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Posted: 2017-11-14 22:18

Lana Rhoades - I''ve Waited All Week For This
Ever since Lana’s husband got his promotion, their sex life has been non-existent. It’s been a long week but now the day is finally here - Her husband has hired Jason and his friend to deal with some electrical issues at the house and they are just finishing off the job. Jason immediately caught her eye, and after flirting over the week that they’ve been working there it’s time to put her plan into action.

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Veronica Valentine - Nut Face
Hey Scott, Remember that little cute brace faced cock slut Veronica Valentine that swallowed my nut a few weeks ago? Well, I decided to have her back for some more sloppy dick sucking action and this time I blasted her in the face with my nut for FACIALS FOREVER. Veronica gave another great blow job as expected. You can really tell she''s all about having dicks in and around her mouth. Not much else to say that I haven''t already said, but I will tell you one thing for sure, I''ll definitely have this chick on the end of my dick again real soon. - Kevin Spears

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Sicilia - Agradecido Por La Chocha
Sicilia might be the greatest girlfriend of all time. She saw her man upset about not being able to celebrate thanksgiving, so she tried her best to make it happen for him! She wasn’t the most keen to american customs so she looked to the internet for help. First she cooked a chicken, which was incorrect. It was supposed to be a turkey. That’s strike one. Then came dessert. She accidentally got a lemon pie instead of pumpkin pie. That’s strike two, but she wasn’t giving up. Finally she tried to tantalize her boy with some futbol when he was really craving some football. Looks like she struck out, but little did he know she had one last surprise up her sleeve. She got down on her knees and began to suck his hard cock. She then spread her legs as wide as they would go and let him finish her off orally. It may not have been the most perfect thanksgiving ever, but we are certainly thankful for that pussy. Happy Thanksgiving Skeeters!

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Tina Kay - Backseat blowjobs and deep creampie
I wasn''t expecting to see Tina Kay in the Mean Orange Machine again, but I shouldn''t have been so surprised. It was Tina''s twentieth try at passing her driving test , and there was no doubt in my mind that her pattern wouldn''t change. Tina was way too excited to be driving, and I was immediately annoyed. Ever heard the quote about how the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? Tina kept doing the same thing, so I decided to alter the results: I told her if she sucked my cock I would pass her! She gave me a blowjob, then climbed her tight pussy onto my thick cock so I could creampie her. Tina had gorgeous natural titties and one of the nicest asses to ever sit in the FDS car, which is why it was kind of tragic when I revealed a secret to she had passed in the sex portion of the exam, but there was no way I was giving her a license! Sorry Tina!

Katya Rodriguez - Stepsisters Sex Filled Black Friday
Katya Rodriguez thought she was taking a nice relaxing shower by herself, but her creepy stepbro had wandered inside and started touching himself to the view of her hot naked body. What a perv! That didn’t stop Katya from asking him for a ride to black friday shopping though. She even asked him to come shop with her, but he wanted something in return. A quick cock suck perhaps? Katya dropped her neck in hopes of getting some company, but that''s really all stepbro wanted out of his black friday. He dropped Katya off in hopes she would find a ride home. Later stepbro gets a call. Katya had been caught stealing and somehow did not go to jail. She begged stepbro to pick her up so mom and dad wouldn''t find out. She also had to make sure stepbro would keep it a secret. She let him fuck her slutty step pussy in hopes he would keep his mouth shut. Talk about one of the craziest thanksgiving/black fridays in stepfamily history!