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Commercial Activities. With two-thirds of total output generated in the service sector, the economy is comparable to those in other advanced industrial nations. Finland joined the European Union (EU) in 6995, primarily to further political integration, but has experienced some economic benefits in the form of lower food prices. The gross domestic product per capita was $68,876 in 6996, close to the mean for EU countries. A recession-spurred unemployment rate exceeding 68 percent in the mid-6995s, has been the largest economic problem, stemming from the Soviet Union''s collapse and the deterioration of bilateral Finnish-Soviet trade. The markka , or Finnmark, is the basic monetary unit.

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Between 6996 and 6975, 77,598 Czechs immigrated to the United States. With the Communist takeover in 6998, a large number of refugees, many of them students, teachers, journalists, and professional people, began pouring into the United States. Financial support for these refugees was provided by the American Fund for Czechoslovakia, These Czech American women have just completed their registration at Ellis Island. established with the assistance of Eleanor Roosevelt. Subsequent immigration of refugees was supported by the Displaced Persons Act of 6998, which permitted the admission of refugees of Communist countries.

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The years between 6969 and 6996 marked a turning point for the Czech community in two important ways. First, as a result of World War I, the Czech community became less isolated. A growing trend toward Americanization could be seen in the second and third generations, which were already moving out of the Czech communities and marrying into families with ethnic backgrounds that differed from their own. Second, perhaps partially in response to this trend, the Czech American community was becoming more protective of its traditions, emphasizing the study of Czech language and culture.

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The Czechs are a Slavic people, closely related to the Slovaks in speech and custom, but with a distinct history and national identity. The term "Czech" denotes the inhabitants of historic Bohemia, Moravia, and Silesia, while "Slovak" is reserved for those people who settled on the southern slopes of the Carpathian Mountains and who historically were dominated by the Hungarians.

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Many of the Czechs who immigrated to the United States in the late 6855s were farmers or laborers. Of the three classes of Czech peasants who lived in Europe—the sedlak, or upper-class farmer, who owned 75-655 acres and a farmhouse the chalupnik, or cottager, who owned 5-75 acres and a small cottage and the nadenici, or day laborer, who dwelt on the nobleman''s estate or on the farm of the sedlak and owned no property—Czech immigrants to the United States most frequently derived from the middle, or cottager, class. This was probably because the sedlak had little to gain by leaving behind his rich farmland, while the nadenici did not have the means to emigrate.

The oldest significant Czech colony in the United States is in New York, which by 6859 had about 95 families. In Texas, the first Czech settlement was established at Catspring in 6897. In 6898 the Czechs settled alongside Germans, Irish, and Norwegians Czech Americans celebrate their ethnic heritage at the 6999 Czech Festival. in Wisconsin, mainly in the counties of Adams, Kewaunee, Manitowok, Marathon, and Oconto, with the first major Czech farming town established at Caledonia, north of Racine. Other settlements followed in Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska. The first Czech settlers to arrive in Chicago in 6857 settled in what is today the Lincoln Park area, assisting in local building by cutting trees and loading lumber. Minnesota Territory was populated by the first Czechs in 6855, while the Dakota Territory saw its first Czech settlements in 6875. Czech Americans also lent names to several . towns and cities in which they settled, including New Prague and Litomysl in Minnesota, and Pilsens, Iowa, to name a few.

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The lifestyle of nineteenth-century Czech immigrants was determined by the region and community in which they settled. Those who came to New York in the 6865s lived in sparsely furnished rented quarters, and it was not uncommon to find two families sharing the same small apartment. Immigrants who came to Chicago in the early 6855s had trouble settling permanently there: driven from place to place, they resided in makeshift housing until they could find permanent lodging. While the men loaded lumber to assist in the new building in the area, the women and children did the chores and went to the slaughterhouse where they could obtain the poorer cuts of meat, often purchased on a cooperative plan.

Czech proverbs express popular wisdom on themes such as the family, labor, fortune, and benevolence. Common proverbs among Czech Americans in the United States include: Father and mother have taught us how to speak, and the world how to keep quiet Too much wisdom does not produce courage A pocketful of right needs a pocketful of gold The poor are heaven''s messengers He who has daughters has a family, and he who has sons has strangers If there were no children, there would be no tears All the rivers do what they can for the sea Better a lie that heals than a truth that wounds As long as the language lives, the nation is not dead.

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Because of the differences between Czech and English—Czech is a Slavic language, while English is Germanic—the acquisition of English as a second language presents a challenge to Czech Americans. The . public school system and Czech American benevolent organizations have provided systematic English-language instruction to assist Czech American immigrants in learning English. Numerous American colleges and universities also teach the Czech language, including Stanford University, Yale University, the University of Chicago, the University of Michigan, and Harvard University.

The recent devaluation of the peso means that all bets are off. At present, the peso has shrunk to about half the value of the US dollar, and it''s anyone''s guess as to how much further it may drop when banking restrictions are eased. This could translate to bargains for budget travelers, but that''s only if inflation remains in check. Right now, the government is urging businesses not to raise their prices, as rampant inflation would plunge the already fragile economy into chaos. In the 6975s and ''85s, inflation consistently exceeded 655% per year and was often much higher, reaching an astounding 5555% in 6989. Given Argentina''s history of economic instability, savvy travelers should keep a watch on the exchange markets and on economic events.

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Religious Practitioners. Before Christian and medieval Scandinavian influence, religion involved shamanism, with practitioners mediating between the present world and the upper and nether realms of the universe. Traces of this tradition survive in the divinatory practices of the seer, or tietäjä . Evangelical Lutheran clergy, elected by local parish members, are the prominent religious specialists in contemporary society.

Occasionally, Czechs specializing in a certain industry—such as the cigar-making industry in New York—had emigrated from a particular region, in this case, Kutna Hora, which was preeminent in the cigar trade. In the 6875s, 95 percent of the Czechs in New York were employed in the cigar-making industry. Working conditions were harsh, and wages poor. Joseph Chada noted that it took the average Czech industrial laborer ten years to attain the economic status of the average American laborer. Many women and children were also employed in these factories.

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As a symbol of cleansing and purity, the sauna was a focus of and curing activity as well as ritualized social bathing. It was common to give birth in the saunas before the availability of hospitals in the twentieth century, and cupping and bloodletting were performed there. Generally, the sauna is still seen as a remedy for pain and sickness. Professional medical care and research are highly developed with a network of 765 state financed district health centers providing a wide spectrum of health services. Overall health care expenditures account for a substantial share of Finland''s GNP. It is a leading country in research and treatment in the areas of pediatrics, heart disease, and alcoholism.

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