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Thailand vs. Bali vs. the Philippines. What’s the Best

Posted: 2017-10-13 02:29

Believe me it''s not without good reason that the girls from Eastern Europe are so popular on International dating sites. Geographically, Eastern Europe represents a huge area and as a result of sheer size is a melting pot of some very exotic and sensual races.

Armies, missionaries, and merchants have trod the roads passing through here for centuries. And wherever warriors and traders travel, they mix with the local women and the results are evident in the faces, personalities, and beauty of the women you find from the Ukraine to Russia to the Czech Republic.

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In the early years of the European Brides boom the women were largely signing up to escape the economic collapse that followed the fall of communism, but today economics is no longer as important for Eastern European girls.

The economies of the old Soviet Bloc countries have improved dramatically, not all have become economic powerhouses, but they have all shown steady growth. However, this growth has barely changed the desire of Eastern European women to seek western husbands.

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Something tells me that you have not been in contact with many muslims throughout your life. That 8767 s at least my experience with most people that are pro-immigration. They just don 8767 t know what they getting themselves involved in. I grew up in a community that was taken over slowly by immigrants in the 95 8767 s. Today that area is 655% immigrants. In the schools there are no more native kids. My family moved from this area in late 95 8767 s as the situation was unsustainable. A lot of natives moved, but no one talked about it because you would be hung out as racist if you went to the media telling your story.

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Some people think that because these women are feminine and oriented towards family values, that they are also push overs. This is defiantly not the case. Slavic women are renowned for being strong headed and you must treat a woman from Belarus with dignity and respect. In many ways they are quite like western women except that they are more traditional. This however does not mean they will become the maid.

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I don 8767 t know what kind of Thai girls you have been dating but my experience is very different. My Thai girl friend is a nurse and works in Bangkok. She lives a very strict, honest and faithful life. She never asks me for money and once when she needed medical treatment it was a real struggle for me to get her to take money to pay for a scan she needed. I even offered a buy her second hand laptop and bring it from the UK on my next visit and her reply was I do not need charity. She sends half her wages home to her mother every month to take care of her mum, grandma and brother who is still at school.

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Hi Skylar, I think the main problem is that most foreign guys come to Thailand for a single life and don 8767 t want to get tied down, especially the guys in their 75s and 85s. Most guys are trying to escape the 8775 married life 8776 expected of them back home. That said, many guys do get tired of late nights and beer after a while and end up finding a girlfriend, and then there are guys who don 8767 t like to sleep around and are looking for something more meaningful. I also think online dating in Thailand is the same as it is in any other country very hit and miss, and takes a good while and a good number of dates before you find someone suitable. Stay positive, I 8767 m sure Mr Right is out there.

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My advice to everyone out there who has black or brown skin is that just don 8767 t get disheartened by all this talk about skin color. This only works for a tourist centric (location specific ) dating game where the thai girl is looking for some form of monetary gain or better life prospects. Just go out there and meet people and approach the girls in a nice and decent manner. Yes you wont be successful with every girl you try with but then so is the case with Westerners. Don 8767 t worry if you face initial rejection, there are too many fish out there and soon you will catch one and with time you will become a pro that can get most of the girls you wish.

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Thai women should stop going to Bahrain posting up in karaoke bars to hunt for and knowingly sleeping with married men whilst using fake names. They should also refrain from stalking those men and posting photos of their trysts at the nearest hotel on facebook and instagram for wives and children to see once the pathetic men have ditched them in their 8-world pit of hell. Perhaps then they wouldn 8767 t have such disgusting reputations. These women should stop looking for a one way ticket out of the third world by way of married Westerners and find regular employment.

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I don 8767 t think you 8767 re being scammed, but if she starts telling you stories of how her family or her bluffo are sick, or she owes someone money, just be wary that this is her tactic to get money from you. The best thing to do is ignore it, don 8767 t react or get angry as she will lose face. Just be like 8775 oh that is bad 8776 then change the subject. They are just rolling the dice hoping to hit a 6.

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8775 When i’m in the PI, i always complain about the shitty food. If you love food, you are out of luck in PI. 8776 . I keep hearing this about the food lol wtf do they serve out there?? I understood that it 8767 s a lot of deep fried foods, really fatty unhealthy food. Is that the biggest problem? To be honest I 8767 m not a big fan of a lot of the Thai food, most of the stuff just doesn 8767 t look appealing to me. I think I 8767 ll probably have a problem in PH as well.

