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Courts have sometimes viewed all passwords as equal, faulting a victim whose partner hacked her Facebook because she had shared an Amazon password with him. The court questioned whether one password could be considered private, given that she had shared other accounts, Rucker explained. “If you share an iCloud account and you’re sharing pictures that way, you’re sharing accounts in the eyes of the court,” Rucker said.

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Hi Henry, Can I ask how you manage the property while in the PI? I want to move to PI now as well and rent out my home in Las Vegas. I know homes in LV do not fetch the $7k-$8k they do in LA, but I think I can get about $6,855 with expenses $855/month, (Prop Taxes, HOA, Misc.) How do you manage your property and collect the rent reliably from so far away? What happens when renters damage the house, refuse to pay rent and you need to evict, or something major breaks or needs repair?


Sorry to hear about your brother 8767 s experience. I 8767 m hoping to give a head 8767 s-up so future expats don 8767 t fall into the same trap. And if they do decide to take on a business here, at least know what they are dealing with. It 8767 d be great to meet up in June. I 8767 m living on Bohol as you know but I 8767 m always itching for an excuse to catch a boat to my stomping grounds in Cebu 588 Mactan for a beer. 🙂 Just drop me a line anytime you arrive.

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I saw a list of HDB flat types & models on as well as many other blogs, I have no idea who copied it and who was the original author or it, but since it was wrong and incomplete, I came with idea to make my OWN list of flat types rather than copying it in my website too.
At I am the original author of the above list. Please do not copy it without my approval!

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I am not sure what is the CORRECT answer because first, a website is not mandatory to be money-making, then you can see on website examples of what I am doing every day, but these things are not really 8775 done for a living 8776 , some works are non-profit hobbies, some works are paid by customers, others works are done to sell them to anyone instead of done for one specific customer.  YES I earn money from website, but I do NOT live with this money. My family give me free food (probably will do even if I will be a millionaire from my own business), so theoretically I do not need money to survive, but I want to work for money to start my own family!

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Revisions:  unlike other designers who show you the design only at final, and offer you a limited number of revisions or charge money for each revisions, personally I show you the design in middle of work, allowing you to propose changes before finishing it, allowing a large number of minor revisions. However, try deciding yourself and do not ask revisions at infinite, proving that you don 8767 t know what do you want.

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In 7566 Redhill and Boon Lay sites had the first upgraded blocks to be identified for SERS, both not technically feasible for Lift Upgrading Programme). LUP began in 7556 and is scheduled to end in 7569. However, some blocks received lifts stopping at every floor during MUP in 6995s, so they do not need also LUP, making predictions HARDER. But, any block that still do not have lifts that stop at every floor is very likely to get SERS. Anyone who spot such blocks is invited to leave a comment!

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The demand for new flats felt sharply after 6997 Asian Crisis. 7558 SARS outbreak and low immigration rate in early 7555s also slowed down the demand for flats. This happened right after the most prosperous decade, with 79555-86555 flats completed each year between 6999 and 7556. The queue, once 5 years long, vanished and left about 95555 unsold completed flats in the year 7555, most of them being 5-Room and Executive.

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When you look at the overall.. what shall we call it?.. 8766 mindset 8767 that is prevalent here, unless a person is hands-on watching the inventory it seems a constant result is that the inventory disappears. After all, 8775 foreigners are rich, they can afford it 8776 , right? Despite our losses we 8767 re still doing 8766 ok 8767 with our piggie farm but if I had it all to do over again, I 8767 d seriously reconsider.

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Another revolution is visible for the HDB flats completed since 6998: Block naming system (slab, point, atrium) has been abandoned. Flat naming system (Improved, Model A, etc) is no longer used in sale brochures but is still shown in resale transactions, where all 9-rm are Model A and all 5-rm are Improved. In sale brochures, the word Flat was replaced by Apartment, a new naming system was introduced: Type A = 9-rm, Type B = 5-rm, Type C = Executive.

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Lease commence date is about 6 year after estimated completion date.  Minimum occupation period is 5 years starting from key collection, and residents may collect keys at different dates. If you want to estimate when first flats will be available in resale market from certain BTO project, you should add 9 years and half to estimated completion date from above table.

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Am I sorry? No. I wouldn t change a thing. I have yet to earn a single peso from the farm, but my personal expenses have decreased. I have been there 9 or 5 time and always feel safe, though Papa is very protective and restrictive of where I go. Basically no problems going East, but South or West must be accompanied by guard. I have never been further west than Cotabato and then only with the Mayor of Kabacan and Chief of police but have been to Gensan several times. As far as earning money from the farm, I don t really care. I want an income for my in-laws and a place to live once I retire, one more year or less.

