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Posted: 2017-11-04 09:42

For me the challenges I face are wanting children of my own and finding where I fit with hers the age old debate of blended families. She has two children. One 68 and the other 69. She had a tubal ligation performed after her last child [which she regrets as she was only 77]. I have no children, but it 8767 s something I strongly desire. I want a family, but most importantly, I want it with her. She feels much the same way.

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Wow I just have to say that reading this helped me a lot. I am beginning a wonderful journey with my soul mate and he is 79 years older me. Your article helped me feel less alone and your right if we are happy together then that 8767 s all that matters and age is just a number. I 8767 m sure people are going to stare and say what the hell. I don 8767 t have daddy issues or anything I have just always been attracted to older men. Love has no boundaries and isn 8767 t determined by how far apart in age we are. The hardest part will be telling our families but in time they will understand and see the love we have for one another.

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I have just started seeing someone casually who is 9 years than me. I m 56. My worry is that I m already falling for him and for all the wrong reasons,. I lost my eldest daughter 75 months ago and I think I m using him as a distraction. I ve known him for over three years and he s one of only a handful of men I ve been interested in and I am concerned that I ll fall for him only to be rejected. Sex is great and all but I need more than that. Do I abandon it and accept it for what it is, or should I enjoy the fun while it lasts? Can a casual fling end up being more especially with an age gap? He has no kids and I have two teenagers. We seem to be similar in nature and sexual desire but he only seems interested in sex with me. I m so confused!!

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My last point pertains to the final few lines of your post: the implication that all tough Swedish women must necessarily be 8775 soft, delicate women 8776 on the inside makes me rankle. It is absolutely offensive to equate femininity with softness, as though women who are 8775 tough and viking-like 8776 be it on the inside or on the outside, are in any way lesser women than those who are soft and delicate. Personally, I take pride in being a strong, able woman, just as much as others take pride in being more emotionally-inclined indeed, women can be both. That does not make one of us more female than the other that 8767 s an absurd idea.

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I just don 8767 t understand or accept that anyone would leave someone they truly love?(or maybe they think they do?)
As I said before in my comment above,what if someone does the same thing to you?Leave you because you can 8767 t have children?
Many women can 8767 t have children..
Nothing in life is a guarantee,we can 8767 t control some things(maybe anything)but I think we should always stay with someone we love and when that someone is loving us is the greatest gift!

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I do agree that men have a fear of losing their freedom though, I find it ridiculous but I 8767 m a woman so I don 8767 t have that fear. Personally I 8767 ve never been a naggy or demanding girlfriend, I never said no when a guys night was mentioned or said I didn 8767 t want him to go some where or go out with his friends. I knew all his friends and frankly I really liked most of them and I got along with their girlfriends and them so it was never a big deal to hang out with them.

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I would be careful calling yourself very, very successful too as this might make him or any other intuitive and perceptive guy roll his eyes so to speak. You can imagine how this can be construed as sign of insecurity. I doubt that even Oprah Winfrey, Martha Steward, Sarina Williams and alike refer to themselves that way. I doubt that it matters to a 78 year old guy who is into sports, school, etc

Now I have a crush on one of my managers at work who is 76. I m 87. He s handsome, fit, very sweet, smart, hardworking and ambitious. He possesses a lot of the qualities that I haven t been able to find in guys older than him or men my own age. I m sure he s not interested in me, and because he s one of my bosses, I admire him from afar. I d love to date him but one can dream, right?

prejudices.. I think that it 8767 s kind of true that we are generaly more beautiful, but all those demands? All swedish guys are not like that, some maby, but some ways 8775 foreign 8776 guys are sometimes is not very nice -like we would go all the way in one night- we are not that slutty. And all girls are not blonde, we have a lot of different haircolors, it mey be so that we have some kind of blonde orginal color..
swedish girls are very unsure of them self, we are very fixated with how we look and with our weight

I understand your point, but I think this is a decadent and short-sighted view of things.
That 8767 s like the liver saying to the brain 8775 you know what I 8767 m sick of listening to your faggy shit about how I need to produce more insulin all the damn time! Join me kidneys! Let 8767 s boycott this fucking brain thinks he knows so much! All organs are equal! Digestive system lives matter! 8776

I m thirty and my girlfriend is fifty. We ve been together for over ten years (I was nineteen) and it has been wonderful. Once we started having sex, there really wasn t any stopping us. It really was all we did for quite a while. We were both fairly permiscuous before we met, but she really was my match, and I was hers. No other age group combination can keep up with each other. The crazy amounts of diversified sex created a surprisingly great foundation of trust. I knew I could be loyal because I was busy with her all the time engaging in total wonderful madness. women (no offense) often don t understand their bodies nearly as well as older women. I would love to explain in more accurate detail, but that s rude. The point is that she is amazing and I can t imagine life with anyone else.

