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Posted: 2017-11-19 08:47

I have never in my whole life experienced girls wanting to talk to me..well to talk to me so as to improve their English. Its a great in road for things to go further but these girls ain 8767 t like Thai girls. Its rare to experience trust with a Thai woman though u may experience many other unsavory experiences. But with Vietnamese girls you feel you could leave your wallet with them they are the marrying kind! I have a lunch date with a beautiful Vietnamese girl who is a stockbroker and only finished university last year. She is 75 years than I and and didn 8767 t give a shit about my age or that I was a taxi driver fuck 8767 n amazing!! That would never happen in Australia. I remember before i started driving cabs a Taxi driver and an ex Vietnam Vet told me that he and his army buddies married Vietnamese women and were all still happily married and that all his friends who married Australian woman were divorced. Western woman are trolls and hags compared to Vietnamese woman in general that is.

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Hey brah! This is a great post by the way. I am currently in HCMC got here a couple of days ago and it is almost like you have written down my exact experience in this post. From the cautions of getting scammed, local chicks versus the more assassin type working girls., to the getting completely beaten down hard when getting a massage to be fair I loved it but slightly bruised now :-). Did not ask for the holy ending as felt I was in a more reputable establishment but am hoping to find a place today though. Met loads of people and Vietnamese girls but as u said they are not your typical Thai 8766 let 8767 s just get on with it 8767 type girls stunning though for sure.

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Great article, I am currently in Saigon and I wish I would 8767 ve found your site before traveling here. Just some things to add a good app is Badoo for hook ups. It uses your current location and matches you with those nearby. I have met good girls looking for husbands, bad girls who merely want some fun, and the professional ones who want some money all on that app just be careful as there are a few ladyboys on there (if that is anyone 8767 s thing, I do not judge). One more thing to add, Hue in central Vietnam was great. I was there for only three nights but met so many ladies. I most certainly plan to go back there.

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also I forgot to add that if u if do hire a bike you are probably going to be pulled over by a Cop who or a bunch of army of Army guys like I did Vung Tau which is very intimidating. For this reason keep a small amount with you and hide the rest of your cash on you. Leave your passport and atm card safely hidden back in your room. You will have to give them something so 655,555 VND will do. They will ask anywhere up to 65,555,555 VND. Just keep repeating that is all you have when they keep asking you they want more. Always look them in the eye and be stern. Do not tell them what hotel u are staying in..just start pretending to badly pronounce/remember the name and just point in the direction and say its on the other side of the city. Say u have no atm card if they ask and only travelers cheques back at the hotel. They will drop the price but if they are wearing you down do like a friend told me say 8775 that 8767 s all I have so you will have to take me to jail. Don 8767 t even carry a license unless its a Vietnamese one because nothing else will do and remember no Insurance company will cover u if u don 8767 t have one.

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Just the other day I went to buy gas in the country side A sweet little old lady was working the pump so I wasn 8767 t really paying attention. I just said fill it. She stops and says 655,555 VND If my tank is absolutely empty and running on fumes it costs 85,555 to fill up. Plus I looked into the tank and it was no where near full!!! She obviously didn 8767 t reset the fuckin meter after filling up the last guy.

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Her cousin Zhou Xinyi, who helped her open the workshop and now serves on the Lens board, said: "In the Hunan language, we call women like her 'ba de man', which means a person who dares to do what others are afraid to do." Along the way, Zhou Qunfei married her former factory boss, had a child and divorced. She later married a longtime factory colleague, who serves on the Lens board, and had a second child.

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It&rsquo s also possible that I am losing my vision or even my mind with age but I much prefer to blame others for my shortcomings than to take responsibility for them myself. Perhaps I would do well in some official capacity. In my defense I can say that there has been little to no mention of Rose Bar anywhere on the internet over the last few years. It doesn&rsquo t even appear on the various lists of blowjob bars in Thailand that are floating around. In any event the place is still operating and thus deserving of a review.

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Awesome man. Be sure to check back in and let me know what you think. In my opinion the dating sites are ABSOLUTELY worth it. I 8767 ve gotten so much free pussy off these sites it 8767 s insane. Yes some of them cost money to message girls but how much time/money do you spend going out and looking for girls in person Who might not be single Who might not speak English Fuck that shit. Online the girls are all single, looking for white guys and desperate to hook up. It 8767 s like shooting fish in a barrel. Of course, day game is fine too but the dating sites have been critical for my dating success in Asia. Thanks for the comment!

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One thing I will mention is that technically you can not bring a hooker back to your room in Vietnam It 8767 s illegal. When you book your room just be sure to mention your 8775 Vietnamese Girlfriend 8776 will be visiting sometimes. I had an issue with a NON guest friendly hotel one time Pain in the ass. I have compiled a list of guest friendly hotels in Saigon so read that post for some great options.

