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Posted: 2017-10-13 10:34

This post fits me perfectly. Yeah, I can point fingers at the guy who brought me here but, really, this post is all about how I got involved with the guy, how my actions, words, and beliefs didn 8767 t match. The guy tried to use me for sex but I made out with him like crazy just a couple hours after meeting him. What else was he to think other than he would get really sexually satisfied really soon? Then I had to break the news that well no, he wasn 8767 t and I, in fact, am religious oh boy! Seriously?? But then our whole whopping two dates were still nothing but two horny people making out whenever wherever with one of the two people trying to keep her clothes on he did finally get it that I was serious about not having sex and I did apologize to him for my actions and words not matching. He was an asshole but I believe I did owe him an apology for my own nonsense.

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There are lots of polls, using different methodologies, which you can slice and dice endlessly. But it is clear that President Trump’s largely negative approval ratings are not unusual, let alone unprecedented. What is unique about President Trump is that he never enjoyed a “honeymoon.” But that isn’t his fault it resulted from the Democrats’ shock at the fact of his election and their pent-up hatred for Republicans. Republicans were willing to give Barack Obama a chance, so his deep disapproval chasm came later in his administration.

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An inquiry by the Senate Judiciary Committee has now shown that Mr. Comey’s investigation was a charade. He wrote a draft statement exonerating Mrs. Clinton in May, long before he bothered to interview her or her staff. This at least finally explains the probe’s lackluster nature: the absence of a grand jury, the failure to follow up on likely perjury, the unorthodox immunity deals made with Clinton aides.

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Wow never knew that semi-retired was the same as deadbeat. I am semi-retired, mostly retired, from a well paying job and support myself very adequately with my life savings and a professional teaching job instructing junior people in my field of expertise.
Some guys may be semi-retired and have good finances. Some will lie and say they are retired when they are obviously unemployed and living on the dole or whatever.
Find out which it is, but don 8767 t label semi-retired or retired people, male or female, as deadbeats.

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I have been NC for a year this week and I have to admit I am still pissed off that he couldn 8767 t just be the part of him that made me feel so cherished and with whom I had such amazing sex and so many shared interests I haven 8767 t even mentioned here. I know this is reality smacking me but it 8767 s still hard to accept that if any part of the top line data is not true, then none of it is true. End of.

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Nope, I didn 8767 t think the whole experience fun so much as funny. Classic case of 8775 I am in no way who I said I am 8776 . I was pissed about my address given away to a stranger. Was gonna have word with the waitperson this week but he wasn 8767 t there. I do however, know the owner. Actually, the biggest threat to me here are some locals who have serious boundary issues with women, hence the equally serious doggies. That and hurting myself in the summer when no one at work knows I am missing or hurt. Believe me Tink, if you had told me 9 years ago I would have to resort to on line dudes or nothing, I 8767 d have thought you were nuts. Ditto for going thru breast cancer, becoming involved with a colleague, barely putting food on the table in Montana, etc. I take nothing and no one for granted ever. This is why I have so many contingency plans in my life. I could loose this job tomorrow and no matter what else happens, I can feed myself and will have a roof over my head. Call me a pessimist, I call me prepared. BTW, you exhibited extreme patience with your Atlantic city dude. I would 8767 ve bailed on that one long before you did.

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You 8767 re right, it 8767 s all about presenting you as you truly are so that you find someone truly compatible with you. My dude talked ad nauseum about wanting a dance partner, I too want someone whom I can dance with. At my height, that means someone 5 8767 65 8776 minimum, otherwise the woman has a good chance of being smacked upside the head or having ones glasses knocked off during the twirls that are a big part of folk dancing. Why lie? It 8767 s not as though we womyn are incapable of telling a mans level of alcohol consumption, height, and fitness level. We have eyes and ears, eh?

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Noquay, after several years on BR and always reading your comments,I 8767 m starting to get your 8775 not settling 8776 for crap/crumbs. I know it is not as rough here in So Cal as it is in your small mountain town but there 8767 s the but once I 8767 ve established boundaries and a sense of making sure my actions, words, and thoughts are connected, it filters out a ton of these guys. I agree about the diff between what they present online and what they present in person. They are almost always shorter. Since I 8767 m only 5 8767 8 8798 or 7 8798 , I can tell the difference between someone who claims to be 6 8797 7 8798 and shows up about my height. No online guy has ever made it to my house it 8767 s a no hook up zone as well. So you are right, it 8767 s fun. Sometimes it 8767 s like oh dear god. Hope you have a nice soltice celebration on that different mountain!

