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During her holiday in QLD for NYE she went on 5 Tinder dates in 8 days. She is quite attractive, tall, healthy shape, naturally blonde and tanned a little. A very party type girl with a great personality but no goals and works literally long enough to go on her next holiday. She never pays for a single thing when she is out, it''s either the guy(s) she is with or she just uses her looks to get into clubs etc.

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Well I tried RSVP late last year, first time I''ve ever tried online dating. I met up with a girl after about 8 weeks and we are just about to come up on 6 months together and I couldn''t be happier!

In my case it worked and i''m definitely glad I gave it a try! :) As for the guy who got screwed by someone overseas and gave them thousands of dollars, well i think common sense comes into play here.

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I had had a few funny experiences so far,and have only been there for a week or so.
one guy starts to talk yo me on me he has a feminine side. I thought, thats nice. until he shared his private pics.
He was man dressed in ladies clothes and wig. All of which is ok, if I was looking for that sort of thing, but
I wasnt!! I said, good luck in your endeavours and good bye.

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How many people would you walk past each day that would be signed up to a dating site and you wouldn''t know it

I work at an . college so everyone there is into computers, It''s only a matter of time before that happens.. I see someone on a site that walks into class.

We have had an unbelievable amount of members join the site recently from my home town.. like i said a matter of time lol.

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Ugggh. I tried plenty of fish after my kids harassed me for a few years to actually try and date. Honestly, I found it a totally horid experience. Unlike some, from what I can gather from reading here..I actually answered every message I was sent. Unless it was gross. Then I ignored. The few people I spoke with for a month or so were just, bad. There''s no nice way to say it. EVERY guy I went on a date with expected sex. And when I refused I got sulky tantrums etc. So after trying it for 6 months I deleted my profile and I dont know if I would even try it again.


Two weeks later phone bill arrives and there''s a charge for $695. Straight away they knew what it was.

Haha, one of the blokes at work got stung like that but for $555, and, the funniest bit was he didn''t get to see anything cause the crapped himself when all these pop-ups started rolling on the screen. He spiked the PSU when he flicked off the power point and was up for that too. And he had to ring his oldies who were OS to let them know.
He hasn''t been on a computer since.

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At 77, activist, playwright and director Grace Dyas has established herself as one to watch. In November 7558, she formed THEATREclub with two colleagues, with an aim of attracting the crowd she felt was generally being alienated by theatre. The daughter of Imelda and Sean, Grace is from Rialto, and she got married to Martin Sherry during the summer. Grace''s interest in making theatre came about when she joined Dublin Youth Theatre as a teenager. She won the Fishamble New Writing Award as part of Absolut Fringe 7559 for her play Rough. Another production, HEROIN, won the Spirit of The Fringe award in 7565. Her sex-industry production, The Game, is currently running at the Brisbane Festival in Australia. It''s Not Over is part of Dublin Theatre Festival in October, while The Ireland Trilogy, comprising three works, The Family, HEROIN and HISTORY, will be at the Abbey''s Peacock stage in November.

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Basically its a free site with some advertising. You have to be prepeared for many many rejections. Girls on there get ALOT of requests per day. If they are attractive then make that hundreds per week. They can pick and choose who they like and accept the best. Also many guys use it to get notches on their belt as well. I have had some success on there. I dated and slept with two woman on there and have had numerous others on my contact list. Due to the shear amount of guys circling each woman be prepared to get ignored once they accept you. Often they will get rid of you if their contacts build up. By the way , if a girl accepts you on Oasis that is NO guarantee of a date. I finally got sick if Oasis due to being ignored and dumped of contact lists.

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With million followers on Facebook from over 75 countries, Corkman Cian Twomey is an internet comedy sensation. The 77-year-old from Blackrock is the son of Elizabeth and the late Paul, and he inherited his flair for comedy from his dad. Cian studied TV and film production at St John''s Central College. His videos took off when he began featuring his girlfriend ''Emily'' and her demanding behaviour. He struck gold playing the dual roles of himself and Emily, although he assures us that real-life girlfriend Emily Rochford is nothing like the character he portrays. Although he has written stand-up sets, he feels his type of humour is best served in a video format.

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I have been using Oasis active on and off for a year now. Of the 655+ requests I probably had 7 or 8 accept me. I managed to meet up with two but ended it because one was way too tall for me and the other one I just didn''t have anything in common with her. She didn''t understand my work environmental management so i could never discuss anything to do with my career with her. and she was a make up artist and could only talk about bitchy work politics. It sort off meandered its way to nowhere.
The others I ended up removing as they were never on oasis active for days at a time(or even weeks) or they never wanted to meet up saying that chatting endlessly for three weeks and wanting to meet up was too quick for them well thats wasting my time.

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Alot of the time you will send a request they never bother with a response , just let it expire.
Im not the fittest guy in the world carrying a little bit of weight that''s why I put alot of effort into my profile. Well that gets you nowhere. Online dating sites It seems to me now are purely physical , the hotter you are the more requests you get. Most girls who are look average to all right get 655+ requests a week. So as a guy you must really stand up in the looks. My friend from the states came over for a year and he tried out Oasis , he is quite lean and had one photo of himself on a motorbike in his profile and he was having raging success. Its all about the looks. That is it. Which is why Im punching the gym to get leaner to have better

I often made a point of a little google or FB check beforehand, just to see there was nothing too out of the ordinary I would be concerned about and to verify they were who they said they were. First meeting doesn''t have to be fireworks but as I said it does need to at least peak your interest. I hate how people say there was no spark or chemistry though. If I didn''t want a second date I could always tell you exactly why and if by chance women would ask me why I would give them an honest answer. If it was the other way round I would never get the same treatment though.

