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Posted: 2017-09-11 11:21

To clarify, iRobot has not formed any plans to sell data. iRobot is committed to the absolute privacy of our customer-related data, including data collected by our connected products. No data is sold to third-parties. No data will be shared with third-parties without the informed consent of our customers. If a customer had already signed up/opted in, iRobot will delete the data from our servers if a customer requests it. This is retroactive.

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The Roomba 955 Series offers a Clean Map Report, which maps your home as it vacuums, improving its movement and telling you how well it cleaned. But to get that map, according to customer service reps, you have to share it with Roomba’s creator iRobot. And that gives iRobot permission to give—or sell—your map. Which is exactly what iRobot CEO Colin Angle plans to do , as he told Reuters this week: