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When I first opened a tin of this, and took a huge sniff at the midnight-dark contents, my head reeled, and I experienced something approaching fear! The huge Latakia smokiness was there, richer than I had ever smelt it before, but stronger than this was a mysterious fermented, almost yeast-like smell. I can only compare it to smelling one of those powerful cheeses that one can find in Brno, in the Czech republic. A very savoury scent, stong and intimidating. I like these cheeses though, and was only put off for a moment. The dominance of this smell faded within a few hours of the tin being open, and became detectable as something in the background of the aroma.

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The perique in this is perfectly done. It absolutely, 655%, undoubtedly enhances the taste in a huge way. The others, and notably the latakia, shine through individually. I find that the best way to get the taste of a tobacco mixture is to exhale the last bit of your draw through the nose. That makes it easy to taste the individual tobaccos used in the mixture. Smoke at your own pace do not listen to those who are snobbish about smoking extremely slowly. Most tobaccos burn a tad bit hot for me, because I smoke fast, and this is no exception, but it certainly does not burn unusually hot.

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Strong, deep, dark latakia blend. Tin was full of yellow and black to dark brown ribbon. Stays lit well. Wow, is this a strong tobacco. Flavor is dominated by latakia and that familiar Dunhill flavor (I think the turkish)? Again, I experienced the throat and mouth scratchiness that seems standard to all Dunhill (at least the ones I ve tried) blends. It leaves the room smelling smokey with hints of floral tones, which I really liked. The smoke was good, but it won t be one I go to often. I think it is a well done tobacco and is very refined, but something about . and other Dunhill blends, so far, doesn t agree with my palate, much to my dismay. I still appreciate and respect Dunhill products, but they aren t for me. To each his own.

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I followed the advice of folks on here and highly suggest moving this to a mason jar, giving it a good shake, and leaving it be for a couple of weeks. Right out of the tin mine was quite moist, sticky, and strong. Four months on, the texture has improved and it seems to have mellowed out to a comfortable level, with a consistency that rarely requires relighting. Also speaking as a beginner, Nightcap has proved to be an excellent lesson in why you should jar your tobacco, as the change is dramatic.

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Nightcap is truely a blend of unparalled beauty and distinction. I smoke a bowl or two of this magnificent tobacco on many a night and never tire of the deep, ecstatic experience that is Nightcap. I pity those who are turned off by the potency of this blend, to me the high nicotine content only serves to illuminate the daring and complexity inherent in every bowl. Nightcap is the standard by which I measure a latakia blend. Superb stuff!

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Whatever its past glories, the current incarnation of Nightcap is simply not that good. Could this be the most overrated blend on the market? The Latakia lacks the fullness, the woody leathery smokiness, of the really good stuff (as found in Margate and Squadron Leader). Instead, it?s just strong and a bit bitter. There?s also Perique, which doesn?t add much flavor but does do a pretty good imitation of tongue bite by virtue of its spice. Nightcap packs the biggest nicotine punch of any tobacco I?ve tried, so if you want to get high for 65 minutes, this is the stuff for you. If it?s just a Latakia blast you want, then Old Ironsides tastes better. Otherwise, the best thing about Nightcap is the beautiful design on the tin. Once you open it, it?s all downhill.

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Ooooh, Nitecap, how I enjoy thee! Cap has been my staple smoke for the better part of a decade. It roars where others mumble, laying to waste those unaccustomed to large Latakia doseage. Interestingly enough, the Perique doesn t close my throat, unlike any of Gary Pease s blends, which are unsmokeable for me due to the heavy-handed use of the demon weed. I smoke this in as big a bowl as is around and promptly disappear to that place where there is nought but I and smoke. NB-I rank the room note as such because I find it so. Your wife/girl/dog may not agree.

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Well, what more can be said about this classic. I love it. Before going to sleep, a peaty Islay and nightcap is one of my greater joys in life. Not of my wife, allas. I prefer not to smoke it too often, and rotate with lighter blends, because I would not like to get too acustomed to the taste intensity. I waited too long before trying this, alarmed by the fact that many find this very strong tobacco. I had no problem coping with the nicotine strengt, which I find medium. Highest recommendations. This is the best tobacco in my stash.

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I m somewhat sensitive to the nic hit, and nightcap can have a decent one. Although its not the strongest, I often find myself comparing others to it. But if you re like me, take it slow and a full bowl with a good book and a glass of whatever you ve got won t be too much to handle. I tend to keep this one as a true nightcap, though, because a full bowl makes me ready to call it a night.

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I bought a tin of this about a week ago. It s the first Dunhill blend I ve tried. And also the first Latakia blend I ve tried. When I first opened the tin, I was a little put of by the aroma. It was a little overpowering when I first smelt it. But, when I packed my Peterson Cara black with this stuff and lit it I liked it immediately! It has all the characteristics I like in a tobacco. It s a smooth, cool smoke with a rich and full flavour. I also think the title is very apt. It is the perfect stuff to wind down with at the end of a hard day, with plenty of vitamin N to help you along the way. Since I bought it I ve already smoked half the tin. I ll definitely be adding this one to my list of favorites. If all latakia blends taste anything like this one, then I ll be trying a few more in the near future as well. Excellent stuff, four stars!

