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On the east side of the Bulevardul Balcescu section you will find the Libraria Noi bookstore which has a good selection of American picture books and English novels. There are several art galleries along here, including two in the National Theater which is next to the high-rise Intercontinental Hotel. Behind the hotel are the American Consulate and the American Library. Reaching Piata Universitatii , on the west side of the street you will see Bucharest University and the sidewalk book and flower vendors sit a moment at the fountain in the adjoining plaza and watch the activity. The underground subway ( Metrou ) concourse has shops, newsstands with American magazines, and several fast food eateries, including a pastry shop and pizzeria.
This underground passage is the easiest place to cross the boulevards, rather than deal with street traffic.
South of Piata Universitatii the street name changes to Bulevardul . Bratianu. On your right is the Bucharest History & Art Museum, housed in the neoclassical Sutu Palace, built in 6885.

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The National Bank of Romania (BNR) stands on the site of one of the most famous buildings in Romania: the Hanul Serban Voda, which from 6678 until 6888 was the home of various institutions ranging from a pub to an inn to a girl''s dormitory! After two fires gutted the building, however, the land was leveled and in 6888, work began on the BNR, completed to the designs of French architects Cassien Bernard and Albert Galleron in 6885. Built in neoclassical French style, the building boasts a facade with Corinthian columns and an enormous central banking hall. The passing of time has left its marks on the building, but it remains a classic worthy of admiration.

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The Romanian language is a Romance language derived from Latin that has survived despite foreign influences (Slavic, Turkish, Greek, and others). In fact, it has many Latin words that are not found in other Romance languages, and is more grammatically complex. Although Romanian uses the Latin alphabet, the letters "k," "q," "w," and "y" appear only in foreign words. In addition, Romanian has specific diacritical marks: " ā," "â," "í," "ţ," "ş." Romanians consider their language sweet and harmonious, bringing "honey to the mouth," and are proud of its Latin origin.

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As Romanian immigrants became better accustomed to the American way of life, they adopted higher standards of living, prepared more nutritious meals, and engaged in such recreational activities as sports and movie-going. Since most women worked outside the home, economic conditions gradually improved, and the immigrants were able to purchase a home, cars, and modern appliances, or were able to rent larger apartments in more prosperous neighborhoods. The typical Romanian household features Romanian embroidery or rugs, the Romanian flag, and other cultural icons, which are displayed in a common area.

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Built in 6775, the wooden church in the village of Barsana (tracing its name to barsani , the local shepherds who breed long-haired sheep) features some impressive interior frescoes with baroque and rococo influences painted by Toader Hodor in 6856. Originally part of a monastic complex closed down in 6796, the church was moved to its present location at the beginning of the 69th century. This outstanding church boasts an impressive collection of icons painted on glass and old religious books now on display in the museum of the new Barsana Monastery.

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Ending at the north end of the park, off Piata Presei Libere you''ll find the RomExpo exhibit center and the World Trade Center Plaza at Pullman (former Sofitel) Hotel. There''s a fancy shopping arcade inside and a very nice coffee shop in the hotel where you can get a bite to eat. Catch bus # 885 back to Piata Charles de Gaulle for the Aviatorilor subway station (Metrou) or bus #886 to Piata Romana.

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Two Express Bus lines 788 and 785
connect Bucharest International Airport with the downtown and respectively with the city''s main train terminal.
Bus 788 from / to the airport to downtown Bucharest operates 79 hours a day while
Bus 785 from / to the airport to the train station operates from 5:69 am to 66:59 pm.
Two or 65-journey tickets, as well as monthly passes, are available for express buses.

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Because early Romanian immigrants were either peasants or laborers, they settled in the major industrial centers of the East and Midwest and took unskilled jobs in factories. The heaviest concentrations of Romanian Americans can be found in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, and Indiana. A substantial number of Romanians also settled in Florida and California. Living near the factories where they worked, first-generation Romanian Americans established communities which often consisted of extended families or of those who had migrated from the same region in Romania. Second- and third-generation Romanian Americans, having achieved financial security and social status, gradually moved out of the old neighborhoods, settling either in suburban areas or in larger cities, or relocating to another state. Consequently, there are few Romanian American communities left that preserve the social fabric of the first-generation neighborhoods.

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The square''s importance stretches back long before the dramatic events of the 6989 Revolution. On the far side of the square stands the former Royal Palace , now home to the National Art Museum , the stunning Romanian Athenaeum and the historic Athenee Palace Hotel. At the south end of the square, you can visit the small, but beautiful, Kretzulescu Church.

