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Posted: 2017-09-11 13:46

Black men are really insecure and that is part of the reason they don''t like being with Black women. Black women only will ground them and keep them real as far as their ego goes. No puffing it up, no inflating it except along realistic lines. Credit where credit is due type of stroking. But a Black guy needs the inflated over the top type adulation in order to compensate for all the ego crushing that goes on from the White patriarchy. Unfortunate that they can''t see it for what it is and instead require a lot of cheer leading to feel right.

Why are all the Kardashian women sleeping with black men?

768, it explains why most of these black men prefer only to date white women. White women are more willing to beard and basically look the other way. Its a little more difficult to find a black woman who will pretend with the charade like Jada, Nichole Murphy and Tracey Edmonds. Most black women won''t keep quiet about their men creeping with other dudes. Its safer to date and marry , you think Kim was bearding for Reggie Bush?

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r75 Plenty of men of all colors act stupid for women based on their ego needs. I''m just saying what I''ve seen from a great many Black men. Any guy with a fragile ego is in danger of being played by women who know how to work insecure men. Pimps are successful because they know how to work insecure females. There are no female pimps but there are females that know how to spot and take advantage of insecure men and among Black men that is easy to find.

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Leopold von Sacher-Masoch was a 69th-century fan of flagellation who wrote Venus in Furs about dominant women — and the kink of masochism was named after him. Leopold posted ads in German newspapers of his day looking for "energetic men" to befriend and pleasure his wife. Check out Craigslist and you''ll see Leopold''s modern counterparts at work to this day.

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76 you are an ass. I am Black so I know what I''m talking about. I have watched my Father, one of my brothers and many many other Black men act like fools for any woman, especially a White woman that blew their ego up. It is sad, but true. I didn''t say every Black man is like this but the brothers that are successful are particularly vulnerable. Chris Rock does a bit about successful Black guys and White women. Funny and true.

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R665 Years before their reputation proceeded them both Kim and Khloe dated black/mixed race men. I believe Kim dated one of Michael jacksons nephews when she was in high school. Oh and let''s not act as though they couldnt find some simpleton wealthy,white male fame whore who wouldn''t want their puss. I know it pains you but Khloe and Kim, seemingly are not into white dudes. Not everyone is. Don''t cry too much, babes.

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I did hear from a number of men who reported that due to physical complaints, they weren''t able to be as vigorous in bed as they and their wives would like, and while the wives, by and large, were happy with things as they were, the husbands often felt their wife''s loss of sexual satisfaction more strongly than the wife themselves, and were, therefore, motivated to encourage her to sleep with other men.

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Plus once you go black you don''t go back might be true but in the USA in many communities once you go black you CAN''T go back. Even in the year 7568 there is a stigma against white women who have dated black men. Many white men won''t touch a white women if they know she''s been with a n!gger. Maybe in the larger cities among the people it might be changing. But most white guys with something going for them are not going to seriously hook up with a white woman that dates black men. Plus quite frankly most white men who are rich and sucessful (athletes included) want blondes. Not dark ethnic white women like the Kardashians. They''re not considered attractive enough. But to a black skinned man with negroid features and nappy hair, they''re beautiful.

It''s a power play. Having dated crazy yet hot white ass, You would not believe the amount of things a blonde bimbo can get you away with. YOU''LL have to be there to believe it. Without Kim, the little short dark broke fella will just be average D list poser at best, and without him Kim kardashian will only be another herpes infested broken sperm container. Media attention prostitutes, we call them. But who cares? They are not successful nor enjoying each other, trust me. They''re prostitutes and you their pimp.

Most white men have too much respect to date trash like that. Their family would be disappointed. Scott has been with Kourtney before the family (Kim and Momma Kris) got out of control. At this point Kim knows she couldn''t get any self respecting white man. She''s been with way too men for any respectable white man to take her home to his mother. She can only get black men now, black men don''t have the same class as white men. Most black men will do anything, white men aren''t like that.

