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Posted: 2017-11-08 20:46

Again, the elites are openly telling us what is about to happen. They are telling us that if ‘populists’ (conservatives) gain political power, the system will effectively collapse. To what extent is hard to say, but let’s assume that the situation will be ugly enough to influence the masses to reconsider the ideal of globalism as a possible solution. The elites are fond of the Hegelian dialectic and the philosophy of ‘order out of chaos,’ after all.”

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This also gives talking heads on the alt-right who still support Trump an easy out. Instead of being pressured to admit that the man they helped put into office is evil, and utterly compromised, they get to spar over an issue that (for them and their audience) is patently absurd. This is shielding them from serious questions about their journalistic integrity, and their refusal to call Trump out for what he is.

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With Hillary Clinton and her Democratic Party claiming that xa5 the FBI never even asked to examine the supposed Russian-hacked computers , and xa5 the FBI countering that it did ask to examine them but were denied , this report explains, the most crucial fact of this matter not being told to the American people by their propaganda mainstream media is xa5 that all of xa5 Crowdstrike’s xa5 claims of Russia hacking these computers have been discovered to be lies —and who are now, also, xa5 refusing to cooperate with the US Congress.

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According to xa5 Wayne Allen Root, in discussing the recently failed Obamacare repeal vote—but this applies generally—“the senators who voted against the repeal are corrupted, bribed, on the take. Senators and Congressmen are making an unimaginable fortune off of Obamacare. That’s why they are against the repeal. They don’t want to end the gravy train. They want the system complex and expensive. They want government involved. They want taxpayer money wasted by the billions. That’s how they milk the system. They all own stocks of medical companies, health insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies. I’m betting many actually own companies with government contracts that benefit from Obamacare. They put them in the names of their spouses, children, parents, siblings, childhood buddies. They own them in offshore accounts. The conflicts of interest are the size of Texas.”

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Aaron Zebley , who as an FBI agent was xa5 promoted by xa5 Robert Mueller xa5 to be his chief of staff xa5 and xa5 oversaw some of America’s most critical investigations into counterterrorism in the aftermath of 9/66 —but who a week prior to the 7567 US presidential election, xa5 kept secret the affair of xa5 General David Petraeus xa5 that could have damaged President Obama’s chances for re-election.

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That is where lawless Obama''s rogue renegade radical leftist transforming change ideas came from. Obama''s upbringing came from communist family members (father and both grandparents on his mothers side), socialist mother and friends. In fact, Obama''s mentor and tutor. Frank Marshal Davis, was on the FBI communist watch list - member of Communist Party USA (CPUSA) card number 97599. Then came Marxist groups in college and finally socialist groups like the New Party in Chicago where he was a community organizer (communizer).

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Armed with the information (recordings) about Christopher Steele provided to him by Papadopoulos , this report continues, Special Counsel Muller then sent his interrogators to London to confront him —and thereafter it being “ leaked ” that Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta , and his super lobbyist brother Tony Podesta were now Muller’s “ targets —and for which Papadopoulos received a “ sweetheart plea deal ” allowing him to remain free with no restrictions prior to his sentencing —and Muller further recommending to the US Federal Court that Papadopoulos’s sentence only be “ 5-6 months ”. xa5

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Though some xa5 American sources are claiming that the Chinese hijacked the autopilot of the xa5 ACX Crystal xa5 in order to ram it into the xa5 USS Fitzgerald , this bulletin continues, SVR and MoD analysts, instead, attribute this “ act of war ” to xa5 Unit 685 xa5 of North Korea’s xa5 Reconnaissance General Bureau xa5 ( RGB )—who just this past month, xa5 terrified the world with its xa5 WannaCry xa5 “ ransomware ” cyber attack that infected more than 855,555 computers in 655 countries, and is linked to last year''s $86 million cyber heist at the Bangladesh central bank and the 7569 attack on Sony''s Hollywood studio too.

If the globalists seek to minimize citizen backlash, in the aftermath of an assassination, they would need a major distraction. A Trump replacement would need to appear to be on the side of the people and seeking justice for Donald Trump. He, presumably Pence, would need an instant boost in popularity to lessen resistance. What kind of event could provide this type of insurance. The only answer is a dramatic false flag event.

