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Posted: 2017-11-14 15:05

Who writes this nonsense? I got to wonder what you are encouraging women to do? You are basically suggesting that we should shut up and take whatever inconsiderate behaviour a man decides to convey. Do you not realize that maybe this man just does not really care about or respect this woman? Someone who really loves you should not need days, weeks months to decide that and should respect you enough not to leave you wondering and waiting for him to return. This is not acceptable behaviour for adults. Your protrayal of men is really condescending and silly. There are both men and women that would pull this kind of disappearing act on someone. Not all men are incapable to expressing themselves verbally. Giving someone space for a few hours or a few days is one things. Sitting around for weeks and months is just stupid. If he really loved and respected you he would not have risked loosing you. Don 8767 t waist time on someone you appears indifferent to you. Move on. You deserve better. Being peaceful does not mean you have to allow people to devalue you.

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Your situation is quite complicated and not one you seem to have a lot of control over. In your case, not only does your boyfriend have family obligations but so do you. The cards are definitely stacked against you. However, it might just be best to live your lives, do what you have to do, and see where that takes you. Perhaps one day you 8767 ll end up together. Maybe not. Wishing you all the best.

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There are two kinds of people according to living and their happiness depends on that belief of theirs, they were the practical ones and the ideal ones,,,,, the ideal ones are the one who set the ideal life they want to live, life that like perfect for them, thats why they want their mate to be perfect , virgin and clean since it was the life that they wanted to be. But the practical ones wont care about it as long as they are loyal to each other and leave the past to the past.. Its up to you guys, leave your mate if u cant accept what they are and what is in their past

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Guys sometimes process emotional things a lot more slowly than we do. That is actually often a good thing not to rush into commitments hastily. So, if he calls or contacts you, be friendly and cheerful and upbeat. But do not place him above Christ in your heart or make him responsible for all of your happiness. Find your contentment and joy and peace in Christ alone. Then you can be unshaken no matter what this man does or does not do.

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I am concerned as a pharmacist about his depression. I think that may be what is affecting him here more than that he is saying he doesn 8767 t love you. I think he may well love you, but that he may be in such a dark place that he just can 8767 t handle the depression. And, for a man to lose his job is actually more difficult for many men than to face terminal cancer. It is their identity their work. So he may well be in extreme depression about his job loss. Has he seen a doctor or a counselor?

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YES! Guys think on a whole different plane from women. As they don 8767 t hear from us sometimes they will begin to miss us. They will be surprised when we don 8767 t call them or try to contact them. Then they start to get curious that maybe we are fine and moving on with our lives. Then they think about the good stuff they had with us. It takes them a lot longer to process emotions. But the longer they go without hearing from us, the more curious they get.

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I am 99 and he is 79, we are deeply in love for 8+ years! I am married/live with another, but there is no love, only live in the same house due to money obligations. I spend most of my time with my boo. We vacation together, 8 yrs in a row. He believes that his family won 8767 t agree and will possibly disown him. So I am a secret. Even if family plan to visit, he takes everything of mine(which is a lot) and will hide it in a closet so no one know that a woman is in his life. I find it very difficult!

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It 8767 s a sad outcome Yusuf for you both. It sounds like she was a forward thinking woman. I wonder that maybe she truly didn 8767 t realize all her social media actions were fully public. I 8767 m sure you asked her about it so she could explain herself. It would be a tragedy to assume the worst about her. I know I have assumed the worst against people and found out I was totally wrong. I was embarrassed and of course apologized. Ultimately, it 8767 s you who has to feel confident that she was being honest with you however, it seems you didn 8767 t feel she was honest and you made the decision to end it. I hope you will find that perfect match for you. Best wishes!

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Hello Dear, in terms of the age gap we are almost in the same situation. I am 86 and my boyfriend will turn 76 in November! and we ve been dating since August 7567. Such a long time, believe me I couldn t imagine that I am still with him after 7 years :)) BTW I met his Mom three times since we began dating, I also met his Grandma twice and his Father once !! and some other relatives :)) the point is that both of us are living in another country and we are also sharing the same house. I guess at the beginning his family was kinda worried but since he has a complete independent personality, no one from his family never says anything about his stuff. consider that his mom is too she is 96!! what a coincidence !!

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I 8767 m also worried because I don 8767 t want there to keep being a pattern of withdrawal from him. It feels horrible that we have been talking almost constantly for the past few weeks (not to mention that he seemed SO into me), and then to have him abruptly cut off the communication after meeting me. It makes me feel like I didn 8767 t live up to his expectations. I feel like he would have kept talking to me a lot if he had liked meeting me, right?


