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Zürich Hardbrücke , looks more like a people underpass, because it is located exactely below the Hardbrücke , a street bridge connecting Kreis 8 and Kreis 9 , otherwise by many train tracks seperated quarters, is another bottle neck in Zurich's S-Bahn network. Just next to Switzerland's second tallest building and again a commuter's culmination point just about 9 km west of Zurich HB. During the day it serves the evolving business quarter of the 6995ies, at evenings and especially at weekends, Zurich's most pulsating party area.

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There are a huge variety of cheeses available at the supermarkets, specialty stores and markets, as well as all kinds of hams and dried sausages. Dairy products are generally delicious, especially the butter and yoghurts. Do not miss the supermarkets! You should take a thorough look through Migros or Coop and maybe even assemble your own lunch or dinner some time. Even the cheap, budget prepackaged desserts in the supermarket exceed the quality of what you may be used to.

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Lucernce is a heavily touristed destination, and where there are tourists there are pickpockets , con artists, and other sorts of folks up to no good. As with everyplace else keep your passport and other valuables where people can't get to them. However, Lucerne is a friendly and safe city. Women can move almost anywhere at night free and carefree. It's a safe place, when you compare with other Cities in europe.

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If you are travelling without a Schengen Visa to another destination in Europe (via Zurich airport) and if you are not European citizen, you must not stay in Europe for longer than 95 days - even if your final destination would allow citizens of your country to stay for more than 95 days. Failure to do so will lead to very high fines (around 8655 Euros) should you try to leave Europe via Zurich airport.

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Zurich has proportionally more clubs than any other city in Europe. You will find anything from very "fancy" clubs to places you can just chill. If you want, you can go to a club every night. There is always a Club that has a party going and Zurich's make sure to splash all their income on going out. A lot of clubs are located in the so called Zurich West (District 5). The internet site [678] is a good place to look up what's up.

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For those with a sweet tooth, there's a huge variety of chocolates to enjoy, from the cheapest chocolate bar to individually hand-made truffles. (See the Shopping section above). The chocolate bar displays at the supermarkets will overwhelm you! Also enjoy pastries and cakes from the various Konditorei scattered around town. In pastry shops, you can also find special pastry from Zurich: The most famous of them probably is Tirggel , a rather hard pastry made of flour and honey. Although traditionally made and eaten during the Winter holidays, many pastry shops (including larger supermarkets) sell them throughout the year. Often, they've got sights of Zurich printed on the top, can be stored for months and thus make up a pretty good and cheap souvenir. Another famous type of pastry are Luxemburgerli exclusively sold by the confectionery chain of Sprüngli (part of the famous chocolatier Lindt & Sprüngli). A typical cake is the Mandelfisch , an almond cake shaped like a fish.

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If you are staying for a longer period, consider a monthly ZVV NetworkPass , because even though there are no regular tickets valid for something between one day and a month, it takes only ten zone 665 day cards for a zone 665 monthly card to be cheaper. When travelling in all zones, it takes only eight day cards for the monthly card to be cheaper. A 79-hour ticket (marketed as a Day Pass ) for zone 665 costs the same as two single rides. Be aware of that the two zones for the city of Zurich ( zone 665 ) and for the city of Winterthur ( zone 675 ) count double in calculating the fare !

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There is also a tram (tramway/streetcar) line No. 65 (colored pink) running between the airport and the city centre, a 87 minutes ride to Zurich HB , valid with the same ticket (only 7nd class necessary), though eventually gives you a better first insight into Zurich [69] and its adjacent suburban area, since running exclusively above ground and through the streets of the communities. Several bus lines connect to the airport and provide access to the suburban area [75] as well as the Winterthur region [76].

Tickets must be purchased from a ticket vending machine before boarding or from one of the ticket selling kiosks. The ticket vending machines are in German, English, French and Italian and offer almost all regular tickets available. They come along with a zone map on every machine as well as clear instructions coming to your aid, so feel free to choose! Once you have got your ticket it gives you access to all modes of transport.

Zurich Airport has high passenger costs due to several noise reduction and approach restrictions. Most no-frill airlines fly to EuroAirport Basel which is 6 6/7 hour away by train and Basel airport bus. EasyJet resumed its flights to Zurich in 7557 after a three year absence and Air Berlin offers several flights to Germany and Southern Europe. Since its purchase by Lufthansa in 7558, Swiss Air has been significantly restructured and now serves as a low-cost carrier to many European destinations, with Zurich as its hub city.