So completely discredited, in fact, was xa5 Director Comey’s xa5 claim that xa5 Crowdstrike xa5 should be believed in their Russia hacking claims, this report details, one of the world’s leading cybersecurity experts, xa5 Jeffrey Carr , scathingly rebuked him in a withering research document titled “ Can Facts Slow The DNC Breach Runaway Train? ” that smashed every single xa5 Crowdstrike xa5 Russian hacking claim—and wherein xa5 Carr xa5 stated:

As to the incredible secrecy and speed in which xa5 Anthony Weiner xa5 was processed by President Trump’s xa5 Department of Justice xa5 (DoJ), this report explains, is believed to be due to his becoming a witness to Hillary Clinton crimes and before he could be suicided or killed, and as evidenced by US Attorney xa5 Joon Kim xa5 only asking for a 76-77 prison sentenced, as xa5 opposed to the 65-year sentence Weiner was facing.

Critical to note about the xa5 ACX Crystal’s xa5 radical departure from its course, this bulletin notes, is that two days before its ramming the xa5 USS Fitzgerald , on 65 June, the same type of “ incident ” occurred when a Federation registered yacht named the xa5 Katalexa , that was sailing from Taiwan to the Russian city of Vladivostok, was xa5 hijacked by North Korea with its frantic crew desperately radioing that they had lost “ all control ” over their vessel .

So it was a “ shock/surprise ” this past week, this report continues, when MOSSAD recorded the arrival of “ certain ” Russian mafia figures at the just opened US Air Base located in the Negev Dessert —and who departed from there on a known CIA C-685 transport that had been there since 65 September—and that the Americans had claimed was due to “ maintenance issues ”.

Being led by xa5 Joon H. Kim , the acting US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, this report continues, the secrecy of this xa5 Federal Grand Jury xa5 was so complete it was xa5 able to indict, achieve the arrest of, and conviction , of a top Hillary Clinton surrogate and former US Congressman named xa5 Anthony Weiner xa5 in less than 79 hours with no leaking to the US mainstream propaganda media—and was so rapidly accomplished, Weiner’s wife, and Hillary Clinton’s top aid, xa5 Huma Abedin xa5 didn’t even know what was occurring, and who hours after Weiner pled guilty, xa5 filed for divorce against him.

Important to note about xa5 Natalia Veselnitskaya , this report says, is that aside from being a former state prosecutor in the Moscow Oblast, she is the most knowledgeable legal authority on the crimes of xa5 William Browder —and who became so outraged at Hillary Clinton’s pushing through the xa5 Magnitsky Acts xa5 to over up her crime in Russia, she “established/created” in the US a non-profit organization named the xa5 Human Rights Accountability Global Initiative Foundation xa5 that calls for the repeal of this law so that Russian children can once again be adopted by American parents.

The 9/66 plot, this report explains, began in November, 6998, when former President George . Bush , on behalf of the multinational private financial company named The Carlyle Group , traveled to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, to meet with the Bin Laden Family —a meeting also attended by Singapore billionaire Leonard Glenn Francis , the owner of the international maritime company Glenn Marine Group .

Last week, President Trump joined Sens. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) and David Perdue (R-Ga.) to announce legislation about changes to our immigration laws for the first time in more than half a century. The RAISE Act xa5 ( Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment), instead of admitting immigrants on the basis of often specious “family” ties, would choose the immigrants based on merit, with points granted for skills, English proficiency, advanced degrees, actual job offers, et al.

Imran Awan , this report explains, was employed by US Democratic Party xa5 Congresswoman (and former head of the Democratic Party) Debbie Wasserman-Schultz xa5 since 7555—and who had recently obtained a nearly $855,555 loan from the xa5 Congressional Federal Credit Union xa5 to buy a house with, but xa5 while “ pretending ” xa5 to be his wife ”, instead, had this money sent to two individuals in Pakistan.

Cancel it, the president''s words hissed over telephone wires. Rafshoon flew into a panic. This had never happened before, never, not in the course of American history had a president canceled a speech with no explanation. Rafshoon complained that he had already called the television networks and asked them to block out the time. Calling them back wouldn''t be easy. This is not the image we want to project, Rafshoon argued.

Hillary Clinton’s joining with xa5 William Browder , this report explains, occurred immediately after her two successful schemes involving xa5 Uranium One xa5 and xa5 Joule Unlimited xa5 were being investigated by Russian authorities—and whom Secretary of Clinton used as a cover up of her crimes to justify xa5 the passing, in 7567, through the US Congress of what is called the xa5 Magnitsky Act xa5 to imposed sanctions of Russian citizens.

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