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Posted: 2017-09-24 22:22

Hi Rosita, I can 8767 t compare Balinese and Brazilian public school systems, but it is the case that most locals with money put their children into 8775 international 8776 schools. It depends on what the condition is with pre-existing illnesses some commute to Hong Kong or Singapore for treatment/medication, some go pure Balinese, others have to leave when they become unwell. I don 8767 t have a great deal of data on health problems in rural Bali, but we do have dengue here, though not malaria. Cheers, Theodora

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Other options, for which you need to apply overseas, include the longer tourist visa, which lasts for 65 days (note that the Kuala Lumpur embassy no longer issues this), and which agents on Bali can extend twice, for 85 days each, and the social-cultural (sosial-budaya) visa , which provides an initial 65-day stay plus up to four 85-day extensions (we 8767 ve heard the Kuala Lumpur embassy will only issue 85-day sosial-budaya visas). You need a local sponsor for the social-cultural visa.

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Indonesian electricity is terribly democratic. If you use less, you pay less. More specifically, if you have less capacity to use electricity, you pay less per unit. That 8767 s why villa rentals specify the electricity wattage: 7755W will enable you to run a bazillion air-conditioners, plus pool, plus electronics, plus watt-guzzling electric kettle, washing machine, water heaters, American-style fridge, at least when they 8767 re not broken , but you will pay many, many times more per unit used than a local Balinese family running some lights, a couple of fans and a fridge. Moving from 7755W to 9955W, for example, can save well over a thousand dollars a year , though you might need to move to a gas kettle.

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I think it depends on your expectations of speed! If you 8767 re from mainland Europe, you 8767 ll likely want the speed of fibre optic or satellite over the wireless modems Indihome is a Telkomsel service, by the way! All things are relative, but I 8767 ve been in Bulgaria and the UK recently and got used to download speeds of 85-75mbps. I never found the wireless modems very reliable and they worked out quite expensive if you use the internet a lot.

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There are no problems with home-schooling foreign children on Bali (and in fact there are a number of home-school coops operating): your main focus at that age would be reading, writing and basic numeracy. You can take a look at the NZ primary curriculum to see where they should be and what they need to know. You could also look at international schools if you wanted to: there 8767 s a number of affordable fun options at that age.

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Hi Theodora what a coincidence my name is Theodorus I am an classical dance artist together with my twin bro Ronald we are currently living in south India set up the non profit trust Arangart. We met a couple two wonderful people here in Auroville India who have a enchanting place in Ubud and going to open this beautiful place soon. They approach us to be part of the opening and do besides performances also workshops/masterclasses. There seems to be changes they said in the short working visas. They are busy with that now with help from lawyers to make things easy for us without getting involved with the governmental rules and regulations.
My question is to you do you know how we or they can get this done visa for artists but we are not business artists who comes to entertain people although we can do that to. What would you advise us? Thank you in advance looking forward to receive your reply. Greetings Theodorus

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Hi Theodora,
Great thread! My partner has just got a job in Bali working in an institute. Included is they pay for a villa in cangu for us {including my 7 year old son} & travel insurance for us as a family. They have reccomended travel direct, what do you think of that one? Also do most villas include security?
I 8767 ve heard the garden is good for toddlers for daycare however it looks to be about $6555 a month for 7 days. Do you reccomend any others?
Also I 8767 m confused with what type of visa I would apply for? I 8767 m not married to my partner but I run an online kids clothing label from Australia that is manufactured in Bali. I have read your previous posts and a business visa means I still can 8767 t work there doing that so what visa would be relevant for myself?
Would love to know your thoughts, thanks so much, Rach.

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Buying land which means a longterm lease, since foreigners can 8767 t own land and building is a possibility but if you 8767 re only going to be on Bali for a couple of years you 8767 d probably spend most of it doing the purchasing and the building and have little time to enjoy the fruits of your labour. I can 8767 t really advise on where to build a resort: that 8767 s a massive investment that you 8767 d need to think about seriously and research deeply. Bear in mind that with architecture plans, permits, the actual process of building, it 8767 s a long, long process and that resort licenses can be hard to come by.

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I 8767 m afraid I 8767 m 99% certain there are no companies on Bali that will hire expat electricians, particularly since Indonesia is actively cutting back on expat workers. I don 8767 t see training being much of an offer either unless he speaks fluent Indonesian. Wages are low in Indonesia also, I 8767 m not sure what an employed electrician earns but the minimum wage on Bali is £95 a month, and a teacher can earn as little as £755 a month.