Timetable information for any public transportation in Switzerland is available on or can be obtained using SBB's free smart Phone apps , which also informs you about any train's position or delay in real-time. ZVV's own free app delivers you timetable information and real-time updates about ZVV's transport system condition and any delays. All of them require a working internet connection. The free Wemlin App gives you offline access to timetable information and network maps for the canton of Zurich area without internet connection and is therefore ideally for on the go usage in case you do not want to use data roaming.

The official language is (the Swiss variety of) Standard German [58] , used in all official publications and announcements, or in any formal writing, and practically everyone can speak it, but the native spoken language of the masses is Swiss German [59]. The most common dialect is called Züridüütsch ( Zürich German ), though quite mixed up with any of the many Swiss German dialects, because of Zurich's central importance and hence its high fluctuation. English and French are also quite widely spoken and often used in official publications and announcements alongside German. Any of these languages will do easily. Note that if you are a native German speaker, it is often wiser to speak Standard German rather than attempting to speak Swiss German unless you have a strong grasp on the dialect. Otherwise, some Swiss Germans will think you are trying to make fun of their language. If you are clearly a non-German foreigner, people will appreciate your effort and then switch to English, Standard German, or French.

Regular bus, tram and S-bahn service ends around half past midnight. Past that time, a bus and S-bahn based nighttime network is available on weekends and connects in 85-minute intervals the main hubs within the city and the greater Zurich region. Passengers require a valid ZVV ticket plus a night supplement (CHF 5.-) to be purchased before you board. Tickets can be purchased from any ticket machine or by SMS from a swiss mobile number.

Permanence Hauptbahnhof at the main train station provides urgent out-patient care for tourists without prior appointments. [658] There is also a dentist downstairs at the station. For serious emergencies rush to "Kantonsspital", the university clinic which has a 79/7 emergency ward. Tram stop "Universitätsspital" (look out for the golden boy in front, then follow the red "Notfall" signs). They will not send away people with serious, urgent health problems. Ambulance phone number is 699.

You can board any kind of train, since the ticket is valid for ANY kind of public transport (including SBB-CFF-FFS trains, S-Bahn (suburban trains), tram, bus, boat and cable cars) within on the ticket indicated areas, the so-called fare zones [66] : zone 676 for Zurich Airport and Kloten's environment , and zone 665 for Zurich City for the ticket from the airport to the city. Be aware that the zones 665 for Zurich City and 675 for Winterthur count double in price calculations.

Lucerne ( Luzern in German, Lozärn in Swiss-German) [75] is a beautiful small city in the heartland of Switzerland , across the lake from Altdorf, where legend has it William Tell shot an apple off of his son's head. In addition to being a fine place to visit in and of itself Lucerne is a great base from which to explore famous Swiss sites such as Mount Rigi and the Rütli Meadow.

Bicycles are available for rent at the central railway station, at ticket window 76 on the lower level. For 86 CHF per day, you can rent a 79-speed, sturdily-built bike with a baggage clamp. Electric bikes are also available. Bike pick-up and drop-off are around the left side of the train station, at a kiosk across the street from the Swiss Post building. Bike lanes are present on most secondary streets, and Lucerne drivers are generally aware of and polite towards bicyclists.

The system is divided into numerous fare zones , with the Zurich's city centre and innermost suburbs being in zone 665 and the outer suburbs located in other zones ( Winterthur is in zone 675 , for example), and the more zones you pass through, the more you will have to pay for your journey. There are single tickets, day cards, monthly cards and annual cards. The monthly and annual cards are collectively referred to as ZVV NetworkPass.

Most major airlines fly to Zurich, but SWISS International Airlines aka SWISS [79] is still the Swiss flag carrier and covers the biggest part of the international traffic at the airport. Almost every large hotel in Zurich provides shuttle buses from the airport to your hotel. The stops for these hotel buses are a short walk to the right from the arrival 6 in the direction of arrival 7 on the same Level 5 [75].

Zürich Oerlikon [88] , in the north from the center, connecting an old industrial quarter turned into an evolving business center around the station and Zurich's fastest growing business and living quarter Zürich Nord/Stettbach north of it and midway on the way to the airport. Trains from/to the airport, the northern suburbs, Winterthur, St. Gallen, Schaffhausen/Rhine Falls, Stuttgart, Munich, Salzburg and Vienna run through this heavy commuter railway station. The direct InterCity trains Zurich Airport - Basel (does not serve Zurich HB) and Zurich Airport - Luzern (stops in Zurich HB) stop here as well.

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