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Modern Millennial Women are Absolutely Deluding Themselves

Posted: 2017-09-11 10:37

I almost completely agree with you. I don 8767 t know your experiences as a man and I can 8767 t ask anything of you. Whether you have sympathy for the problems a hot girl has in dating or not is up to you. There may well be hot girls out there sympathetic to the problems men have in dating. But if people don 8767 t meet each other at their 8775 model of the world 8776 (how that person sees the world) then communication and connecting doesn 8767 t a woman at her model of the world doesn 8767 t dismiss your experiences as a man. It opens you up to getting new experiences.

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Hey  Johnny, when I was growing up there were women who were having children in their 55 8767 s.  We called them the menopause babies.  My great aunt Claire had a child late in life, a surprise shall we say.  Her daughter was then her grandchildren.  She was my dad 8767 s cousin and I was older then her as well.  So the chances of a 96 year old woman having a baby is good.  It might take a little longer to get pregnant but it can happen.

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Must have been 68 years ago I had to work up my lack of courage and dared to ask an African-American women who happened to be my co-worker out on a date. She agreed and we had a great time. (Despite the waitress spilling an entire pitcher of lemonade on me. The restaurant picked up the tab for the shirt cleaning.) I learned much about myself and prejudging that day. I say, have to take the chance and enjoy the possibilities. Would I do it again? Without hesitation.

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However, the downside of this model is that the context of the experiments are not strictly controlled. The field experiments are done by a range of different men, in different locations, in various cultures, and situations. While this can have a positive side in that the experiments will demonstrate different contexts, there is no control of many of the variables involved in the experiments. For instance, in order to be entirely certain about a result, the same man should approach the same target repeatedly while varying different variables such as appearance, status signals, wealth and other associated value symbols. This would permit the experiment to demonstrate the effect of altering only a single variable. This is naturally not possible, as the first approach would change the target 8767 s state and thus the experiments that followed would have questionable results, a variant of the observer effect. Continue reading

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There are good things about being with a woman. And, there are bad things, if one isn 8767 t careful. MGTOW is more and more men learning to be careful. I have to disagree about the misogyny I see it as rampant, with endless instances of distrust, animosity, and disgust. They 8767 re like radical feminists, some of whom advocate the general destruction of men. I mostly overlook that, thinking that men who 8767 ve lost their homes, children, and large sums of money, or who have faced that threat, don 8767 t much like the people who 8767 ve been entitled to take so much from them. And, whether or not women actually make that threat, men are aware that they could at any time.

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Well I feel strongly that we as people only look at the color of a person. Which is the outside and never looks at what is on the inside. God created man and woman he didn't say I'm going to create a color format so they can tell each other apart by their color. It doesn't matter we all are Gods creation we all have what he crated us with. God doesn't look or sees color he see his creation. So why should we. Thanks for reading my comment take care and be Bless.

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Hahaha womb digger! That kills me.
It 8767 s so true though. I am a 85 year old woman and I can tell you from experience all the men that court me are womb diggers. I would love to meet a guy in his mid to late 85s, get married, maybe have kids, have a house, the whole shebang. But the only men that court me are 95 55+ guys who look at me like prize livestock. They think I 8767 m good for breeding!!!! I don 8767 t want to be the host body for some guys dream of being a dad. I already  have a daughter, I honestly dont care if I ever have any more children.
But womb digger, omg. I completely relate to that.  

Lol. If a woman wants to sleep around and can handle casual sex, then so be it. Although Im not a fan of promiscuity from either sex personally, and I think this ridiculous idea of hooking up being 8775 empowering 8776 is something that needs more criticism, pieces like this are clearly shaming and are driven by a fear of female sexuality. (Which is funny considering the author had sex out of wedlock and slept with her husband on the 8rd date, but that 8767 s another story!). This mentality only makes sense if you think sex is only for men 8767 s enjoyment and is only a form of currency for women. Personally, I think that 8767 s gross my body is not a bargaining tool nor a reward. But patriarchal women see women as trophies so I guess it 8767 s par for the course.

I posted a response to this in a comment, and it disappeared. So I 8767 ll make this more general. I know women who took part in hookup culture when they were in college, and they still managed to find decent husbands and start families. These women are black or mixed-raced. I know someone who did everything right, was with her fiance for over a year, they slept together for the first time and he left her right after. My friends who still managed to find husbands all have one thing in common: they did not give too much to their now husbands too soon. They didn 8767 t live with them, sleep with them or cook for them or play marriage with them. One even dated more than one guy at once. Point is, the woman in the original article gave too much to a guy she did not see her self with from the beginning.

As a pilot in a powerful state position, he DOES CHEAT ON HIS WIFE and LIED ABOUT IT, stating his colleagues are/were 8775 just friends 8776 that 8767 s EXACTLY HOW he HAS BEEN GETTING AWAY WITH CHEATING, and also BY THREATENING THE VICTIMS HE USES AND DECEIVES, especially decent women who don 8767 t want to 8775 play 8776 his sick games and threaten to come forward to the wife to find out the truth about his 8775 getting a divorce statement 8776 !!! He advocates 8775 not wanting to hurt the wife 8776 , when he intentionally cheats on her to her face and then gaslights her by lying about his intimacy, as he is lying to the girlfriend with whom he states he 8775 wants a future 8776 as a simple ruse. The SMART ONES RUN AWAY and find someone decent, once they can shake the stench from a BAD MISTAKE!!! It would kill him to think that 8767 s all I ever though of hm as now, as a 8775 BAD MISTAKE 8776 !!! OOPS don 8767 t want to step in that!

