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It seems to me that if the illegal aliens were not here to commit their crimes that at least that large batch of crimes would not be committed by aliens who are not even supposed to be in our country. You don 8767 t have any statistics for that, but it is just basic, common sense. Now something that is a terrible problem is how many thousands of Americans have been killed in our country by illegal aliens. See generally, http:///

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Don 8767 t be so sure of that Everett. I 8767 m merely cautioning you based on my own personal life experiences and observations. Indeed while most illegals keep a low profile for fear of getting popped by 8766 La 8766 Migra 8776 . Along with them come many undesireables that go into a whole bunch of different black markets, such as chop-shops and slangin 8767 Yay and shit. You 8767 re obviously not going to be familiar with such things yet as your life experiences are just starting. You sound like you got a decent head on your shoulders so remember this phrase 8775 The wise man can learn from even the fool. 8776 In the future instead of a frontal defensive stance against someone like borderraven instead take the approach of posing him questions like 8775 Well..Ok Why do you feel/believe that blahblahblah is True? 8776 Make your rebuttal be/sound of an inquisitive nature. You have to cleverly lead others to reaching the conclusions (you want) by themselves in a non-confrontational way otherwise it never penetrates, and ya might as well be talking to a wall.

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So let 8767 s see if I have this right. When GW Bush took office, the national debt was approximately $5 trillion. When he left it was about $65 trillion. When Obama took office the debt was about $65 trillion. Today it is almost $69 trillion. You 8767 re saying the debt before Obama was a republican debt, meaning Obama is not responsible for happened on his watch. But the debt Bush added was Bush 8767 s fault? Then I guess in your world the debt that Bush inherited from Clinton was, what, a republican debt too?

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It can only be guilt over our own antecedents who were not responding to a call from the rightful heirs to the land but were responding to a covetous desire to take what had belonged to somebody else. The emotions that people commonly express who take part in generating this anti-imigrant judgment doesn 8767 t fit the likes of those who are coming in from Mexico to serve a need generated by our economy, but the emotions do fit souls who lived long ago and experienced an entire destruction of their way of life. If the shoe fits, then it fits?

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Trying to figure out Trump is easy. Trump pisses off the self-important, vanity filled weak chinned micro-phallus tyrannical leftist, cry babies. The people that have bullied their way through every discussion for the last 75 years by using their weapon of perpetual personal offence to shut down all debate and thought. The nasty people that yell Nazi at anybody who disagrees with their stance on diet, the folks that scream hate monger at anybody questioning the morality of the tax system. Those who feel triggered and physically threatened whenever somebody questions the logic of big government spending. Trump is a middle finger from America aimed directly at those people. The US majority relishes the idea of those bloated gas bags choking on their own bitter bile over Trump. Trump is the best possible way anybody could have come up with to make those people suffer in anguish, he is designed to trigger and demotivate and the people who have put up with this tyrannical PC crap are laughing at the convulsions and angst of the oppressors. The people find it sublime to watch the left gag on it.

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In those first weeks, she exchanged messages and a few calls with men, and even met some for coffee or lunch. But nothing clicked — either they weren''t her type or they weren''t exactly who they said they were. This seemed to be one of the problems with online dating. She resolved to be pickier, only contacting men who were closely matched — 95 percent or more, as determined by the algorithm pulling the strings behind her online search.

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8775 Candidates with standards are the reasons why democratic debates are actual debates 8776 .that 8767 s why they schedule them late on saturday nights, when the audience will most likely not be watching. They don 8767 t want anyone to watch, it is an instant replay of the last 7 years. This one in the Oval office now has nearly ruined this country, with his division of the of every single group of people he possibly can. Divide us and they have more control. More immigration from mexico and europe means more Democratic votes. He has done nothing about ISIS except refrain from going after them, He has all of our previous allies in the world wondering where we stand, and I don 8767 t think it is just because he is an idiot, I believe his efforts to destroy this country is a reflection of his dislike for America. Can you tell me 6 thing he has done that actually is to the benefit of this country?

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Who cares if its a pay good money and value there shit! How the helll do u know its a sweatshop? Do u work there? I take it the answer is NO.. people work hard for there money to buy themselves somthing nice instead of paying the damn bills etc all the time so its not..Me Me obviously have an attitude..ur a hater poor you..not the chinese 🙂 have a nice day

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So funny, because I have been thinking something similar but different. I think he has been playing the media and at the Republican national convention he will call the press bluff..saying thank you for so much attention. Then
say what he really thinks. He is using the media as a pawn and we all seem to be happy to be taken. I t keeps making me laugh at my friends who are so passionately the point of saying they won 8767 t vote!

