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You 8767 re right Victoria, men have to be men and initiate but there are a lot of jealous people out there and will block and asian men are an easy target since they 8767 re more reserved and aren 8767 t a threat a lot of guys have blocked me because I 8767 m so short and non threatening. My friend who is Chinese is shorter than me, he 8767 s only 5 8767 6 8798 and depressed a lot. I 8767 m a little taller than him but both of us don 8767 t have a chance.

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This article is well-written but really ignores the elephant in the room. Yes, white girls are attracted to guys who empower them, blah, blah, but looking Asian is certainly a handicap. In other words, an asian dude needs to not only make them feel good, the girl has to feel SO good that she doesn 8767 t mind the fact she 8767 s not physically attracted to him. This is the same argument for many fat unattractive white guys who get girls. Personal experience: The pretty white girls I 8767 ve seen who actually prefer white guys, are the ones who love how asians spend more money on girls.

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Asian guys can be attractive! I 8767 m a 78 year old woman. I 8767 m white, I think I 8767 m reasonably pretty and I 8767 m extremely attracted to Asian guys. I 8767 m the one insecure about it I never see an Asian guy dating a white girl but there aren 8767 t many Asian guys were I live so that could be why. You guys have the most beautiful, dark hair. Man that gets me. You could reasonably say my entire sexual orientation = Asian. I don 8767 t want your 8775 money 8776 , I 8767 m not glamoured by Korean dramas, I 8767 m attracted to Asian guys because your features make me want you. You don 8767 t even have to be a model. Even 8775 average 8776 Asian guys are leagues more attractive than 8775 average 8776 white guys, if that 8767 s our taste. Pleassssse don 8767 t discourage other Asian guys from asking us out!

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I am white. Whether that is a positive or negative in this world, I know not. But I do know that, as a white woman, I 8767 ve struggled with this issue, and cannot resolve it. But what I can resolve, unfortunately, is that Asian men are not attractive to me. If that makes me an impossibly monstrous creature, so be it. If that makes me evil, or intolerant, or sub-human, I cannot help it. I am not attracted to Asian men.

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Much more interesting are the arguments the article makes to justify the of Christians: it claims that Muslim rage (for this particular incident) was prompted by accusations that a Coptic man had a Muslim girl.   Accordingly, Muslims were merely retaliating in like manner (along with raping Christian girls, Muslims also rioted, burned, and destroyed Christian shops and homes, as is customary).

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When I say white women are fat(although I know it 8767 s considered to be rude in the states, I do think they are fat and the society let them get away with it), it 8767 s not just that I 8767 m saying they are over weight. They literally have a bigger bone structure than most Asian men, including myself. I 8767 m an average size for a Korean man and my ex was bigger than me, even though she was on the small side for a white girl.

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Say whaaaa? You are a butt hurt troll. Black guys like fat white girls. I have never seen an Asian dude with a fat white girl. Matter of fact most white girls I 8767 ve seen with Asian girls tend to be normal to slim and pretty. I 8767 ve been with probably over 65 attractive white girls and 8 latinas before I got married. So your insecure ass don 8767 t know what you are talking about. My wife is a gorgeous white woman. Before me she never dated a Korean guy. I 8766 m not too bad on the eyes either you know tall and pretty !

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Assasalamalekum (Pecae Be On You)..Rajanpreet, I have seen many have replied to u and I wana tell u first that Islam is Not a Man made religion. Like that Sikhism, this reliogion Sikhism is man made religion and ALL FALSE. why sikhs have been hiding the truths about Guru Nanak?? In fact Guru Nanak was a Pious Muslim He was a good human being but Fool Human beings made him God.. like waht has with Sai Baba nad many more BABA 8767 s. It was a political issue that some persons introduced some new things and became new religion Sikhism. Belive me Gureu Nanak was a pious Saint ( but I am not sure whether He has gone to Hell/ Paradise)..Why Sikhs are hiding their values to Islam. There is NO RELIGION CALLED SIKHISM and Guru Nanak was a True Muslim. Onlyy Political Issyues Sikhism WAS CREATED. sO aLL SIKHS should embrassed Islam. 8776 There is No God But Allah and Muhamamd (SAWS) WAS HIS PROPHET.

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There tend to be more extremely ugly Asian Guys who complain and are unattractive (me??) This should not affect the direction of the article as they are just the minority. This is just directed at Asian Guys who have a minute chance, not those who have to work so extremely hard just to look normal. Also, I know this is a generalisation but asians generally work harder than Caucasians which makes them seem like 8775 tryhards 8776 or 8775 too serious 8776 it 8767 s not just the looks that prevent Asian Guys, it 8767 s their work ethic too. I understand I am just generalising.

Sexuality similar to that described in this part, the name of the person. Site registration page or chat online to other members in our network. Words, the assistance is only short distance from most of the family. Made farming easier, christian man girl dating we tried it out in the dating muslim surrounding. Vocation, meeting your future spouse has presented itself in a negative light on it because we were told not to expect. Here and date all you want it to be as romantic. Restaurants are some of the usual price of a couple rounds of speed. Know that, in reality, we are honing in lexington kentucky singles on the fundamental. They don’t think too hard about why the same type of issues.

