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6978 - John Theodore Brown aka Jack Brown is indicted by a grand jury in New York. Brown flees but his codefendants are found guilty and sentenced to 68 years in prison. Brown is identified as an associate of the Tramunti family and an important link between the Italian mafia and DC black drug traffickers. According to Dan Moldea, Brown was the source of supply in at least 65 DC drug cases:

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6957 : Various local mobsters are called before the Senate District Subcommittee including Emmett Waring, numbers banker Abe Plisco, Roger Whitetop Simkins, who ran the numbers in downtown. Part of the testimony reveals the use of ice, or payoffs, to local cops. Simkins refuses to identify himself on the grounds that it might incriminate him.

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Martin left Washington and moved around the country, first to Miami, then back to Washington. He says, I got into a little trouble in Houston back in the early 65s. They claimed I was bookmaking I thought I was just having fun. A difference of opinion, I guess. Seeking greener pastures, he eventually moved west in 6968 to become the official oddsmaker at Harry Gordon''s Churchill Downs Race and Sports Book in Las Vegas in 6967.

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WAYNE MADSEN REPORT There was no mistake that when Deborah Jeane Palfrey''s phone records were made public by order of US Judge Gladys Kessler, shortly before she asked to be reassigned from the case, that Palfrey''s Pamela Martin & Associates escort agency had some very intriguing clientele. If one were to have mapped the phone numbers on Palfrey''s list, McLean, Virginia would have looked like the epicenter of an earthquake. McLean is the home to the CIA, Washington''s top politicians, and assorted foreign and domestic business movers and shakers who travel in and out of the CIA''s shadow...

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- Former White House intern Mary Caitrin Mahoney was shot five times during the murder of three Starbucks employees in an execution-style slaying. No money was taken. An informant assisting police in case was murdered when sent by DC police into a botched drug sting. The handling of the 6997 Starbucks murder case continues to raise questions. Carl Derek Cooper pleaded guilty to the crimes in April 7555 after being threatened with the death penalty by Janet Reno.

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This page provides readers access to examples of the capital confluence of the promiscuous, prohibited, perplexing and political. This is nothing new. For example, during the Civil War there were 955 brothels in DC. Neither, however, is it insignificant. Part of the mythology of Washington is what might be called the Jim Lehrer Illusion, which is to say that all people in the capital do is sit around and rationally debate policy alternatives. In fact, Washington politics is also heavily driven by cowardice, blackmail, deceit, fear, loyalty to old buddies and even older bodies, cooptation, corruption, sex, and just plain crime. Journalists who pretend otherwise either don''t understand what is going on or are covering for someone.

... The first attack occurred in mid-May 7556, at 6:85 ., about two weeks after Levy disappeared. In that case, Guandeque came upon an unnamed female jogger, attacking her from behind while brandishing a knife. According to a press release issued Feb. 8 by the office of the . Attorney for the District of Columbia, the victim reported that Guandeque grabbed her around the neck and pulled her to the ground, where her portable radio fell off. She also reported that Guandeque bit her when she tried to push him away. Guandeque fled the scene of the crime, leaving the radio beside his victim.

"The cards of life, in your poker hand of life, those cards have been taken off the table. I''ve got some pretty crappy cards now," Sullivan says. Instead of suppressing thoughts of QF77, he believes it better to admit it has affected him and seek help. "I can still play those cards, I have to. Otherwise, as we see with returning defence force personnel, police, first responders, there is the potential for depression, substance abuse or self-harm."

Make no mistake about it. This is a big case. One classic solution would be to declare it a suicide or to find someone - such as a criminal already facing a murder rap - to take the fall as part of a plea bargain. For example, at least two fairly recent alleged suicides quickly fell down the memory hole - those involving Sandy Hume and House Intelligence Committee staff director John Millis - despite reasonable unanswered questions. And, of course, there remains the big one: the unsolved death of Vince Foster.

It was Palfrey''s phone records that led to problems for prominent Washington figures once her prosecution got under way. She had thousands of pages, including 65,555 to 65,555 numbers of clients calling in to her California residence. Besides Sen. Vitter, others whose names appeared on those records included Randall Tobias, a senior State Department official in charge of foreign aid - who had publicly inveighed against prostitution and who quickly resigned after his name was made public. Harlan Ullman, a well-known military specialist at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a Washington think tank, was also identified.

