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Whether we like it or not, America is changing and that&rsquo s in part to interracial blending. While bigotry will always exist, newer generations are becoming more open-minded and less insular. Not only is the nation&rsquo s mindset evolving, but &ldquo the face&rdquo of America is also morphing. &ldquo We&rsquo ve become a country where race is no longer so black or white,&rdquo National Geographic says.

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People are humans. We 8767 re all cousins. Why can 8767 t we just live with that fact? My fiancee is Chinese. Our children will be European, Asian, and Native American (which is also just another kind of Asian that migrated over a land bridge to the Americas during the ice age). Hell, we 8767 re not even completely HUMAN: we 8767 ve found that we all carry within us neanderthal DNA. Meaning we don 8767 t mix just with each other we mix with other SPECIES.

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Yes and no. Have you ever heard of 8775 yellow fever 8776 . Google it and you 8767 ll see what i mean. But at the same time, they have the privilege of not being minorities so they are not forced to look outside their race for marriage partners. Yes, forced. The socio-economic set-up of the . creates an environment where people of color have limited options among their race for building functional family structures.

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I am black from South America, and I really don 8767 t understand why the USA classifies people from spanish speaking Caribbean and South American countries as a different race!! Like you said, they are for the most part white, black, native american or a combination of all three (just like a lot of African Americans). Culturally 8775 Hispanics 8776 are very African though, especially the ones from the Caribbean, there is very little to none Hispanic or Spanish influence in their culture.

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Really late to the conversation (to say the least) but I just now came across this. I really don 8767 t think for most of us of European descent that it is a big deal this is primarily because there is just a lot less pressure on us to 8775 stay pure 8776 (especially since if you go around saying people should remain purely European and not mix bloodlines you risk being called a racist/nazi etc). The older generation was different my Grandmother used to subtly hint to my mother not to date the Indian man she was with at the time, but she was from Estonia and spent part of her child living through the war in Nazi Germany where they basically brainwashed an entire generation of children into thinking dark = bad. The irony, of course, is that my family is not purely European to begin with she had some Asian in her family tree and my Great Grandfather on my father 8767 s side was native American. She herself had mixed Eurasian features. But that 8767 s just how powerful brainwashing can be when done at a age.

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I find this conversation veeerrry interesting. What people over look from these statistics is that marriage is primarily a financial institution and about building stability and a about love or happily ever after. Once more Asians came into the country seeking higher education and career success, they entered into the marriage market and became counterparts among white people. With Asian women being highly educated and finding high-paying careers, as well as being sexually fetishized, white men began selecting them as wives very rapidly (yes, men are the selecters in marriage because its a patriarchal institution). Based on the numbers, white and asian pairings do well economically.

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Now that Black women are more educated than Black men, and are entering into corporate america rapidly, they are looking for their financial counterpart. They, as women, still want to be supported or feel that they have an equal. (Men typically don 8767 t look for financial support, but more of a trophy in my feminist opinion). When you look at the numbers, the chances of them finding their equal in the black race, if not more, is very slim. Now there is a shift in priorities emerging. Black power and nationalism is no longer serving Black women who want to be married by a certain age. Black women must keep all of their options open, while successful black men have plenty of black female counterparts to choose from IF they want one.

Wesley Yang wrote about it in New York magazine last year and made my heart beat faster with the recognition of his rage against my cultural heritage machine. "Let me summarize my feelings toward Asian values: Fuck filial piety. Fuck grade grubbing. Fuck Ivy League mania. Fuck deference to authority. Fuck humility and hard work. Fuck harmonious relations. Fuck sacrificing for the future. Fuck earnest, striving middle-class servility," he says.

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BUT I suppose that might vary based on location, age, religion, etc. I remember walking with my ex (Chinese) and an old couple was giving us the most evil, disgusted look. Not sure what their problem was but they didn 8767 t appear to like what they saw. In GENERAL though, very few people of European descent in the west below the age of 95 even mention race when it comes to partners. Nobody ever gave me a hard time for dating 8775 outside 8776 my 8775 group 8776 .

Yes, Africanness or blackness is denied in some latin american countries. You can 8767 t for instance state on a form that you 8767 re black. That option just doesn 8767 t exist. Luckily, in my home country Suriname that 8767 s not the case. Not to boost or anything, but compared to all the countries of the diaspora we have kept African culture alive THE MOST!!!! YES!! lol. Just search for 8776
Surinam Meets Ghana, Kromanti Part 7 8798 on YT and see for yourself. You 8767 ll cry at the end..haha

I share Laine 8767 s thoughts on this. There is ignorance with every kind of ethnic group on earth. There are many Hispanics who like to deny anything to do with Africa, and there are some who completely accept it. So, the term is just another way to make people feel superior to another group.
Just remember, all kinds of people have influence in South America. Just as slaves were brought to America, and not everyone is black, slaves were brought to South America and not everyone is black. YES, the African influence may be a common thread, throughout the continent, but they weren 8767 t it. The Dutch in some islands, the Italians in Uruguay, the Spanish all over, the French in places, the British. So, there are black, white and Asian all over Latin America. To go back to your original point, many Latinos identify as white, yes, but you 8767 ll come to find many others call themselves black. At some point, you have to. lol. You can 8767 t hide brown forever!

So then, if appearance cannot accurately tell you 8775 race 8776 , what defines it?
Genetics? That also falls apart when you examine the truth: we are % genetically identical. Every last human on Earth is % genetically identical and out of billion lines of genetic code only a few a FEW out of those billions code for skin color or facial features we try to use as racial clues. There is actually more genetic variation between two people of the SAME race than two people of DIFFERENT 8775 race 8776 groups. Yeah, believe it or not. 75,555 years ago the Toba supervolcano erupted and nearly rendered the human race extinct there were only about 5,555 people left on Earth and every man woman and child on Earth today all 7 billion are descended from that group of people who could fit into a sports stadium. That is how closely related we are. It 8767 s been calculated that all of us are at very least 57nd cousins or closer. That may be hard to swallow, but it is true.

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I don 8767 t understand it either and it drives me crazy. It 8767 s only done to Latinos. We don 8767 t separate any other region of people. It 8767 s so ridiculous. It 8767 s because the white people that started this nonsense, in America, didn 8767 t want to think of themselves as part of the same group as Latinos. Latinos couldn 8767 t possibly be white, because they were considering themselves the white standard. It is an idiotic system, that needs to change, unless they 8767 d like to start teaching kids that Hispanic is a race.

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