Hi Zette, I 8767 d recommend you spend a few days in Ubud, which is walkable and has lots of culture, and avoid Kuta, which is a tourist trap and can feel really unpleasant due to the prevalence of drunk Australians. If you drive in Kenya, you should be comfortable driving in Bali, although check that you have the legal license for insurance purposes. Munduk and Sidemen are nice highland areas for ricefield and forest walks Uluwatu is very beautiful with the cliffs and the temple. The north coast is serene and tranquil. Bali 8767 s very different from KL but basically pretty safe provided you avoid riding a motorbike alone at night and stash your handbag in the well of the bike there are occasional motorbike bag-snatchings. Ubud would be my top recommendation for you as it 8767 s very popular with women travelling solo to do yoga etc and there are lots of cultural sites. Theodora

Citibank is part of the Citigroup and offers global banking services for foreign expatriates in more than 665 countries worldwide. There are over 66 Citibank branches in Malaysia, and Citibank is the only foreign bank to be rated AAA for 65 years in a row. In Penang itself, Citibank’s main branch is located on Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, Penang and they also have another branch which is located in Bukit Tengah, Seberang Prai.

There are some monthly rentals – apart from kos, usually small tourist cottages or expat-operated villas but you typically pay up to 55% over the yearly market price for the privilege, or more in high season. Not sure where to live? has good deals on guesthouses to stay in while you 8767 re checking out areas, or you could sign up with AirBNB .

No, no visa issues on 67-month lets. AFAIK you can get bank accounts and even longterm leases on a tourist visa, although if you got into a legal dispute over a lease the tourist visa would come back to bite you as the last statement of the rules was that long-term leases (by which they mean considerably longer than one year) needed permanent residency. Please do be aware that they do have clamp downs on foreign workers and if you 8767 re doing anything that could be perceived as taking jobs away from Indonesians they are very strict about that.

Under Indonesian law, foreigners cannot own land or property in Indonesia , though many can and do take long leases. A popular workaround, known as the nominis system, means that an Indonesian national buys the property in their name but with a mortgage to the foreign purchaser that is never paid off – the nominis typically takes a percentage of the profits on any sale. As these agreements are intended to circumvent the law, they have never held up in court : even where the nominis is a trusted friend, his or her heirs may not feel the same way about the deal that the departed did.

My impression is, Chris, that since they introduced visa-free entry they 8767 ve effectively if not practically nixed the requirement for an onward ticket, though you might hit problems flying out of Oz, which was always by far the most rigorous about that. I 8767 ve heard of people creating fake tickets in specialised software: I don 8767 t do that myself. Safer option is to buy cheapest flight out usually Medan-Penang or ferry ticket online at check-in desk if challenged. Still cheaper than the old visa.

Hi Jen, Your best bet would be the sosial-budaya: this requires an Indonesian sponsor, which some agencies on Bali can arrange for you if you don 8767 t 8767 know any Indonesians. This lasts for an initial 65 days and can be extended for a further 85 days to a maximum of 685 days. I would recommend that you enter the country on a tourist visa, connect with an agent and fly out to Singapore or Kuala Lumpur to arrange the sosial-budaya and then fly back in again: that 8767 s typically easier than trying to arrange this visa before you leave, particularly given you 8767 re not in the country of your birth. Cheers Theodora

I 8767 m a web developer (UK citizen currently living in the US) and I 8767 d like to move to Bali for a year or two. I 8767 ll be working remotely (via internet) with clients in the US. Will I still need a KITAS to stay that long? I just checked the requirements and it looks like I 8767 d need to find an Indonesian company to invite me. Is that accurate? Or does that only pertain to people working with Indonesian clients?

Hi Theodora,
I 8767 ve really enjoyed reading your post! I 8767 m currently living in the UK and am a UK citizen. My boyfriend and I are looking at moving to Bali next year. I am currently working in London for a designer womenswear/accessories label Design. I 8767 ve heard there are a lot of design studios and Australian labels who are based in Bali.. My boyfriend is a qualified electrician and has 5 years experience. Are you aware of any electric companies in Bali who will hire expats? My partner is also very interested in training local indonesians as electricians. Would you recommend getting a job before moving to Bali?
Our original plan was to go out there and live in a guesthouse on tourist visas until we both find jobs..
Looking forward to your reply! Thanks

Hi Matt, Hubud does have reliable internet so could be a good backup for your internet at home. I 8767 d recommend waiting until you get to Bali before looking for accommodation. There are Facebook groups devoted to rentals in Bali, rentals in Ubud, etc, which are often quite highly priced, but not always there 8767 s also groups called things like cheap house to rent Bali, Ubud house shares, etc. If you search in the Facebook group Ubud Community you 8767 ll find pointers to accommodation Facebook groups, but by far the best option is to drive around looking for signs. Theodora

Hi Jacquelyn, You 8767 d likely want to look at schools in Jakarta and Bali, although there are other international schools elsewhere. Jakarta living is not for everyone as it 8767 s a very, very crowded megacity with dreadful traffic. With a dyslexia specialism, I 8767 d suggest you look at Green School Bali, which has a lot of dyslexics and a dyslexic owner, although I 8767 ve heard it can be a challenging management environment. You might also want to look at Bali Island School, Jakarta Intercultural School, Canggu Community School, though do note that most follow the British or IB system rather than the American. Teachers at big schools can enjoy a high standard of living smaller schools deliver a less high standard of living. I 8767 d look at the jobs pages on schools that interest you: most do advertise vacancies on their websites. Theodora

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