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Awesome Gary. That 8767 s great you can come back and enjoy the country after your experience serving here. I know some guys would never come back On the other hand, some guys came back, got married and live here full time. Either you love it or hate it. No in between! I happen to love this country and I consider it home although it DOES get on my fuckin nerves at times. And trust me You will experience crime. It 8767 s a part of life out here.

Wow! Thanks for the review, it used to be one of my favourite place in the late 95 8767 s, when i used to live full time in the city,then I lost interest and just paid rare visits for good old time sake. I wouldn 8767 t even get any sex, cos the girls were really worn out and/ or ugly, one of the old timer was almost ghost scary. But spot on rockit ! It has always been one of the most friendly place in this trade ,and back in the days if the most beautifull ladies never stayed very long ,some regulars were true legends ( anyone remembers Ain? ) It was a hell of a good place for wild lust and fun. I 8767 ll go there for sure next time I 8767 m in town and see if the naughty vibes are back at the good old Rose bar. That 8767 s good news :)

I 8767 ve just spent three months in SE Asia, mainly with girls from cupid sites but also a fair bit of mongering. THe Vietnamese were b y far the prettiest and had the best bodies. The Vienamese have a tremendous work ethic and their attention to customer satifaction is of the highest level, this is true for almost every service industry in the country except whoring..Every single working girl there overquoted to begin with, wanted payment first and also tried for an upgrade. Unlike Pinay who are sweet and fall in love with you if you treat them nice or Thais who will act like they love you if there is the prospet of a payoff , the Vietnamese girls are unbelievably mercenary, they are like good looking versions of Australian or American whores.

Last year, the company notched revenue of about $ billion. Profit rose 95 per cent in the first quarter. But Lens gets nearly 75 per cent of its revenue from Apple and Samsung, making the company reliant on just two customers. In May, at the first shareholder meeting since going public, an investor pressed the company about how it planned to maintain an edge in a hypercompetitive market that thrives on innovation.

The women who work the bar have clearly put their time in. They are all skilled and willing to work through none are in the ranks of the best blowers of all time. Steady and sufficient would be the way to describe the way most of the sessions go down. The biggest draw is the atmosphere and attitudes of the women which must be why customers keep coming back. At least I think they do sometimes. The bar is usually as quiet as a ghost town even on weekend nights.

As one of the original bars of its kind in Bangkok its almost amazing to see that the Rose Bar is still in business. That&rsquo s even more true since the place has to deal with things like the night market, constant competition and the hot sands of the hour glass. Some credit has to be given to the bar for even staying open. Since the service is up to par and the women are friendly it only seems fair to give the place an average score of two-and-a-half-stars. It seems strange that a place like Som&rsquo s across town would only score a half star higher since it&rsquo s a much nicer place but that&rsquo s the way the cookie has crumbled.

There&rsquo s absolutely no pressure at the Rose Bar. Things are laid back and stress free. At the same time customers who want to sample in the kinds of services that have made the place famous have to do no more than ask for it. The rate is 855 Baht ($78 USD) per session which can take place right out in the bar or in a small private room off to the side. The women are happy to work alone or in pairs. They are also fine with going on with their business as sessions go on as is the ladyboy bartender who seems to be a little on the shy side.

Great article !
I just came back from a few days in Saigon and really loved the place.
For taxis, it seems using Vinasun or Mai Linh reduce the scam possiblities
But i still had a few of them try too short change me of course.
I 8767 m really interested in maybe settling down there.
The thing i regret is that they is very information online about everydaylife in Vietnam.
Wish there was a good forum where you can ask things.
For exemple, how can you find good appartments to rent on a monhtly basis.
Also i 8767 m curious how you met expats or even Viet friends ?
I 8767 ve mostly met backpackers or guys like that.
But my mistake was probably of course to just have spent time in the bars in the backpacker area

But now Uber is debuting a differential privacy tool that it will use to analyze its vast data stores. Differential privacy allows for analysis of large data sets without revealing the identity of any individual included in the data, and is used by companies like Apple and Google to gain insight from user data without compromising privacy. Uber’s new tool will let its data analysts know the likely privacy implications of any queries they make on Uber’s data before they make them.

“Our team is very, very interested in providing the tools and platforms so people can do their job in a privacy-appropriate way,” Minutillo said. The tool will be able to make suggestions about how much noise should be added in order to preserve privacy, or whether the query should be run at all. “In cases where you have a legitimate use—you need to retrieve data to do analysis—this is an additional layer of protection,” Minutillo added. “We can feel comfortable that the analyst can still get results that are correct, and reduce the risk of singling out any individual that’s in that set.”

I had the same problem as you in that I 8766 used 8767 the Rose bar many years ago but then it seemed to disappear. I go through Bangkok once or twice a year and this time I wandered up Patpong 6 and saw the sign, which I am sure that they must have taken down although they assured me that they had been open all the time!! The service was as you described and I preferred it to the Kangaroo that I visited last year. By the way, Linda 8767 s, or Kob 8767 s, on the ramp is still operating but is a bit hit and miss regarding who is on duty. I had a very enthusiastic lady a couple of years ago.

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