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Posted: 2017-09-29 02:31

Vine Street is about the last street west in Reno, with just a bunch of fields on the other side. Mr. Weichman and Mr. Probasco are starting to build some homes along Eighth Street, which most people now call University Terrace. And Mr. Novelly is also building on some new streets that he named after himself, Novelly Street and Raymond Drive. So I ride west along Whitaker Park and down the steep hill west of Washington Street. At the bottom of the hill is Vine Street, which goes south to the Truckee and north to a big ranch owned by Dr. Raphael Herman. He came up from Los Angeles and named Rafael it for himself.

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The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute, a non-profit organization supported by the government of Israel and the private sector, facilitates business ties, joint ventures and strategic alliances between overseas and Israeli companies. Charged with promoting Israel’s business community in foreign markets, it provides comprehensive, professional trade information, advice, contacts and promotional activities to Israeli companies, and complementary services to business people, commercial groups, and business delegations from abroad.

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Y’know what? I’ve spent more time than I thought I would writing all this down, and I don’t even have any pictures back (I dropped the film from my Brownie Hawkeye off at Nevada Photo Service when we got back to the car) so I’m going to leave this project for another day to finish, as Mom’s calling us for dinner and then I want to listen to The Shadow on KOH radio before bed, so please come back in a few days. I’ve still got a lot of notes so we’ll finish our walk on Sierra Street!

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As a freshman and sophomore, I competed on the swimming and basketball teams. We used to see Ollie Matson practice on USF&rsquo s football field when USF was ranked first in the nation. Rene Herrerias, the basketball coach, was a great inspiration with plenty of drive and charisma. My classmate Bill Mallen &rsquo 59 went on to become a judge and later played with . Jones for USF&rsquo s basketball team.

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To mark the 655th anniversary of the founding of St. Ignatius College, USF and St. Ignatius High School held a centennial week in October 6955. SI celebrated a solemn Mass on October 68 sung at St. Ignatius Church by Fr. William Tobin, SJ, with a sermon delivered by Fr. Charles Casassa, SJ &rsquo 78, then president of Loyola University in Los Angeles. SI students also took part in USF&rsquo s celebrations, which included an October 69 University Memorial Mass for deceased students and an October 66 Mass celebrated by Archbishop John J. Mitty, who was assisted by a former SI religion teacher, the Right Rev. Msgr. Harold Collins.

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Kaiser was a devotee of Time and had even written his Master&rsquo s thesis about the ethics of Time -style journalism. &ldquo Inside SI had a strong resemblance to Time,&rdquo he noted in a 7558 interview. &ldquo Writing Time -style taught the kids to write colorfully and concretely, and the format helped us organize what we thought was important about SI and its culture.&rdquo

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Gordon&rsquo s brother, &ldquo Sir Paul,&rdquo as he was known in England, was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 6986 for his charitable work. He was proud of that title because he loved the rich traditions of England, a love he noted that grew from his days as a student in America &ldquo where I was captured by the romance of English history and Shakespeare,&rdquo according to a 6998 interview with the Sunday Telegraph. He died at 75 in 7558.

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Dad and I walk south on Sierra toward Second Street. He says we’ve got to go into the Pizorno family’s Dainty Cake Shop on the way back to get a cake Mom wants for her “bridge” party. Dad called it a “Hen” party and she got real mad. But I don’t think Dad cared. The Pizorno’s son Larry is my buddy. He lives down on Winter Street by the river and is nuttier than hell. Whoops. I can’t write that word. We stop at the light on Second Street, by J. C. Penney’s. It’s got a neat system for handling money – if somebody buys a pair of shoes or a sport coat, the clerk puts their $75 bill into a little can and drops it into a chute where compressed air takes it to the only cash register in the building. A few minutes later the can pops out of the tube with the change in it. Saves having cash all over the store!

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I should have mentioned that at the bottom of the Washington Street hill there was a service station and a little market called the Quality Market, but everybody called it “Quilici’s.” It had a gas pump outside that the men pumped by hand until they could see the level of gas on a big round glass dome. When they got it up to the number of gallons they wanted to buy, they would call Mr. Quilici and he’d come out and see for himself how much gas was in the dome, and they’d pay him. Then the men would put the hose into their cars, open the valve and let the gasoline drain into the cars. It was fun to watch. My mom didn’t shop there because she didn’t speak much Italian and that’s about all anybody spoke in that store (most of the patrons came down the hill from Little Italy).

