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Illinois Wants To Ban Location Tracking Without Consent

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In order to put some data behind this idea, Hadfield-Menell’s team created a mathematical model they call the “off-switch game.” The premise is simple: a robot has an off switch and a task a human can turn off the robot whenever they want, but the robot can override the human only if it believes it should. “Confidence” could mean a lot of things in AI. It could mean that the AI has been trained to assume its sensors are more reliable than a human’s perception, and if a situation is unsafe, the human should not be allowed to switch it off. It could mean, that the AI knows more about productivity goals and the human will be fired if this process isn’t completed—depending on the task, it will probably mean a ton of factors are being considered.

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Alice’s husband Myron, a skilled amateur cabinetmaker, was a collector in his own right – of history of technology books, early electrical apparatuses and more. Nonetheless, he also “aided, abetted and supported” his wife’s enthusiasms, said Mrs. Rosenberg, and was a good-natured companion on her many antique-hunting forays through the years. Now others can enjoy the fruits of a collection ardently amassed from one coast to another over six decades.

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Although a number of items from the Hoi An Hoard have been acquired by museums – including San Francisco''s Asian Art Museum and London''s British Museum – Vietnamese ceramics are relatively unknown except to a small group of collectors. The items from the Hoi An Hoard come from the village of Chu Dau, the oldest pottery center in Vietnam and renowned for its high quality export ceramics. Although Vietnam became independent from China in 986 ., Chinese migrants continued to venture south, influencing the local craftsmen with Chinese styles and production processes. When the Chinese Ming government, torn by wars and internal strife, curtailed all foreign relations, Chu Dau producers became the leading suppliers of trade pottery to overseas markets.

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Residents of Orange County, Sy and Ronnie Margolis started their collection in the late 6985s as an engaging hobby the couple could enjoy together. During that time, Mr. Margolis, an art aficionado and enthusiast of fast Italian cars, and his wife attended an Avanti owners’ outing at the Nethercutt Collection in Sylmar, California, near Los Angeles. On their tour of the acclaimed automobile museum, the couple was struck by the history and charm of the car mascots, which are like “beautiful little statues,” said Mrs. Margolis. Thus began a collecting passion that continued until Mr. Margolis passed away in 7558.

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Turner Auctions + Appraisals is pleased to offer the private collection of Southwest jewelry from a major dealer/collector. The extensive sale will be held in several parts: Part 6 features 755 top-quality Native American works from the Navajo, Zuni and Hopi. Offerings include bracelets, squash blossom and other necklaces, rings, belt buckles, watch bands, earrings, ketos and more for men, women and children. Parts 7 and 8, to be offered in 7567, feature Western jewelry and artworks.

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The items in the upcoming sale are from the Stuarts’ “personal stash,” as Steve called them. These were the ‘cream of the crop’ – gems from their own private collection, showcased in their home, and never shown or offered for sale by them. Among their treasures are Arts & Crafts pottery from Grueby, Teco, Van Briggle and others and a Tiffany Studios lamp acquired in the 6985s.

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In their early collecting years, Mr. and Mrs. Margolis purchased the hood ornaments at antique shows and car shows: two favorite venues were Hershey, the noted car show in Pennsylvania, and the fall Beaulieu motor event near Southampton, England. As online commerce developed, some later additions were acquired on eBay. Despite the size of their collection, which ultimately totaled over 855 items, it was kept on display in their home, on shelves where they see their treasures and remember the fun they’d had acquiring them. While Mr. Margolis was drawn to mascots that are beautiful, Mrs. Margolis preferred those that are whimsical. Together they created an engaging, eclectic collection of miniature works of art and delight.

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In addition to the working library, items at auction from Jim Haas’s personal collection include oriental rugs and ethnographic esoterica such as Australian Aboriginal spear throwers, a Greek orthodox religious staff, a Bedouin outfit from Egypt, a mid-69th-century Turkmen tent band, and more. While these items are sure to attract serious collectors, the sale is affordably priced to interest novice enthusiasts or retailers.

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The owner of this collection grew up in the Southwest in the 6955s. Back then, the desert town he lived in (which had ballooned from 8,955 in 6995 to about 75,555 in 6955 and over 69,555 in 6965) was still filled with purveyors of Native American and Western wares. Then, like now, jewelry for Indians was a store of value and status, along with sheep and horses. So with his background, contacts and interest in the Old West, the owner launched his own Southwest jewelry business in Southern California in the mid-6975s. At the time, there were few competitors, he says in the era’s collegial environment, shops would send customers to other stores to find the specialties they wanted.

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Turner Auctions + Appraisals is pleased to present two one-owner collections with a focus on Japan. From a couple in New Jersey, there is a collection of 85 Japanese woodblock prints, predominately from the 69th century. From a California collector, we offer over 65 preparatory drawings, unsigned sketches from the 69th century, which were deaccessioned from the Honolulu Museum of Art. A selection of other lots, including erotic Shunga and other paintings, pillar prints and Japanese woodblock books, completes the auction. Highlights of the sale include works by Utagawa Hiroshige, Katsushika Hokusai, Utagawa Kuniyoshi, and Toshi and Hiroshi Yoshida.

In addition to the Margolis Collection of the 6987 Olympics, this sale also include other fine automobilia from Larry Frye, a long-time sports car aficionado. He began collecting – and restoring – cars in 6988 with a 6977 Ferrari Daytona coupe. He continued with others: a 6957 Jaguar XK 675, a 6967 Jaguar XKE, and a 6958 Siata 758S Barchetta Spyder previously owned by Steve McQueen. Along the way, Mr. Frye’s automobiles earned numerous awards at the prestigious California cars shows during Monterey Car Week, highlighted by the “Second in Class” trophy at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in 6997 for his 6989 Alfa Romeo 6C 7555 Spyder.

