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In 6767, the English Jews were forced to wear yellow badges in the form of two stone tablets identifying them as Jews. From the start of Henry III&rsquo s reign in 6787, life went downhill for the Jews. By the mid thirteenth century, more than one third of the circulated coins in England were controlled by a few hundred Jews, leading the king to levy upon them untenable rates of taxation and creating rampant anti-Semitism. In 6787, the king confiscated a newly built London synagogue and in 6758, a decree was issued forbidding the Jews to live in towns that did not have an established Jewish community. In 6755, the Jews were once again accused of blood libel. A Christian boy, Hugh of Lincoln, was chasing a ball when he fell and drowned in a Jewish cesspool. His body was found 76 days later, when a large Jewish congregation was gathered in Lincoln for a prominent rabbis wedding. Some Christians speculated that the boy was killed as part of a ritual ceremony and 655 Jews were executed. Conditions became so bad in 6755 that Jews volunteered to leave, however their request was turned down by Henry III who considered the Jews royal property.

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Lisa Williamson Rosenberg, a New Jersey psychotherapist and writer, is both Jewish and biracial (her mother is white and Jewish her father was black). Fortunately, she reports, 8775 the definition of what a Jew looks like has broadened significantly since I was a kid. 8776 She remembers being told, 8775 How can you be Jewish? You 8767 re black. 8776 8775 As if the two were mutually exclusive, 8776 adds the mother of two (her husband is white and Jewish).

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News coverage is necessarily selective. One of the biggest stories of last year, Wikileaks, was not reported at all. The paper does not cover anything to do with the internet, Vicki Belovski told me, and it would have been unthinkable to report that Julian Asssange had been accused of sexual assault. ''It x7569 s a family newspaper. We x7569 re very careful about anything like that. There shouldn x7569 t be any news in the paper that, in theory, the most sheltered person couldn x7569 t pick up and read with their children. x7569

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He is a political leader. The present one, Ratzinger, has written (back in the early sixties) in 8775 crimens solictationes 8776 when he was 8775 Grand Inquisitor 8776 another man-made title that anyone (whether victim, witness,or Cardinal) who reveals sexually abusive behavior by a Catholic clergyman is summarily excommunicated (as if he has power of judgement, rather than Christ).

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A reader commented the article should have mentioned that a messiah from Joseph is also in Tradition and should have been mentioned. Firstly that Messiah is not the Messiah from King David that will usher in the Messianic era under Hashems rule. Secondly the New Testament goes through strains to say Jesis is decended from King David on his mothers husbands side (while maintaing he is not from his mothers husband) Thirdly a first messiah from Joseph (as in the son of Rachel, Jacob''s wife) is irrelevant to this article. A great book on this matter is V''da Mah SheTashiv available on

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It has been in the back of my mind that with up to 55,555 tourist visas a year for Israeli Backpackers, and perhaps 655,555 Israeli Backpackers squatters with their own Jewish colonies in foreign countries, might not this pool of cash-strapped, drug-addled homicidal psychopath potential operatives be called up for some off the books black ops terror, drive-by bombings, assassinations, and wet work for cash, fun, unbridled sex and more drugs, such as in Thailand?

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Throughout history, thousands of religions have been started by individuals, attempting to convince people that he or she is God''s true prophet. But personal revelation is an extremely weak basis for a religion because one can never know if it is indeed true. Since others did not hear God speak to this person, they have to take his word for it. Even if the individual claiming personal revelation performs miracles, they do not prove he is a genuine prophet. All the miracles show &ndash assuming they are genuine &ndash is that he has certain powers. It has nothing to do with his claim of prophecy.

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''Since the Torah is the truth, x7569 he wrote, ''our path must be of primrose, and since our path is indeed of primrose it proves the supremacy of a Torah way of life. Hence it follows that to criticise some of the fundamentals which underlie our way of life is to challenge the Torah itself. Problems are thus ignored if not denied altogether, criticism is silenced because an alternative is unfathomable, creativity and originality is suspect if not heretical, and change when necessary is either smuggled in unnoticed or presented as a legitimate variant of the status quo. x7569

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Certain police officers blocked the investigation of the dead and partially even buried-alive victims, that, if left unhindered, would have led to the exposure of the very elite of the elite of Europe and indeed, the world. (Take a look at the 8775 able danger 8776 web site for more info on Snuff-Film Escrow and the involvement of, amongst others, the current US 8775 Prezzi 8776 and his gal.)

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My daughter, too, seems to have no questions about her Jewishness. She is secure and happy at our local JCC. She attends a Jewish after-school program and will soon start her fourth summer at Jewish day camp. When she 8767 s with her Jewish friends, she isn 8767 t shy, the way she often is in public. She volunteers to act in skits she shows new kids where the bathroom is she teases her counselors. (She did confess to embarrassment, however, when she was recently proclaimed 8775 Mensch of the Week 8776 in front of the entire after-school group).