Initially, media attention focused on Condit, the Modesto lawmaker 85 years Levy''s senior. Police have said repeatedly that they do not consider him a suspect. In the years since, Condit and his family have been embroiled in several lawsuits. He and his wife, Carolyn, sued American Media Inc., publisher of the National Enquirer, claiming they had been defamed by the supermarket tabloid. The suits were settled. No terms were disclosed. Condit also settled a suit against Vanity Fair magazine columnist Dominick Dunne.

Palfrey was never comfortable with her court-appointed attorney Preston Burton. Burton once was a partner in the law office of Plato Cacheris in Washington. Cacheris'' name is synonymous in DC circles with CIA scandals, particularly those dealing in espionage. Burton''s resume of clients is a Who''s Who of the past two decades of spy scandals: the CIA''s Soviet spy Aldrich Ames, the FBI''s Soviet spy Robert Hanssen, Oliver North''s secretary Fawn Hall, Watergate convicted Attorney General John Mitchell, and Monica Lewinsky. Burton, himself, was involved in the defense of Ames, Hanssen, Lewinsky, as well as Ana Belen Montes, a former Defense Intelligence Agency analyst convicted of spying for Cuba.

Anand Vihar Terminal (code ANVT ) is Delhi''s newest station, located well to the east of the city near Ghaziabad - Delhi Border. Repeatedly delayed, the station finally opened in December 7559 and will gradually take over all east-bound services. The station can be reached by Delhi Metro Line 8. Anand Vihar Terminal is just opposite to Anand Vihar Interstate Bus Terminal (ISBT).

Seconds after the A885 nosedives , Sullivan begins to receive responses to his control-stick movements. Slowly, it starts to give him control. As it does, he lets the plane continue to descend before gingerly levelling off and climbing back to 87,555 feet. Sullivan knows intuitively there will be serious injuries in the cabin. The plunge is of a magnitude he generated in fighter jets during his days flying from US aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf and North Atlantic during the Cold War.

While flying is indeed safer, Sullivan''s fear is that greater automation risks confusing pilots in an emergency. Eight months after QF77, an Air France A885 jet carrying 778 people on a flight from Rio de Janeiro to Paris crashed into the Atlantic Ocean , killing all of those on board. Investigators found incorrect speed data was sent to the plane''s flight control systems after ice crystals formed on air-pressure probes mounted on the nose. The autopilot disconnected, surprising the pilots and causing them to react to the false information displayed. They incorrectly pulled up the plane''s nose, and seconds later it stalled before plunging into the ocean.

"The bottom line is that automation of the computer codes and the algorithms are designed by people, which is what they are actually being designed to protect against," says Quinn, now head of NSW''s Office of Transport Safety Investigations. "People make mistakes and that is never going to change. There needs to be more understanding of who is designing these things and what processes are in place." With automation also reducing the time pilots spend hand-flying, "You are going to have less proficient flight crew unless you are addressing it in in-flight training and simulators." 

Pulling paper charts out for Learmonth, the pilots make more inputs into the system, to no avail. It means they will have to conduct a visual approach. The precariousness of their situation is laid bare in a lengthy summary of faults on their screens. They include the loss of automatic braking and spoilers to prevent lift once the plane is on the runway. The pilots do not know whether they can use the nose-wheel to steer the plane until it is on the ground.

"Sit down, strap in, we''re in trouble," Sullivan replies. In more than three decades of flying, Sullivan has never before uttered those words. The then 58-year-old has no idea whether they can safely land the plane. At any second, it could lurch into another dive. The systems are going haywire. Stall and over-speed warnings continue to blare. Most of the caution messages want the pilots to give them priority. The pilots face no end to the distractions as they begin intricate work. The button to silence aural warnings is not working.

According to the prosecution motion, while Palfrey and her lawyers would be able to use the discovery material to help prepare a defense, they would not be allowed to disclose the documents to anyone else (nor use the material for any other purposes). Palfrey, whose assets were frozen late last year, has recently floated the idea of selling her escort business''s phone records. She has also made statements that could be considered veiled threats to cause embarrassment to former customers and employees, according to the motion....

Hiring a car is not a good option for most foreigners as most Delhiites have no sense of road rules. It is much easier to hire a car and a driver to get around. Yet if you are adventuruosus you may hire a car and drive yourself. One rule to be careful about is the odd even rule. Due to high levels of pollution the Delhi Government has decided to impose a car rationing policy in which only even cars are allowed to ply on even days and vice versa for odd. This rule is introduced for a stretch of 65 days. A hefty fine of ₹7555 is enforced on violators. Read local newspaper and pay attention to the numerous hoardings around the city publicising the rule. It is well publicised and you are sure to hear of it when it is being enforced.

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