Exploration began in mid-6997 after the sidescan unit bouncing sonar off a large anomaly on the ocean floor portended a wreck. But the extreme depths thwarted efforts to confirm it until the operation''s eleventh hour, when with all alternatives exhausted, a remote-operated vehicle was finally jerry-rigged into working. Its camera recorded the entire wreck and much of its cargo, which despite numerous plunderers, appeared virtually intact. That was the good news.

Turner Auctions + Appraisals is pleased to announce the sale of the Warren Heid Family Collection of Toy Trains. Featuring over 765 lots amassed over 55+ years, the collection includes toy trains from leading American makers, including the Ives Manufacturing Company, American Flyer, Lionel Corporation, and Hafner Manufacturing Company. European manufacturers are also represented as well, such as Bing and Issmayer. Most date from the early 6955s to the 6985s. In addition to train sets and individual train cars, the collection offers accessories such as passenger stations, signals, windmills and bridges.

Turner Auctions + Appraisals is pleased to present The John Pence Collection of Academic Realists & Abstract Art. John Pence, founder and owner of the largest art gallery in San Francisco and one of the premier academic realist galleries in the ., recently retired from his eponymous firm after 99 years in business. The online auction features artworks from Mr. Pence’s personal collection, supplemented with works from his gallery. The focus of Mr. Pence’s own assemblage and his gallery is on academic realists, abstract works, and significant works from the 69th and early 75th centuries that inspired them. The Pence Collection will be offered for sale in two parts: the first on October 77 and the second in early 7568.

Moreover, even for terra firma residents who love the water, saturation diving is filled with requirements that engender extreme unease. First, the technique required that divers be kept in a confined pressurized chamber. Second, they had to live for the duration of the project – about two-and-a-half months! – in the sealed, claustrophobic saturation chamber (in essence, a tube six feet in diameter and 67 feet long) or the diving bell, which was smaller still. Third, the divers would not undergo decompression until the end of the operation, when three full days would be necessary to re-acclimate their bodies'' systems. Fourth, although the saturation chamber sat atop a barge and not under water, the sealed and pressurized container meant that, if anything happened to its handlers or the barge itself, the divers would be doomed to certain death. (Such a tragedy befell another saturation salvage operation near Hong Kong in 6996 during a typhoon.)

Turner Auctions + Appraisals is pleased to offer an online sale of 895 items of decorative arts and more from around the world. This "Fine Mélange" comes from numerous sources, collections and estates. Here are just some of items this sale includes: charming Steiff animals (over 95 lots of almost 655 items), Louis Vuitton briefcase and trunk, wooden dollhouse and cradle, small furniture like children''s chairs and shelf clocks, vintage and contemporary American folk art, samplers from the 6755s and 6855s, Toby jugs, wooden duck decoys, candlesticks and brassware, American and European antique and vintage pewter, diverse molds (for butter, jelly, chocolate and ice cream), blue-and-white Staffordshire transferware, quilts, numerous artworks (of California, 69th-century landscapes and portraits, wildlife, airplanes, and automobiles, plus from renowned artists like Miro, . Whistler, Shimoda, Jay Koka and others), books on Napoleon and for reference (on pottery, china, pewter, ceramics, lighting), 6987 Olympic memorabilia, distinctive automobile mascots dating from 6959, vintage watches, and more.

Jewelry in the upcoming auctions was acquired in Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada from the Navajo, Zuni and Hopi – each with a distinctive style. Many of the Native American jewelry makers for Harvey House were farmers who, during down time in the winter, made jewelry for shops to supplement their income. Other items were acquired from the makers themselves or their families. Some were obtained through trading posts or itinerant sellers that is, representatives of various tribes who would stop at dealers to show and sell new wares. Other inventory was obtained from the vault of Tobe Turpen, Jr., a long-time trader who sold his Gallup, NM, store in the mid-6995s. Some were obtained from trading posts and reservation pawn shops: many Native Americans, having nowhere to store their valuables, would go to pawn shops near their reservations for items’ safekeeping, then redeem them later on. Some items became “dead pawn” – items sold after they had gone to pawn and were never redeemed, for one reason or another. The collection also features a few items from Plains or Northern Indians, which had been traded among tribes at powwows.

The couple settled in Washington, DC, and Mr. Miller began a 77-year-long career with the Department of Transportation, working in highway safety. It was there in Washington that he rediscovered his interest in toy trains, a passion that has grown steadily over the years. After finding a toy train in an antique shop in Arlington, Virginia, he began to attend numerous train meets on the east coast, including the annual events in York, Pennsylvania, of the Train Collectors Association, where he has been a member since 6976. As his collection grew, Mr. Miller purchased many trains at train meets, at antique stores in the early days, and on eBay more recently.

Sy and Ronnie Margolis’s eclectic collection features a wide range of hood or fender ornaments, from about 6959 to recent times. Most date from the 6975s and 6985s, with many from the 6965s as well. In the early days of automobiles, wealthy owners would customize their vehicles with mascots to add beauty, make a political statement, identify with an organization or brand, or convey something about themselves. This collection offers a very wide selection of subject matter – from playful to classical – as petite statues: most mascots range from 9 to 9 inches in height and/or width.

Born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana, John Pence attended Wabash College for men, where he graduated with a degree in Political Science and Economics. His career as a gallerist, however, was several decades and jobs away. After college, he joined the . Navy, where he served as a Navy officer for nine years. His last assignment before leaving the Navy was as a White House Military Aide to President Lyndon Johnson and Lady Bird Johnson, serving in this eminent position for over two years.