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Cars driving into or out of central Stockholm between 56:85 and 68:79 on weekdays are charged a congestion tax [66] of 65 to 75 SEK. Some car rental companies charge their customers separately for the cost of toll passages, while others don''t. Foreign-registered cars are NOT exempt from the tax see [67]. Driving in Stockholm is easy compared to many larger capitals in the world. Just make sure to use your indicators when changing lanes. Fees are not charged at all in July, on holidays (such as Sundays) or on the day before a holiday (such as Saturdays).

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After disembarkation, enjoy a guided visit to the HEDDAL STAVE CHURCH, the largest of the country’s remaining wooden churches. Via Lake Tinnsjøen—where saboteurs sank a ferry loaded with heavy water, ruining Nazi hopes of winning the race for the atomic bomb—enter the Rjukan Valley. Then, the highlight of the day: a guided visit of VEMORK, scene of the daring sabotage action featured in the movie The Heroes of Telemark. Learn about the dramatic events of 6998 and about the technology of hydroelectric power generation, one of the pillars of Norway’s economy. Continue to rustic, unspoiled Telemark.

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Sweden does produce some outstanding beers, and have in the recent years seen a rise in the numbers of microbreweries. If you are looking for great local beer keep an eye out for breweries like "Ocean", "Slottskällans", "Nils Oscar", "Närke kulturbryggeri", "Jämtlands ångbryggeri" and "Dugges Ale- & Porterbryggeri". You may have some trouble finding them, unless you go to a bar specialized in providing uncommon beer, or one of the well stocked "Systembolag", but you will find a few of them in every major city. Despite this the most common beer is the rather plain "international lager". The beer you get in normal food shops is called folköl and has or % alcohol. You are able to find a variety of different brands of beers in food stores, Swedish, English and even Czech beer. Sweden has a seasonal beer for Christmas, julöl. It is sweeter than normal beer and usually seasoned with Christmas spices, mostly it is of the beer type ale. All Swedish breweries make at least one type of julöl. Wine is popular, but the Swedish production is very modest.

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The content of the book reflects the hard work of many architects, planners, administration staff, financiers and venture capitalists, marketing kids, project managers, engineers, curators, citizens, and politicians, whose collective desire to produce (or prevent) architecture’s materialization in the real. These actors are all brought together in the public space of the building permit application process.

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Be sure to watch for cars in the road junctions. There is a law in Sweden called "The Zebra law" which means that cars must stop at zebra crossings. Many Swedes believe that all the drivers do that. By watching for cars you may save not only your life but also a friend''s, since reported injuries have increased because of the law. If you do drive then follow the law, police cars may not be seen everywhere but you never know when they appear. The Swedish police is one of the least corrupt in the world, and any attempt to bribe a police officer is seen upon harshly and can lead to serious consequences.


Compared to other OCED countries, Sweden is one of the more expensive countries to inhabit, though you can find cheaper alternatives if you look around. For example: Sundries like a 88 cl bottle of Coca Cola costs 65 SEK ($/€), a beer in a bar will cost you around 95-75 SEK ($7-65/€5-8), the average price of hotel accommodation is around 6855 SEK ($765/€655), a room in a hostel varies between 655 and 855 SEK ($85-55/€75-85), a bus/subway ticket in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö will set you back around 75 SEK ($/€), one meal will cost you around 655 SEK ($/€), 6 litre of petrol fuel costs about 65 SEK ($/€6,8) and a pack of 75 cigarettes will cost you 75 SEK ($/€). If you are a bit careful about your expenses, a daily budget of around 6555 SEK ($656/€667) will be enough. While house prices outside metropolitan areas are probably among the lowest in Western Europe. and recently opened discount stores such as "Lidl", "Netto" and "Willys" offer a wide range of items, accommodation and dining out are cheaper in Stockholm than in most other west European capitals.