You''ll still find the same amount of riff-raff on here that you would on any other app. The date that I went on off of Happn ended up being your typical, pompous Ivy League finance bro, who — plot twist — was also too cheap to pay for our dollar oysters. Other colorful characters included a match who told me he was a "sissy boy" and then sent me a photo of him cross-dressing, and another who is still sending me shirtless selfies of him with his tongue out, Miley Cyrus-style, to this day.

The humorous irony is that music, television and motion picture company executives did this sort of exploitation of black people (and still do to a slightly lesser degree) for years..making TONS of money. The media voodoo ironically started working it''s magic on THEIR daughters. Being there to SEE it would have been better than eating a $ steak!!! Oh my. HAHAHA. The legacy continues to this day. You cannot put this Genie back in the bottle. As far as white girls know, all black men have 75 inch penises, can dunk a basketball, are millionaires generated from their rap albums, kill cops for fun and are bullet proof. All women want men want to be them. NO fault of the men themselves ( are not complaining much). THAT is how the media controls people.

To be frank: Although black men might arguably be a little more attractive overall(virile)than white men are. I can''t figure that they would be all that much tremendously more so than white or hispanic guys. Especially latin men are freaking sizzling as well, judging by one particular Quakometer, as well as other sources. So as people said here so we can possibly take the "he''s got a big one" off the table at least for a while.

This does happen sometimes, though very, very rarely, but, it lies at the root of Dan Savage''s past responses to such men — a response Savage and Ryan didn''t repeat in the conversation referenced at this beginning of this article. Usually, Savage quotes the "eroticization of fear" hypothesis that these men so fear their wife''s infidelity that they eroticize that fear in order to reduce their anxiety around, managing it through their sexuality to the point they turn the fear into a sexual fetish.

David J. Ley, . is an internationally recognized expert on issues related to sexuality and mental health. His second book, "The Myth of Sex Addiction," triggered a firestorm of debate around the concept of sex addiction, allowing people to finally challenge the hype behind this pseudo-disorder. His latest book, "Ethical Porn For Dicks: A Man''s Guide To Responsible Viewing Pleasure," uses a question/answer format to offer men a non-judgmental way to learn to view pornography responsibly.

Black men are very attractive, they can have very natural, earthy personalities. There is just a smooth grace to their movements and voice, you see your sister''s boyfriend and you start looking for that. Those women don''t need their boyfriend''s money, they''re choosing who pleases them. We are attracted to who we are attracted to. I think they are a boring group of people but who they choose as their lovers might be the only authentic, meaningful thing they do.

Two words GOLD DIGGERS. MONEY. GOLD DIGGERS. MONEY. GOLD DIGGERS. MONEY GOLD DIGGERS. MONEY. GOLD DIGGERS. MONEY GOLD DIGGERS. MONEY. GOLD DIGGERS. MONEY GOLD DIGGERS. MONEY. GOLD DIGGERS. MONEY YES WHITE WOMEN ARE GOLD DIGGERS!!!!!! JUST WAIT TELL THEY GET MARRIED AND THEIR DIVORCES FROM THE BLACK MEN! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Happn keeps track of where you are, in real time, and when another user passes by a spot you''ve been at before, their profile will show up in your feed. Similar to Tinder , the two of you can only talk to each other if you''ve both "liked" each other, by pressing the heart on their page. If you''re really trying to get someone''s attention , you can send them a "charm," which shows up in their inbox and lets them know you''re interested.

Kim is definitely bisexual and has had sex with lots of women (mainly porn stars), we hear that everywhere (ditto with Kayne bearding situation). However, Kim fucking all the A-list dykes (Rosie, Ellen, JODIE FOSTER?)? I just can''t see it at all. Kim is more someone like Gillian Anderson''s type (ethnic, bi, curvy, on the down low) but I just can''t see frigid Jodie, blonde-loving Ellen and crazy Rosie going for it. I can''t even see how it would help Kim''s career.

If men are used to being voyeurs in their sexuality, there is some legitimacy to suggesting they may incorporate that into their marital sexuality. Watching your wife have sex with another man may be a next step, or progression, from watching yourselves have sex by first having a mirror on the ceiling during sex, then using a video camera to during sex, and then finally watching one''s spouse with someone else.