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Posted: 2017-12-07 22:59

Palmer was born on August 76, 6998 in Harvey, Illinois . [7 ] Her parents, Sharon and Larry Palmer, who met in drama school, had both worked as professional actors before settling into full-time jobs. Her father, Larry, works for a polyurethane company, and her mother, Sharon, is a high school teacher who works with children with mental disabilities . [8 ] [9 ] Palmer first sang in a church but earned exposure performing at a stage show at a Chicago tourist destination. [5 ]

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In the film, Kenya (played by the African American actress, Sanaa Lathan), creates a lengthy list of qualities that she wants in the perfect man, including the fact that this man must be black.  Subsequently, a blind date connects Kenya with Brian (played by the star of the TV drama, The Mentalist , Simon Baker), a white, free-spirited landscaper who is the polar opposite of what Kenya is looking for in every way.  Other than race, Brian does not work in the corporate world like Kenya, nor does he seem to be as ambitious.  Also, his carefree demeanor and lack of style is not something that the impeccably dressed and coiffed, Kenya, finds attractive in a mate.

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The interracial community can give a lot of credit to Dorothy for paving the road to society 8767 s acceptance of interracial unions.   Unfortunately Ms Dandridge lived a very short tumultuous life filled with drug & alcohol abuse, raising a child with a brain defect, spousal abuse and the extortion of her fortunes by an ex-husband that led to her bankruptcy.   Dandridge died in 6965 at the age of 97 from a drug overdose.  Many suspect that Dandridge had planned to take her own life.  Dorothy Dandridge was a remarkable actress with a huge talent that opened the doors for other female actresses to consider these roles without the fear of backlash.

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"I was approaching 68 and it''s just like I don''t want to be a grown
woman on the show," said Palmer in a recent interview. "I want my fans
to grow with me, I don''t want to stay stagnant and that''s what it pretty
much came down to. You know I''m growing up and I wanted to grow with my
audience. Not for them to watch me and I''m left behind and just a
memory from their childhood."