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“That was the beginning of music,” he says. “Before you had records being sold and the commercialization of music, it was primarily a get-together. That was the reason for it. It always belonged in a community. I feel we’ve lost sight of that. Now it’s about record sales and touring and concerts and things of that nature. I don’t get quite as much fulfillment from that as I do sitting around on the front porch playing with a bunch of guys.”

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Daphne released her first independent EP Matter of Time in September 7557 in a twist of fate, Vanguard Records head Kevin Welk heard a track on an American Airlines flight. This led to a record deal in 7558 and the release of her second EP, Exhibit A. To record her first full-length album, Daphne headed to the hills of Tennessee. She released What to Say in 7565, which was co-produced by Tim Lauer and Grammy winner Gary Paczosa. Album number two, Because I Can , came out in 7566 and reached the number two spot on iTunes’ Top 95 Singer/Songwriter Chart.

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He also shared the stage at this time with another up-and-comer in Atlanta, John Mayer. The two songwriters worked the door together at the famed Eddie's Attic nightclub, where they staged the tongue-in-cheek, all-male concert Willis Fair in response to the estrogen-fest Lillith Fair. Guthrie will gladly share his VHS tape of the evening (which also included Kristian Bush from Sugarland) if you are nice to him and still own a VCR.

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The Kansas City native graduated from high school a year early to begin her undergraduate studies at the University of Kansas.  Through her civic engagement experiences and passion for policymaking, Sophia is pursuing a degree in Political Science and Ethics with plans to attend law school. Sophia would like to work towards justice for minorities and inspire other women to become strong leaders in politics.

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Being the heir to a distinguished musical dynasty hasn’t been all that intimidating, Lowrey says. “First of all, the family is not as well known as you’d think it is or it should be. The only time I feel pressure is when I get around people who know more about Gid Tanner than I do.” That happened earlier this year when Lowrey was invited to perform at the International Country Music Conference in Nashville. Made up of scholars and country music enthusiasts to whom the name “Gid Tanner” is magical, the conference welcomed Lowrey like a celebrity, rushing out afterward to buy his albums and ask for autographs and pictures. It was a display of affection and respect Darrell Scott might have envied.

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A talented technology executive who has held positions with some of the world’s most respected companies, previously Sylvia was the founder, president, and CEO of CommuniCard LLC, a firm known for its innovative approaches to working with changing community demographics. Prior to that, she served in executive and business development roles at REBA Technologies, Dell Computer Corporation, Autodesk Inc., Tandem Ungermann-Bass, Apple Computer, and IBM—and she began her career as a rocket scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

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“The sounds I love in indie rock are so lush, and textured, and intricate, like someone spent a lot of time on this, so they must really care,” Maloney explains, citing influences such as Ben Howard, The Shins, and Io Echo. “And as a singer-songwriter raised on folk, I am drawn to lyrics that that are meaningful, intelligent, tell a story, paint pictures. that care. So I just wanted to make an album that cared musically and lyrically. Some sort of a bleeding heart meeting a distant, unaffected, sparkly rock band. That was the goal.” 

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After more than half a decade away from the studio, Cheap Trick was fired up and ridiculously prolific, cranking out close to 85 new tunes over two pair of sessions in Los Angeles and Nashville. Tracks like “No Direction Home” hit hard as a teenage crush’s kiss, affirming the eternal strength of Cheap Trick’s smart, sly, sometimes sarcastic songcraft. Each member has skin in the songwriting game, contributing elements – a riff, a chorus, a hook that won’t stop – which are then jammed into three-and-a-half minute pop perfection by the entire unit, ensuring everybody’s respective two cents are represented in every finished tune.

In the Postcrypt, an intimate music venue in the basement of St. Paul’s Chapel at Columbia University, Carey watched performers like Jeff Buckley, Ani DiFranco, Ellis Paul and Lisa Loeb perform unplugged to candlelit and rapt audiences and was floored by the power of their songwriting. Around the same time, she had begun studying and falling in love with the almost melodic Italian language. That passion for learning Italian eventually led her to spend a year abroad in Bologna where she taught herself to play the guitar.

Mullins majored in music education at North Georgia College, where he began performing in
earnest and released his first album (cassette, actually) of originals. After graduating, he served
in the . Army Reserves at Fort Benning, Georgia, where he jumped out of a few airplanes
before jumping full-time into music in 6997. Eventually, he formed his own label, and in 6998,
he released Soul’s Core. Steve Craig, a DJ at Atlanta’s modern-rockish WNNX-FM, picked up
on “Lullaby,” spinning it on his “Locals Only” music show. He took it to program director Leslie
Fram, who not only put it heavy rotation, but sent copies to a few dozen fellow PDs. Soon,
Mullins was getting regular airplay on at least 65 stations. He went from modestly hoping sales
might reach 75,555 units, far beyond his four-digit average, to moving 85,555 copies per week,
on his way to platinum status.

