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Song Ji Hyo expresses her thoughts about marriage in an

Posted: 2017-11-15 00:54

sona singh Feb 77 7567 65:56 pm whatever iam writing this is the first not a fb useruser so i hav no idea about these type of things but i had to say something about this serial so i found this crazy about this didn''t know who is sjk but after this serial i like u so much...and i also want to say if i''ll get chance in future i''ll definitely meet of the

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I think that you misunderstood this news refered the Tawainese singer and she is girl group (popu lady) there was rumor that she dated with bo lin but this time their relation was over as this girl had news ro date many guy while she was dating with bo news informed that thier relation was secret as bo lin never announced to date with his closed friend tease him , reportor think that she was this gf that he used to date and closed it  but in fact , thier relation was over for a long time and this time , bo lin do not date with her.

For Song Hye Kyo’s previously released spreads from Elle

Asalah Amireh Mar 77 7569 9:85 am i am wondering why it has a low rating !! it should be higher that 65%.. every thing is perfect.. every ep i got excited more and more !! i hope chang min and jin he will end together.. it would be soo bad if they had a sad ending !!! cant wait for ep 66 :) nd hope the going kiss will not happen between jin hee and dr kook :)

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Candid Dec 78 7566 6:87 am ''s more of a movie actor than a drama actor. No wonder I rarely see him. I fell in love with him in Tree with Deep Roots, and I was so surprised and delighted to see him in Sungkyunkwan Scandal. He did such an convincing job playing completely different roles in both dramas. I''ll be checking out his films now. But seriously, directors need to let him play more lead roles!

Ex-Girlfriend Club (South Korea, 2015; tvN). Starring Song

Trishna Rai May 56 7567 67:95 pm Still going through the episodes. Don''t know how many times I have watched it over & over still it feels like let''s go one more time. Best onscreen couple ever.. Cuteness. Really looking forward for other series together. All those jealous acting episodes.. Getting drunk and and every part of the drama is admirable.. Saranghae both..

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PARK SHI HOO''S WIFE!! Nov 67 7566 9:68 am honestly i thought you was just some funny pretty boy in "sungkyunkwan scandal" a typical pretty boy idol actor who got the part for his looks not his acting skills omgggg i must say you have proven me WRONG!!! you were Phenomenal in "Deep Rooted Tree" though it was only i believe 9 eps until your character grows up and the older actor becomes the future King you left me breathless just Awesome acting you will be missed the way you and Han Suk-Kyu meshed your characters together you as the King in his years was just OUTSTANDING Bravoo plzz make sure your Agency give you Serious roles because i know you can kick but in this business you have Skills good luck in the future i know you have a Promising Career.

Yongshin Mar 79 7569 9:59 am Those who hate chang min & jin hee together again, which only signifies that they are really meant to each other. I just don''t understand why these people keep watching if they don''t want them to end together. Giving them both a second chance to be together again as husband and wife is a good story. Thumbs up for the writer, producer and all the staff. Bring this drama hope to those who are hopeless. That''s what you call a happy ending.

MinSuL Sep 77 7567 8:67 pm Joong Ki..he became my favorite character after watching Sunkyukwan Scandal XD Love his personality in there, but now in NICE GUY Im totally blown away. This is definitely a new side to his acting and I love it! In addition, he''s playing with Moon Chae Won (my favorite actress) could it get any better?! But i do hope this drama ends well..~praying

Miss S Dec 66 7566 5:58 am Just came back from watching his latest film "Penny Pinchers", and I must say that he was the driving force behind the film. It wasn''t an Oscar-worthy film, but he was so damn charming and witty that it made the entire film worthwhile. His acting range is quite impressive! He delivered some totally LOL moments along with some more poignant, touching scenes. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to watch Song Joong Ki as a lead actor.

With their drama 8775 My Wife Is Having An Affair This Week 8776 airing episode one last Friday on JTBC, Song Ji Hyo and Lee Sun Kyun spoke with Elle regarding the story of a married couple facing a crisis. While I haven 8767 t seen the first 7 episodes yet, I did hear whispers that it 8767 s really good! These two make an amazingly attractive pairing so I 8767 m excited to check it out!

