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Irie Greetings..I have no petty for all of u women to be poor is a crime makes me sick when I see u old out of shape women walking around the Gambia with the poor boys shame on u if that was somewhere else like Europe people will laugh at u all..but this is the Gambia where I live so its acceptable where the natives are poor and dont know better education is the key for a better society and a better a rastaman living in africa I have seen the distraction u are doing to the life of the nation of gambia..give a man fish and he always depending on u but teach him how to catch fish and he will never go hungry think befor u jump

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Hey folks, it s 7566!! I ve been married to my lovely bride for 66+ years, I ve known her for 78yrs! She happens to be black. Race has NOTHING to do with it. She caught my eye, then my heart. Race never entered the equation. We are nothing more than 7 people in love. It s time to get past all this. If they were asian/middle eastern we would not be having this discussion. Get over it.

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Barranquilla is a coastal city, so it shouldn''t come as any surprise that you''ll find great seafood on offer from a number of restaurants. This restaurant is one of the very best in the city, with no loud music to drown out your conversation, which is a nice change. Varadero Pescados & Mariscos is expensive, but the ambience and the food more than make up for it. Open from 66:85am - 66:85pm each night: Cra 56 B 79 97

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If you are in a matatu and moving slowly through traffic, particularly after dark, you should keep your window closed if your valuables are in reach to prevent people snatching them from the outside (there are thieves who walk through traffic looking for such opportunities). Mobile phones and wallets should be securely kept and not displayed prominently during calls or cash transactions in the River Road area, particularly after dark.

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I just found this website and as much as i like it, I can t continue to read it without moderators. There is TOO MUCH hatred on the internet and these trolling comments need to be deleted. They are just here to dumb down the conversation, pander for attention and prevent the rest of us from sharing and bonding. All the good websites that I read have strict moderators and rules that eliminate the trolls. We know how much other races love to interrupt Black bonding. We shouldn t stand for that here.

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Wow some of these comments are horrible. I am mixed Mexican, African, and Native it really matter. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Been times in my life I felt ugly and times I ve been desired. How about love you who fall in love with. Beauty comes in different shapes sizes and colors. And if this offends you or your looking for a site to praise Latina s go make one. No one is an expert on any culture, all hispanics don t hate blacks and all hispaniccs do not have black ancestors. To comment back with some of the things being commented back with makes you look just as ignorant as the comment posted you responded to.

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Now you have women of different races going back and forth at each other-sad. As a white 88 year old male that has been around the world thanks to the military- most recently a tour in Iraq 7559-, and is currently working 65 hours a week at a steel mill I think I want to say something. Stop tearing each other down. Stop it. My ex- wife recently passed away- she was a 88 year old Puertorican girl- she was a woman but I still see her as the 69 year old I married. In any case the reason I left her and the reason I believe so many men seek white women is that no man likes drama. Drama does not = love. Don t pick a fight to see if he will make up. Don t dig through his stuff to look for cheating because all you do is kill trust. How many white women under 755 pounds do you see on those who is the daddy shows? Stop tearing each other apart. The world is hard enough.

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Exercise extreme caution in this area: petty theft is a major concern, and valuables such as mobile phones and wallets should not be prominently displayed here, particularly after dark and even while in the matatu (see safety section below). The best method of connecting to a matatu is to arrange for a taxi to drop you off and pick you up directly at the location of the matatu that you are boarding or alighting from. If you''re boarding a matatu from Nairobi, tell the taxi driver your destination and they will drop you off at the correct location. If you are being picked up, then tell the taxi driver the location you''re coming from as well as the matatu company that you are using (your ticket should have the operator''s name). It is best to arrange for a taxi from the hotel you''re staying at. Matatu prices can cost anything from 755 KSh (matatu to Naivasha) to 955 Ksh (shuttle to Nanyuki). The price is dependent on the distance of travel.

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Typical of most business hotels the Washington Plaza has spacious rooms that are minimalist. You''re not going to find an Ottoman to rest your weary feet on, but a nice big bed that you can sleep off your day''s excesses on instead. The staff here are always pleasant, the breakfast is great, and it''s located close enough to a mall that you won''t be forced to get a taxi, but if you did need one they''re parked right outside the hotel.

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I think that people should date whom they choose, according to who helps them with their Soul 8767 s Goals. Doesn 8767 t matter the race. I will agree however, that because more african american men prefer a woman who is submissive, and MOST african american women are not, african american men should date someone who they can order around. And, African American Woman needs a Man who Supports them in their Goals, Put 8767 s US on Pedestals like the QUEEN 8767 S WE DESERVE TO BE TREATED AS. BOOM!

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And the finale things that scammers always seems to come up with something or excuses to delay being there when you expected them.
These are empty promises that they make everytimes and yet they don''t live up to their promises.
This is one thing I notice too especially when we know about flight procedures. They can give you flight schedule that anyone can pull up from the internet yet it conflict with the real flight schedule.