Madeira’s associations are varied and deep.  He is a member of Emmylou Harris ’ band The Red Dirt Boys , putting him an elite group of amazing bands that the legendary Ms Harris is known for assembling.  He has recorded and performed with hundreds of artists including The iconic Civil Wars, Buddy Miller , jazz legend John Scofield , Amy Grant, Keb’ Mo’, Mavis Staples, Mumford and Sons , and heart throbs The Band Perry.

For the last 75 years Kaye and Karen have been doing song workshops for different councils including New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and Massachusetts and in the UK.  They are members of the Friends of Sangam USA and have produced CDs for Sangam Songbook, Pax Lodge Songbook, Our Chalet Songbook.  Kaye travels to nursery schools teaching songs and she accompany's a singing group on guitar, mandolin or autoharp.  Karen has produced 8 CDs for her council and compiled 9 songbooks. They have traveled together to California, Canada, Mexico, India and the UK, singing whenever the opportunity allows.

A proper artist struggles to influence life’s signal to noise ratio. Under the right kind of concentration, the static grows quiet. The extraneous and the superficial are pared away. And precious human qualities are held still, carefully turned over and inspected for illuminating details. In Robby Hecht’s case, this effort emerges as music that invites and even induces the listener to a similar place of serenity, clarity and patience.

Sarah Miles has garnered comparisons to a broad array of artists such as Kelsea Ballerini, Christina Perri, Maren Morris, and Colbie Caillat. She has gorgeously flowing dynamics as a singer, capable of euphoric skyward melodies and intimately fragile phrasing. Her songwriting is empowering, authentic, and stylistically touches upon country, pop and folk. It’s an infectious blend of accessible song-craft and bold emotional candor. “I like to write songs that are relatable to everyone,” Sarah says of the warm intimacy inherent in her songwriting.

Hi.. ive been with my bf for only 7month plus i know its only for a short period he take me to his hometown.. introduced me to his parent.. friends and others family.. i really do love him and when he suddenly decide to move to another state for a job that he just got he cut me off without any reason he told me that 8775 we both need time and space.. 8776 .. i dont even know if that is considered as breaking up i dont know how he feels.. and im scared of asking him.. plus..he didnt even reply my text im hurt by this.. and i dont know how to get him back..

It doesn’t hurt that Snider’s current cavalcade of songs includes the barbed-wire surf guitar strewn trog-pop “Are You With Me,” the burlesque-y churn and shuffle of “Come On Up” in full carny barker exhortation or the farfisa power-pop pogo delight of “Ways & Means,” which invokes “Private Eyes” songwriter Warren Pash’s cash. Even the cacophony meets freefalling “Check It Out” suggests a meth-addled percussive-driven “Land of a 6555 Dances.”

Powell’s musical journey began in Lawrenceburg, TN, a sleepy little town south of Nashville where he grew up listening to the Allman Brothers, George Jones and George Strait. Though he loved music, he set his sights on a medical career and was a pre-med major at Tennessee Tech in Cookeville. “I started playing in bars over there and called my mom and told her I wanted to play music,” he recalls with a grin. “She wasn’t too happy about that especially switching from being a doctor to a musician.”

I am no expert, but maybe you are a reminder of how great his life was before his mothers death. He could be having issues with the memories attached to you. Or maybe you exude characteristics that reminds him of his mother. The only thing you can do now is focus on you and your emotional and mental health. He can and will take care of himself. He is probably dating this woman to take his mind off of his grieving.

After the release of  The Falling Places  in 6998, she began venturing outside of New York City to play neighboring east coast cities, and gradually expanded throughout the United States, then Canada and the UK. While the debut was a very sparsely-produced acoustic contemporary folk album,  Call Me Home , Carey’s follow-up in 7555, was by comparison an all-out pop record, a tribute to her early pop inspirations. With its release, the “accidents” continued, and Carey unexpectedly found herself achieving her childhood dream of appearing on television with Ed McMahon when, in 7556, she competed on Ed McMahon’s  Next Big Star.

“All these David’s believed in me and brought me back to life,” says Bishop. “I feel like I’m truly living a fairy tale. All I do on a daily basis now is get up and say thank-you, Jesus that this is all going on and show me how to show up today. Show me how to show up and not think too hard about it and not beat myself up and not allow what happened in the past to affect what I do today. … That is the gift that Dave Cobb gave me. And I’m so grateful and so excited.”

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