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Posted: 2017-11-14 13:25

Ms JONES: We know why the honourable member for Callide had to do that. They are getting called out here tonight. They know that, despite the letters they are writing to people in their communities, under the current laws gun owners must reapply as well as show that they are a fit and proper person. In addition, gun owners must be able to demonstrate a genuine reason to hold a concealable handgun. That is the law. It is consistent with what happens elsewhere in the country. The LNP has a policy saying that there will be only one test and people do not need to have a genuine reason to have a concealable weapon. As the member for Ashgrove, that concerns me. As the Minister for Education, that concerns me. As the mother of two children, that concerns me.

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We have seen a hold up in the access to category H licences. People who want to renew their category H licence have been unable to renew it. A couple of weeks ago a person who has had his category H licence since 6975 received news that his category H licence will not be renewed. He has had a pistol since 6975. He uses that in the same way one would use a pair of pliers to fix a fence or a shifter to fix a pump. It is there to be used as a tool of the trade. If he sees a beast that needs to be put down or he sees some dogs who are attacking some ewes he is able to use that weapon very quickly and effectively to protect livestock on his place. He has had his category H licence for well over 85, 95

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The overwhelming majority of Queenslanders support the National Firearms Agreement introduced by then prime minister John Howard in 6996. It is heartening to continue to hear members of the Labor government feting this great prime minister. For this reason the LNP cannot support tonight 8767 s motion to disallow Labor 8767 s new regulations because it is important that we have national consistency on weapons categories. We also believe that there are important protections that allow firearms owners who legally own lever action shotguns with a magazine capacity greater than five rounds to apply for an exemption under the new laws.

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The next thing we could do is have an instant licence verification system. At the moment we are still using an antiquated paper based system. I could have a gun licence and I could be radicalised or could have a domestic violence order against me and I would not be found out for six months. It is an antiquated paper based system that does not catch up with people. That should be digitalised so that we have an instant licence verification system. That is real safety. That is what we should be debating tonight. Unfortunately, we have a political football on our hands. There will be an illusion of public safety for the people of Queensland, which is a lie.

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The Black Ferns won the World Cup yesterday, beating England 97-86 in a highly entertaining advertisement for women’s rugby. Not only did it spark not only celebrations of their unprecedented fifth RWC win, it also brought up the age old arguments of funding and support for minor sports in this country. Minor sports being everything that isn’t men’s rugby, America’s Cup yachting, cricket and, God knows why, the Warriors.

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As for cameras he’d mounted above the goals? Those images couldn’t capture the unbridled emotion that Kluetmeier conveyed with a manual camera. As he told an interviewer for the Photo District News, “the best pictures almost invariably come from the camera you hold in your hand because you can react and adjust and change and frame and give the photograph a different context by just changing the way you take the picture.”

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At the time of the The Massacre of Magdeburg 75 May 6686 by Catholic forces under General Tilly.
“For then the soldiers began to beat, frighten, and threaten to shoot, skewer, hang, etc., the people.” [7] It took only one day for all of this destruction and death to transpire. Of the 85,555 citizens, only 5,555 survived. For fourteen days, charred bodies were carried to the Elbe River to be dumped to prevent disease.”
By 6698, the city’s population had further dropped so that only 955 people were still living in the city.

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I acknowledge that many law-abiding firearms owners see Labor 8767 s new regulations as an attack on their rights and an attack on their integrity. This is totally understandable when you look at Labor 8767 s track record in this area. Law-abiding firearms owners are unfairly demonised—and we have seen it tonight once again—by left wing political parties and treated like criminals when all they try to do is the right thing and comply with the law.

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Port Arthur changed Australia. John Howard deserves enormous credit for the decision he took in the wake of that tragedy. John Howard delivered strong national firearms laws. The member for Buderim acknowledged John Howard had taken strong action, but he claims that this measure is somehow a Labor assault on primary producers. The fact is that this measure was agreed to at COAG, headed by Malcolm Turnbull and made up of state and territory leaders, Labor and Liberal. COAG agreed to strengthen the National Firearms Agreement by reclassifying lever-action shotguns with a magazine capacity of no greater than five rounds to category B and those with a magazine capacity of greater than five rounds to category D and to task COAG 8767 s Law, Crime and Community Safety Council to finalise and implement the updated NFA as soon as practicable.