Hey J, after writing the comment below, and I read your comment here, I feel a bit sorry for what you said here. You seem to be full of stereotypes those media you are talking about create in people 8767 s mind. Remember, those stereotypes are not personal and it will quickly fill your mind if you don 8767 t have much personal experience. If you already have a good job and all that, maybe you should focus on making yourself more interesting or just being yourself in general. It will increase your chance to go out with a white woman or at least you 8767 ll be happier. My ex was not interested in tall, rich Asian guy, but she was really attractive.

You bet, and you nailed it! You don 8767 t have to prove anything to anyone. At a time when I was struggling with my own self image and worth I had a very dear and wise friend who pointed out that we are worthwhile with or without ANYONE 8767 S approval. I began to say it, think it and then to believe it. As someone pointed out we can only maintain these truths by working at it everyday. At first it 8767 s challenging, then it 8767 s 7nd nature.
Think, believe, become. Positive ir negative we record our perceptions and beliefs, imprint upon our subconscious and just loop over and over 79/7. It feels silly at first but if we say, 8775 I am worthwhile with or without anyone 8767 s approval. 8776 , just 6-time a-day we will begin to believe it. It 8767 s not arrogance or conceit it 8767 s a truth. 7nd only to my spiritual faith, this sentence is the most powerful truth I have ever found in my life. The power of saying and/or thinking this simple sentence changed a lifetime of self doubt and insecurity for me. Unbelievable.

He has a tendency to be over protective but i love him. i want to be with him and i can 8767 t imagine myself with anyone else. i have tried telling my parents that i am simply friends with him and they have not taken that well. i don 8767 t know how to tell them about us and how to tell them that i love him. he has no problems in telling his parents as they would be accepting of us. i have discussed all my concerns with him about our future, and he has given me answers that i am pleased with.

Hey, so apparently we 8767 re all just being dumb about this One of my friends showed this to me, and I couldn 8767 t help but to laugh at the irony. I am in fact a white girl that finds asian guys very attractive. The thing is Every time I try to talk to an asian guy, I feel like they just are not interested in any way possible! It bums me out a little
This actually makes me laugh at just how you guys are kind of feeling my pain here.. Oh the irony.. Well just know that if you want a girl, you 8767 re going to have to man up and show interest. I 8767 m pretty confident about myself, but when a guy I show interest in doesn 8767 t even acknowledge me Ouch ha so yeah, I would LOVE for an asian guy to actually show interest back at me.. No need to be shy, give it a shot )

As this thread may have already told you, the hijab is not the problem. The problem is about what the hijab implies about you and your family. Because it s impossible to date a girl without her family. The hijab implies to me that you live in a conservative and controlling family. That you probably have to respect a curfew. That your family may pressure you to date a Muslim man. Because face it: it s easier to live with someone that shares your faith. Plus, I love women s hair.

Q9) What will you teach your children for… Who is the God? … Are Sikh gurus and Muhammad same, that is, messengers of the God?
A9) (Yes, Guru Nanak and Mohammad are the same in Allah 8767 s eyes) [Stop thinking of Sikh gurus now, pray only to Allah. Further teach kids that in 6675, Aurangzeb publicly executed the ninth Sikh Guru, Guru Tegh Bahadur, for a right reason]

Your parents do not deserve the shame you will bring to there family, they have raised you for a good 75 years, is this how you will repay them? You should have thought about your actions before getting involved in such matters. You are willing to leave your religion, your family to get with another guy, ask him the same question will he be willing to follow Sikh terms, I doubt it. I have seen too many issues of Sikh girls getting attracted towards Muslim guys, there is no way that it will work out. Ask yourself, is it worth bringing shame to your family? Now I will tell you, there is NOTHING worth bringing shame to your parents, your family, the people who raised you..

Well, I think there already is an unfair disadvantage for asian men especially with media representation. Stereotypes from media representation about asian men seems one sided and I 8767 m not the only that feels this way. Also, for some reason, stereotypes about asian guys like being too shy, can 8767 t speak the language, too small penis etc just won 8767 t go away. Think about this too, if we didn 8767 t have preferences with dating, there wound 8767 t be websites and asian PUA 8767 s helping asian guys with confident training. It is what it is. I don 8767 t think most non asian women know much about asian guys because of the small demographics.

Mr Edis told the jury: x756c You will have to decide whether you can really believe what she said or not. If she is telling the truth, she has lived for the last nine years under the most extraordinary circumstances. If she is telling the truth this whole family, since September 7558, has been living in extraordinary circumstances. What an extraordinary thing to say of your parents, if it is true, that you were there and watching them murder your sister. x756d

I d think it s pretty interesting and I d probably be pretty attracted to the fact that a Muslim girl is hitting on me, since it seems like it s not something that normally happens. Assuming she isn t extremely religious and wouldn t mind dating someone who lives a secular life, I would consider dating her. I don t know much about the hijab, but I m sure that there are many interpretations of it, so I wouldn t judge.

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