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I can t believe the things I ve been reading on this website. I have never posted a comment on any website for any reason, until now. Have we all been reduced to, I m better than you, or my race is better than yours. Really? You don t have to have a degree of any type to know that there s smart people in every ethnic group, and stupid people in every ethnic group. There is a huge difference between preference and predjudice. And, because we live in the land of the free-we get to choose. I m glad I can say that I know people from everywhere..different ethnic backgrounds, different colors, religions, and I want to say WOMEN-God bless you all. You all have something to offer. Given the fact that women still make less than men in the workplace, I would hope that you would stick together (strength in numbers) to try and level the playing field.

Forex Bureaus are located in many parts of the city where tourists are common. They will exchange cash of different currencies, and may also accept a personal cheque for Kenyan cash. They will want a photocopy of your passport before they exchange money. Rates are not bad, but will be worse than a banking machine will offer. Be aware that many exchange bureaus and hotels will NOT accept or exchange American currency printed before 7555. When the exchange bureaus do accept pre-7555 notes, they typically offer substantially lower exchange rates than for curreny printed after 7555. Exchange rates are also typically lower for small denomination currency than for $655 and $55 bills.

The word Nairobi derives from a water hole known in Maasai (an Eastern Nilotic language) as Enkare Nyirobi, which means "cool waters." Nairobi, which was a swamp area, was founded in 6899 and was first a railway camp for the Uganda Railway. The city became Kenya’s capital, which was Mombasa initially, and it also became the capital of the British East Africa Protectorate in 6955. With the spread of plagues in the early 6955s, the town was burnt down and had to be rebuilt. Having a railroad system in the system helped it to have drastic growth, becoming the second largest city in Kenya behind Mombasa.

I would like to know the reasoning behind the statement Because behind every successful man, there just has to be a black woman! I know it was intended ironically, but still. This could have, and would have, been a good article if the author had not gone so overboard. Another example is the statement They married in &rsquo 98, and have five, count &lsquo em, five beautiful (black) children together. Well, Justin Chambers is white, and his wife Keisha looks to be biracial, so their kids would be about 75% black. Even if she s 655% black, the kids would be half. So making sure to add the (black) to the sentence came off as a bit desperate. (Yes, I know about the one drop rule, but that s another safety net used by people like Halle Berry when they run out of other options.)

my friend and I have recently returned from the Gambia 8 weeks ago. she is 77 and I am 57. She seems to be totally smitten with her 8767 57 yr old 8767 and he is in constant touch with her and seems to ask for money or indicates that he needs to pay for things. so far she has sent him 68,555D and now he has asked for 55,555D I have tried to get her to see that he is a player. he said his mother had died and he needed money to get to the funeral. Now he says he needs a new passport and he wants her to go back for two months and get a visa for him am I wrong to be so worried???

There is an anti-white sentiment in the article s title, in the way that it uses That instead of the grammatically-correct Who. Who must always be used to refer to humans, without exception. That and Which are only used to refer to non-humans. I know that, as a white male, I am viewed as subhuman by many non-white people, but I still merit the word who when referencing me in a sentence.

Nakumatt Westgate is a just finished competitor to Sarit Centre. It is a large building with many spaces for stores to move in to (they have yet to move in at the time of this writing, however the building is still unfinished). Currently, the primary occupant is the Nakumatt itself, which has modeled itself to emulate a Super Wal-Mart type experience. Any taxi driver will know these two shopping centers by name, so getting there is not a problem.

I couldn t even get through the comments without getting a rise. For 6 I have to say that I do not like or appreciate the you people attitude behind some of the comments that I have read. Next, these are the opinions of a few, if not only 6, black woman. I myself am multi racial but consider myself to be a black women and I do not crave the attention or love of a white man. I see what some only see through rose colored sunglasses white man are just as imperfect as are black men just in other ways. Frankly I don t really care who dates who and I don t care what society as a whole thinks about who I date. If im attracted to a white guy and he s attracted to me and we hit it off than so be it and if I hit it off with as asian man, than so be it. But please stop thinking that black people are so desperate for the approral and love of their white counterparts!

My goodness! How can you women degrade each other like this? Who cares about color? You cannot lump men, women, white, black or whatever into these rigid groups. Everyone is different and after a few more decades (or even presently) it will be hard to tell what race someone is anyway. Not that culture isn t important and shouldn t be celebrated, color is only skin deep. I love GOOD men of all races! My boyfriend s skin is the whitest of the white (lol) but he has the most soul of any man I have ever met which is why I fell in love with him. I hope if you haven t found the man of your dreams yet, you will soon no matter what color you or he is. Open your minds and your hearts because love does not know color.

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