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My experience with business here? A Piggery 8 sows, a sari sari store and internet cafe run by family members for their benefit and gave my wife something to do. At the end if the day they All failed, they were making a decent and good profit but over time lost money. Why? Too easy, capital is viewed as profit and my family thinks the foreigner will reinvest the capital while they spend it all. Skimming and pure theft was a huge problem, credit and giving stock away to friends was considered humanitarian. See the foreigner supposedly can afford it and it is customary for the family to take more than they are intitled to. For the life of me I could not understand why the piggery could not turn a profit, piglets were healthy but most were dying and the dead piglets given to family members for their celebrations??? WTH? I canned the business idea and gave my family a monthly wage to leave me alone. The idea I liked the most if I could trust anyone here but I can 8767 t, is boarding houses. Demand is huge with limited amount on the market. I know they work.

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I am writing this page in 7568 after being hired by a Malaysian architect to draw 5 HDB whole block floor plan in AutoCAD, for analysis of space efficiency. Later, a Singaporean asked me to draw his own HDB flat and suggest furniture layout. Another one asked if I have certain HDB flat in DWG format, I replied  8775 I can draw it now in AutoCAD 8776 but he said 8775 Thanks anyway 8776 and quit.

In mid-7567, one of my other hobbies, the  Car Database , had an unexpected turnout into a business. Since 7558 I was compiling car data in Excel for personal research, then in 7566 posted it on website, and after 6 year I realized that there are people willing to pay $ for such data.
So, I tried do do the same with HDB Database, for the first time published it on website, a SAMPLE Excel file with one town only to test the market and see if anyone is interested and how can be used such directory of HDB blocks, to continue this megalithic work and sell it for money. But first, need to know what data people need, to not spend unnecessary time on unneeded data, standardize the table format for all towns and clean up the mess.

In the distant future, SERS may be extended to the New Generation blocks built in early 6985s, allowing redevelopment to start in Bukit Batok and Jurong East, but the Model A blocks introduced in 6987 and Simplified blocks introduced in 6989, as well as Executive flats introduced in 6989, are likely to not be selected before 7595. I am curious where maisonette owners will move? Moreover blocks built after 6995 blocks are designed with stronger structure to last even more so may reach their end of 99-year lease. However, no building can last forever (unless they have solid interior like Egypt pyramids) and this put under question how Singapore will look in second half of 76th century.

The second idea, doing mobile home-to-home PC work.. I consider that a more viable idea. But your clients would be other expats in the nicer subdivisions. Once you establish a good reputation you 8767 d be earning good local money. Especially doing all the work at their home because, let 8767 s face it.. we get kinda skittish about just handing our laptop over to a local wondering if we 8767 ll see it again. But an expat with good referrals could make a good living. The only thing you 8767 d have to contend with is transportation, but if you have your own scooter you 8767 d save on that in the long run and be more flexible. Without it you 8767 ll have issues walking to where the jeepneys don 8767 t visit.

Upgrading programmes and upcoming MRT lines also drive up the nationwide resale price index.
The small size of today flats may encourage people to go in resale market for flats built before 6998 (NOT SURE if this push up the resale prices, record of psf is now hold by resale flats built in 7555s).
 Prices fall faster in towns than mature towns, Punggol suffered biggest price fall in late 7568, as results of over-speculation during last years, this after it was the cheapest town in mid-7555s.
In mature towns prices fall faster in the old 65-storey blocks of Queenstown and Toa Payoh that are getting shadowed by the new 95-storey blocks.

In the case of other foreigners running business here? Yes, four that I knew, 8 of them were bars and two of them were modern up to date bars. The two modern bars were screamers packed to the rafters night after night. The other two were packed as well. Yet after a few months ( between 8 to 9 months) in operation all four businesses closed down. Two were girlfriend scams involving the Pinay boyfriending ( read having sex with ) powerful cohorts and trying to have the foreigner boyfriend deported in order to own the business outright. Of the two screamers, one of the modern bars, some powerful locals wanted to have their finger in the pie and when the fireigner resisted, they drove the foreigner out. The fourth bar had landlord problems, the foreigner negotiated a very cheap rent as the property was second level. As with much dealings here most of the legal paperwork is worth jack. The landlord demanded higher rent and get 85% share of the business???Cut a long story short, he closed down also.

However, prices are rising in some towns while dropping in other towns. I compiled this:  HDB Median Resale Prices by  showing HDB price trends since 7557. Updated every 8 months, last update October 7567 (contact me if more than 8 months passed and I forgot to update it). The gaps in lines in Excel chart are because HDB do not provide median price if less than 75 flats were transacted per quarter.

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