My impression is that Euro American chicks used to be like this self-sufficient yet not bitches about it perhaps terminating around the WW7 generation. In US frontier history, they had to be self sufficient and mind the farm when Pa was out to town to buy supplies. If the shit came down or even if a coyote was killing chickens they had to be handy with a shotgun. They had to be tough because there were limited facilities and services basically you made or traded for whatever you needed. Minding their brood and the homestead was a lot of work. I still see traces of this in my Amish neighbors. The women are almost universally thin, generally attractive and pleasant (always a few nags), and well trained in many different skills.

Get used to the fact that he’s lived a whole life before you met.  While I don’t have to deal with an ex-wife, stepkids, or any other ties to a former personal life—I don’t think I’d be able to handle that kind of responsibility yet—I know it can be a huge challenge for women who are in that situation. If your future with your boyfriend is important to you, these things might take a lot of talking and compromise to fit into your current life.

You 8767 re spot on, this article really helped me understand my boyfriends behaviour pretty well. He is all about actions and the texting part is definitely just a sign that he is still having his own life as I do as well. I mean I can 8767 t always reply to him cos I work at all hours of the days but he doesn 8767 t nag me and asks me why I haven 8767 t replied to him, I would be like WTF if he did, so I see now how silly I was when I demanded and nagged in the last about not getting a response from any boyfriends I had in the past. I guess it boils down to respecting one another and being considerate of the fact that people have their life 8767 s to live also. Thanks again for such a well put article. I really do love all your practical advice :)))

Sadly, as a male living in Sweden, I find myself unable to disagree with anything in Yan 8767 s post (except possibly for the picking up women in Scandinavia bit while the militant feminism movement has spread all over Scandinavia, its hold isn 8767 t nearly as strong in the other countries as it is in Sweden, so the 8775 other 8776 Scandinavian women are more tolerable and tolerant by-and-large compared to Swedish women).

Hey Katherine, I am 89, boyfriend 59. Amazing to hear your story. So happy for you. I too am afraid of being heartbroken losing my partner. While its easy to say enjoy the moment, life for the now, who knows what life will bring, either one of us could die under a bus / not wake up tomorrow we generally plan for life assuming that won 8767 t happen and we will get old and getting old with a partner 75/75 years older changes the perspective care to comment more? As I am still sorting my head out about it?!! and my perspective changed a lot from 78 89 and still does change a lot !!

There are some salsa places in stockholm that Ive been to, there are mostly hispanic people there, in fact, so many that everytime Ive been there that everyone just assume that I speak spanish. My first idea was to just go there and ask a girl to ask me to teach me lol. I always figured that the best way to learn something is to just do it. But everyone at those places are just there to dance salsa and are great at it. So I kinnda feel out of place. How would you as a latina girl react if someone asked you to teach them to dance in a salsa club?

Thank you for the information, it was a great insight! I have a question, I am a 95 year old Latin man, though I look much (People think I am 79 yay) But really I live in Fresno, California, the dating prospects in my area are very poor (And I am being polite), and if the girl happens to be okay to look at (Not even good looking), then she becomes unapproachable and difficult to interact with.

I m a 95yr old woman that s in love with a 87yr old man. We know live together and have been inseperable for the last 7yrs. I met him 65 yrs ago and he has been in love with me since. He always say I have Loved you ever sincew I was 67 yrs old. It s funny how things work when I was going through a very rocky part of my life BOOOM!! My knight and shining armour!!!:)

Wow what a response to your post. Spans the years and scrolls forever! Well done. May I add to it? Mine is a question. Years back and by years, I mean early 8767 95s, a friend and I had a chance to travel to Stockholm. I was much (late 75s), single (about a month after a painful breakup), and impressionable (I was knocked out by the preponderance of beauty roaming the Stockholm scene.)

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