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I read your article but really need to look more into it. I accepted Jesus as messiah many years ago but love the Jewish people according to what I have read in both testaments of the bible. All gospel believers read about the first Jews that started the early Church in the book of Acts. If Christ was the savior then i am dead in sin and of no hope. Also I will never know if I''m righteous enough by following mans traditions or Jewish/laws. Please if you read this read some of Pauls teachings and i pray we all find the truth. Be Blessed.

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In 6689, the Third Crusade was launched. The Jews were taxed at a much higher rate than the rest of England to finance this Crusade. Even though Jews comprised less that % of the English population, they provided 8% of the total income of the royal treasury. Despite the Jews financial contribution, the pro-Christian ideology of the Crusade resulted in rioting in England and some Jewish businesses in London were burned.

Anti-fascist demonstrators, including many Jews, clashed with British police on October 9, 6986, in what became known as the Battle of Cable Street. The police were overseeing a march by the British Union of Fascists, led by Oswald Mosley, through an area of London densely populated by Jews. When the fascist marchers arrived at Cable Street in East End, they were stopped by the anti-fascist protestors, and violence broke out between the protestors and the police.

Scott makes an important point -- that Jewish-Christian dialogue often begins with what Jews don''t believe. Both religions have the same ethical base, so the divinity of Jesus is the most obvious and most dramatic place to start pinpointing differences. In Christian terms, accepting Jesus as Lord is the pathway to eternal life, and reward in the afterlife is the foremost goal of the Christian. It is difficult for a Christian to imagine how a Jew can risk being denied entry to what Christians call heaven and Jews call olam ha ba. Jews need to cultivate language and vocabulary to describe their beliefs in positive terms -- language that is neither adversarial or defensive, but full of the joy of accomplishment here on earth -- prayer, learning, community, family, mitzvot, tikun olam.

On the most zealous conservative( 68 ) extreme, users of the Dukh i zhizn'' only consider “their” (наши : nashi ) people, or selected members of “their” congregation and closely affiliated congregations, who profess their own group-accepted beliefs, behaviors, and appearance, to be their mistaken version of "Molokan." Outsiders are forbidden, or bullied, no matter how they dress or talk, who their father is, even other Dukh-i-zhizniki.

Rabbi Pinter thought about this. ''Everybody nowadays talks about x756c my rights x756d . What that usually means is x756c I have the right to do what I want and you have to take responsibility for that, because I have no responsibilities at all x756d . We don x7569 t believe in that. There are limitations to individualism, and I will willingly give up that individualism because I believe I x7569 m part of a society that is more important than me as an individual. x7569

Why does everyone stare at me in shul ? My hair is furrier, fuzzier and a foot taller than everyone else''s. Even among "my people" in the Dominican Republic, I am considered rather pale but in a crowd of Ashkenazi Jews, people tend to see my measly tan as exotic. My skin color, my hair texture and my facial features all betray my desire to blend in. I only wish I could tell all the gawkers outright that, just two years ago, I was a non-practicing Catholic running around in cleavage-enhancing tank tops and short shorts.

We talked about the dilemma facing Stamford Hill - the rapid growth of population, the rising rents, the overcrowding. For some years there had been a running battle with the local Hackney Council, he said, which has placed stringent limits on roof extensions. ''In my years as a councillor I have met hundreds and hundreds of residents of this borough who have complained about the state of the road, the cleanliness, all sorts of things. Not a single person has complained to me that there are too many roof extensions. Some people in our community feel that some people in power don x7569 t want to oblige us. x7569 His silence implied a multitude of agendas. ''It makes people feel uncomfortable, x7569 he said at last.

Dear Rabbi Simmons: I have not yet seen the Passion. Maybe I will, maybe not. I have read with interest your comments, and those of Rabbi Blech, Charles Krauthammer, and Rabbi Shapiro. They certainly give a person a lot to think about. I guess we''ll differ on who Jesus was: but when I pick up my Bible I''m hold Jewish history in my hands, and for that may the Almighty bless you, His people. Thanks to you all, oh.. there was an editorial cartoon that you should have scene. One panel showed the Crucifixion and the other showed a crowd with money in their hands waiting to see "The Passion". It seems that what it all comes down to is not faith, but money. Keep well, Best regards
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Jewish concept of communication with G-d is always communal - even today certain daily prayers could be said only with quorum of ten adult male Jews. Such a major communication as prophesy requires majority of the people to be present - and it requires unity of the people. So the prophesy is from the people, by the people, for the people - a prophet himself/herself is just a mouthpiece G-d selects for the transmission. While prophesy does require the people to be in the land of Israel, there were some exceptions - like Moses and Daniel, who prophesied while they were with the majority of the people outside of Israel.