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Nightcap is a very enjoyable blend once you get used to the fact that you cant just cheerfully puff away without facing the consequences of the high nicotine first experience with it wasnt too pleasant. I felt light headed and experienced some expectoration, but after i slowed down, and smoked with a bit of constraint i really started to enjoy the full bodied flavor. Just a word of warning to first it slowly. Savor the fine taste without inhaling too much, and you will like as much as i is a great site, and i really enjoy the reviews.

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The only bad point is that you HAVE to be careful to smoke it right. If you get the tobacco too hot it will taste like complete crap. The tin aroma is almost overwhelming, but the taste is one of the best of any tobacco I ve had. (There are a lot of German tobaccos that I ve sampled that had this flavor, and tin aroma. I wonder if that s a coincidence? perhaps the Europeans like virginia and Latakia the most?

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But was I shocked! Delicious!!! Hats off to Dunhill (and now Orlik) as they have created a true BLEND where no one tobacco overpowers any of the others in the blend they mingle, they mix, they create a syergism of flavor that is a true joy. Needless to say, I finished that bowl (a medium sized) and then loaded up a large bowl. I was happy for the rest of the evening. Caveat--lots of nicotine kick. Reminds me --almost --of a good old Cuban cigar. But the flavor is why I will return to this blend again. EMP has a similar if lighter flavor, but is NOT just a lighter variant. I think I will still Carter Hall it in the morning, EMP the afternoon away and finish out with a Nightcap. Bravo to the person or team who created this blend!

As I said, if I could stomach it, I d smoke Nightcap, well, every night. I do hope that if you are not familiar with this tobacco, you will give it a try. Only the most jaded of aromatic smokers could come away and have nothing good to say about Nightcap. This tobacco is classic Dunhill (even if Orlik aka ScanTabak is manufacturing it nowadays), and it offers a truly luxurious smoke! Save this for evenings, after dinner, for the remainder of the day.

I can t finish a day without a bowl of Nightcap. I don t know if it s strenght or the amount or nicotine, but it relaxes me beyond other Latakia mixture. This is a strong latakia mixture, not to be toyed with. After a good dinner or meal its recommended. Don t try this on empty stomach. It burns slow and produce a good volume of smoke, you ll end up smelling latakia until you wash and change your clothes if smoked in a closed space. The oriental note is strong enough to produce a sweet taste to it. And the perique is there, but rarely felt. This is one of those blends I can t run off.. I should always have a tin somewhere.

I just cracked a tin of this after ignoring it for some time why I m not sure). All I can add is that they call this stuff Nightcap for a reason. Load up a big Ben Wade, smoke yourself silly, and hit the sheets friends because your day is done. Smoke this any other time of the day and you ll be tasting sqaut--except for Nightcap on your tongue! This is right up there with Royal Yacht as far as potency goes, but I can t imagine smoking this other than as a last bowl. The missus really screws up her nose on this one so I smoke it now and then as a guilty pleasure. It s quite a ride, and a great way to finish the day if you re up to it. Think I ll go fire some up right now!

I love this blend and am sorry to say that I heard it was about to be discontinued. I hope not. As the title might suggest, I usually reserve this for the end of my day. It is loaded with nicotine and is very heavy on the latakia. I really could smoke this all day. This blend smokes cool, doesn t bite and is very tasty. The room note can be a little much unless you (like me) are a bachelor. Highly recommended.

Being a strong tobacco, care should be taken not to smoke it greedily or otherwise you ll go to bed feeling rather giddy. It burns slowly and it should be enjoyed so. After the initial blast of Latakia subsides, very incisive by the way, you start tasting the subtle sweetness of the Virginias, complemented by the peppery spiciness of the Perique. I don t know if the combination of these three ingredients shy out the presence of the Orientals, but it is always difficult for me to pick them up in this blend.

This is an exceptional tobacco! The taste is one that invigorates the palate to new Latakia is not as strong as Frog Morton, but noticable. If you are a present/past cigar smoker you will truly enjoy this tobacco! I have had the finest cuban and it does not even come close to the exotic flavour of Night Cap! The nicotine was noticible but not overpowering. Night Cap is a must try and will hold in the top 8 of the best tobacco s I have tried!

There is still a very present sandalwood incense aroma with hints of patchouli. There is also something deeply chocolatey about this. Very semi-sweet and earthy and definitely not overpoweringly smoky. It has flavors of orange blossom, neroli, coming through, not unlike bitter-orange liquor. It s nutty, it s sweet, it s bitter, it s VERY floral and perfumey, but not in the lakeland-sense. I am astounded at how refined and delicate this tastes. I love it even more than I did when I was 76 years old.

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