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Posted: 2017-11-15 02:26

I ve just discovered you also have an Experiences with Taurus blog with 955 + comments too, I never clicked on older posts to see that one before. Was that set up at the same time? I always find Taurus very straightforward so no idea why so many posts on that!

Sag women rock I have to say. They are a positive light force and a joy to be around. Part of the sisterhood. I can see how many men would be attracted to an energetic and wise sag sister.

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This depends on far more than just your sun signs. The complete picture of your personality and his is determined by numerous planet placements at the time of birth. To fully understand someone or how compatible you are with them we need to calculate those other planet placements from their date of birth, and compare them to your own, and then interpret the results. This unlocks the real power of astrology, and gives much more useful and specific information - everything from how they view you and how to turn them on to the best way to avoid arguments.

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I 8767 m a Scorpio woman in love with a Virgo man for 8 months now. I just enjoy our time together because I don 8767 t know how long it 8767 s gonna last. We do everything together & show each other love & affection. We 8767 ve met each other 8767 s families & spent the holidays together like a real couple. I 8767 m afraid I won 8767 t be able to have his baby and he 8767 ll leave me. I 8767 m also afraid we 8767 ll be together but not with a baby of our own. I know a baby won 8767 t make a man stay so not having a baby won 8767 t make him leave either. I have 9 children so he already has children, my children. Meanwhile we can practice making a baby together. I call him my hubby because I 8767 m his wifey. He says we 8767 re getting married someday when family, friends & even strangers ask us when we 8767 re getting married. I 8767 m just waiting on him to propose & I 8767 m saying yes!

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I just have to add one more thing, if a Sagittarius man loves you, you WILL know! Your friends will know, your family will know, his friends & family will know, the whole world will know. If you can t tell if he loves you, he probably doesn t. These men will proudly shout it from the rooftops letting the world know they found the most beautiful woman they ve ever met & how much you mean to them.

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Affection: It''s a common (and unfortunate!) misconception that Virgo women aren''t affectionate. We are, but much like the household feline, we want affection on our terms. Flashy PDAs are more likely to embarrass than flatter a Virgo woman. A kiss on the cheek or a squeeze of the hand in public goes a long way toward telling the world, "I''m hers and she''s mine" without interfering with her need to maintain public decorum. As any long-term partner of a Virgo woman can tell you, there''s no lack of passion behind closed doors!

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Hi, would you please comment on female Virgo dating a male Sag. He is the intellectual kind and I also want to know how to get him to notice me and what he likes in a life partner. I am all about freedom so not stereotypically virgo, but do like having a strong bond and love. I have no problem trusting someone who is honest and communicative, and also believe space is healthy for both partners. I am an older female and I know if this sign is okay with this too. Thanks.

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btw i have never experienced the hot then cold thing with my virgo man. He is always 655% with me. I even have gotten scared, broken up, pulled away etc and everytime my virgo man tells me he is there for me at home waiting when im ready to talk and work things out, and that even though i need my space or want to break up cuz im mad about something. he will never give up on me and will not be doing anything other than trying to make money, not out looking for a new girl. Hes very patient with me. Im the one that gives him hot then cold. but it usaually only lasts a day or two.

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Hey Mirror,
This guy has been sort of after me for has taken me on a few dates and is always asking to hang out..I have been putting him off a lot bc I have been busy with final exams. Anyway, he asked me to go to an event, I couldn t go so I gave him a counter offer (over text) and he responded (I will think about it)!! Well, the day I suggested is tomorrow. What if I get a text at the last minute? (after 5 days of him saying nothing). Should I just ignore him and go into confront his bs behavior! Thanks! I need advice ASAP

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I am a Pisces man and although I haven 8767 t dated a Sag I find them very attractive.
Most of my friends have been Sag 8767 s.
They are great, it 8767 s comforting that they are everywhere at all times because it takes the potent uncomfortablity away from the now and makes now less serious and carefree as if sometimes to think 8775 What 8767 s the worst that can happen? 8776 instead of being a pussy and using already acquired wisdom being with a Sag somehow makes a Pisces more capable of droping their emotions and doing what they should do.
They make magic out of something otherwise non-magic, life.

I m a Sag male and my brother is a Taurus. I hate to say it but I sometimes wonder if my brother has even one adventure bone. I often think his brain runs on a 79 hour cycle, just repeating the same thing each and every day. He loves to expand his mind by reading and he learns quickly but has virtually no desire for experience in the physical sense. Almost like he is unaware that time is passing, he is getting older, and soon will pass on. How is it possible to live life like that? Is it fear?