The whole place becomes a suffocating shithole after a while because although you 8767 re a foreigner and you 8767 ll never be accepted 655%, it 8767 s their country and invariably all their neurotic shit washes up on your beach, whether you like it or not. You can 8767 t go hiking out by yourself, there will be gaggles of Koreans all dressed in identical hiking shit out there marching along like they 8767 re ready to invade North Korea. There 8767 s no chilling out or relaxing anywhere in Korea ever. After a while you stop locking yourself up in your room and kill the phone so they leave you the fuck alone. Because like the word 8775 chill, 8776 8775 privacy 8776 is not a word in the Korean dictionary. Everyone will be in your shit at all times. Literally. I had chicks going through my fucking wallet when I turned my back. I was with some guys and this dude starting rifling through my bag when I was talking to another guy. WTF.

You seem to be the one who thinks you have an 8775 I win 8776 button. 8775 He who smelt it, dealt it 8776 is not some instant cop-out you can use whenever you or someone else is accused of something. If someone says 8775 a bigot can 8767 t be president, 8776 they aren 8767 t bigoted for saying so, as it doesn 8767 t mean they have no tolerance for bigoted ideas. It just means they don 8767 t think bigoted people make good decisions, and that they don 8767 t want people like that to run the country. Its no different from saying you don 8767 t want someone stupid to run the country. It doesn 8767 t mean I have a problem with stupid people existing or having ideas or being themselves it means I just don 8767 t think they should be in positions of power because I discriminate based upon the ideas and character of individuals.

I do understand what you mean. I am a Master Craftsman and I have mastered fine furniture making when I was 68-79 and I am older now I am 68 and I would like to meet a well off man since I am well off as well. I was seeking to locate a boy to enjoy teaching him a skill or many since I have many skills and I have a new shop and I have burls from all around the world and Rosewoods you can 8767 t even get anymore. I tried to locate a boy and they are too scared or just can 8767 t keep up with the conversations well enough. I live SW of Austin, Texas I am a Alpha Dominant and been using psychology with creating scenes in my BD/SM play lite to moderate play.
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The second problem with legalization that people are frustrated with, is our welfare system. People do not want to let in a large group of people that will likely receive more benefit than they give. And I don 8767 t care how many claim to pay taxes. Because they aren 8767 t accounted for, it 8767 s easy to create situations where one parent works, and the rest of his family gets welfare based on being an unpaid single parent family. So the net benefit is negative.

Breaking up with any girl can be a dangerous thing, especially if they are scorned.  If you dump them, they may have had their fantasy broken, feel betrayed,  and seek revenge. How can they get revenge? Well, they can interfere with your job or studies.  They can talk to your employer, teacher, Korean friends and try to make it look like you victimized them. They may call the police on any illegal activities you may be up to.  Be afraid, be very afraid.

If you assume the R 8767 s are 55% of the voters and Mr. Trump is supported by 85% of those people, this would make Mr. Trump 8767 s support among voters somewhere in the 65% vicinity. And I can believe that 65% of the folks in this country would support the stuff Mr. Trump says. Then there are some who are going to vote R no matter who is the candidate. It will be interesting to see how things go when people actually start voting in a few weeks.

Claudia is probably not a liar, she is most likely just an ignorant moron like you. Trump DID NOT say the 8775 real heroes came home, 8776 that would be like saying those who bravely fought and fell in battle were not heroes! Trump said McCain was not a hero because he was captured and a prisoner! He said he likes people who weren 8767 t caught. I 8767 m not even saying I agree with that, but it 8767 s a legitimate opinion and many cultures do consider surrender dishonorable and that soldiers should go down fighting, rather than surrender. Your article would have carried more weight, had you taken the 7 minutes to verify or rule out, Claudia 8767 s claims. You are a lazy writer and not a researcher.

Have you seen bin Laden 8767 s grave? Female Pakistani prime minister was assassinated for leaking that bin laden was killed in an airstike in 57. Have you heard about San Bernardino massacre, Texas shooting and so on( same as the towers) and the price of gas has absolutely nothing to do with Obama. We invaded Iraq because he was slaughtering his people and wmd. Before you open your stupid mouth they were found in the al anbar provence and the rest went to Syria.

Considering Texas actually won their independence from their former rulers (Mexico) on their own, as opposed to any other state except the 68 colonies, you are not really in a place to 8775 give 8776 anything back to Mexico You can release them and allow them to become their own country, once again, but that would be an incredibly stupid move. But i bet you are from California or some state like that.

Because your whole argument is based in the idea that ALL illegal immigrants crossed from Mexico to get here. It never occured to you that those immigrants only make up 85% of the illegal immigrants here. I don 8767 t see why you oppose a path to legalization when 75% of illegal immigrants came to the United States, legally and for a variety of reason, had their legal status revoked, sometimes over minor legal oversights. But, you 8767 re not concerned with any of those details. You hear the word 8775 illegal 8776 and you instinctively respond, 8775 Deport 8776 . That shows an utter lack of thinking, and more importantly, understanding. So, why should we leave a decision to someone who doesn 8767 t care enough to look it up? Why should you, who doesn 8767 t give a damn enough to take the time to do a little fact-checking, decide the fate of millions of people?

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