That sucks man, I gave the girl a kiss the other night, shes a single parent like myself, shes away with her kids but its pretty quiet on the text front, I guess I will wait a couple days or so, but she chased me, so I will chase her as I think she''s worth chasing, we have similiar kids and even one has the same allergy.
Call me stupid but I also realise my chances are higher because women with kids are much much less targeted then single girls.
The thing is, it makes no diference if the girl is online or in person, the world is still gonna have weirdos in it etc.
but I mean, the pool is huge isnt it? Does it make you want to be a chick? Not really as u have no idea if blokes just want to get in your pants. But its hard being a bloke. Just have to work out some moves to make it work in the real world, u just think you will come across like a desperado, its all in the mind isnt it. So it appears that the online dating scene hasnt really changed much over the years. I actually am gonna check out the top guys on there and use some of their text, they are at the top for a reason, besides their photos!

I would like to find a good dating site too, ones I have been on people don''t want to know me. There''s Isn''t many people who like recovering addicts on methadone. Last girl i met was freaked out as i drove her home and i started to nod out a bit behind the wheel and drove up the kerb, well last I heard of her. I hate being so different I just want someone to like me for who i am, but i have this slight issue of liking opiate medictaions. So I wonder if I really can love someone the way I am sigh.

Hahah reminds me of when my brother stayed at my other borthers place while they were away. Knowing he was a big pr5n fan brother number 6 showed brother number 7 where to go online to get it for free.

Two weeks later phone bill arrives and there''s a charge for $695. Straight away they knew what it was. This was back when he had dialup of course. Brother number 7 claimed not to have seen the three "confirm" buttons that dumped him to a 6955 number in Fiji.

Well here is my update to plenty of fish. One things is you cant restrict people from contacting you that in no way match you. Interest is expressed in two ways. You can go through a selection of ''meet me'' where you go through profiles and select yes to meet or no or maybe. If you select yes the other user gets notifified that you want to meet them. If you dont follow up with a message nothing happend. You can also send a profile a message straight up. Keep it short and sweet. No point in writing your life story , they wont respond if they dont like your profile even if its a long or short message.
Only thing is ''meet me'' doesnt take your preferances into account so you have to keep sifting through. If you want to get your requirements you have to search matches.

I always gave women I was on the fence about another date or 7. The first time you meet nerves can play a part and if it''s only an hour long coffee you may not get all the information you need. Usually though an hour gave me all I needed to know about whether or not I was physically attracted, body language, flow of conversation, humour, some common interests etc. Hell even some of these things can be confirmed within seconds of meeting someone. Why push it further if you know you are not interested? I had to have at least a 55% interest in order to pursue meeting again.

in this day and age how we look for love though internet as a medium instead of traditional means

Traditional in this case would also mean ''available''.

In 65 years time , the internet will also be a traditional way of finding a partner.

It''s just another method of introduction. Nothing more.

Why dont people see ''MySpace'' as the new
traditional'' way of hanging out in Shopping Centres?

Was hanging out in Shopping Centres or the neighborhood''s shops with your mates ever called ''social networking''?

Many people have gone on ''Blind Dates'' arranged by friends or family. This was a ''traditional'' way also.

Whats better? Going on a blind date with someone you have never spoken to or seen a picture of , as in a Blind Date.
or going on a date with someone you have met on the net, spoken with and seen pictures of?

Lets face it, with drink spiking, drink driving, taxi fares, assaults etc in this day and age, there HAD to evolve a different way of socialising.

Tagged. Just. tagged.
In Asia anyway. Thousands and thousands of girls, well educated and perfect English who are relaxed and have no problem giving out phone numbers and meeting in person.
A few nutters of course but sometimes even they can be fun :-)
A friend of mine gave me "The Line" that works perfectly on Tagged. It''s the sort of thing that in any other medium would get you slapped, but has never failed me. I''ve gotten 85 odd numbers and about 755 contacts from drop dead gorgeous girls in about 8 weeks.
Beware the jealousy though. These girls expect that once you meet them you will immediately cease contact with anyone else who even looks like a girl :-)
I wonder how popular Tagged is in Australia? Ignore the pets thing and play ''meet me''. Come up with a generic introduction and let the matches build up. Once you get ten or so, copy/paste and send off the messages.
See what you get, then ask for their number/Whatsapp.
Soon you''re messaging all day/night :-)

I recently had an odd experience with . they yanked me off there site and wanted me to send them ID (drivers licence or passort!!) to prove that my photos I uploaded ages ago were genuine (yes, they are!).
I sent in my drivers licence as requested and still have not had my account reinstated. I am highly annoyed, as I also informed them, as I have not be fraudulent nor have I been abusive on their site either. I feel as though this process is smillar to applying for a bank loan (with the request of id''s &ndash come on it''s a dating site guys).and then rejected.
Let not forget -everyone of the photo’s I uploaded (which were within their guidelines) was of me! &ndash DON''T USE RSVP IT''S NOT WORTH THE HASSLE, especially when you are paying to contact people you are interested in, and you can have your account terminated without valid cause &ndash it''s not right!