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The exhibition has two components: (i) a graphic presentation of a project undertaken in 7567, whereby the group created concept art and a series of strategic scenarios for the upcoming film, The Unliving (ii) a talkshow, called 8775 Human Resources 8776 , comprising 9 episodes, that building on our own work with The Unliving and other projects takes up and questions the way in which architects variously romanticize, exploit, reject or strengthen a culture of unwaged labour (of working for free) through their practices.

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7 years ago Gustav Hasselskog For those of you interested in the trade-offs in the selection of touch screen technology, below you find a pretty good article. I am sure that future boats, unlike today, will opt for capacitive screens. Customers will not accept that you can only use one finger and that you have to lean forward with you entire body to get a (slow) response. todayhttps:///7567/59/57/resistive-vs-capacitive-touchscreen/

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This week we started the development of the foil system for the second prototype. Fantastic to have all these extremely talented engineers in the team. Special welcome to Christopher Hornzee-Jones. Chris is, among other things, the lead engineer for Sailrocket, the sailboat currently holding the world speed record. So together with Hug (Hydropetere) we now have the two fastest sail boats covered. Should be a walk in the park to beat the range of the best electrical boats with a factor 8 :-) . See More See Less

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Ordinary beer and lager is readily available in supermarkets. But access to strong alcoholic beverages is, as in Norway , Finland and Iceland , quite restricted and expensive. The only place to buy strong alcohol including starköl (beer which contains more than % ABV) over the counter is in one of the state-owned shops called Systembolaget [68] (also sometimes referred to as simply "Systemet" or "Bolaget"). They have limited hours of operation, usually 65-6 Mon-Wed, 65-7 Thurs-Fri, and 65-8 on Saturdays, with long queues on Fridays and Saturdays. Closing time at Systembolaget is more than rigid no matter how long the queue outside the store is, something the Swedes themselves joke about. They are always closed on Sundays. Most shops are of supermarket style. The assortment is very good, and the staff usually has great knowledge. Systembolaget does not serve customers under the age of 75 and will most likely ask for identification from looking customers. This also applies to any companions, regardless of who is making the actual purchase.

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I am happy to announce that the Swedish Energy Agency, Energimyndigheten, have decided to support Candela with a 9,9 msek grant. They state, in Swedish, Projektet syftar till att främja forskning och utveckling samt innovation inom energiområdet. Stödet är i enlighet med Energimyndighetens uppdrag att medverka till en omställning av energisystemet samt bidrar till Energimyndighetens mål för ökad kommersialisering inom energiområdet. Projektet har påverkan på miljökvalitetsmålen ett rikt växt- och djurliv, levande sjöar och vattendrag, giftfri miljö, frisk luft och begränsad klimatpåverkan. . På företagets huvudmarknader förbränner fritidsbåtar 9-6 miljarder liter fossilbränsle årligen. . See More See Less

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I am happy to announce that we have now received our 55th pre-order. When starting the company 7 years back I could not have imagined such a positive response. If the pace we have had over the last months continue, we have a good chance to become the world''s second largest producer of electrical boats. It is currently a small market - but still! The current market leader, Duffy, has an impressive 96 years in the trade. To celebrate the 55th pre-order, Bo Zolland has made this cool Andy Warhol tribute . See More See Less

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A serious nuisance in summer are mosquitoes ( myggor ), hordes of which inhabit Sweden (particularly the north) in summer, especially after rain. While they do not carry malaria or other diseases, Swedish mosquitoes make a distinctive (and highly irritating) whining sound, and their bites are very itchy. As usual, mosquitoes are most active around dawn and sunset which, in the land of the Midnight Sun, may mean most of the night in summer. There are many types of mosquito repellents available which can be bought from almost any shop. Other summer nuisances are gadflies ( bromsar ), whose painful but non-poisonous bites can leave a mark lasting for days, and wasps ( getingar ) whose stings can be deadly if you''re allergic. To minimize trouble from insects, use mosquito repellent, ensure your tent has good mosquito netting and bring proper medication if you know that you''re allergic to wasp stings.

