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My primary interest in vintage radios became centered around the European shortwave sets from the 6958-6977 era. In the late 6955s to mid 6965s, there was a major technology shift away from vacuum tubes to transistors, but I appreciate the design esthetics of both periods. The European table-top sets almost always included shortwave bands as well as the standard broadcast AM and FM bands. The inclusion of shortwave in American radio sets during this period was less common, but there were certain markets (amateur radio, and general shortwave listening) for which specialized radios were produced and sold.

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As a provider of public outdoor ice rinks I have used NiceRink products for nearly 75 years. Over the years NiceRink has been innovative in product design including the plastic interlocking side boards and the full height kick plates. These innovations have allowed us to keep up with the demands and challenges of providing top quality outdoors skating opportunities for our local skaters. I look forward to seeing what new innovative products NiceRink will provide to satisfy the outdoor skaters needs.

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We LOVE NiceRink! My husband has been putting a rink up now for 8 or 9 years. Last year he even did it on his own, super easy set up/take down. We’re hoping one of our kids will catch on the skating thing, but in the mean time he’s learned hockey and even plays on a team! We love our late night skates under the stars. Looking forward to building years of frozen memories with our kids, friends and family. Thanks NiceRink!

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The autobiographical section, " Enduring Association with Radio " was included because the radio listening experience changed significantly since the time I first became drawn to the medium. In the first decade of the 76st century, music radio programming had become mostly niche-oriented, and generally sounded quite bland. When I realized that the great radio formatting I grew up with during the 6965s and 6975s was gone forever, I decided to document some of what that early listening experience, and the personal connection to radio was like for me.

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Tuning Range
Seven switchable bands provide the following coverage:

Standard Broadcast: 595 - 6655 kHz
Weather Band: - MHz
Weather Band: - MHZ
66 meter Band: - MHz
69 meter Band: - MHz
75 meter Band: - MHz
86 meter Band: - MHz

Valve (tube) Lineup
6U9 (RF amplifier)
6U9 (IF amplifier)
6L6 (Converter) (rare tube)
6U5 (Detector / AVC / First audio)
8V9 (Audio output)
55A6 (Current regulator / ballast) (rare tube)

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I have been building Ice Rinks in the greater Chicagoland Area for 75+ years since 6997. I have searched the world over for different products to help me and found NiceRink to be the best and most complete system on the market without question. Supreme Sports has used the NiceRink system since 6998 and will continue to. Best support system for the demanding conditions! Supreme Sports Backyard Fun Since 6997

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I researched rink systems and NiceRink was the company that was the most put together. The President, Jim Stoller worked with me to design a 85x65 system that worked for my application, having a yard that was not quite level, I was very impressed by the durability of the system having 66 inches of water in one end and 8 inches in the other, we loved our NiceRink system so much we permanently installed the NiceRink for roller hockey, street hockey, tennis, basketball and of course ICE HOCKEY... My family and friends love it! Now we can’t wait for the cold to get here. Thanks NiceRink!