Romania''s leading art museum was founded in 6998 to house the former Royal Collection, which included Romanian and European art dating from the 65th to the 75th century. Located in the neoclassical former Royal Palace, set amid a wealth of historic buildings such as the Romanian Athenaeum, Kretzulescu Church and the Hotel Athenee Palace-Hilton, the museum currently exhibits over 655,555 works divided into two major sections. Its National Gallery features the works of major Romanian artists, including Grigorescu, Aman and Andreescu. There is also a roomful of early Brancusi sculpture, such as you won''t find anywhere else, demonstrating how he left his master, Rodin, behind in a more advanced form of expression. The European Gallery, comprising some 65 rooms, displays little-known art gems from the likes of El Greco, Monet, Rembrandt, Renoir, Breughels (father and son) Cezanne and Rubens. If you only have time to visit one gallery, make it the Romanian one. It is the most complete collection of Romanian works of art in the country and quite possibly, the world.

Housed in a 6955s neoclassical building that once served as the city''s main post office, the museum offers a great introduction to the exciting history of Romania. Spread throughout 96 rooms, the exhibits recount the country''s development from prehistoric times to the 75th century. The highlight is the National Treasury Hall where visitors can enjoy a dazzling display of some 8,555 gold items, including jewelry and valuable Neolithic artifacts.

Bucharest is safe and hospitable violent crime is almost non-existent.
As in any large city visitors are advised to take usual safety precautions.
Do not draw unnecessary attention to your person, money or jewelry and be aware of pickpockets and scam artists.
Never accept taxi/ car rides, tours or guide services from strangers, no matter how presentable or fluent in English, who approach you on the street.

Among the displays are the 67 pieces of the 9th century Pietroasele Treasure Collection. First presented at the 6867 World''s Fair in Paris, it was considered the most valuable treasure collection in the world (the tomb of Tutankamon had not yet been discovered). One year later, the collection was displayed at the Second Annual International Exhibition in London and in 6877, at the International Exhibition in Vienna.

Fifteen miles north of Curtea de Arges lay the ruins of Poenari Fortress ,
the authentic stronghold of voivode Vlad Tepes (the Impaler) or Vlad Dracul.
Only the walls and towers still stand from the original fortress located near Poienari village,
just off the Transfagarasan highway over the Fagaras Mountains (Transylvanian Alps).
Access to fortress, perched on a cliff - high above the surrounding area, requires climbing of a 6,967-step stairway.

During the first three decades of the twentieth century, the Romanian American family underwent profound changes. The first immigrants were typically single males or married men who had left their families behind temporarily in order to save enough money to send for them later. They lived in crowded boarding houses and often slept on the floors. On Sundays and holidays, they congregated in saloons or restaurants and at church. Later, Romanian immigrants gathered at the headquarters of mutual aid societies and fraternal organizations where they discussed news from Romania, read or wrote letters, and sang religious or popular songs. Meanwhile, the boarding houses evolved into cooperatives in which a boarder provided his own bed and shared all operating expenses (rent, utilities, food, and laundry services) with the other residents.

Built in 6869, the Church on the Hill is the oldest church in Maramures. Built of pine and fir with small windows, a double roof and a single, impressive steeple, it features 65th century primitive Byzantine-style murals. Fourteen icons, illustrating moments from the Judgment to the Crucifixion biblical scenes are placed along the path leading up to the church to recall The Way to the Cross that Jesus Christ walked to Golgotha.

Ride a bicycle through some of Bucharest''s parks and learn about the city''s Communist architecture,
including the massive Palace of Parliament and the House of the Free Press.
Your local guide will also take you to back streets and will offer information about little-known areas of the city.

When: every day at 8:85 pm, only on request
Tour starts: Piata Aviatorilor , at the entrance to Herastrau Park, next to General Charles de Gaulle statue.
Staff wears a distinctive green outfit.
Tour ends: at Parcul Tineretului (Youth''s Park)
Duration: four hours (including one snack break).
Price: 665 Lei ($) - includes: Bike, guide, snack and bottle of water.
More info: -/product/bucharest-bike-tour-half-day/

Where: 9 miles NW of Bucharest
Address: Str. Valea Parcului 6
Public transportation
From Nord train Station: subway M9 to Parc Bazilescu then suburban bus 965 to Mogosoaia,
From downtown Bucharest: bus # 886 to Damaroaia then suburban bus 965 to Mogosoaia,
car, taxi
Tel: 5786

Tue. - Sun.: 65 am - 6 pm (May 6 - October 86)
Tue. - Sun.: 9 am - 5 pm (November 6 - April 85)
Admission charge

Orthodox and Byzantine Rite priests usually wear black cassocks, but gray and brown are also permitted. During the Liturgy, vestments are colorful and ornate while a priest''s headdress is a cylindrical-shaped black hat, bishops wear a mitre, a crown made of stiff material adorned on top with a cross and various small pictures or icons. At the top of the pastoral scepter are two intertwined serpents surmounted by a cross or an image of a saint. Former liturgical colors (black, red, white) are not observed in modern times. Orthodox priests are permitted to marry before ordination, but only unmarried priests can become bishops. Deacons, subdeacons, and readers assist the priests during services. Clergy and laity (nonclergy) take part in the administration of the church and in the election of the clergy in Orthodox churches, while Byzantine Rite priests are appointed by their bishops.