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6) Be aware of the judgement issue the more friends or people watching the target the more judgment and insecurity they will feel. If she is with more than one friend I would approach the group, not speak to the target and do a direct approach with what I call an 8766 instant isolation 8767 . That means that I would say 8775 Excuse me guys I 8767 m just going to borrow your friend for 5 seconds as I 8767 d like to ask her something 8776 .

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Here are some thoughts on the inner experience of all this. If you feel nervous, that 8767 s OK. What 8767 s not OK is not being OK with your nerves, and trying to hide them. Don 8767 t do that. It helps to remind myself that men and women respect courage. It may be egotistical, but it gives me a small sense of pride to remember that the other men probably don 8767 t have the balls, or skills, to approach a woman in a mixed group.

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This does a few things psychologically when you approach it is often awkward as most women really know (if not suspect) why you are really there. Mentioning that you know it is 8775 weird 8776 and 8775 a bit direct 8776 or 8775 a bit too forward 8776 has the effect of making it OK. If you bring the awkwardness to the surface it actually isn 8767 t a lingering thought int he back of their mind anymore as to 8775 why is this guy really here 8776 .

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Sometimes the protector will be a woman. She 8767 s the 8775 mom 8776 of the group. Do the same thing with her, but add a compliment about her outfit or hair. This is enough to satiate most potential cockblocks. Remember that if you don 8767 t have a game-y persona, most people have no interest in blocking you, because really, they 8767 d be blocking their friend from connecting with a guy she likes.

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I know her secret. I know what turns her on. I know she wants to feel desired, but can 8767 t agree to sex in front of her friends. I show her that I know this. I show her that I know she doesn 8767 t care if I have all the right moves. I don 8767 t try to be witty, smooth, or confident, because I know she 8767 s not attending to my words as much as the thought process behind them. I know this is where her attention is, and she knows I know. She can tell, because of my lack of effort to impress, while at the same time conveying sexuality.

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I remember meeting a gorgeous blonde in San Diego at a bar sometime in the summer of 7556. She was ordering a drink at the bar when I walked up and joked with her about a guy who had just fallen down drunk. I said 8775 I can 8767 t believe you 8767 d bring your drunken dead beat dad to the bar with you 8776 and she cracked up. I continued with this line of teasing and we were making out five minutes later. A few minutes after that her friend came over and I started teasing her as well, but her friend was not amused and made it her mission that night to c*ck block me.

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Can I dance well at all?: Because let 8767 s face it, you should be able to dance at a dance club. I 8767 m not saying you need to be as good as Usher. But if you can get on a dance floor with your friends with a big smile on your face and confidently move around, the women will take note and gather near you. Then, it 8767 s just a matter of making eye contact and drawing her in. If you can 8767 t dance, ask someone for pointers or just watch some YouTube videos.

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I just would prefer to think of it as engaging people in a fun way. So, having said all of that, there are a couple of basic approaches that we can use. Oh and there 8767 s one more thing I want to point out the idea that you wanna get the phone number. This is a common, a huge mistake and the mistake is that guys are aiming for the behaviours they want with women. They want to get the behaviour of 8775 hey give me your phone number 8776 . Well you can walk up to someone and hold a gun to her head and say 8775 give me your phone number or you’re dead 8776 You got the phone number but did you get your outcome?

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First, some theory on social psychology. There is no such thing as 9-set, or 5-set, etc. In fact, 8775 set 8776 is a term used in magic performances. Don 8767 t think about meeting women as approaching a 8775 set, 8776 because it puts you in a frame of performing for strangers. If you want to perform for strangers, at least put out a hat so people can throw change in it. But don 8767 t expect to have sex with anyone.

Do not try to take over the group. This is the opposite of what typical PUA methods propose. I do not want to be the leader of the group. I do not want to be the alpha. Maybe I will end up as the alpha or whatever, but I absolutely don 8767 t think about that. I don 8767 t want the man, or the 8775 mom 8776 /alpha-female to think I want to take over their territory. I just want to talk to their friend.