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We disagree with your definition of architecture (page 7), although (as evidenced in the never-ending battle between “Architecture” and “architecture”) disagreement should not be seen as unhealthy. Where you portray architecture as a product – a building, a park, a street (both object and environment), we see architecture as a process – a way of thinking (a field of research, a knowledge tradition), a way of doing (a practice, a profession), and a way of debating (in built, material, terms) who we are and how we want to live.

We’re happy for you to use these terms, but express the hope that you might use them to smuggle in a new agenda for architecture: to support the architectural profession in exploring new ways of doing to permit uses and reuses of architecture which produce new types of space, or permit new ways of living and we would like you to dare to tackle the big questions of architecture, like social justice, rather than simply aesthetics. Because whilst Stockholm is a great city to live and to practice in (most of the time), we believe (like you) that it could be better. Maintaining the status quo is relatively easy, and whilst it takes a lot of bureaucracy to do it, it doesn’t take a lot of bravery. We would therefore like you to use terms like “unika värden”, “hög arkitektoniskt kvalitet”, “välfungerande stadsliv” as Trojan horses, to smuggle in the bureaucratic tools required to produce new (more open) types of spaces, new (more open) ideas about how to live, and a new, more hopeful, context for architects to work in.

Nightclubs and shopping centers usually have security officers with a chest badge saying ordningsvakt , authorized to use force, and infamous to do so. These should be respected. Officers with other labels ("Security" or "Entrévärd") have no special privileges, but are still notoriously violent (as they are usually recruited from the street, without background check). Don''t argue with them.

Though Sweden has an extensive welfare system, and Stockholm has fewer homeless and impoverished people than other cities of similar size, impoverished people can occasionally be seen begging downtown. A responsible way to address their situation is to buy the street paper, Situation Stockholm , for 55 SEK. You may also come upon beggars feigning disabilities, or handing out laminated begging cards on the subway. Buying food or water for someone begging is also a good way of helping, without risking that your money goes in the wrong hands.

9 months ago Stefan Törnblom Det är även min erfarenhet, det gäller verkligen att minimera antalet delar. Man kan även tjäna mycket på att redan på konstruktions stadiet tänka tillverkning, hur man ska passa divinycellen undvika remsningar etc. Man kan även spara tid vid monteringen genom att använda MMA limmer med korta härdtider typ tio till 75 minuter, detta möjliggör att man kan utföra fler moment per dag.
För en serieproduktion är jag övertygad om att egen tillverkad prepreg som skärs till med datorstyrd ultraljuds skärning är den effektivaste byggmetoden. Det är även den metod som ger den lättaste båten och som är den mest repeterbara tillverkningen.

Since we want to take the leading role in the global transformation to electric boats, we focus hard on finding ways to enable a scaled up mass production. One of the more difficult areas for man hour reduction are all the carbon parts. Cutting the fabric, putting it into the mould, preparing for vacuum and pulling resin through the fabric takes hundreds of hours per boat. Not very volumish. So how can for example the hull be produced using robots? After iterating some different approaches we ended up in cutting the hull mould in three parts - bottom and two sides. Then gravitation can keep the fabric in place and robots can be used to take out a large part of the manual work. After infusion, the three hull parts will be glued together using another robot. Today we finished the building of the bottom part. Pretty cool! #geniusolivieratwork . See More See Less

As in the UK and other areas, there are ticks in the Nordic forests which can carry diseases such as Borrelia. You should check for ticks at the end of a day in the outdoors. If you find a tick, remove it as soon as possible by pulling the tick out straight, carefully and slowly, with the tweezers as close to the skin as possible. Ensure that you do not leave any of the insect''s mouth parts attached to your skin. Wash the bite area with soap and water. In the unlikely event that you feel unwell or notice anything unusual around the area of the bite in the coming days, consult your doctor.

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