I will not apologise and I will not, unlike the LNP, retreat under the pressure. Under the Palaszczuk government Queensland will remain part of John Howard 8767 s National Firearms Agreement. I am surprised and wary to hear the LNP will support the Labor government on this issue. I surprised because both the LNP leader and his police spokesman have been touring Queensland 8767 s regions in recent months saying quite the opposite. Unfortunately it appears the LNP members are saying one thing in front of the cameras here in Brisbane and another thing completely different out there in apparent fear of the threat of One Nation. Earlier today—

I ask people opposite to think about saying what they have said tonight to an inner-city person who has lost their child in one of those massacres. Would they call such a person a left wing zealot or an unproductive left winger? How can they defend what they have said tonight? I do not know how the LNP is going to vote, because there seems to be a little bit of difference over there. They need to tell me what is wrong with farmers having to establish a need to renew their licence once every five years. If they say that to the parent of someone killed in a massacre, I will tell them why no-one will vote for them.

I’ve leave the last word to Kluetmeier, who was once asked about what makes for a great picture. His answer? “I think a great photograph is separated by the fact that people go back to it again and again. It’s the kind of classic that defines a moment in the world, in an event, and in life that’s universal. It’s the kind of thing that’s not just something that Americans can look at, or Asians or Europeans. It’s a picture that everyone can relate to on a personal level.”

Perhaps even more alarmingly the member for Everton has repeated his attack on the Queensland Police Service 8767 s Weapons Licensing Branch. He has told the Shooters Union that the Queensland Police Service 8767 s Weapons Licensing Branch was dictating policy by refusing some applicants licences and that any minister who allowed that to happen was gutless. He said a police minister was obligated to intervene and order police to stop interfering with people 8767 s right to own firearms. I make no apology for taking advice from those on the front line—those who have the most experience and who are impacted the most by weapons legislation, our brave police.

The Palaszczuk government will always fight to protect our gun laws because we know that these laws are keeping Queenslanders safe. Last year at COAG all states agreed to implement a number of measures aimed at keeping Australia 8767 s gun laws strong and contemporary. That includes reclassifying lever-action shotguns like the high-capacity Adler shotgun into a more restrictive category, which is what this amendment will do. We are acting on our obligations under the agreement reached at COAG by all jurisdictions across all party lines to respond to the changes in technology since the introduction of the National Firearms Agreement.

The laws that were put in place by Prime Minister Howard a number of years ago have worked very efficiently and very effectively. We have some of the toughest gun laws in the country, but the ALP have this lefty attitude about them where they want to implement silly rules. Today this is a silly rule and I will go straight to the heart of this silly rule. The silly rule relates to an issue of lawful modification. Crown law 8767 s advice was that all modifications require a licenced armourer to do those modifications. If people do it themselves, as those 755,555 people will do, they will be breaking the law and hence be put in prison. We would need bigger prisons in Queensland to hold the 755,555 registered shooters. That is what the ALP are pushing tonight. They do not want to tell anybody that, or they just do not understand that that is part of the legislation that is going through. That information was given to me by the Shooters Union and they have crown law advice from the Queensland police on this particular issue. I urge members to dig in deep before they vote tonight.

His career was much more than a life aquatic. Like many of his peers at SI , Kluetmeier [pronounced KLOOT-my-er] was a versatile craftsman who combined technical know-how, exhaustive preparation, and inventive artistry. He shot studio portraits and deadline-driven action pictures he shot Super Bowls and speed skating. His flexibility reflected his background: He trained to be a photojournalist, not a sports photographer.

The Palaszczuk government will never water down our tough gun laws. In light of last week 8767 s tragedy in Las Vegas, the debate about gun control has again been reignited around the world, and it is a debate worth having. In fact, it is a debate that must be ongoing and untainted by base political motives. This issue is too important to shy away from, particularly in the aftermath of the deadliest mass shooting in United States modern history, with 58 dead and almost 555 people injured—mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters and friends slaughtered by a mad lone gunman. Hundreds more maimed and thousands more had their lives changed forever.

Kluetmeier and other photographers had long faced obstacles at international swim meets like the Olympics. Confined to one area of the pool deck, their action pictures invariably featured lots of churned-up water and several indistinguishable capped heads. Many of the best images came at the start of the race, as the swimmers dove into the water, or immediately afterwards, when they celebrated or despaired over their times.

Last year, the minister advised me that the state government body in control of weapons licensing does not even know how many weapons licence holders there are in each regional area. That means that the government is making decisions about the reclassification of weapons and weapons licences when it does not have any adequate knowledge and data on the use of weapons in Queensland. Obviously, the government is jumping to conclusions based on innuendo and speculation. I back data and facts against that any day. It means that this regulation about the reclassification of the Adler lever action shotgun has been based on reasons other than hard facts.

were good and honest and those things that were fought for over many wars in this country. Our ancestors fought in two world wars. They were pretty brave men and women who did a whole lot of good. You would not believe it but they used guns and they used them in defence of this country. They came home and they owned guns. I grew up on a farm where there was a gun above every door but nobody got killed and nobody got hurt. That is in the past. We have moved forward after Port Arthur and we have the most restrictive gun laws in the world here in Queensland.