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Posted: 2017-11-15 05:35

For remakes, Heck said, the original typefaces would look out of place. So the developers of a remake like Final Fantasy VI might have to make decisions based on a lot of factors, including the fact that some phones might not support fancier-looking fonts. “You end up in a lot of cases with somebody just throwing in Helvetica or Arial or some very basic alternative, just because there’s a lot of new questions that arise or work that would have to be fun to make those replacements,” Heck said.

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Based on how swiftly Sessions and Trump are removing those safeguards, one might assume that caution is not this administration’s intent. And so another week arrives and another flick of Trump’s wrist turns the clock on progress backwards, hurdling America headlong into its troubled past. It seems obvious that this administration favors men like disgraced Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio, who Trump pardoned last week , months before the sheriff was to be sentenced for carrying on with racial profiling, despite the courts telling him not to do so. Being tough on crime, Trump would have you believe, does not necessarily mean jailing criminals.

President Trump Will Reverse the Ban on Free Military Gear

“Some of it’s technology,” Heck said. “One of the reason that older versions of games feel nicer in terms of typography is that there’s lower pixel density, they’re using pixel fonts. So everything’s having to be through this filter of it has the same resolution, and you’re having to either choose existing pixel fonts or draw new pixel fonts that fit within those constraints. In those cases, the limitations actually serve the art.”