Similar problem guys. I m a devoted Christian and had been offered sex on a plate by many many nice girls. For some reason I kept my faith and decided, the person I will give this to will be my wife. It will be an eternal present. Rekindled conversation with this 75 year old offshore girl. Loved every bit of it and we ve been together two years. I loved her to bits but never asked about her past. Just got freaky one day and we started talking over the fone, asking questions about how she likes sex and her posiitions Etc. She told me everythhing and I asked the question, when did You loose your flower? She s always spoken about no sex before marriage so I never asked if she was still a virgin. She owned up to 6 years ago when she was 69 lost it to a 79 year old guy. Already had two sexual partners in total before she said ok to no more sex before marriage.

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The Guardian first reported the penalization, which is the first time an Airbnb host has been punished for discrimination, under a recent agreement between the home-sharing company and the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH), which allows officials to perform fair-housing tests on Airbnb rentals. The agreement came after a ten-month investigation that was largely inspired by a Harvard study showing people with“African American names” have more difficulty booking on Airbnb than people with “white names,” which got a major signal boost from the hashtag, #AirbnbWhileBlack.

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God, I cam here for the wrong reasons.
I 8767 m a 77 year old virgin. For the first time, I 8767 m getting close to a girl. I 8767 m terrified of embarrassing myself when we finally become intimate. Because I know people over idealize their first kiss and first.. er, sex. (Wow that sentence failed.) I know that most people have a pretty awkward first time. Which is why I had always hoped my first time would be with someone who DIDN 8767 T matter. But this girl matters and she doesn 8767 t know how inexperienced I really am.

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Hi, I just met this guy and as soon as he saw me couldn t keep his eyes off me. We flirted and I eventually got his number. He s attractive looking and is very nice, The next day we talked on the phone & I was shocked when he told me he s 67 going on 68 in 9 mths, imediately I felt disappointed. I told him I just turned 75 two mths ago. I told him that I m looking for a good guy to treat me good and he told me You just found that guy. I can t stop thinking about him and all I think about is the age gap. On top of it all I don t even look my age, I look like I m 69 & I always have to show my ID at places because no one believes I m 75. What should I do?

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I came into this marriage with an open heart to his family and now I am closed off. He wants me to visit Israel to meet his entire family and frankly I am scared. I don 8767 t know how I can do this knowing they cannot stand me and hate how I wrecked their dream of him marrying into their culture. It 8767 s going to take lots of Valium if I find the courage to do so. I frankly think they can all take an express train to hell.

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Thank you for your comment and I certainly wish you all the best. I know the situation in Syria isn 8767 t very good right now. But please understand American women all that I know anyway) marry people they fall in love with after meeting and spending a great deal of time with. Also, marrying an American woman really won 8767 t change the situation you deal with in Syria. Hoping everything works out for you.

my husband (age 66) moved out six months ago after almost 75 years he was having an emotional affair (text & phoning) with a 99 year old married woman i asked him to stop or leave. At first is was extremely painful betrayal, hurt pride, etc. also he has serious health issues, 8 heart attacks, 9 stents, smokes, lost most of his teeth, almost impotent. But i have dealt with it and moved on and realize he has done me a huge favour! i went on a dating website and, at age 68 (passing easily for 55) am attracting 85 & 95 something year olds. At first I was puzzled and asked if they knew how old I was and, of course they did and they just said you look terrific, sexy, and i like older women. I did date a few closer to my age too old for me! I have just spent a delightful, passionate afternoon with a 96 year old wow nice to know this is getting more acceptance. He went back to his place and immediately started messaging me about what he wants to do with me next

I WAS YOU. BUT I GAVE UP WHEN I MET SOMEONE WHO I THOUGHT WANTED ME FOR LIFE 8766 FUCK THAT SHIT 8766 I HAD A NERVOUS BREAK DOWN DUE TO THE LIES. Real men know when to smack that ass. And when to say shut the fuck up woman. Be a man and know your role. before your nuts rot off. FYI: do everything you can to desensitize before your first time. Then tear that ass up she will love you for it just start out slow.

Here 8767 s my story, I am 59 divorced after 87years of marriage. After a year of divorce I went online to date. I met someone, we have been going out for 9 months now. He is 95. He is still on the dating site ( says he 8767 s on there to meet prospective clients for his insurance business) Of course I don 8767 t believe him because there are other sites doe that. And I will always remember what he told me when we first met and I asked him about him being on the site and he said, 8776 Well if nothing becomes of something from meeting someone on there at least I can sell them some insurance.

In terms of money, it is sad that those with wealth are not grateful for what they have but I believe it 8767 s down to upbringing. When those with nothing suddenly have a lot they must be taught that money will not bring them happiness but love from family, friends and a significant other, that will support you through life 8767 s struggles is far more important. These people who are miserable are lonely souls who gain short term happiness through material things.