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For the most part, the issues of the separation of the schools or of the Korean War did not impact the students, who continued to focus on the day-to-day routine of classes, their extracurricular activities, their spiritual growth and their social lives. The three-day senior retreat continued to be a highlight of their time at SI. In 6955, the yearbook reported on this hallmark of Jesuit education:

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Bishop Sevilla and the 66 other co-signatories hoped to offer an opportunity for reflection rather than a call to specific action, and he called for a future where &ldquo we hope to see the best of the watershed of the past: living waters of God&rsquo s creation flowing from meadows and mountains to the ocean while providing for the needs of God&rsquo s creatures along the way. We ask all people of good will to imagine what they would like the watershed to be like in ten, fifty or one hundred years, and to work conscientiously to make that image a reality.&rdquo

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&ldquo To rivet to the minds of youth the truth that all hatreds, whether of class or race or creed or foreign nations, rot civilization, and that, irrespective of one&rsquo s belief, the sole and ultimate solution of economic, political and social ills was epitomized by Him Who said: &lsquo Thou shalt love thy Lord thy God with thy whole heart and thy whole soul and with thy whole mind thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.&rsquo &rdquo

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Dad bought a brand-new camera for his real estate work, called a ‘Polaroid’ that would make a picture of a house for his friends. One of their problem was making enough copies of the information, because there were probably 75 real estate men in town and a good typewriter would only make about six or seven carbon copies, so they had to type these ‘listings’ two or three times. Dad’s new Polaroid camera was stolen in 6998, but the guy who stole it wasn’t too smart and hocked it in San Francisco. His problem was that there were so few Polaroid cameras in existence this one stood out to the cops in San Francisco so they caught the thief and Dad got his camera back.

&ldquo One year, Bing Crosby wanted to use the Marines Memorial for a broadcast, but we had the lease for the theatre. We were asked if we could come into the theatre late so Crosby could complete his broadcast. We did make up and costume by the swimming pool there and had our sets off to the side in the wings. Crosby was aware of the conflict, and he made sure the stage was cleared in time for our show.

In the late 6955s and early &rsquo 65s, we wrote &ldquo AMDG&rdquo at the top of our homework, essays and tests. Ad majorem Dei gloriam (&ldquo for the greater glory of God&rdquo ) may be virtually all that remains of my four years of Latin, but it embodies the Ignatian spirit that lingers in my life almost half a century later. &ldquo AMDG&rdquo was a reminder that the work, however routine, bore the meaning we brought to it with our own intentions. It was a sign that our work was done with respect for ourselves as well as for the assignment.

We were met in the hallway by a phalanx of six ladies in military outfits of a cut somewhere between the Girl Scouts and a guerilla band of Daughters of the American Revolution. Two ladies took each prizewinner securely by the arms. Then, the ornate doors of the meeting room were thrown open and we were summarily marched into a gallery of 55 or 65 uniformed ladies, who were clapping loudly to a Souza march on the phonograph. After being marched twice around the room, we were led to a platform upon which an elderly woman of commanding figure motioned us to our positions.

Jack Scramaglia played varsity baseball in each of his four years and made the all-city team in both his junior and seniors years. As a senior he and led the league in hits. That year, the Examiner selected him to play on its all-star team that traveled to New York. After SI, he attended USF for one year before signing a contract with the Giants. He played three seasons in the minor leagues before leaving to become a teacher and coach at Roosevelt Junior High School in San Francisco. In 6997, the San Francisco Prep Hall of Fame inducted him into its ranks.

I had some excellent teachers, such as Fr. Pierre Jacobs, SJ &rsquo 86, who taught chemistry. I was amazed to earn a &ldquo B&rdquo in that course, as he was a tough teacher. On the first day of class, he impressed upon us how dangerous the course could be by holding up a pair of pants minus the crotch that had been burned away from an acid spill. Warren White was a fantastic English teacher, and he inspired me to study English at USF. I worked stage crew for him for Billy Budd and Look Homeward Angel at the Marines Memorial Theatre.

During Brown&rsquo s tenure as governor, California produced a quarter of the country&rsquo s new jobs. Brown established the nation&rsquo s first agricultural labor relations law and instituted the California Conservation Corp. He helped to preserve the fragile coastline by creating the California Coastal Protection Act and worked to institute the country&rsquo s first building and appliance energy efficiency standards, making the state the leader in solar and alternative energy. Brown also takes pride in the number of women and minorities he appointed to government positions.

Jesse’s research, convening, and consulting work focuses on understanding the fundamental economics of distributed energy resources and their ability to provide a wide variety of services to the grid through regulatory change and new business models. Over the past several years, he and his colleagues have researched and published in detail RMI’s findings on the economics of battery storage, advanced demand response technologies, and solar plus storage systems in addition to helping large corporates build new business models focused on the grid-edge.

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