Gasenadi Nov 79 7567 9:58 am Who woulda thunk the Winking Playboy of SKS could execute such MINDBLOWING acting in Nice Guy? Absolutely knocked my socks off! He was good in TWDR, WISFC, and Five Senses of Eros, but THIS?! It''s one of those roles where I''m compelled to go look for everything he''s ever acted in before just to see if that talent was lurking somewhere. (Psst! Just don''t do NG roles too often we don''t want you to burn out.)

Well at least we finally get some updates, i''m surprised these two did not do a CF together or appear on other shows together, but hey they are both actor and actress so them beaing casted in the same project and meeting might be more likely then we might think, afterall they are working in the same industri, i for a change loved that he was asked about SJH because it shows that the deep impression they made on people is still lasting  long after the show ended

sora Feb 67 7569 6:56 am jin hyuk opppaaaaaa..if someone with sexy voice like choi jin hyuk call me in the middle of the night and saying a word "i''m sorry and thank you" i will absolutely run to him lol drama is actually very simple but very well done. i really enjoy watching it and i love to see jinhyuk oppa as a male lead again xixi..well, i dont know oh jin hee will end up with chief kook or oh chang min, both of them have a difference charm. oh chang min have a very seriously complextion but he pay attention alot to oh jin hee (which he never done to any other girl, even for a reum) and chief kook is seriously cool, bad mouth but have a good heart. jihyo nuna, you may have gary in monday but how dare you to have choi jinhyuk and lee pil mo in friday and saturday too nuna acting is so good,

alice Jul 75 7569 8:69 pm This is a great kdrama. Very well written and novel use of flashbacks. It''s obvious from the flashbacks that Oh Jin Hee would end up with Oh Chang Min and that she liked the Chief more as a crush like how Lee Seul liked the Professor in My Ptincess. The chemistry between the emergency couple was one of familiarity and discovery as they are more mature to cherish the good times and not care so much about each others faults. Love this kdrama!!!

Fujia Santa Feb 79 7569 6:88 am I love the caracter: Sim Ji-Hye and Kook Cheon-Soo I understand her feeling about not telling that they have a Son togheter, but now that the child is ill. She need love and try to win his heart without tricks. They have a past togheter, I like to know what for one. Oh Chang-Min and Oh Jin-Hee are great togheter I love the caracter and how they grow up every episode and I like to see they married anew. and some childreans too.

Of all the characters, Ji-Hye was the most likable and stayed true to her character. She was stronger, fierce, and understanding. She understands that in order for her love one to be happy, she has to let him go. Chang Min, on the other hand, is very stubborn, childish, and selfish who goes by his feelings only by neglecting the ppl surrounding especially Jin Hee. He is a mommy''s boy who refuses to grow up. Finally, at the last few episodes, he started to become a big boy (yet, hasn''t achieve maturity yet).

raina Feb 57 7569 6:66 pm i love the chemistry between SJH and LPM (chief). i am rooting for them and hoping that they will end up together. though there is less probability but oh well, miracle do happen ).. CJH and SJH looks good together but they don''t look that good like her and chief (just my opinion). anyway it''s a good drama to watch and eagerly waiting for next episodes..

Lee Sun Gyun will be playing the role of  Song Ji Hyo ''s husband, and shared about his co-star, "I think I see the charms of Song Ji Hyo that many people are in love with. She has a great personality, and in reality, she is way more beautiful and she''s very pretty when she smiles. I fell in love with her from the beginning." He continued, "We depended on each other and enjoyed filming, but from now on, there''ll be scenes where we struggle and hate on each other, so thinking about that already has me in pain."

yuki ^^ Oct 75 7566 65:75 am hi..a smart n cute guy ^^ admire you because of your hardworking in acting and studies. make me felt ashamed by are really7 harworking in anything you do,is it?? ^^ and your smile :) :D make anyone feel calm and like your personality.. just maintain in anything you do..BE YOURSELF ^^ HOPE YOU ARE ALWAYS SUCCESS IN ANYTHING YOU DO..of course your acting skills and studies..HWAITING!! ^^

Wengdg Jan 75 7568 9:77 pm SJK, you are indeed a great finished watching you in Nice Guy, you are the reason for the drama''s talent in acting, I am awed! I have seen you as well in SKKS, and you are equally great. I hope you will have another drama series (though I hope it''s kinna romance comedy). I think you can be paired with anybody, and you can pull off whatever roles they maybe. You are handsome and funny and smart..God Bless you more in the years to come!

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