldnt be there..but im sill in love with him..OH and i just turned at a age..

Hi JoBeth,
I read your post very intently and I have kindof gone through the situation he has been. It is very tough for him, no doubt, since he 8767 s thinking of all the chances or women he could 8767 ve had, and now he has to settle with you compromising all that. Here 8767 s something I can tell. If you both really love, honor and cherish each other and vow to be loyal till death do us apart, then you have a promising marriage. I want to tell him that there is Nothing, and I mean nothing, scientifically or spiritually that anybody or anything can do to change his or your past. What matters is now, the Present. He could have been in your shoes and you in his and how would he feel about it if his partner hates him for his past. He needs to analyze that and both of you need to commit to one another in body, mind and soul. I feel it odd to be giving advice when I am fighting my own demons, but I hope this brings you hope. Besides having 7-8 guys is a very low number for US standards and hopefully he should be glad about that and rest his issues.

Wow, this was such a great read and I can really relate to it. Me and my boyfriend of 6 month just recently had a somewhat vague talk about our 8775 sexual histories, 8776 of which include mine being a virgin and him losing his virginity at the age of 65. I haven 8767 t asked him how many girls he 8767 s slept with, or whether they were one night stands or serious or what I 8767 m just too scared to hear about it. It just makes me feel really hurt, we love eachother and he says he wishes that he could change the past but he can 8767 t. I hate all of these feelings that I am feeling and wish that they could be gone, and it makes me wonder, do I even have a chance of finding someone who hadn 8767 t had sex? Should I go ahead and have sex so that I don 8767 t have these feelings? I am so unsure 🙁 I value my virginity and treasure it, but at this point I feel like it is hurting more than making me feel good. And I feel like it will be even harder in the future. Any advice or insight? I would really appreciate it.

My boyfriend and I have been living together for 5 yrs we have 7 lil girls. He says he loves me, but can 8767 t say why?! Then when we argue I hear he hates me, can 8767 t stand me, claims the reason he won 8767 t spent time with me is because of how I am he doesn 8767 t like people like me. His thing is, he feels that I need to come at him right with 8775 RESPECT 8776 he hates that I talk with my hands, he hates that I speak up for myself. Anything I 8767 ve shared with him when it involves a disagreement with another peron he always looks at me like I 8767 m to blame..I 8767 m the f***d up bitch who don 8767 t know how to communicate. I over heard him one time on the phone with his mom, telling her he was just staying with me for his mom has

I 8767 ve been seein this guy that I realy like for a month or so. Everything was goin really well. He came to my house every night, with no pressure from me I might add. He 8767 d ring once twice a day to chat to me and constantly say nice things to me. I didnt call myself his girlfriend as I thought it was to was so good to me and then
Suddenly did a complete 685 on me saying that he still wanted to see how things went but wasn 8767 t sure he wanted a girlfriend! Now I feel quite hurt by the fact he doesn 8767 t want to be my boyfriend! Please note I 8767 m a very laid back person and didn 8767 t instigate any of the loving behaviour. Very confused : / any advice would be welcomed!

I cannot express the guilt I carry for giving myself away so foolishly. After realizing what is important (and it 8767 s not having sex so someone will love you more, or so that you can feel better about yourself), I decided to re-wait until marriage. Holding on to what you believe is right in your youth becomes so much more right the more fully you realize why you should hold on to it. And losing it has the opposite effect. It is awful.

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