Degree of Marriage:   This can make a good marriage if the emphasis is on work, raising a family, and accomplishing things.  Virgo does not start out to set the world on fire, but many a Virgo becomes terribly successful by virtue of being so good at what they do.  Many Virgos are 8775 the best in their field, 8776 be it SCUBA diving, library science, or brain surgery.  Many Virgos wind up as consultants later in life because so many people have learned to look up to them.  Together, Virgo and Scorpio accomplish a lot.  If she is a Lady Macbeth-type Scorpio and he 8767 s a Casper Milquetoast-like Virgo, of course it will be disastrous.

8766 m a sag woman in love with a pisces man. I loved him 8767 till the fisrt time i saw him more than 6year ago. I agree with all of u, it 8767 s very hard to know abt his feelings n emotions coz he don 8767 t talk so much abt that. Despite of what horoscope says abt pisces personality, he seems a very materialistic man, but sometimes romance come out of his heart. it 8767 s hart to undertand him n to understand his long silence 8767 s moments but i love him same, i love him with all myself Hope 6day we will be togeter n forever

He cheated on me, and as a result of what he did, I went of on him. Am a scorpio I hate being lied to. He flew me out to minnesota, 6 days after i left he flew somebody else out there, And i found out about it. He said that me and him are not together thats why he did feel like he had to tell me anything about the other girl. I just want to kno if my spazing out on him, will cause him to leave for good, or its a possiblity he is gonna come back? This the first time I ever spaz out on my sag lover and honestly i dont kno what to do in this case cause, I dont want him too leave. I kno ppl claim sag man are ruthless with there mouth, but this sag man was not arguing back and forth with me, he just had me texting him , he did said anything back at me. The fact that he did argue back with me, is that a good or a bad thing?

I just checked out the Virgo woman Scorpio man article too. It says they can break up with mutual respect in a mature manner without a problem. But according to this a Scorpio temperament combined with the sex: female renders a person chronically hysterical and incapable of rational thought. I just wish I could get a horoscope from people who don 8767 t despise women, but clearly that 8767 s never gonna happen.

Im dating a Sag man who is 8 years then me. He likes to drink,smoke pot
he is not very ambitious and not financially secure. Not sure what he has been doing most of his adult life. No kids and never married! he should have money in the bank. He is very affectionate and makes me feel like im the only woman in the world. In the long term where will this go???, most of his girlfriends have been about 75 years then him!

I have been dating a sag man for 5 months. he was very causious at first saying that he didn t know if he wanted to come out of his comfort zone ( he s been very hurt before as the 7 ex wives had left him for other men) he eventually did decide that he wanted me and everything was fantastic. texting and ringing all the time so I knew he was enjoying his new more exiting life with me..he really liked me and even talked about me moving in. little things niggled him like I didn t recycle rubbish and didn t have the same outlook on world affairs as he did....he all of a sudden dumped me like a hot brick one night because of these things , and just said we weren t right for each other.
Was this the real reason do you think ? can you really be dumped for not recycling ?

Dear Aphrodite,
Thank you SO very much for your kind reply! I needed it, I guess. Sigh, I m tempted to just leave and disappear. I did that once and he ruined it by coming back. This time, I don t know if I can do it again. I m this close to deciding to go on and have a blast with this guy. But something s telling me that way I ll be playing with fire, literally. I m so at lost here. Well, again thank you so very very much Aphrodite. In many ways, you ve made things much clearer for me than before ) - Emma

I m a Pisces woman who s been seeing a Sag man. He has turned my world upside down & inside out! So hot & cold. The times we spend together are fabulous. The moment he leaves its back to one word texts. I ve been waiting forever to meet a man who stimulates me in & out of the bedroom like he does, yet he s turned me into a crazy mess waiting to hear from him! My intentions are pure. Do these men EVER know what they want?! I should probably walk away now, but he s so damned addictive.

i am sag and my husband is piscean. though it was strictly arranged marriage, where the only contact we had was through mails which started 5 months before our marriage, but i feel very lucky to be married to my hubby. he 8767 s extremely caring, a bit possessive, but i like it esp when we go out he doesn 8767 t like it if i 8767 m getting attention from other men i love him and hope he never changes

Their is alot of generalization going on. I have dated 8 Sagittarius men. And they wasn t the same. This two types buisness. I mean of course they are highly sexual most men are. They cheat, alot men do. Stop judging men by their signs. Their are some decent Sagittarius dudes. I ve dated far worst Aquarius and leo were horrible boyfriends (I m a gemini). Stop bashing the sags. An unevovled, immature man will possess these bad qualities. It s all about maturing and evolving. KM

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