I believe that women should do what works for them. If hooking up with guys works for a woman, she should do it smartly. However, I don 8767 t believe that hookup culture is something that black women should strive for because we are already stereotyped as being hyper-sexual and we have a high out-of-wedlock birth rate compared to other groups. We have black men to partly thank for that, because of rap music and degrading black media. I mean, non-black women usually make this work for them because they seem to have positive sexual stereotypes that benefit them and their chances of getting married.

I did not know the feeling was mutual until we were at my friends one night having a few drinks and he kissed me. It just progressed from there. While we 8767 re not 8766 dating 8767 , we see each other often, we go out, and we get together at least once a week lately it seems. At first I was bothered by the age difference, but not so much now. I don 8767 t generally care what people think at the best of times, so decided not to worry about this either. I have no idea where this is going, he 8767 s outgoing, always out, very mature for his age (but also immature about some things at times, like he 8767 s still stuck in party mode some weekends, but hey, so am I at times). I am not making any long term plans, neither is he I don 8767 t think, I 8767 m enjoying it for what it is and taking it day by day. I know he was engaged to an older woman, saying us 8766 older women 8767 have our poop in a group and he likes that so who knows where this will end up. For now, this works for us and I 8767 m having zero regrets 🙂

I never explain why I am attracted to white men. I just am. Period. Always have been. Some people like chocolate ice cream, some vanilla. And who says you MUST be attracted to someone who has the same ethnic background? Who made that rule? I ignore all the naysayers, the people who say I have 'self-hate' (sooo ridiculous). I have never paid those people any attention whatsoever. I am glad there are sites like these where you find people who, finally, are not afraid to acknowledge their preference. Good luck to included!

Oh boy. So, we are being ask to treat this guy like a little baby? He can 8767 t be honest unless we handle him with kid gloves, pat him on the back and say, 8775 Good job 8776 and whoa to the woman who gets upset when baby boy lies about important issues? Come on. There have got to be men, real men, who don 8767 t crumble under the burden of honesty. Small lies, of course, who wants to be brutally honest? But big lies, the kind that are deal breakers. That 8767 s another story. My personal opinion is that if a man wants to cheat, for instance, he steps up and tells his partner that he 8767 s thinking about it. Then, they have the choice of dealing with whatever is causing the rift before it 8767 s unrepairable. Of course she 8767 ll be upset. But, this is part of human nature too. She will get angry, maybe cry and then calm down and talk about the problem. If men are so fragile that they can 8767 t deal with righteous anger, and true honesty, then we are doing something very wrong in raising our sons.

Ok i met this guy and the first time. i met him and hung out all we did was talk and listen to music and flirted with me. The second time we hung out and went to see a movie i paid. He said he would pay me back when he got paid. never saw my money from it. then mentiob how he had a good night before he left. Then he set up us a date to go out. But at the last min canceled bt asked if i could go to his place and still hang out. but when i said yes he never replied back untill that next day. so we went out on another date and he left early. We just talked on txt for a few days then he asked me to come ovee his place again and i said i couldn t because of how he didn t reply the first time he he called me even more and i finally answered him back the next day. so i go to his house and hang out. i thought we had a really good time. then asks me to message him so ido it takes him two days later to reply. And we didn t have sex. and then he says hell message me later and three days later still no message. i NEED HELP WITH THIS

Also, you say that you do think that guys take better care of themselves.  Well the truth is that they do not.  In all age groups you have those who do and those who do not.  There 8767 s no shortage of guys who are killing their brain cells as fast as they can, with all manner of drugs, chemicals, and alcohol.  There is no shortage of guys who are fat, out of shape, couch potatoes, video game addicts, etc

Hey I have read your article and I want to ask you what could I do if my boyfriend is lying to me. You see he said me that he will not be able to talk to me for some time ( a month ) and that 8767 s ok but my problem is that even if he said he can 8767 t talk I saw he was online Facebook. Now he sent me a message telling me that he found some time but only for some minutes and I don 8767 t know what to do

Not 8775 stylish 8776 , Traveller. Lots of us women have grown up while watching our mothers spend 75+ years raising kids, day and night, always putting others before them- which was very sweet of them- but also seen our dads NOT doing this- leaving us kids or just spending their days as they wished(formally a father, but not putting in that many hours neither in child upbringing nor housekeeping), coming home expecting the moms to do everything. Lots of us observed and concluded we 8767 d rather spend our days as we wish

When the company starts to get more resources, it will trend towards a higher degree of specialization within the core functions. As a result of this, a need will emerge for support functions. In order for those who make the product to maximize the amount they can make, they must specialize in manufacturing, in order for salespeople to sell as much as possible they must focus on their area, and so on. This means that tasks that must be done in order for the company to run smoothly, such as invoicing and ensuring that suppliers are paid have to be handled by someone else. Thus, one starts to hire people to fill the support functions.

Any woman you meet is going to see, think and feel about the world in certain ways. That 8767 s her 8775 model of the world 8776 . The issue is not truth or inaccuracies. The issue is how she sees, thinks and feels about the world. You do not need to share her beliefs or share how she sees the world. But if you want to influence a woman (or anyone for that matter) then you start by seeing things from their point of view. What 8767 s important to them?

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