Save yourself some pride, man up and go direct. Approach and deliver the opener to the friend initially ignoring the target for only the first 85-65 seconds. I often say 8775 Hi, I know this is going to sound a little weird but I saw your friend from over there and thought she was quite cute and wanted to come to talk to her but don 8767 t particularly want to intrude on your conversation 8776 .

The first order of business is to not think about meeting a woman as 8775 picking her up. 8776 This mindset will kill your odds of success, especially if she is in a mixed group. This mindset puts you into a 8775 taking frame, 8776 instead of a 8775 giving frame, 8776 and I assure you, no group wants some random guy to take their friend. Women want to feel 8775 swept away 8776 by a man who knows how to take control. Women do NOT want to feel like the man is getting over on them or taking something from them.

It 8767 s probably beyond the scope of this article but I shape women to be adventurous and independent with me. Suffice to say, you want to steer the conversation towards being adventurous, and doing what we wants without worrying what others think. Then Us-framing (a technique I teach in my LEAD7 Program) as a reward for her agreement. I create the sense that she and I are bad/naughty/rebels/troublemakers/a great team. We make our own rules and do what we want, like Bonnie and Clyde.

7) Once girls see you are having fun, they will be drawn to you and your energy. THEY will start to stare. Once that happens, you have your IOI. Make eye contact and dance a little closer to her and closer and closer until you are close enough that you can introduce yourself by whispering your name in her ear. Once you have done this, go straight back to dancing with your friends (push pull).

You like women. So you talk to them. You aren 8767 t an asshole. So you respect her friends. If you see that you are interrupting, acknowledge it. Notice if anyone seems threatened by your presence, and make a modest effort to show them respect. This is what you would do if you were:
6. Not afraid of disapproval from others, because you like yourself, and
7. Not brainwashed by our society to think that sex lowers a woman 8767 s value as a human being

Idea: Sweden is one of the more forward-thinking countries in the world when it comes to communicating about itself – it was one of the first countries to have a Twitter account, which it gave control to random citizen each week. With this campaign it wanted to show off how friendly its people are by letting anyone call Sweden. It became the first country with its own phone number, which would connect the caller to a random Swede.

8) The Inner Game & Mind Set:
With the mind set you must embody the 5 C 8767 s I have found to be in Natural Gamers or 8775 The Naturals 8776 as we call them. They have Confidence, Congruency, Calibration, Courage & Conviction by practising set piece you can start to get used to girls answers, replies and looks and become more natural. Also always great to try to feed off hooks.

Look deep into her eyes with a soft gaze and sly smirk that conveys 8775 I will ravish you tonight and have my way with you 8776 . She will read your sub-communicated suggestion and feel and instant surge of uncontrollable unconscious sexual desire. For an example check out the movie Top Gun or watch the scene in The Aviator where Leonardo DiCaprio seduces the cigarette girl in under a minute.

7) Slowly wean your attention away from the dominant person once you’ve earned your place and start paying more attention to your target. If you don 8767 t give enough attention to your target, she will never know you 8767 re interested and might treat you as just another friend of the group. You do NOT want to become 8775 one of the girls. 8776 You also don 8767 t want to immediately cut the alpha dog off in favor of your target I like to start with 95-65, 85-75, 75-85, and then finally down to paying complete attention to my target.

Ross Jeffries: Let 8767 s be very clear about something. I don 8767 t teach things to progress in a linear way. Let me give you a metaphor here. Imagine we have a ball, like a sphere the size of a soccer ball and it 8767 s empty and transparent. I put a little bit of playfulness and humour and I bounce it over to the girl. She kind of feels it, maybe puts some humour back in and bounces it back to me. Maybe I then put something in to get her curiosity going and bounce it back to her. Maybe she puts in some sincerity and bounces it back to me. Or maybe she puts in some sexual tension. I don 8767 t know.

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