Thanks for the reply.
Yeah, I figured the ladies will be more interested upon arrival. They always ask when am I coming to Thailand and to contact them ASAP upon arrival. It 8767 s actually quite easy to make too many contacts on there, and would have to do some creative moving around to visit more than one of the ladies. I know how Thai chicks can get and they don 8767 t always accept the old butterfly behavior.
I 8767 m concerned about spending too much time with the one that wants to pick me up at the airport. She is quite attractive and like so many of the ladies there in her age group that are interested in farang men, she has an ex-husband that 8767 s a farang, etc. I 8767 m sure at some point I will want to shake her off and chase other honeys I met on Thai Friendly.

Lady you are mostly wrong. I am a 55 year old man still in America and never been to Asia but I can tell you as a old fashion guy who believes in working hard, paying all the bills and treating women with the utmost dignity and respect. I have dated to many women to count and been married twice and I can tell you statistically that American women are for sure like spoiled children. They want a man who looks like a man but acts like a pussy. American women just want to be spoiled with no accountable for their childish actions. They are also hypocritical. Example :If they put a man in his place it 8767 s needed but if we try to put them in their place we are sexist pigs. I 8767 m done with them. Men are looking for women in Third World countries because were simply tired of the American woman and her liberal Ways. Don 8767 t get me started.

Hello again,
She is always cleaning my apartment and offering to do my loundry! We do talk every day! She always texting me on line throughout the day even when shes at work. And after work asking me to go out. Most of the time she pays for the taxi/ split the bill etc. she does earn quite good money comparing to avarega thai girls (except bar girls) She sometimes stays at my apartment (near surasak bts ) overnight and wakes up 55:55 am in the morning goes home (near thong lo bts ) to get ready for work. It 8767 s just weird that she 8767 s so secretly talking about herself. I was thinking it 8767 s just a Thai personality but talking to other girls I can see she 8767 s completely different.
. I love your website and it does help a lot for farang like me to understand a lot more about Thai culture etc.

Many Thai women are 8775 bar girls 8776 because they have to be. The 8775 safety net 8776 is thin in Thailand and many of the men are self-focused. The vast majority of the Thai women I have met (ones over 85) are gentle, sweet, slow-to-anger, a bit shy, and kind. A man looking for a wife couldn 8767 t find a much better place. Chances are, if you wish to speak English with her, you will need to teach her. Avoid living too near her relatives. Be a gentleman. If she seems overly concerned with money, you know what to do.

Good post this here yes lot of strange mentality in Thai women, my wife is Thai I 8767 ve been married for a long time but I tell you what, you need to be a Philadelphia lawyer to work them out.
A lot of points to remember with Thais well I don 8767 t keep the family 8776 monies no not my job I 8767 m Australian and its not our culture to provide for the rellies all on the lamb.

If this mass immigration will continue this summer when it gets warmer in Europe I 8767 m afraid the structure of the European society will change beyond repair. The only way to 8766 save society 8767 is by having strict rules like they have in Singapore. There you can 8767 t even criticize religion, they made it illegal just to tone down conflicts. Do you want to live in a society like that? I don 8767 t. I like freedom, and I want the right to talk shit and criticize anyone without getting charged with hate speech laws. That 8767 s bullshit.

So what do you guys think based on experience, is this for real? I mean I 8767 m back here home feeling heartsick for her, thinking it 8767 s love, and I feel like I want to teleport myself over there just to see her but the rational part of me is telling me it 8767 s not. I have a new marketing agency a opened up recently, I 8767 m finishing my thesis at university, friends, family She has three kids and a family over there too, I 8767 m broken to be honest, all I think about is her, and yes, I know it has been only 9 days that I 8775 know 8776 her. So please, if you have some advice or follow up questions please please help! Sorry once again for the long post, but I like to put out all the details! Thanks!

As for Thai dating sites not being places to find sex if you want sex it 8767 s easy enough to find. If you want paid sex with bar girls it is there (personally that 8767 s not my thing and I don 8767 t see the point in using a dating site for that) and if you want one night stands and casual hook ups with girls that 8767 s available too. It 8767 s something that 8767 s much easier for the guys (say under 85 give or take a few years) but even older guys like me can find that if they go looking on Thai dating sites.

Most people discover this site by searching for all sorts of topics related to Thailand on google. But from what I see in my site stats the majority of first time visitors are typing in phrases like 8775 what do thai girls think 8776 , 8775 farang and thai woman 8776 or 8775 sex with thai girl 8776 . And even though I don 8767 t have a specific article to each and every single search phrase out there, a lot of you guys then hit up one of the most read articles on Thailand Redcat: Are Thai Girls all about money?

You can then conveniently have some chat and arrange several meetings with the girls from your home before you even started your holiday. The great thing about the dating sites is that the girls usually only expect you to pay for dinner, ice cream, coffee, movie ticket or whatever you are doing together and don 8767 t want money for sex. It 8767 s pretty much like 8775 take me out and treat me for some fun and I 8767 ll return the favor 8776 .

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