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I think it 8767 s impossible to paint every situation with the same brush. Some people really are lonely, like someone else mentioned, and as you get older, it 8767 s harder to meet new friends. If you get on well with someone that you 8767 ve dated, and have things that you enjoyed doing together, and can do them without drama, why not. It beats sitting home wishing you could meet some new friends. Not everyone can do this, but if you can, why not. Again, if there was a lot of pain, games, drama etc, it 8767 s a different game. But each situation is different.

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So, last Monday after a giant fight, we planned to go to a baseball game today. I do not care about sports, but will go with friends for the social experience. I rearranged my schedule to be available for this game. I texted him to tell him I was in the area and ready to go to the game, and he informed me that he was too hung over to go. I know he was hung over, but I am annoyed that a grown man got himself in such a state of inebriation that he couldn 8767 t sit quietly at a game 68 hours later.

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Months go by, still that feeling he isn 8767 t present, he forgets, actions and words don 8767 t always match, but we are growing as a couple. He mentions this frequently. Long story short, I was heading to Italy for a friend 8767 s wedding, he had been invited months prior, but he never followed up and I didn 8767 t harp. That isn 8767 t my job! The night before I left, he comes over, is very sweet, is sad he isn 8767 t going, tells me I should have reminded him more asks what other men will be there and then asks me when my birthday is.
8775 You were with me on my birthday 8776 .
8775 I was? What did I get you? 8776
8775 You bought me lunch. 8776
8775 Ohhh, sweetie! That doesn 8767 t sound like me! I 8767 m so sorry, next time I will make it up to you. 8776

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I have had this experience. HE says Oh I care so much about you. He does not contact me for weeks at a time. His action he shows up unexpectedly and is looking for sex. My action I told him he Sucks and bed and he should F OFF!!! When men behave like AHOLES the only way to get rid of them is to SLAM them right between the eyes and honesty is key!! Have NO regrets and remember to PUT your needs first!!!!

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Thats just some cases I 8767 ve seen, it may be possible but it sounds far fetched to know once I 8767 m at that place when my situation with the x jerkclown is under control and the day comes when we both are in a good place mentally towards each other, I will not want him as a we so happen to see each other we speak and keep it moving, sometimes its best to let the past stay the past.

For more than a century the wedding cake bakers have had us heteros over a barrel. Personally I think they’ll keep the rort going and extend it to same sex couples. But no doubt there will be one or two who pull the old freedom of speech card and peddle the nonsense they have been put in a legal half Nelson and forced to combine eggs, butter, flour and a teaspoon of vanilla essence and bake in a moderate oven for 95 minutes.

One of the great oversights in the voluminous coverage of the same-sex marriage postal survey is that it might not even happen. If you’ve been playing close attention you might recall there’s an impending High Court challenge against its constitutional validity. And if you’ve been paying still closer attention you might have noted Professor George Williams’ expert view this week that he expects that challenge to succeed in derailing the plebiscite. But by and large, media, politicians and campaigners are behaving like this isn’t happening.

I see now talking is not an option with him, so I will take the necessary steps to end this game for do not contact him but I haven 8767 t called the police thought that since he added another baby mother,and start showing up less and less since the summer he was moving thought that people who don 8767 t want to be with u would eventually stay away especially with all the complaints he made last summer.

Paolo I don 8767 t like to speak on things I don 8767 t know much about. But to me its odd to still be friends with was friends with my kids Dad after I had my daughter we weren 8767 t together but remained friends 7 yrs later I haf my son, that 8767 s how well of friends we were, not to scare u to thinking the worst cause everyone situation can turn out different. That was just my experience in staying friends with my x.

If they privately have beliefs that undermine what they 8767 re saying and doing , they will start to act in line with those beliefs, even if the words aren 8767 t reflecting this new output. The seeming actions of what they 8767 ve promised mixed in with the actions that reflect their thinking will confuse you. It 8767 s why someone blowing hot and cold can literally leave you scratching your head in confusion.

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